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Tweezer Cleanser | 25ml

Tweezer Cleanser | 25ml

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Product Description
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Ingredient: Water, Acetone, Alcohol Mixtures

Texture: Liquid

Size: 6cm x 2.5cm

Weight: 33 gram

Net content: 25ml

Use: Clean multiple tweezers at the same time. It is also a good application to remove glue on scissors & other lash extension tools and clean.

Tweezer cleanser is arguably the best friend of lash tweezers. However, numerous options pop up in search engines; how do you find your destiny? Read now.


Tweezer Cleanser


Lash glue leaves and accumulating on your lash extensions tweezers cause you a headache as you are more likely to invest in the new one if you can not get rid of the lash adhesive. Well, don't worry. Here, in the article, we introduce to lash artists the high-quality tweezer cleanser specially made for the lash salon. We also share with you all the tips for deciphering all the premium-quality eyelash extension tweezers cleaner. 

Without further ado, let's get to the deeds!

Why Should Every Lash Artist Have Tweezer Cleanser?

Because lash glue can stick to lash tweezers all the time, besides, lash glue is the main tool in the lash application process, it is highly unlikely to change the fact. When it does, it must be super frustrating. 

You have to use tweezers to pick up fans, dip them into the lash adhesive, and attach them to natural lashes, so it is hard to avoid glue sticking. 

The precision will be off soon if you don't handle it well. Consequently, you can not do the fanning or place the lash extensions right. How can you apply it if you can not firmly grab the lash fan? That is why every lash artist always needs the tweezer cleanser in their lash cart.   

Tips To Choose Tweezer Cleanser

Tips To Choose Tweezer Cleanser

Lash Artist Budget

In fact, the cost of tweezer cleansers does not dry out your pocket. With a budget of $5 to $10, eyelash extensions artists can own a 10ml eyelash extension tweezers cleaner bottle. However, although the cost of this product is not much, LBLS always recommends to our customers to plan a budget for cleaning and disinfecting products.

Especially during the epidemic season or the changing seasons, you will use products like these more often. Therefore, making a budget and buying with a strategy will help you control your total expense. As a result, you will save more because you can order large quantities for a whole year!

Why buy one by one when you know you must use them daily and you can get a more economical deal with bigger quantities?

Pay Attention To The Net Content

When buying a tweezer cleanser, pay attention to the net content of the product you are about to buy. 

In fact, many places offer a very low price to get your attention. However, you only get a very small net content equivalent to the money you pay to get. Therefore, always keep an eye on the size of the tweezer cleanser when comparing prices so as not to let a good deal come off your hands. 

For example, for under $22, you can get 25 ml of tweezers cleanser from LBLS. The price is economical in comparison with other brands. We show you the actual price, so you don't have to look around. We want to ensure you don't miss our attractive offer!

Tweezer Cleansers Convenience

LBLS offers our clients the most convenient feature of the tweezer cleansers. Our product contains 2 cleaning balls, so you don't have to touch the lash tweezers (or any other metal tools you wish to use to remove the glue), but you still can clean any glue stain left on them. 

Sponge tweezer cleanser makes the lash artist's life a better place. When finding your special eyelash extension cleanser tweezers, you should look for the characteristic.

Quality Product

Tweezer Cleanser

The difference between a low-quality tweezer cleanser and a high-quality tweezer cleanser lies in its cleaning speed and ability to remove lash glue completely. Besides, low-quality products will also have a strong odour that causes discomfort whenever you open the lid.

In particular, you may have to use a lot of strength to scrub off any remaining eyelash glue on the tweezers. Even worse, after cleaning, you may feel oily on your tweezers, and you must use a lot of soap to wash them in order to continue operating. 

All in all, they are unpleasant every time you use them. Therefore, please choose a premium-quality tweezer cleanser so the process is just a piece of cake and happy moments for you. 

Trusted Brand

You will always need a reputable and trustworthy seller, not just a tweezer cleanser but every product you are about to buy.

A brand worth your trust to buy sponge tweezer cleanser should:

- There are brick-and-mortar stores and online stores.

- Full product details available.

- Ready to answer all questions from you quickly and completely.

- There is a return policy and warranty.

Please let us persuade you why we are meant to be each other's partner through the outstanding feature of our super effective built-in sponge tweezer cleanser feature part below!

LBLS Tweezer Cleanser Feature

LBLS Tweezer Cleanser Feature

Safe Ingredients

There are three main ingredients LBLS used on our tweezer cleanser. They are water, acetone, and alcohol mixtures. We chose all the high-grade components allowed to be used in beauty salons. 

Easily Removes Sticky Adhesive

Removing eyelash extension glue from eyelash extension tweezers is also very simple. 

You don't need sanding or scraping. You don't need to use your own strength, either. Simply dip your tweezers into LBLS' tweezer cleanser, scrub the glue part to the sponge ball, and your tweezers will be back to perfect condition in seconds.

Work On Both Recent And Old Glue

Not only the new glue on the tweezers can be handled well by our tweezer cleansers, but the old stains will also be removed easily with the LBLS tweezer cleanser

Especially if you use LBLS eyelash extension glue, the effect is many times faster. Just as Magic glue combined with Promade lash has a lash retention of up to 8 weeks, tweezer cleanser also works faster when dealing with LBLS eyelash extensions glue

We own a diverse collection of eyelash extensions glue for each level, temperature and humidity. You are sure to have a hard time saying no to our collection of long-lasting eyelash extensions, lash glue, and tweezer cleansers.

Tweezer Cleanser Standard Net Content

You may wonder why the standard net content of a sponge tweezer cleanser is important. That is because if you buy a bottle of tweezer cleanser that is too small or short, it can be difficult to get rid of gunk marks when they accidentally stick to the body or edge of the lash tweezers. 

If the bottle length is too short, it will be difficult for you to rub the tip of the lash tweezers, the clap or other tricky positions on the tweezers' body into the sponge ball.

The convenience of this product lies in the fact that eyelash extensions artists won't have to rub and remove lash glue from tweezers cleansers manually. Still, if the bottle's design isn't right, you'll most likely have to use a traditional method in which you have to touch and do this work. 

That's why LBLS created tweezer cleansers with a net content of 25ml. The ergonomic design and the standard net content make it easier and more convenient than ever to remove lash adhesive from your lash tweezers for all popular sizes of lash tweezers.

Reusable And Quick-Acting

Tweezer Cleanser

The special thing about LBLS glue cleansers is that you can use this product repeatedly until the expiration date.

Unlike glue debonder, when you use these products to clean and remove glue, they will gradually run out, or you will not be able to use them again. The tweezer cleansers got the upper hand because they let you reuse them over and over again.

However, to ensure the long-term use of your products, always remember to put the cap back and store them carefully so that they do not evaporate because the tweezer cleanser's main ingredient is acetone.

Save Time And Money

When you invest in cleaning products like tweezer cleanser and preserving products like marble tweezer holders, you don't have to worry about it being blunt or premature, wearing out or out of function soon. 

Maintaining extra-clean tweezers is essential. It ensures its lifespan until the last day. As a result, you can save more time cleaning and money on constantly investing in the new tweezers.

Increase Lash Client's Satisfaction

As we have shared with thousands of lash artists who are our customers over the last 10 years, doing a video sharing how carefully you choose and prepare lash tools, like tweezers which lash artists use on clients' eyes directly, will attract huge concern. 

Advertising how carefully your lash salon chooses cleanses, disinfects, and sanitizes lash tools is a big opportunity to show them how much you respect the business and your clients.

More importantly, it is for the client's safety. It is even a secure method to protect you long-term when you follow and respect cleansing, disinfecting and sanitizing lash tools if any accident happens.

No Overpowering Odour

LBLS tweezer cleanser has just the smell of regular acetone. They are not too strong that you and your customers feel uncomfortable. 

If you have ever had a high-end acetone nail remover experience, you'll definitely feel the premium in LBLS's tweezer cleanser. Their smell is not strong, but their features are extremely strong. That's what our tweezer cleanser is all about.

No Traces Of Residue

Even with stubborn lash glue stains, you won't need to spend extra calories scraping them off if you use the LBLS tweezer cleanser. Let our sponge do the work, leaving no residue on your tweezers. Our product will always eat lash glue stuck on your buddies.

Handle Multiple Lash Tweezer Cleansing At The Same Time

Eyelash extensions artists will not need to deal with the remaining eyelash glue stains on each eyelash extension tweezer one by one. 

When you use from 2 to 3 eyelash extension tweezers in each lash extension application, you can simultaneously remove leftover glue on all these tweezers at once. That's the convenience of the LBLS tweezer cleanser.

Multiple Use

LBLS tweezer cleanser can work on reusable tools besides tweezers, which include scissors, glue flooring, and others. But do not forget that you can not use it on hair, lash extensions, etc. It is for lash tweezers and other metal tools only.

Travel Friendly

To make the product handy and easy to carry, LBLS designed tweezer cleansers to be travel-friendly so that you can fit in any lash bag. 

They only take up a very small area. Suppose you regularly use the Acrylic Lash Trolley Organizer. In that case, you can rest assured that the sponge tweezer cleanser will completely be able to be put on the shelf to organize eyelash extensions and other tools without causing any inconvenience!

Attractive Price Offer

The price for LBLS tweezer cleansers is the most economical we can offer you. Since we are a direct manufacturer and distributor, we offer you high-quality products at the most attractive price to get 25ml tweezer cleansers. Use this reusable product, and you will never regret it.

Guarantee Policy

Every product we sell has a different guarantee policy. Be sure to make an unboxing video right after you get our products from the shipper so that we can protect you if anything happens.

Our customer service will support you with the quickest solution! Order with confidence is everything we want to convey.

How To Use LBLS Tweezer Cleanser

How To Use LBLS Tweezer Cleanser

Step 1

Open the product cautiously to let out any vapour pressure.

Step 2

Take your intended to remove tweezers, remove the tweezer cap and then dip the part with glue on the LBLS tweezer cleanser. Then rub the tweezers with the sponge ball sometimes if the gunk is old. You will need more seconds to clean the stubborn residue. 

Step 3

After taking your tweezers out from LBLS tweezer cleansers, you need to clean them with water to eliminate any remaining residue. Then you can choose an alcohol pad to disinfect or use the UV lightbox to sanitize them before using them on a client.

Note: Before screwing on the lid, don't forget to reinstall the plastic cap since tweezer cleansers will evaporate without it. Many people overlook this, which causes the tweezer cleanser to dry up before it should. Additionally, don't take the sponge balls out of the bottle.

tweezer cleanser


  • Use this after each lash set to keep your tweezers feeling brand-new!
  • After usage, it is advised to shut the bottle to avoid premature evaporation.
  • This solution is chemical. It is flammable. Please wait till the product has cooled from the external weather before using it.


That is everything about tweezer cleansers. It is undoubtedly the must-have item in any lash artist's lash cart as it becomes the ideal solution to remove glue from the lash tweezers without endangering your favourite tool. 

Concurrently, the tweezer cleanser is a way you can save money on one of the most expensive lash tools. 

Choosing a quality product is essential for you in the long term. Do not ever jump into a cheap product, as even if it is a glue removal product, if it is low quality, there is a chance it is harmful to you. 

On the other hand, the premium product can work well for the very first time. In the long term, it is saving more for you.

LBLS always do all thorough research before we launch a new product, and our tweezer cleanser is the same. Buying our product with confidence is what we are always trying to spread to you.

We thank you for always supporting us and are happy to serve you!

Love you!


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