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LBLS Marble Tweezer Holder

LBLS Marble Tweezer Holder

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Product Description
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A massive amount of tweezer holder brands makes you overwhelmed? Here is a quick and simple guide to choosing the most suitable one for you! Read now.



  • Material: Marble acrylic + clear acrylic
  • Size: 16*14.5*4.5 cm
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Capacity: 6 Tweezers

The tweezer holder is an indispensable item for any eyelash extension artist because it is rare for them to have only one eyelash extension tweezer. They all have a lot of lash tweezers

It is normal in the lash extension industry that lash artists have a collection of isolation tweezers, a collection of volume eyelash tweezers, etc. Some lash technicians even have eyelash extension tweezers which serve different eyelash extension styles.

In today's post, LBLS will share everything about the tweezer holder. Take the next 2 minutes to learn what elements eyelash extensions artists need in a tweezer holder!

How To Choose A Tweezer Holder?

Tweezer Holder

Lash Artist Budget

The first thing you need to do when preparing to buy a tweezer holder is to determine how much you are about to spend for the product that contains and protects your eyelash tweezers.

The most popular tweezer holders' prices on the market today range from $20 to $50. The tweezer holder is considered an important item and a long-term investment. Therefore, the product should not be the one you can save money on. 

Investing in a premium tweezer holder is a smart choice. Quality is the most important factor.

According to a survey by LBLS, along with the interior of the eyelash extension salon, the tweezer holder is the item at the top of the most durable and least-replaceable products for eyelash extension artists. That is a reason you should put money and effort into looking at it.

Number Of Tweezers To Store And Use

In addition to being used for storage, the tweezer holder is an item used for display. 

As you can see in the picture of the LBLS tweezer holder, with its capacity to hold up to 6 tweezers at a time and clear visibility, this advantage makes this product extremely useful for eyelash extension artists when preparing for any eyelash extension grafting.

With such a large capacity, eyelash extensions artists are completely assured when you can prepare for any set of eyelash extensions from the volume, mega, and wispy.

Colour Matching

We believe that by this point, you can understand the importance of homogenizing and harmonizing the colours of the products in your eyelash extension salon. Choosing the tweezer holder requires the same thing.

You should choose neutral colour products such as acrylic marble if there are no tweezer holders in the market that match your brand colour. Why:

  • Because this is a product with neutral colours in beauty salons. They can stand alone or combine displays with other products without losing harmony.
  • With eyelash extension tweezers in bold or glossy colours, a neutral colour tweezer holder will make them shine. You use the tweezer holder to display your eyelash extensions, make them the star and help you get the job done more easily. Such elegant colours as acrylic marble are the ones that work best for you.

Worth Money Tweezer Holder Features

Tweezer Holder

Tweezer Holder Hole Size

Tweezer holder hole size is a factor you need to pay special attention to when choosing a tweezer holder. You will need to ask your suppliers if those holes can fit all sizes of popular eyelash tweezers (or at least the tweezer size you have on hand) because there are large eyelash extension tweezers that will not be able to fit in too small holes. 

The product is a tool for you to display and use when preparing for eyelash extensions and eyelash extensions application, so tweezers that do not fit into the tweezer holder will be extremely inconvenient for you. You don't want to invest in a new tool that won't work for all your buddies.

Besides, with larger holes, you can also take advantage of this product to store other lash tools, such as scissors, mascara wand, etc.

Tweezer Holder Dust Cover

A dust proof is on the holder for the tweezer holder to keep dust and dirt out. It is the priceless point of the tweezer holder

Compared to the tweezer case, mainly used for storage and preservation, the dustproof transparent cover of the tweezer holder will make eyelash extensions artists feel secure about the cleanliness of their eyelash tweezers. 

Lash artists can determine what type of tweezers you need, take them out, and use them easily. It saves more time for you.

Durable Material

As we have mentioned earlier, this product needs to be used for a long time, so the most common material for this product is acrylic. It is a translucent plastic with exceptional strength, rigidity, and visual clarity.

It is not affected by the fluctuation of temperature or humidity. In addition to the dust resistance, you have the odourless, anti-aging, and durable tweezer holder in your hand. This acrylic can keep its good form for a very long period for regular usage.

LBLS Tweezer Holder

Tweezer Holder

LBLS is dedicated to our tweezer holder. We use the highest quality acrylic. You can feel the smoothness and glossiness of the product from the first time you see it.

With a capacity of up to 6 eyelash extension tweezers at the same time, we believe this tweezer holder will allow you to have the complete set of lash tweezers, whether you're about to do lash fans, perform a classic eyelash extension set or complete the complex sets like mega or wispy lash extension set.

With the dustproof cover and transparent feature, you can always identify the type of tweezers you need in no time.

Even better, this tweezer holder can also be used for display. You can display it anywhere in your eyelash salon with the feature of going harmonizing with any colour next to it. Durable, affordable prices will certainly be attractive points you can hardly refuse.

Now you probably know what to look for in a tweezer holder. LBLS tweezer holder looks forward to the opportunity to be noticed by you. We are right at the page of this article. You can look closely at each product angle with sharp and multi-dimensional images. Don't forget to register as a new customer to receive special promotions just for you.

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