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Acrylic Lash Trolley Organiser

Acrylic Lash Trolley Organiser

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Product Description
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Suggestions from lash expert to choose the best lash trolley organiser is here. You even get tips to organise your lash professionally. Click now!



Usage: Disposables, Jewelry, Cosmetics

Material: High quality marble acrylic

Colour:  Marble

Plug profile: Free Standing/ Tabletop

Item dimensions L x W x H: 264mm x 200mm x 121mm

Number of compartments: 8

Weight: 200g

The lash trolley organiser is the perfect lash tool in terms of a display stand for a lash salon. 

It offers eyelash storage boxes and tweezer holders that are easy to use and arrange. But in the variety of product categories in the lash extension market, how to choose the best lash cart organiser? You may wonder. 

Luckily, we get the sharing from our beloved lash artist customers who are veterans in using lash storage organiser

In today's article, we'd like to share it with you. Without further ado, let's get started!

What Is The Lash Trolley Organiser?

Lash Trolley Organiser

A lash trolley organiser is an essential tool for arranging lash extension products in order to improve lash artists' working space and elevate the lash salon atmosphere. 

Lash Trolley Organiser - Tips To Choose The Economical One

Before delving directly into the tips, let's take a look at the acrylic lash organiser market and get an overview. It will support you in making the right decision later.

Lash Trolley Organiser Market

There are uncountable lash storage organisers in the market, but the lash trolley organiser with tweezers holders, a special design for the eyelash extension artist job, is limited. You can see tons of them in clear or pink and some other colours. But marble acrylic is the best preference as it is the main material that composes the product everywhere. 

The average price is $50 to $150 based on each brand's type, capacity and durability.

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Trolley Organiser

Sturdy Structure 

Regarding investing in eyelash extension tools and storage boxes, LBLS believes lash artists look forward to owning a durable one that they can take advantage of for a long time. 

Unlike other products like lash glue or lash strips, eyelash extensions artists need to use them continuously and daily. The lash trolley organiser is a product that will almost stand still to store and protect other items. You won't touch it often. However, it cares about other products, you need it to be durable. Therefore, the first factor you should be given priority on is the product's material.

You need to choose a material that is sturdy enough and has a strong structure so that it can protect all the products inside. In other words, you need to choose a safe home for other products to live in.

The most suitable materials for lash storage organisers are acrylic. There are three facts about acrylic that you're gonna love right away:


Its weight is super light. Compared to other materials, for example, glass with the same area, an acrylic lash trolley organiser will beat the glass one since it is almost half lighter. 

The lighter weight will prevent your lash cart from being subjected to too much pressure. Although the lash cart has wheels, you certainly don't want your hands to become sore every time you hold the lash storage organiser because of its weight. Besides, you can also easily move or pack it whenever you need it.

Strong Material

In addition, in comparison to a glass lash trolley organiser of the same size, acrylic can handle between 6 and 17 times stronger when it comes to impact resistance. We never know what may happen in the future. Therefore, a sturdy and strong acrylic lash organiser will make you sleep in peace. 

Hard To Break

The acrylic lash organiser is resistant to high temperatures and has greater weather resistance than glass and other types of plastic. Hence, it can maintain a good shape for a long time. The possibility that it can be broken is rare. Some cracks may happen if under immense pressure or impact. 

Large Capacity

When arranging eyelash extensions on the lash cart, the product you look forward to the most is the lash trolley organiser, which can help you save space.

In fact, when you make eyelash extension applications, from preparation to execution, you need many stages and products. The product's size is also super diversified. 

Therefore, when buying products for organising, you need them to have as many compartments and layers as possible. Because it will save up your space and give you more capacity to put your lash tool and accessories in, you can also classify them better in layers.

As you can see LBLS lash trolley organiser has 7 compartments. With only this, it can hold almost everything you need for an eyelash extension set. You can store the following:

Here is a detailed sample of how a lash trolley organiser can turn your lash room into the most beautiful and orderly lash storage box. You need one that can support you in putting everything in place, and it needs to be efficient for lash artists in every part of their job.

A selling point of the lash cart organiser is that it also cares for sanitisation. It spends an entire big compartment to store the product you think needs a roof over it. That is what we want to emphasise about the large capacity that a marble eyelash extension organiser should have.

Colour Matching

Even if it is a storage product, the colour of the lash trolley organiser is what you should consider choosing. It is undeniable that colours represent the brand. The harmonious colour combination touches customers' hearts and is prominent in the market.

If you have the brand colour, keep the consistency. However, if the product you like doesn't have that colour available, choose the medium tone or the basic colour. Why? Because these types of colours will make other brand colours stand out.

For example, choosing a lash cart organiser with a marble pattern will help to heighten the luxuriousness of everything in it. Since it does not steal another product spotlight, it stays peaceful in a place and makes everything in it outstanding, and you - the lash artist can look, observe and find your tools and products easier. 

You can have colourful tweezers (like LBLS undeniable rainbow tweezers) without the worry that they will blend into other products, which makes them hide from you. 


There are many different prices when you choose a lash cart organiser

In fact, the price of regular plastic and premium acrylic is vastly different. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the material of the product to ensure that you have an item that can be used for a long time. 

Cheap products will have low component prices. Therefore, it may not be durable. Worse yet, it can easily break. Premium material is costly. Still, it gives you a warranty for long-term use.

LBLS Lash Trolley Organiser Features

Lash Trolley Organiser

LBLS lash cart organiser packs everything a lash artist needs in the lash extension application process in one. We do not like to brag, but we own one of the best lash trolley organisers in the market. Please allow us to persuade you why it is the best for you!

Ideal Desk Organiser For Your Lash Room

You can store, preserve and display up to 30 products (as seen in pics) with just one LBLS  lash trolley organiser. There are several rooms for you to arrange. It can support lash artists to save enormous space. Even better, you make the world in order.

For a smaller lash room, the acrylic lash organiser is a big help in improving the space. It can be put in the drawer. It can fit on any lash cart with a flat surface at the bottom and the sides. In addition, if you don't have the lash cart, it can stay on any desk and lessen your workstation clutter if you're tired of all the boxes and products stacked up on your desk.

Protect Lash Tools

Not only stopping at displaying products, the LBLS lash trolley organiser can protect your products too. We have dedicated a large compartment with a lid so you can store products that require dust protection and higher requirements in sanitisation, such as eye patches, spoolies, lash cleaning brushes, etc.

In addition to products with lids/caps, like lash shampoo, disposable products that you buy a lot and only need to use a small part in each eyelash extension set, this lidded compartment is a big helper for artists.

It is dustproof and waterproof and ensures product cleanliness. Customers will also feel much more secure when they see the products you use on their eyes are well protected. You also don't need to repeatedly open the bag to retrieve the disposable product. This will also ensure the hygiene of unused products.

In addition, the lash cart organiser is flanked by a protective stand. Its extremely sturdy construction also minimises the possibility of the product falling out due to physical effects such as the shaking of the trolley.

Find What You Need In a Minute

You can say goodbye to the day you rummage around the house to find your beloved lash tweezers or a lash cream glue remover because now they stay still in the lash trolley organiser

You can even prepare pre-treatment easily when you get everything you need for a lash grafting set in one organiser. It will play an important role in lessening the time you have to stand up to take the needed product. You can be more focused on lash separating and creating your masterpiece.

Multiple Use

Although this is an LBLS product designed specifically for eyelash extension artists, if you pay attention, you can use this product as a shelf to store and preserve cosmetic products.

Our eyelash extension artists have purchased this product to organise their makeup supplies. Our customers even bought this product to resell to their eyelash extension customers. All thanks to the neat and logical photos shared on their Instagram.

Therefore, as long as you need to organise, an acrylic lash organiser is highly recommended. With its elegant colour, you can put it in any room.

No Assembly Is Required

Many products feature displaying lash products and tweezers that require the users to assemble before using. However, that is not the case with this lash storage organiser.

When you purchase acrylic eyelash extensions tools storage boxes from LBLS, you will receive a pre-assembled product. All you have to do is open the box (if you want, we recommend you start filming the scene, unboxing it), find a spot you like and place the product on, and then arrange the lash tool and products you need into it. Tada, it is done.

You can also send the unboxing video to LBLS to promote your lash brand. We have a tradition of supporting lash artists to our 10 000 fans on Instagram. You can get your chance to get to know more successful lash artists in your area too! We don't express it explicitly, but we support it in action. Let's join our community for more.

Reasonable Price

LBLS offers a one-year warranty on the lash trolley organiser you purchase from us as a guarantee of product quality! You will never find such a good deal in other places. Just about $ 108.99 (even lower for membership), you can have the marble eyelash extension tools organiser, which can be used for up to 20 years. 

Don't fall for cheap products (such as cheap plastic), which can be broken at any time or degraded over time. For your long-term health, choose premium lash products.

Easy To Clean

The lash trolley organiser, which can fit perfectly on the lash cart and keeps everything tidy and clean, is easy to clean too. With a combination of cleanser, water, and mild soap, you can get rid of debris and dirt and have a good new lash trolley organiser.

Compact Size

The lash trolley organiser is compact for smaller spaces while providing enough storage capacity, measuring 264mm x 200mm x 121mm apiece.

Good Gift Idea

The minimalist design is ideal as a present for yourself and your friends. When you're running out of ideas for a practical gift for someone you work with within the beauty industry, or yourself, let the lash trolley organiser satisfy you. 

How can anyone not like the fashionable look, high-quality, compact, and useful lash cart organiser? It is a necessary appliance for homes or professional beauty businesses.

How To Use LBLS Lash Trolley Organiser

Lash Trolley Organiser

Use the lash trolley organiser for what it was meant for.

You can start by ordering the products and tools you need for an eyelash extension set by size. Then you divide it into 3 parts:

  • Lash tweezers
  • The products that can leave outside: lash shampoo, Super Bonder, Lash Primer, Glue Cream Remover
  •  The products you need to keep in the compartment with the lid: are an eyelash pad and a silicone lash pad.

How To Clean LBLS Lash Trolley Organiser

To clean the surfaces of the lash trolley organiser, use a wipe that contains 70 percent isopropyl alcohol, disinfecting wipes, or 75 percent ethyl alcohol. You can also use a heated towel, a moist cloth, or a disinfectant that has been diluted.

You should avoid items that include hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Besides, acetone is not recommended. You should keep acetone away from acrylic as it might damage your favourite lash cart organiser.

How To Store LBLS Lash Trolley Organiser

Like other acrylic products, you need to place the lash trolley organiser in a cool, ventilated place, away from sources of heat and electricity, preferably out of the reach of children.

In addition, because they are storage products, if a drop occurs, the products inside will have a high chance of being thrown out. Therefore, you need to place the lash trolley organiser in a flat place. A place with little traffic would be appropriate.

Its best position is above the lash cart. However, choose a location that you feel is the best based on the actual situation where you live.

The premium lash cart organiser is one of the “easygoing” products. It does not require lash artists to spend more time on it. So, give it a good position and clean it twice a month, and you are good to go!


That is all about the lash trolley organiser. It is a must-have item in your lash cart to make your working space more neat and tidy. Who can say no to a clean and organised eyelash extension salon? 

With this sharing, you can get the overall idea of the characteristics a good lash cart organiser needs. Remember to give the LBLS Lash trolley organiser a chance to persuade you to use them. We'd love to have you on board. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!


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