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Lily Beauty Lash Supplier: Your go-to brand for high quality eyelashes

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is a premium lash supplies that specializes in lash fan, lash glue, lash tweezers and accessories yet at an affordable price


Founded in 2017, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier has grown from a one-person store into one of the best handmade eyelashes suppliers in Australia. Our thriving business covers all aspects of the lash industry. This involves sourcing, manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing the best products for professional lash artists and beauty salons. Up to now, we have successfully delivered more than 600,000 orders within Australia and around the world.

At Lily Beauty Lash Supplier, we set our heart on taking our customers’ lashing experience to the next level. Ever since our establishment, we have been in close connection with top industry experts to support us in developing and diversifying our range of products. Today, we are proud to be one of the most trusted brands to supply PROMADE fans and eyelash extension accessories in Australia. For now, we look forward to incorporating more eyelash products and solutions so that our customers in the lash industry can raise their profit shortly.


As an ambitious business, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier aspires to become the No.1 lash supplier in Australia. Of course, our brand cannot do it without having a clear mission and vision. These factors play a huge part in inspiring Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s team to achieve the big goal. Let’s find out what they are down below:

Our mission


At Lily Beauty Lash Supplier, we believe in a world where all women are beautiful, strong, and confident in their own way. This is why we carry the mission of providing high-quality eyelashes for lash artists and beauty salons from all over the world. With our products, lash technicians can give their customers the most gorgeous look for their beautiful eyes. This serves Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s purpose of making every woman feel beautiful and confident in herself.

Products are not the only thing Lily Beauty Lash Supplier wants to perfect. Our brand also focuses on developing the best service possible. Lily Beauty is committed to bringing the top-tier shopping experience to our dearest buyers. We help our clients to maximize their profits by delivering the finest, handmade lashes in the shortest amount of time.

Aside from that, we make sure to pay attention to the smallest details as well as listen to customers’ feedback to correct our service at all times. By taking this step, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is confident to be closer to the goal of becoming the best eyelash supplier in Australia.

Our vision


Since 2017, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier has always followed the ideal of “Exceptional Quality - Exceptional Prices.” These are the qualities that we want our customers to remember whenever they think of Lily Beauty Lash Supplier. We are ambitious to rapidly elevate our brand so that lash professionals can purchase first-rate products at affordable prices. In other words, we long for our brand to become the most accessible eyelash supplier of this day and age. 

Before putting up for sale, all Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s products have been tested and approved by lash technicians of all levels. This includes people who work in well-known salons, prestigious educational institutions, and even home-based eyelash businesses. Needless to say, lash artists can rest assured to receive the best quality products when purchasing at Lily Beauty Lash Supplier.


There are many reasons why Lily Beauty Lash Supplier supplies one of the best eyelashes in the industry. Our products are guaranteed to live up to the expectations and can please even the most demanding customers. Keep reading to uncover all the fantastic benefits that make our products stand out from other suppliers.

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s eyelashes come in various designs and materials


At Lily Beauty Lash Supplier, all kinds of eyelashes are available for lash artists to shop. Our products vary from handmade, pro-made, coloured to mixed eyelash packages. Every fan of Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s lashes is meticulously hand-crafted and tested by our expert lash technicians. Our products also have an ultra thin base that allows easier and faster application. As a result, lash artists can use less glue and adhesive during their lashing sessions.

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s lashes draw attention to the eyes


Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s PROMADE lashes are made from premium PBT fake mink that has a light glue bonding at the base. This detail plays an important role in delivering a stunning semi-gloss and matte black finish. Experienced lash artists around the world have described Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s crafted eyelashes as a perfect combination between the soft, lightweight nature of mink lashes and the natural, curvy look of synthetic lashes.

Not to mention, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s ULTRA-SPEED PROMADE fans can speed up the preparation and save time for lash artists. These products are pre-lined so they take less time prepping. Therefore, they are perfect for lash technicians that look forward to serving more clients and increasing their daily profits.

Defy the signs of aging with Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s eyelashes


Stress and aging are two of the factors that can easily strip away every woman’s youthful look. The eyes are the ones that will reflect these signs directly. Fortunately, there is always a way for lash professionals to resolve it for their customers. Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s high-quality eyelashes with super wide fans offers more lash coverage. This means that lash artists can now conceal their customer’s tired eyes, along with the aging signs. Therefore, customers can leave the store looking amazingly young and full of life.


Since 2017, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier has been chosen by thousands of lash professionals as a trusted supplier for premium eyelashes. Here are the 3 main reasons that help us gain customers’ support and loyalty throughout the past 4 years:

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier ensures fast shipping worldwide


Lash professionals can make their purchase at Lily Beauty Lash Supplier from anywhere across the world. No matter how far the location is, our brand makes sure to pack and ship every order at speed. Time is money, so we always use fast express service to minimize our customers’ wait times. With that being said, clients can receive their package in no time. This is why Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is one of the go-to brands for lash professionals!

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier delivers excellent customer service

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is confident to have the best customer service nowadays. Every member of our team is well-trained and equipped with an excellent knowledge base. This allows us to always be ready to support our customers throughout their whole shopping experience. This includes answering questions, supporting order placement, providing further information, and so on. By promptly responding to any inquiries, Lily Beauty Lash Supplier helps lash technicians to pick the best eyelashes for their business.

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier offers high-quality eyelashes consistently


Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is determined to maintain the same amazing quality for our products. Therefore, we always incorporate strict production observation in the manufacturing process. Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s eyelashes are all made from high-quality materials that result in a premium, fluffy, and lightweight look. Our customers can be ensured that as soon as they receive their packages, they are ready to do their mission of transforming any woman’s beauty.

Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is competitive in pricing

More than anything, we cherish every single client who puts their faith in our brand and products. To show them our appreciation, we often announce on our website discount codes, special deals, free shipping, and many more. Also, for loyal members and lash artists who prefer stocking Lily Beauty Lash Supplier’s products, we make sure to offer them the best wholesale price on their purchase.


Lily Beauty Lash Supplier is one of the leading lash suppliers in Australia. All of our eyelashes are high-quality and sold at a reasonable price. It is a certainty that Lily Beauty works hard to become the best ally of lash artists around the world. Our brand is more than happy to provide customers with the best products and service every day of the year.  Make sure to contact us to get further assistance from our professional team in the shortest amount of time. Lily Beauty Lash Supplier always looks forward to your purchase!

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