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Magic Glue For Eyelash Extension

Magic Glue For Eyelash Extension

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Product Description
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Magic glue - 8 weeks retention and more. That is the main point that the article shares. Don't let another minute be wasted. Dive into the content now!



  • Drying Time: 1 to 2 seconds
  • Retention: 7-8 weeks
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Volume: 6 ml 
  • Ideal Temperature: 46°F - 59°F (8°C - 15°C) indoors
  • Ideal Relative Humidity: 45%
  • Ammonia-Free
  • Animal Cruelty-Free

If you've heard of Magic glue, the famous eyelash glue in the eyelash extension world with up to 8 weeks of lash retention, and want to learn more about this glue, this is the article for you! 

In this article, LBLS will show the unique features of Magic glue and why this eyelash glue is so popular with eyelash extension artists. In addition, when you get to the end of the article, some tips for choosing the right eyelash extension glue for each person are also mentioned.

Without further ado, let's get started!

Magic Glue - The Best Lash Extension Glue For Promade Lashes

Magic Glue Ingredients

Magic Glue is a brand-new, advanced formula that is latex- and formaldehyde-free. Fast drying time and great bonding strength guarantee eyelash extensions that stay longer. It ensures higher production for expert eyelash technicians.

Magic Glue Features

Japanese Quality

When it comes to product quality, products from Japan guarantee quality. That's why LBLS chose Magic Glue in its range of eyelash extensions.

We want eyelash extension artists to experience premium quality glue. Effective proprietary formulas help artists work more efficiently. At the same time, it guarantees long-term safety for the health of customers and lashes techs themselves.

Great Lash Glue For Experienced To Lash Experts

Magic Glue by LBLS is not meant to be applied by anyone who is not a lash extension expert. Its cutting-edge formula and 0.5–1 second dry time are appropriate for skilled, professional-grade eyelash extension artists.

With an incredibly fast drying time of just 0.5s to 1s, LBLS's Magic glue is recommended for professional eyelash artists. 

Once you're a skilled artist, the use of slow-drying lash glues (slower than artists' lash extensions speed) will make the lash joints less durable. That's why Magic glue is perfect for you - professional eyelash artists. It allows for simpler handling. Concurrently, it pushes up lash speed too. 

Perfect Lash Adhesive Choice For Wide Range Of Lash Extension Room Humidity

Albeit not required, keeping these conditions such as optimum temperature: 46°F - 59°F (8°C - 15°C) and optimum humidity: 45% indoors can help Magic Glue operate at its best.

Still, reality proves that eyelash extension artists in Australia, Korea, Canada, the USA and many other countries around the world have good feedback on the adaptability of Magic Glue in these markets. 

When you use the right type of eyelash extensions, Magic glue will automatically attach the extensions and natural eyelashes with the special bonding technology of eyelash extension glue from Japan.

So if you're in Australia, Canada, or the US, or looking for an eyelash extension glue that works well with different types of lashes and an environment with a broad spectrum of humidity, try our Magic Glue. With our Magic Glue, you will definitely have a completely new, better experience and better lash retention!

LBLS also provides eyelash artists tips on getting the best out of Magic glue. Keep reading to get the secret from us.

Greats For All Types Of Lash Extension

Magic glue is highly adaptable when it comes to creating strong and durable bonds in all types of eyelash extensions. Whether your client chooses classic, volume, mega, hybrid, or wispy eyelash extensions, Magic glue is the perfect choice to deliver thin, light yet strong, durable bonding joins.

Gentle Yet Strong

The next feature of Magic glue is that it contains ingredients that are mild, safe for users and eyelash artists, but powerful when it comes to their ability to bond extensions and natural lashes. With strict quality testing from eyelash extension experts in Japan, Magic glue products are guaranteed that they are safe for users as long as they follow the instructions for use on the packaging.

Lash Artist Approved

LBLS has manufactured and distributed a wide range of products for more than ten years in the eyelash extension industry. In addition to the eyelash extensions with the most diverse collections on the market that most eyelash extension artists love, the eyelash extension glue is the product with the highest number of best-selling products on our list.

In our eyelash extension glue category, we have products for new lash artists, eyelash extension artists with 1 or 2 years of experience, products for veteran artists in the eyelash extension industry, and Magic glue - eyelash extension glue exclusively for Promade lashes.

Magic glue is at the top of eyelash extensions artists' choices when they come to LBLS. In our customers' shopping carts, Magic glue is always the first name that comes to mind. Even in the peak season of eyelash extensions, if you do not hurry, you will only be able to bring regrets back because Magic glue will run out very quickly.

Having received the certification of many lash techs not only in Australia but also around the world for such effective use and application, Magic glue has proven its position in the lash salon's successful eyelash extension application sets.

Best Match With Promade Lashes

Magic glue still works perfectly with other handmade lashes, when combined with LBLS Promade lashes, however, they are the perfect match for your eyelash salon success! This is not our advertisement but the affirmation from eyelash extensions artists who are our customers!

Are you using Promade lashes? If the answer is yes, let Magic glue have a chance to show off the adhesive lash power of Promade lashes once. You will definitely be satisfied!

Good Price

With a retention time of up to 8 weeks and the ability to contribute to the success and customer satisfaction at the top, the price of Magic glue is always attractive for all eyelash artists.

Don't forget you can always get a discount on bulk purchases.

We also have preferential policies for small and medium-sized eyelash extension salons. Please share your situation; we will have the right price advice for your eyelash extension salon!

Besides, if you have used our eyelash extensions before, please look forward to the product combos we recommend at the end of the product information section. 

In the near future, we will send you product sets that, when combined, will help eyelash extensions artists work more productively, and customer retention rates will also be better. 

Like the amazing combination of Promade lashes and Magic glue, other combos are sure to make you feel like your eyelash extension career has never been so simple and happy!

No Odour

Overall, Magic glue has no smell. This is a very useful feature for eyelash extensions with home-based eyelash artists. You definitely don't want it every time you apply for eyelash extensions. The whole room or the space around you will be filled with the chemical smell of the product.

No customer will feel your eyelash extension salon is safe when the product is used on them, especially on sensitive skin, like the eyes will have a strong smell.

2-Month Retention - Increase Clients Satisfaction

With a shelf life of up to 2 months, Magic glue is one of the best eyelash glue on the market today.

8-Week Retention

Customers come to eyelash extensions as a natural lash beautifying solution in the hope that they can keep it for as long as possible. Plus, it's an investment they can convert from using mascara, eye makeup, or false eyelashes. Therefore, high lash retention will enhance the customer experience at your eyelash salon!

Do you want customers to tell each other that your eyelash extensions shop can keep your eyelashes for up to 2 months and still be beautiful and full? If the answer is yes, you definitely need Magic glue in your eyelash extension room!

Low Fume

Magic glue is a low fume and high drying-speed lash extension adhesive. In this feature, we'd like to share why low fume lash glue is the desired choice of lash artists and why they should buy low fume lash adhesives like Magic glue.

The primary component of every eyelash extension adhesive, cyanoacrylate, is what emits the fumes. The cyanoacrylate makes sure that the lash glue dries quickly and adheres for several weeks. 

However, as you know, in the market right now, cyanoacrylate is the main ingredient of lash glue. It takes up to 90% of the lash glue component. It pushes up the drying time. Without it, the bonding is surely affected. Without it, the bonding is surely affected. Without it, we don't have a super bonding feature in lash glue. Up to now, there are no alternative ingredients for it without compromising its super glue effect.

There is the myth that longer drying glue results from reduced fumes since there is less cyanoacrylate. However, the difference between normal and premium eyelash extension adhesive lies in the type of cyanoacrylate used only by manufacturers.

Like anything else, there are low, middle, and high-end cyanoacrylate. You can find more information about it on our Lash glue - The Complete Guide to understand the primary differences. 

In short, the more premium and smart combination of lash glue components will lead to a good, very good or excellent lash glue. That's why we have Magic Glue with drying speed at 0.5 to 1 second and eight weeks retention, but still low fumes. It's all about the type of cyanoacrylate and the combination with other ingredients inside the lash glue bottle.

That is another reason. Magic glue is the favourite of other lash glue when it ensures the low fume effect and still keeps the drying speed at the optimal level.

Magic Glue - Latex Free

Magic glue is made of latex-free ingredients. It rules out allergic reactions and repeats exposure to lash clients.

Latex-free becomes crucial in beauty and healthcare products. 

People who have spina bifida and those who have long-term illnesses are more likely to experience anaphylactic sensitivities to latex. Therefore, We strongly believe that latex-free lash glues should be the lash industry standard to avert potentially fatal reactions, so we've produced and distributed safe lash extension glue products that may be used in any scenario.

Magic Glue - Formaldehyde Free

Is formaldehyde bad for lash artists and lash clients?

Yes, it is. Formaldehyde has direct effects on human health. 

Eyes, skin, throat, or nose discomfort are all possible side effects of formaldehyde. Some people may have negative symptoms, for example:

  • skin irritation
  • wheezing
  • watery eye
  • eyes burning sensations 
  • throat or nose burning sensations 
  • nausea
  • coughing

whenever formaldehyde is found in the atmosphere at levels higher than 0.1 ppm.

Some forms of cancer may be brought on by high exposure levels too. Formaldehyde-free lash extension glue is our priority choice in all circumstances. 

If the eyelash extension glue you use causes irritation in more than one client, the symptoms we just mentioned above, the cause may be formaldehyde. You should change to an eyelash extension glue with formaldehyde-free properties like Magic Glue to ensure your and your customers' safety!

Magic Glue - Smart Packaging

We always listen to our customers. And we have understood the small problem with many of our clients is that sometimes, during the low season, it takes a long time for them to use up a 5ml bottle of eyelash extension glue. For this reason, the glue expires, and it costs them a fortune not to take full advantage of our incredibly effective drops of Magic glue.

Therefore, we have upgraded the packaging of Magic glue. With the current packaging of Magic glue, in 1 pack of Magic glue, you will be divided into two small glue bottles with a capacity of 3 ml/1 glue bottle instead of 1 pack containing one bottle of 5ml as before.

Benefits of the new smart packaging:

  • It will help you to store more easily
  • You will take advantage of every drop of Magic glue to the last drop. Even if you are in low season, you will be able to cut unexpected expenses and save more.

How To Use Magic Glue

Wipe The Magic Glue Nozzle After Use

After use, thoroughly wipe the lash glue nozzle as well as firmly fasten the cap.

Doing so will prevent the glue from clumping leading to a blockage in the neck of the eyelash extension bottle. As a result, you may end up having to discard the entire bottle of eyelash extension glue if you do not proceed to wipe the bottle off to ensure that the eyelash glue is protected and does not clog.

Shake Your Magic Glue For At Least 30 To 40 Seconds Before Using

All eyelash extensions have a tendency to separate the component layers when not used for a while. This is a common phenomenon.

The chemicals inside your lash glue won't fully mix if users don't shake it. The glue won't function as it should if the components aren't mixed properly. As a result, your client's lashes and retention will suffer. It is bad. Hence, you need to shake it to mix all lash adhesive ingredients to let it function well.

How To Store Magic Glue

There are some characteristics you need to keep in mind when storing when using LBLS Magic glue:

  • When not in use, seal the box. You can store it in the refrigerator if your environment is dramatically unstable. Otherwise, you can put it in the dark, cool, & dry space.
  • Maintaining it regularly at a low temperature and low humidity are the keys to keeping it fresh.
  • When you take them out of the storage box, let them rest for at least 15 mins prior to use.
  • Place the Magic glue in a dedicated bag/box containing silica gel for prolonged storage.
  • Using professional glue storage tools, such as LBLS Premium Glue Containers, can protect your eyelash extensions.

Products dedicated to the preservation of eyelash extension glue will ensure that the glue is in the best condition and the quality is not changed. 

Many eyelash extension artists have shared with LBLS that using conventional bags for storage is ineffective when in areas with high humidity or erratic, difficult-to-control weather. That's why they invest in professional preservation products.

These are products you can invest in once and use for a long time, so they are extremely economical.

How To Prolong Lash Retention

As we promised, here is the tip you can prolong the lash retention in addition to using Magic glue. 

The fact is, when you apply lash primer. The lash retention will extend the lifespan over 1-2 weeks. Why? Because lash primer has the ability to provide a clean surface and absorb eyelash glue well. 

From there, you can easily attach the extension to your natural lashes without being obstructed by dust or anything else that interferes with the contact of the eyelash glue.

Also, for maximum glue fumes reduction, use Super Bonder. It is the product that promotes the eyelash extension glue to work faster. 

From there, the glue fumes will also not affect you and your customers. At the same time, the speed of eyelash extension artists is also faster. Customers will also be more satisfied.

Exposure to chemicals is inevitable regardless of which beauty industry you work in. Therefore, wisely choosing products is the number 1 priority. Investing in high-end products will go hand in hand with your success in the long run.


Those are all the features of LBLS Magic Glue. We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to better understand the famous glue that retains customers of eyelash extension artists, increasing their sales and popularity.

Eyelash extension glue is a product that can make a name for your eyelash salon if you use the right type and the right way. 

In the long run, it will also ensure the safety of your health and that of your customers. Therefore, choosing high-quality eyelash extensions is a premise for a long and successful career for eyelash extension artists.

If you haven't tried LBLS Magic glue, then buy it now. If you've used it, please share with us your magic glue-sponsored eyelash extensions photos, so we have a chance to share with 10,000 LBLS fans.

See more about eyelash extension collections products classified by skill, environment or the types of eyelash extensions you use here! We look forward to serving you!

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