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Loose Fan Promade 6D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 6D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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6d lashes are an excellent choice for lash artists who haven't mastered building fans, as well as lash veterans who love their health. Here's why!


Key points:

10 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Curl: C, CC,D and DD.
  • Length: 7mm to 16mm (one size per box)
  • Quantity

          Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

          Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

6d lashes provide ultra volume, concentrate on the client's eyes, and eliminate the need for extra makeup. This volume 6d lashes extensions is quite popular among ladies worldwide. The operation is quite difficult, especially for inexperienced lash artists. 

If you can complete the 6d volume lashes correctly, the style will draw many repeat visitors to the lash salon. Read on to get all the tips to master 6d eyelashes extension.

What Are 6D Lashes?

What Are 6D Lashes?

6d lashes are the biggest voluminous Russian lash style which includes 6 lash strands glued together at the lash base to form a 6d lashes fan and place to one natural lash.

Hence, the style provides a six-fold abundance of density for your client's natural lash. The experience, material, and technique selection all significantly impact the outcome. It requires a high level to finish the lash set.

How To Create 6D Lashes?

There are about 3 ways to create a 6d lashes fan. However, here we introduce to you one of the most popular methods:

Step 1

Prepare all required tools: lash strips, volume tweezers, and lash glue.

Step 2

Take off all the lashes you want in one go. Then, place them back on the sticky part of the strip and then fan them out again using L volume tweezers along the base of selected lashes to make a fan.

Step 3

Repeating the step 2 as much as you need till you have a sufficient amount of 6d lashes extensions

The process seems easy. However, given the amount of time, techniques and practices needed to master creating volume lash fans, it is challenging work for any lash artist. 

For different thicknesses, you must move around to choose the best fanning method that works for you.

Besides, under the pressure of money put into the business, sometimes, lash artists will be overwhelmed by not making enough profit to make ends meet. In these situations, Promade 6d lashes fans come to help.

You have the perfect lash fans to apply, even if you have not yet mastered lash fan-making. You have the income to take care of yourself and your family and have enough space to hone your skills and develop your lash brand.

Promade 6d lashes extensions are an optimal choice even for professional lash artists as they have satisfied lash fans' quality and still have time to concentrate on innovating the beautiful lash set without compromising their long-term health.

How To Consult And Perform 6D Lashes Extensions Application?

Step 1

Ask your clients what they want and give the best recommendation based on their natural lashes and face structure status.

Step 2

Lash bath. It is the most crucial procedure. Clean lashes provide a wonderful base for placing eyelash extensions. They also improve lash retention!

Step 3

Employ a primer. After cleaning, primer sanitizes the natural lash surface.

Step 4

Secure and protect the lower eyelid area by applying the under-eye gel pads. To ensure that tiny lashes remain neatly under the lash pads, you may apply both lash tape and lash pads.

Step 5

Use a small piece of tape to raise the eyelid. By doing this, the application procedure will be simplified. To prevent eye irritation from the adhesive, ensure the customer's eye is 100% closed.

Step 6

Apply the lash brush to comb the lashes to facilitate the isolation process later.

Step 7

Drop a glue dot. Then, the adhesive should be replaced every 10 or 15 minutes (or depending on the lash glue you use). The adhesive won't dry out too much this way.

Also, we recommend lash artists should buy premium glue rings or flower glue cups for better dispenser lash adhesive and keep it fresh during the lash extension process. 

Step 8

Create fresh 6d lashes extensions fans or go directly to ready-to-place Promade 6d eyelashes extension. 

Step 9

Isolate lashes and place the extensions.

Step 10

Repeat as many times as needed. Double-check the lash set, and you're done.

How Long Do 6D Lashes Take?

How Long Do 6D Lashes Take?

1 - 1 hour 50 minutes. However, the time that 6d lashes application takes might vary depending on a number of circumstances. It relies on the customer's natural eyelashes in terms of quantity and structure. The lash artist's experience and abilities also affect how long it takes.

What Is The Best 6d Volume Lashes Lengths For Extensions?

7mm to 16mm. We draw from over 10 years of experience in the eyelash extension industry, and they are the most popular 6d lashes fans length. They have a wide range of applications and are very popular.

Before making further lash extension applications, lash artists must measure real lash length to decide the best eyelash extension length. The safest eyelash extensions' length is lengthier than the natural lashes, from 1mm to 3mm. 

Some scenarios that may support you in choosing the optimum length are based on the client's situation. If you encounter 1st time clients who are totally 100% new to lash extension, then 1mm is the best choice. However, 2mm or 3mm is ideal if they are veterans in lash extensions. 

Besides, if your clients wear glasses, you must know whether the lash extensions' length affects them. If 3mm is more likely to discomfort them, 2 or 1 mm is a better safe option.

What Is The Best Volume 6D Eyelashes Extension Curl For Extensions?

C, CC, and D are the most practical choice for 6d eyelashes extension. You can look at our 6d volume lashes in demonstration pictures. It will totally shine on the client's face.

C curl is every lash artist and lash client's favourite. It brings the most natural curlier option. The C curl enhances emphasis without appearing overly dramatic and retains its shape well. That is the reason it is the most demanding curl. 

CC curl is curlier than the C curl. It also fits almost all eye-shape. C and CC curl have a comparable base, but the extension on the CC lash flares up further. By using CC lashes, you may get a youthful, alert, yet somewhat natural appearance.

Is your customer looking for a dramatic effect? If yes, we have D curl to serve you. D curl is curlier than CC. These offer a more striking lift. It is excellent for raising lashes and giving off a doll-like appearance.

Based on your client's expectations, the lash style, and the natural lashes' health, you can choose the optimum curl for them!

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 6D Lashes Extensions?

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 6D Lashes Extensions?

The eyelashes volume is multiplied by six with 6d lashes. The following clientele is those for whom we advise the lash design:

  • Customers appreciate being the centre of attention when everything revolves only around them.
  • For important occasions, use 6d volume lashes. For instance, a bride wishes to stand out on the wedding day.
  • Any type of woman can use the 6d lashes extensions, with the exception of those with protruding or narrow eyes. Customers who lack thick eyelashes naturally yet have expressive eyes would benefit most from the 6d lashes effect.
  • A model or actress actively engaging in picture sessions will benefit from the 6d eyelashes extension effect. Showbiz celebrities who frequently perform in public and those who enjoy attending social parties and events wear this style.

Who Are The Most Not Suitable Clients For 6D Lashes Extensions?

Although applying 6d lashes is safe, some contraindications should be taken into account:

  • If your lash clients have dermatitis or eye diseases, you must decline to serve the service.
  • When utilizing contact lenses, the 6d lashes extensions operation should be halted whenever an allergic response to the chemicals or materials employed (for instance, lash adhesive or lash primer) is observed. The adhesive will quickly break down if the skin is too oily. The 6d lashes won't be around for long.
  • Clients with eye tearing and heightened sensitivity to light won't benefit from 6d eyelashes extension.

Not all clientele are candidates for super-volume eyelashes. It is not advisable for women with weak and thin eyelashes to achieve 6d lashes. The weight may provide a risk to the natural lashes. The weight may provide a risk to the natural lashes. It is best to suggest a style with much less volume if a client desires a large density, like 3D lashes or 4D lashes

6D Lashes Vs Classic Lashes

Both 6d eyelash extensions and classic lashes draw attention to a woman's looks. They enabled the eyes to appear more vibrant and lively. The lash technicians employ thicker extensions than 6d volume lashes when applying classic lashes.

Classic lash is one lash extension applied to one natural lash. 6d lashes are 6 lash strands combined to form a fan, and then lash artists will graft the fan to a natural lash.

The classic look gives the impression that the lashes are inked. They seem to be curlier, longer, and darker. The aesthetic effect of various sorts of lash extensions is distinct. The 6d eyelashes extension adds drama and sparkle.

6D lashes Vs 5D Lashes

LBLS provides both 6d lashes and 5d lashes fans. Fans of 6D will get one more lash versus 5D fans. It has one more strand. Therefore, 6d lashes are fuller than 5d lashes.

Additionally, employing the 6d lashes extensions and lashes will give the eyes a unique emphasis. In contrast, using 5D eyelash fans will only produce a natural impression.

LBLS 6D Lashes

LBLS 6D Lashes

Why Should Lash Artists Choose LBLS 6D Lashes Extensions?

Do you have issues making 6d lashes fans because your lash speed is still too slow? When you utilise the 6d lashes fan offered by LBLS, these restrictions will vanish entirely. Artisans pre-make each lash fan to assure durability and visual appeal.

Here are some features that persuade you:

  • LBLS is a lash extension brand. We only focus on extension supplies. Our major priority is continuous product development.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in the field of eyelash extensions.
  • Customer service that is both quick and knowledgeable.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • No order minimum is required.
  • Worldwide shipping is quick and affordable, and costs are low.
  • A large number of product variants.

LBLS 6D Lashes Benefits

  • An efficient option for lash technicians who lack fan-creation skills.
  • Creates a full 6d lashes set that gives the eyes a unique glow.
  • Spend less time making the technician's eyelashes.
  • Addressing the drawbacks of the depressed, sparse, and damaged eye.

LBLS 6D Lashes Features

LBLS 6D Lashes Features

Korean PBT Lashes Quality

We import the highest quality lash extension material - Korean PBT to serve in producing 6d lashes fans.

PBT ensures that eyelash extensions artists have the safest 6d lashes extensions for both the artist and the person receiving them.

Eyelash extensions are tools that are used directly on the eyes. In the long run, using poor-quality eyelashes will cause problems such as eyestrain, red eyes, or breakage of natural eyelashes.

If you are experiencing similar issues or poor lash retention, don't forget to change the type of lashes you are using, as they can be the main cause of poor lash retention when you have followed the correct lash extension process. 

LBLS 6d eyelashes extension fans eliminate the allergy response. Not only that, it is the best material to minimise real eyelashes. Therefore, if you have an LBLS 6d lashes fan, you own "real" lashes in your hand.

Super Lightweight

LBLS always follows eyelash weight rules to ensure that eyelash extension artists have a variety to choose from while remaining safe for their clients. You have in your hand the safest weight, thin and light, without feeling heavy for the customer.

Guarantee Lash Glue Absorb Function

LBLS Promade 6d volume lashes fans are capable of fast gluing. Differing from other low-quality lash fans, our Promade fans love lash glue. When you combine Promade lashes and Magic glue, you get up to 8 weeks of lash retention. It is a dream lash retention number for any 6d lashes extensions set.

Perfect Fans

6d lashes fan

Lash artists need a 6d lashes fan must:

  • Small and pointed root. 
  • Rounded lash base which is better in lash bonding than the bulky eyelash base.
  • Symmetric lash distance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Safe material.
  • Standard lash adhesive amount. 
  • No allergies.
  • Excellent glue absorbing.

LBLS 6d lashes fan can meet all the needs. We ensure lash fan quality and maintain consistency in all the products.

Increase Your Lash Speed

When you don't need to spend your time making lash fans, lash artists can focus 100% on lash grafting. From that, you can save up to 30% or 50% lashing time. 

6d volume lashes fans are the secret weapon of several lash artists in enhancing the lash speed and giving more time to manage their business instead of spending much time on repeated work.

What Should Lash Artists Do If You Put Too Much Adhesive On The Promade 6D Lashes Fan?

To maintain the work's endurance and attractiveness, you must apply glue uniformly. In order to avoid mistakenly absorbing too much adhesive, you may simultaneously apply a sponge in order to eliminate it.

How To Store LBLS 6D Lashes?

  • Avoid harmful elements like a humid climate and high temperatures.
  • Keep firmly covered in a cold, dry environment.
  • Keep 6d lashes or other lashes fans stay away from children's reach.
  • Keep 6d lashes out of direct sunlight.


That is everything about 6d lashes. LBLS strongly believes that you can get value in it after all.

In short, 6d lashes are the optimal solution when you can satisfy the demand of more lash clients. When lower D in lash fans can not perform the fullest effect, 6d eyelashes extension comes in handy. To be able to expand your lash career business, you can't just stop at one lash style. Opening it to more selections is always a smart choice.

Promade 6d volume lashes fans are having a moment at this point. However, it will develop more in the future. Instead of spending more time creating the lash fans, why don't you hand over the "trouble" to our professional team? 

We guarantee you consistent quality in each fan and never stop improving with the updated knowledge in the industry.

It is our honour to be your selected partner. We look forward to cooperating with you. Order now to not miss out!

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