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promade lashes extension
promade lashes extension
Loose Fan Promade 5D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Loose Fan Promade 5D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Promade 5D Lashes Extension
Promade 5D Lashes Extension
Promade 5D Lashes Extension
Promade 5D Lashes Extension
Promade 5D Lashes Extension
Loose Fan Promade 5D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 5D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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Looking for 5d lashes? These durable 5d lashes extensions are made of high-quality Korean PBT, . Check out why lash professionals love them now!


Key points:

10 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 7mm to 16mm (one size per box)
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity

          Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

          Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

Numerous women schedule appointments with beauticians every day in order to seem younger and more attractive. One of the most-wanted services is eyelash extensions. 

Our topic today is 5d volume lashes. A stunning appearance and tremendous volume may be quickly created with 5d lashes. Lash artists should keep reading if mastering the 5d lashes extensions procedure is what you are looking for.

What Are 5D Lashes?

What Are 5D Lashes?

5d lashes are a lash extension technique that glues 5 lash strands into the same root to form a fan and then applies the fan to natural lashes to increase the thickness and volume for natural lashes.

How To Create 5D Lashes Extensions?

Step 1

Prepare the lash strips, lash glue, lash tweezers, and everything you need on the lash working platform.

Step 2

Come to the lash strip and count the 5 lash extensions you are about to take. 

Step 3

Lightly lift them off the strip, give them a little bit of wiggle back and forth, and you have it. 

Step 4

Dip it into glue, just a small amount at the tail end 

Step 5

Lightly place on natural lashes.

The process of creating 5d lashes extensions seems easy. However, it is more challenging than it looks. Lash artists must look for the sweet spot of tweezers. 

You need to control the lash strands to make it blossom symmetrically. In addition, you must master the glue amount at the base in order to not bring up more extra weight for the client's natural lashes. 

Therefore, Promade 5d lashes come in handy when you are a new lash artist or veteran lash technician seeking a way to push up lash speed in order to protect your health in the long term.

How To Consult And Perform 5D Volume Lashes Application?

Step 1

Overall examination. You need to be sure that your clients are eligible for lash extensions. Their eyes must be in healthy condition before any further consultation. 

Step 2

Consult your client with a suitable lash set based on their desire.

Step 3

Sign the waiver.

Step 4

Perform the lash bath.

Step 5

Apply an under-eye lash patch.

Step 6

Create 5d volume lash fans or buy ready-to-graft 5d volume lash extensions from LBLS.

Step 7

Place the 5d lashes on every natural lash.

Step 8

Repeat as many times as needed.

How Long Do Volume 5D Lashes Take?

How Long Do Volume 5D Lashes Take?

55 minutes - 1 hour 45 minutes, on average. Still, it depends on the lash style and the client's real eyelash situation. 

Promade 5d lashes can push up lash speed without compromising the lash artists' health and brand health when you can secure the premium quality lash fan. 

What Are The Best 5D Volume Eyelash Extensions For Extensions?

7mm to 16mm is the most common lash length for 5d volume eyelash extensions. The 5d lashes lengths can sometimes be mixed according to the desired lash effect. To minimize extra weight, the lash length of extensions should not be greater than one-third that of the real eyelash.

Normally, lash artists must know how long the real lash is before giving the best recommendation. To do that, you need to measure the natural lash length. It is also a basic step of lash map creation.

Then, for natural lash safety, the lash extension length should be no longer than the natural lash of 3mm. From 1mm to 3mm longer is the optimum length of lash extension. 

If your client shares that they are new to lash extension, 1mm is the ideal length because you should give them time to adapt to new extensions and see how they react. After that, you will have a better recommendation for the next lash set. Every client is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all. You must customize each lash client.

If your clients regularly wear lash extensions, 2mm or 3mm longer does not matter. 

Besides, if your customers have glasses on their eyes, you also need to take them into account. Is 3mm too long for their looks? Does it cause discomfort when it touches the glasses? In this situation, you can ask to see the glasses and get further consultation with them to get the best 5d lashes length.

What Is The Best Volume 5d Russian Volume Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

0.05, 0.07, and 0.10 mm are the best and most demanded diameters for 5d lashes. Because of the consistent weight distribution, those diameters are pleasant and healthy to use on a daily basis.

5D Lashes 0.05 thickness

As you may know, a 0.05mm diameter is thinner than 0.07. They are the safest thickness for clients who have thin lashes because it causes no harm to natural lash health and can still provide the fuller effect that your clients expect.

5D Lashes 0.07 thickness

To clients with strong natural lashes, 0.10mm - the thickest 5d lashes will give them the boldest and most dramatic look they look for.

5D Lashes 0.10 thickness

If your client's real lashes are just in average thickness, a medium diameter, like 0.07mm, can not be more perfect.

What Is The Best Volume 5D Lashes Curl For Extensions?

C, CC, and D are the most common 5d lashes curl for lash extensions. However, there are no hard rules on curl for 5d volume eyelash extensions. You can decide on the real scenario and the client's expectations.

Still, here are some facts about 5d lashes curl. C curl is the most famous curl in the lash extensions industry. It produces the illusion of wide eyes. It is more about natural effects. Meanwhile, the D lash curl, curlier than C, has the most lifting and is frequently the most dramatic. 

Lastly, the CC curl is in between the curl of C and D curl. It is less curly than D but curlier than C. Since CC curl is slightly curlier than C, it can provide a more dramatic appearance. But in comparison with D, it is less expressive than the D curl. 

In short, if your client prefers the natural curl effect, go straight to C. If they want the most dramatic curl, the D curl is better. If they wish to balance a little bit natural and still a bit surprising, then CC is the one you should call for.

What Are The Best Material For 5D Russian Volume Lashes?

Korean PBT. The finesse lash strand will give you the full package benefit: safe, durable, "real" effect, amazing finished look.

How Long Do 5D Lashes Extensions Last?

4- 8 weeks, depending on the artist's experience, products, aftercare process, client status, etc.

We advise lash artists to schedule refill sessions 3 to 4 weeks later. The durability is affected by a number of things.

  • Aftercare process. 
  • Cleanser’s formula. The quality lash shampoo will take away dust, bacteria, etc. However, the unbranded lash shampoo will cause “rust” in lash extension bonds, leading to poor lash retention. Therefore, always choose the quality lash shampoo with mild yet effective ingredients from LBLS to get the best lash retention. 
  • Client's lash length, type, thickness, and the real eyelash situation
  • Client natural lash cycle.
  • Explosion of lashes with steam, water, or high temperatures.
  • Products for applying eyelash extensions are utilized in the procedure. For example: if lash artists use LBLS Promade 5d lashes extensions fan with Magic glue, they can reach 8 weeks of lash retention.
  • Taking drugs and having unpredictable hormone levels can both have a detrimental impact on durability. The lash retention will also be reduced if your client's eyes are frequently watery (due to strong winds, dry air, or heightened sensitivity).

Here are some fundamental reasons that decide how long 5d lashes extensions last. You can take more references here and support your lash clients to get the best retention.

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 5D Lashes Extensions?

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 5D Lashes Extensions?

A few alterations are made to the look by 5d volume eyelash extensions. Visually, the characteristics of the face vary significantly, and the expression opens up. The following clientele can wear the lash type.

  • Lash clients who love the layout of cat eye, fox eye, doll eye, or squirrel eye.
  • Volume 5d lashes are great for women heading to a picture session or a special occasion. They look great with elegant gowns.
  • 5d volume eyelash extensions are the best fit to lash clients with thick, long lashes.
  • 5d Russian volume lashes are an optimum choice for people searching for a long-lasting eyelash effect.
  • 5d volume lash extensions are ideal for women who have naturally expressive face features.
  • 5d volume lashes are for clients that like attracting attention. The eyelash appearance draws attention to the eye region.
  • 5d lashes extensions are for women who desire to improve their look before a big meeting. The volume lash appearance compliments vibrant make-up really nicely.

5D Lashes Vs Classic Lashes

Both 5d volume lash extensions and classic lash extensions highlight the appearance's inherent attractiveness. They maintain a natural appearance while adding brightness and expressiveness to the eyes. 

5d lashes are 5 lash strands attached to the same roots to form a fan, and then lash artists will place the fan to a natural lash. Classic lashes are the most original lash technique of lash extension where 1 lash extension is grafted to 1 natural lash. 

When applying classic eyelashes, the lash artists employ thicker lash extensions compared to 5d volume eyelash extensions. If used by a skilled eyelash artist, the classic and 5d Russian volume lashes do not crowd the client's natural lash. 

When wearing the classic style, your client's eyelashes appear to be coloured with ink. They seem curlier, darker, and longer. 5d lashes give out a superb volume and appear thicker. 

The price of classic lashes seems cheaper than 5d volume lashes extension. Volume lashes are more expensive than classic lashes due to the huge amount of work.

You can still combine two styles in a hybrid lash set to make other amazing lash extensions look.

LBLS 5D Lashes.

LBLS 5D Lashes.

Why Should You Choose LBLS 5D Lashes?

Why not use Promade 5d lashes fan immediately instead of taking a long time to create new fans? 

Using our expertise and experience, LBLS has created a high-calibre product range. Each PBT eyelash is therefore imported from Korea via the authorized way and is secure. Furthermore, the 5d lashes extensions artisans have all skilled hands that follow each command. As a result, all LBLS lash fans are made spread out, with small, pointed, tight legs and exactly the right quantity of adhesive.

Therefore, while utilising, all lash artists need to do is apply a tiny bit of adhesive to make sure it is smooth and unblemished.

LBLS 5D Lashes Benefits

  • Aid the lash artist in obtaining the extensions fan more quickly.
  • Gives the customer's eyes a fluffy, natural look.
  • Meet 4 requirements for the ideal eyelash appearance: Beautiful, secure, durable, and quick.
  • Each package contains1000 fans for long-lasting and cost-effective use.
  • Ensure your eyelash fans are stretched out equally at the tips and tightly along the base.
  • Matte black lashes are simple to apply and take little time to absorb lash glue.
  • The safe faux mink lash material doesn't itch, irritate, or cause tears to form.
  • Suitable for all client's eye shapes

LBLS 5D Lashes Features

LBLS 5D Lashes Features

Meticulous Production Process

Five strands are grouped into clusters that have the same base to generate the 5d volume lashes that are readily accessible. As a result, the fan's tip is distributed equally, and each lash base is secure, pointed and tight to prevent deviation.


Lash artists do not enrol on another 5d lashes class to master this technique. You just need to use the LBLS 5d volume lash extensions fan, and your service can begin.

Within the same time frame as a classic lash set, eyelash artists can finish the 5d volume lashes set. Pomade 5d lashes fans are time-saving. Lash artists can assist more clients, and generate more revenue.

Correct Colour

Thanks to advanced technology, the LBLS volume 5d lashes' curl won't weaken over time. 

The LBLS 5d volume eyelash extensions have a semi-gloss sheen and are really black in colour.

Eyeliner And Naturally Voluminous Effect 

The design of 5d Russian volume lashes produces an immediate eyeliner or naturally voluminous effect as well as highlights the customer's eyes' inherent attractiveness.

Veteran Lash Artist Weapon

Many of LBLS's eyelash extension artists are veterans of the eyelash extension industry. They have great beauty systems and still love 5d lashes because of their excellent quality. They were able to complete a set of 5d volume lashes in such a short time because of their skill, but the 5d lashes fan also plays a big part.

They are able to have many loyal customers because they maintain a consistent and increasing quality of service. When eyelash extensions artists open their own eyelash extensions salons, creating and maintaining a uniform quality of fresh 5d volume lash extensions fans can sometimes be extremely stressful for you. Therefore, the new Promade volume 5d lashes fans were born. 

LBLS 5d lashes fan is your weapon to win any set of lashes.

Premium Lash Material

LBLS chooses Korean PBT as the main ingredient to create 5d lashes fans. This is the most advanced material on the eyelash extension market today and is also the safest material for the eyes.

Eyelash extension artists can be completely assured of the quality of LBLS fans. To ensure the most realistic effect, we control the product for consistent quality while ensuring optimal curvature and the same colour as real lashes.

Korean PBT does not react to lash glue, eyelash primer, Super Bonder, or Shampoo lash ingredients. It is even dust and waterproof. Therefore, it is a practical choice providing for lash extensions. Its superior quality overcomes real lashes, hair, or other synthetic lashes.

When some lash artists get trouble at not absorbing lashes, we can assure you that 5d lashes extensions from LBLS are well-absorbed glue.

Perfect Fans

We guarantee that lash artists have the consistency of perfect lash fans. LBLS 5d volume lashes fans check off everything a perfect fan should have:

  • The finest lash material.
  • Symmetric lashes, beautiful blossoms.
  • Standard glue amount
  • Balance weight.
  • Thin and pointed lash base. LBLS lash bases are pointed, rounded-shaped, similar to the natural lash. It facilitates the bonding to natural lash better than the unbranded lash roots, which are bulky. Look at the picture below to see how different a premium 5d lashes fan to the unqualified one!
  • "Catch" glue well.
  • Real matte black.
  • Durable curl.


We pledge to satisfy the biggest prefabricated lash market demand and provide you with the best Promade lash on the market thanks to our extremely effective 5D lash production.

Experience LBLS 5d lashes once and get comfortable even after a long day of hard work. 5d lashes extensions fans can take away all worries about back, neck, or wrist pain when doing this job for a long time. A smart investment will support you in the long run for sure. Why invest more time when you can have excellent quality lashes in just one order?

Let's spend our free time caring for ourselves, developing a client base or opening a new business niche. Promade 5d volume lashes will be your future. LBLS hopes that we have a chance to support you in your career path today and in the next few days in the future.

We would be honoured to be your chosen partner!

Thank you!

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