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Loose Fan Promade 3D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 3D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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3d lashes are every lash salon's most famous volume lashes extension. Tips to choose and use 3d Russian lashes are properly displayed here. Read now!


Key points:

9 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 7mm to 15mm (one size per box)
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity

          Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

          Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.07, 0.10 and 0.15
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

From 2019, if you are an Instagram-er and surf the Instagram feeds regularly, it is not hard to find a massive amount of beautiful lashes that make people wonder how these individuals were blessed with such large, luscious lashes. 

Well, that is the golden time of Russian volume 3d lashes, often known as 3d lashes. They were a prominent trend in the cosmetic industry then and have prolonged their hostess until now. 

To any lash artist, 3d lashes are a gold mine when it balances well between dramatic and natural effect. 

Here in this piece, we would like to present the lowdown of volume 3d lashes. You also get a chance to know the difference between 3d volume lashes vs classic and hybrid vs 3d lashes. 

Besides, we introduce to you the best way to speed up the 3d lashes extensions application. Read on to get these valuable tips.

What Are 3D Lashes?

What Are 3D Lashes?

3d lashes, also known as Russian volume 3d lashes, are three synthetic (hair) strands that have equal length and are grouped into a cluster with the same base. Additionally, the flare component produces a stunning and natural impression.

How To Create Volume 3D Lashes?

Step 1

Prepare your lashes tray and tweezers (don't forget to use Russian Volume L-Type Lash Tweezer which specialize in volume lashes).

Step 2

Line up the lashes from long to short.

Find your 3 lashes on a lash strip and pull down almost to the base. Don't forget to use the tape on the lash strip to isolate those 3 lashes over to the side. Then, you can use tweezers with light tension to separate the lashes and create a fan. After that you're going to pull straight back and pull your fan off. That is how to create 3d volume lashes.

Then you glue the base to the very tip until you see a small dot of glue on the base, and then you can place your 3d lashes here on the natural lashes.

You have to repeat as many times as you like to have a perfect 3d lashes fan.

How To Consult And Perform 3D Lashes Extensions Application?

Step 1

Assess the client's eye condition and eye structure.

Step 2

Based on your client's desire to give appropriate advice, they should choose volume 3d lashes or 3d hybrid lashes

If their lashes are healthy and they want extra volume, then Russian 3d lashes are an ideal choice. If their lashes are healthy but have a lot of gaps, they want natural lashes but can fill in the lash gaps. 3d hybrid lashes are a great choice. 

Still, there are a lot of lash styles that you can use 3d lashes with. Having overall  evaluation and recommend the best lash set for them based on your experience!

Step 3

Prepare everything you need for a lash extension application.

Step 4

Cover the lower lashes with an eyepatch.

Step 5

Create the 3d lashes fan or use Promade 3d lashes fan.

Step 6

Isolate and graft to every natural lash.

Step 7

Keep adding lashes until the desired look is achieved.

The process of creating 3d lashes fans will be extremely difficult for new eyelash extension artists. For professional eyelash extension artists, it is no problem. 

However, no matter what stage you are in in the eyelash extension industry, Promade 3d lashes are always the perfect choice for you to have the perfect 3d lashes extensions fan with no effort. 

In the long run, ready to apply 3d lashes fans can also protect the health of your eyelash extensions artist and enhance the experience for your customers.

Secret To Have The Best 3D Lash Extensions Application

Secret To Have The Best 3D Lash Extensions Application

In essence, the success of 3d lashes application lies in 2 positions that are challenging to execute: the eyes' sockets and tail. 

As a result, you must position the volume 3d lashes to the fan such that these fans are perpendicular to the client's natural eyelashes. In light of this, the guideline would be:

  • Middle part: put the lash fans straight 
  • Tail part: Tilt the 3d lashes fan towards the client's ear
  • Eye socket: tilting lash fans towards the client's nose wing

How Long Do 3D Lashes Take?

50 minutes - 1.5 hours, maximum. It also depends on the lash artist's speed and your experience in the lash extension industry. But quick or low speed does not matter. You win if your client's happy and your lash set is unrivalled. 

What Is The Best 3d Volume Lashes Extensions Lengths For Extensions?

7mm to 15mm are the commonly favourited 3d volume lash extension lengths for lash extensions.

The best length of 3d lashes extension is never greater than one-third the length of the natural client's eyelash. 

A competent lash artist chooses the specifications of the 3d lashes depending on the features of the customer's face and strives for harmonious results. The average woman's natural eyelashes are 6mm to 12mm long.

The natural lash condition is determined by genetics and ethnicity. Longer lashes are appropriate for individuals who have deep-set and small eyes. They widen their pupils. And vice versa. Let's take an overall structure and decide which is the best for your client.

Besides, before making the final decision on lash extension length, the lash artist must measure your client’s natural length. Then, you can choose extensions from 1mm to 3mm longer than the real lashes. 

Based on the real situation, your decision might be different. For example, 1st time lash clients always go safe with 1mm longer than their natural lashes. They need to get used to having lash extensions on their lash before going the extra mile with longer lash extensions. 

If your clients are loyal to lash extensions for a long period of time, they can get lash extensions that are longer than the real lash to 3mm. 

If your lash clients usually wear glasses, 3mm might cause an unpleasant feeling when extensions touch the glasses, so 1mm or 2mm is much more suitable.

What Is The Best Volume Russian 3D Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

3d lashes 0.10 thickness

0.07 and 0.10 is the best 3d lashes diameter for lash extensions. The diameter is the most effective way to produce maximum naturalness and lightness in the appearance.

It is up to clients' natural lash structure and health to make up your mind about the best 3d lash diameter for your clients. 0.10 is thicker than 0,07 lash extensions. It is the best fit for clients who have strong lash extensions. 

A thinner diameter like 0.07 will be best coupled to natural lashes between lash cycles. When parts of real lashes are not 100% fully grown, a smaller diameter will support natural lashes better in carrying the extension while ensuring lash health in the long term.

3d lashes 0.07 thickness

Hybrid Vs 3D Lashes

What Are 3D Hybrid Lashes?

3d hybrid lashes are a ratio of 50-50 or 70 - 30 combination of 3d volume lashes extensions and classic lashes. The ratio can vary depending on the client's natural eyelash structure.

Benefits Of 3D Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid 3d lashes provide greater volume and texture without the artificial appearance of volume eyelashes. 

Sometimes, we call 3d hybrid lashes a perfect balance method. These lashes are ideal for people who desire a bit extra oomph yet have a naturally lash line.

4D Lashes Vs 3D Lashes

The difference between 4d lashes and 3d lashes lies in the number of lash extensions applied on each natural lash.

Three extensions glued to one human lash provide a 3D effect, while four extensions applied to one real lash create a 4D effect.

4d lashes bring a more fuller appearance. In contrast, 3d lashes are better at the natural look.

3D Volume Lashes Vs Classic

The number of lash extensions that can be grafted is constrained by the amount of the client's natural lashes in the classic lash extension method, which uses one extension per real lash. 

3D lashes win over classic lashes at the fuller aspect. However, classic lashes are unbeatable in natural effect.

Since they truly provide the illusion of having more eyelashes than you actually were born with, 3d volume lashes are a game-changer in the lash extension industry.

The 3d lashes extension method involves attaching hand-made, incredibly thin and dedicated fans-shaped extensions to each natural lash. Each 3d lashes fan can carry 3 lashes. However, they are still connected 1:1 on every lash. This results in an unrivalled flutter.

3d volume lashes extensions wearers are not permitted to wear mascara.

While 3d volume lashes users should never apply mascara because every mascara type, including water-based formulations, clumps the fluffy lash fans together, classic lash extension customers are able to apply mascara (water-based one).

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 3d Russian Lashes Extensions?

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 3d Russian Lashes Extensions?

Even for customers who have naturally thin lashes, these 3d lashes enable the lash artists to produce voluminous and thick lashes.

For clients who prefer to simplify daily care without compromising their own beauty, the volume 3d lashes are ideal. The effort and time spent on routine makeup application can be reduced with the use of 3d volume lashes extensions. With only one monthly refill session and no longer having to worry about mascara falling out, your client may look gorgeous without wearing makeup.

3d lash extensions represent a vibrant and passionate appearance. It is also a perfectly natural appearance that is appropriate for any party.

3D lashes are popular among models all over the world. To appear stunning in the photographs, they make use of stunning 3d volume lashes extensions.

It is even the best for everyday wear. Whether your client is at the office or dating, women with longer lashes generally feel more at ease.

LBLS 3D Lashes

LBLS 3D Lashes Benefits

For Lash Clients

3d lashes add a stylish volume. It enables your client to get the most theatrical, expressive lash appearance.

Volume 3d lashes are also intended for clients with extremely sensitive eyes. 3d lashes extensions will make your client's eyes appear larger, especially for individuals with naturally growing downward eyelashes.

3d lash extensions produce a wide range of effects. Each client is different, and the Russian volume 3d lashes allow you to enhance the natural attractiveness of your client's eyes while concealing any flaws.

Makeup for the eyes is not required. Women who use volume 3d lashes can sleep for longer periods of time and spend less time getting dressed. They are always appealing at whatever moment during the day.

In short, 3d lashes clients can:

  • Have a fuller, lighter, and less damaging to natural lashes
  • Lightweight lash extensions
  • Last longer lash extensions

For Lash Artists

  • Reduce the lash artist's application time
  • Support new lash beginners who lack fan-building skills
  • Protect experienced lash artist's long-term health 
  • Boost the aesthetic effect

LBLS 3D Lashes Features

LBLS 3D Lashes Features

High-Quality Korean PBT

LBLS 3d lashes are made from Korean PBT. We partner with the highest quality PBT sourcing to ensure our eyelash artists get authentic, matte black eyelashes safe and amazing durable curl retention.

100% Handmade

LBLS 3d lashes are produced entirely by hand. We have worked in lash extensions for over 10 years. We are proud to be one of the first lash suppliers to launch volume 3d lashes to the market. Our team does every lash extension fan with the utmost care. We always double-check every lash fan to ensure you get the perfect one.

Excellent Glue Absorb Function

If you've ever bought premade 3d lashes but didn't have a good absorb effect, then you should try LBLS volume 3d lashes

Our 3d lashes extensions have outstanding lash glue absorption that you can not find anywhere else. We recommend you use the Magic glue and 3d lash extensions to have the best of both worlds. Up to 8 weeks lash, retention is what you can achieve.

Perfect Fans

The tops of the eyelash fans are evenly spaced, and the fan roots are incredibly thin and pointed. The lashes fans themselves are silky, delicate, and smooth.

Besides, the glue amount at the lash base is standard. It facilitates lash artists in creating a not-too-heavy base when they graft into natural lashes.

Push-Up Lash Speed

Instead of creating a fresh fan each time, eyelash extensions artists simply open the box, pick up the 3d lashes fan and apply.

The speed of completing your eyelash extensions will be much faster, even if you are a new eyelash artist.

In the long run, using Russian volume 3d lashes can also provide health benefits. Your wrists, back and cervical vertebrae will be protected, as the time you have to stay in one position is greatly reduced each lash set and each day.

No Allergies

You may not know that low-quality eyelash extensions can cause an allergic reaction to the eyes. More seriously, they can also react with lash glue. The customer's eyes can have a serious long-term reaction when worn for a long time. Therefore, using eyelash extensions made from premium PBT will protect your customers and yourself!

Eyelash extensions are worked on one of the most sensitive areas of human skin. The product you use is safe. Your service will also be protected.

It Does Not Result In Heavy Feeling

The difference between the most advanced PBT lies in the light weight. 

These LBLS 3d lashes fan easily blend into natural ones, providing a full and glamorous look without making your lash clients feel heavy. Your eyelash extension salon will stand out with superior service compared to competitors in the market. All your client's eye shapes will benefit from the staggered effect.

How To Use LBLS 3D Lashes?

  • Open the LBLS 3d lashes box.
  • Place the 3d lashes in a convenient location for faster and easier access. You may want to set up your fans in a silicone lash pad for easier picking.

Customers who like less curvature should choose curvature C, while those who desire greater curvature should use curvature D. CC is curlier than C.

How To Store LBLS 3D Lashes?

  • Left fan lashes should be placed properly and covered in the container after use.
  • Keep 3d lashes fans in a cool, dry area that is distant from fire sources & direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of children's reach.

What Sets LBLS 3D Lashes Extensions Apart?

Typically, the lash technicians can graft the client's eyelashes using a brand-new (fresh) fan they made during the lash extensions application time. 

Yet, this labour is time-consuming and challenging for rookie lash artists. As a result, leveraging pre-existing 3d lashes fans has emerged as an efficient way to expedite production and enable lash artists to get more bookings.

Besides, to veteran lash artists, using ready-to-graft volume 3d lashes is also a treat to their back and wrist. When eyelash technicians must maintain your posture for a long time, the 3d lashes extensions are their lifesaver.

Last but not least, LBLS 3d lashes make sure that every lash fan is precise, careful, and sophisticated. You may freely select the ideal product from a range of thicknesses, curls, and lengths.


That is all the ins and outs of 3d lashes. If the lash artist is your main job, we recommend you choose ready-to-graft volume 3d lashes fans as soon as possible. It saves time, energy, money, and, most importantly, your long-term health. 

It is not difficult to predict that 3D eyelashes will become one of the most popular eyelash extensions among customers for a very long time. 

We hope you enjoy using the best 3d eyelash fans. They will contribute to the long-term success of the cause of bringing beauty to the world.

We expect to have the opportunity to serve you!

Thank you!

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