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Loose Fan Promade 10D Lashes Extension | 0.03

Loose Fan Promade 10D Lashes Extension | 0.03

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Product Description
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Get the best tips to apply 10d lashes here. Your lash revenue will increase if you know the 10d eyelash extensions earlier. Delve into the content now!


Key points:

14 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Curl: C, CC, D and DD.
  • Length: 7mm to 20mm (one size per tray)    
  • Quantity: 500 fans / 1000 fans
  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.03 and 0.05.
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

10d lashes are the most common lash extensions when it comes to having fuller, thick and gorgeous lashes. However, the 10d volume lashes technique is among the most challenging skills for several lash artists. It is not an easy job. 

So, here in the article, LBLS will share with you everything about 10d lash extensions. You get all the must-to-know knowledge. You also get the best tips for the difficult lash set in a simple method.

What are you waiting for? Let's dig into it now!

What Are 10D Lashes?

What Are 10D Lashes?

10d lashes are 10 lash strands glued at the same roots to form a lash fan, and then the fan is applied to one natural lash. 10d lashes seem big in quantity. However, the weight is super featherweight, and your client’s natural lash can handle it well. 

Besides, it is the best way for lash clients to get a dramatic look instantly and conveniently.

How To Create 10D Volume Lashes?

To create a perfect 10d lashes fan, lash artists need to endeavour to make the perfect mega volume fan. Using good quality products, including but not limited to tweezers and lashes you work with, is crucial. That's kind of understandable. 

Step 1

Prepare all the tools.

Step 2

Identify and use your tweezers to grab 10 lash strands.

Step 3

Put it back into the adhesive strip and use the tweezers to spread out the tip.

Step 4

When you have a symmetric 10d lashes fan you love to have, stop and pull the fan up.

Step 5

Repeat the process as much as you need to have enough 10d mega volume lashes fan.

How To Consult And Perform 10D Lash Extensions Application?

Step 1

Invite your clients to sit tight and let you observe and evaluate the natural lash status.

Step 2

Ask your clients your desired look and advice them on the best lash style of 10d lashes, which includes length, diameters, thickness,

Step 3

Clean the lashes and eye area. Let it air dry, or use an electric lash fan to push the drying process.

Step 4

Put on the gel pads and extra lash tape if needed to tape down the bottom eyelashes

Step 5

Create a 10d lashes fan or use an LBLS Promade 10d volume lashes fan.

Step 6

Isolate lashes properly and place 10d lash extensions fan into clients' natural lash.

Step 7

Repeat to graft fans as many times as the lash set requires.

Step 8

Use a lash mirror to check your settings to see whether it has any crisscrossed lashes or a gap that you missed out.

Step 9

Apply Super Bonder to make the lash bonding stronger and push up the lash curing process.

Step 10

Double-check the set, and you are good to rest.

How Long Do 10D Eyelash Extensions Take?

From 1 hour to 2 hours or more. It is all up to lash artists' lashing speed and experience. Your speed is the best number if your clients are happy.

What Are The Best 10d Eyelash Extensions Lengths For Extensions?

What Are The Best 10d Eyelash Extensions Lengths For Extensions?

7mm to 20mm are the most popular 10d lashes lengths for eyelash extensions. The mixture of these lengths can promote eye beauty immediately.

Eyelash extension artists need to measure the length of your client's real lashes before recommending the most suitable length. The rule of thumb for choosing the length of the 10d lashes fan is that the length of the eyelash extension should not be more than 3mm longer than the natural lash length.

When customers first apply for eyelash extensions, 1mm is the ideal length to start getting used to eyelash extensions. Once they get used to it, there are no unpleasant reactions. You can recommend longer lengths of 2mm or 3mm if your client desires longer lashes.

Besides, if customers wear eyeglasses, you should also advise the appropriate length so they can wear glasses regularly without being affected by eyelash extensions. 3mm longer than real lashes can be uncomfortable, so 1mm or 2mm longer than natural lashes would make more sense.

In short, depending on the natural eyelash length, the type of eyelash extension chosen by the customer gives the most useful advice on the appropriate length of 10d lashes for each customer.

What Are The Best 10D Mega Volume Lashes Diameters For Extensions?

0.03 and 0.05 are common diameters that are safe for 10d lashes. Depending on the client's natural lash artist can choose the proper diameter accordingly.

If the client has a thin natural lash structure, they also want to have the most natural-looking 10d lashes set, then 0.03 diameter is the most appropriate choice.

0.05 will be thicker than 0.03 and more suitable for clients with naturally thick, strong lashes. The thickness of 0.05 will make the lash line extremely bold. The overall eye will be extremely impressive.

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 10D Volume Lashes Extensions?

Clients with strong and healthy natural lashes are the most suitable for 10d lashes extension. In addition, 7d lashes, 8d lashes, 9d lashes clients who look for a more dramatic lash also have the potential for 10d lashes.

As 10d lashes bring the boldest and most expressive eyelash extensions, it is the best set for photo shoots, fashion shows, night parties, etc.

LBLS 10D Lashes

LBLS 10D Lashes

10 fibres are gathered into a fan with the same base to form a 10d volume of lashes. Additionally, the flare component produces a stunning and natural impression. LBLS supplies these 10d volume lashes with the below usual specifications:

LBLS 10D Lashes Benefits

Make The Lash Set Full Instantly

LBLS Promade 10d lashes fan can give your client's lashes a full-density effect and curled look, blending into the layers of natural lashes perfectly.

Customers who have strong eyelashes but the natural lash structure is not thick and curved. They want thicker and more attractive lashes. These are the desires that 10d volume lashes can completely satisfy.

Easy To Have A Perfect 10D Volume Lashes Fan

You can design the flawlessly luxuriant mega lash set that your clients have always desired with the aid of our premium 10d eyelash extensions fans! 

These 10d mega volume lashes fans have a diameter of between 0.03mm and 0.05mm and come in C, CC, D, and DD curls in mixed and single trays. We advise utilising these fans on healthy and strong natural lashes, or at least medium strong. 

Do you just need to choose your 10d lash extensions to lash fans from the box? Yes. 

How can it be easier? 

Save Time

Up to 30% to 50% time now is free. You can use it freely because your scheduled time to create 10d lashes no longer exists. It is an outstanding feature of LBLS Promade lashes.

Having more time, you can do more lash sets. As a result, your lash revenue can increase significantly. 

Say Goodbye To Being Overly Exhausted

Volume fan-making is a challenging job. Mega volume fan-making is even more difficult, not only for novice lash artists but also for professionals too. However, when you choose Promade 10d mega volume lashes to accompany you, your stress, overly exhausted, no longer appears. 

It does anything for you. You don't need to stay for hours to focus 100% on the lash strip, keeping the same posture as picking the lash strip up, fanning them out, pulling them up, dipping the glue, eliminating the excess glue, etc. 

Now you just pick the 10d lashes fan from the LBLS box, and you go directly to the client's eyes, isolating and placing them nicely.

Enhance Client Satisfaction

When eyelash extensions artists can complete 10d eyelash extensions sets faster, it means less time waiting for your clients. That is one of the characteristics you can emphasise when promoting your eyelash extension service. 

When the product quality is guaranteed, the warranty policy is clear, the work is completed quickly, and the high quality is still maintained. It will be an advantage to attract more customers. You can do all of that with the LBLS Promade 10d lash extensions fan.

LBLS 10D Lashes Features

LBLS 10D Lashes Features

High-Grade Korean PBT

The quality of the eyelash extensions determines 60-70% of the success of an eyelash extension. LBLS chooses the highest grade Korean PBT to make Promade 10d volume lashes fan.

If you've ever bought eyelash extensions that lose their curvature completely when customers return to refill or lose their balance and symmetry just after you pick up the fans, it's time for you to switch to LBLS Promade 10d lash extensions fan.

With the highest quality Korean PBT, we guarantee LBLS Promade 10d eyelash extensions fan to keep the curls for your clients until the new lash extensions set of your eyelash extensions and more. 

Besides, our Promade 10d mega volume lashes are the safest material for eyelashes. When you use the premium quality lash extension, allergy responses like red eyes and itching eyes will be eliminated.

Perfect Fans

LBLS Promade 10d lashes fan meets all the requirements of a perfect fan. 

100% Handmade

All 10d eyelash extensions fans from LBLS are made by the meticulous, skilful hands of experienced artists. We have the factory and the artisans working with us for about 10 years, and all of their daily work is to create the 10d lashes fan for you.

Small Fan Feet

LBLS 10D Lashes

Small base eyelashes are one of the outstanding features of a 10d eyelash extensions fan. 

You won't have to worry about your lash roots falling apart. It is made to be the same as real eyelash base to have a better bonding function. Unlike other lash bases, which are all so bulky, our lash base surface possesses a larger surface to bond with natural lashes. As a result, you have better lash retention. 

Fan Tips Spread Evenly

If you have a 10d lashes fan and 10 lash extensions don't spread evenly, your fan won't be able to give that full, bold look. They will only bring a feeling of heaviness to the eyes. Even worse, the client's eyelash extensions will be extremely fake if such low-quality lash fans are used.

That's why LBLS strictly controls the tip sections of a lash fan. We want to make sure that the spacing between the extensions of the 10d volume lashes is even and reasonable to create a bold and full effect.

Not stopping at that, we also make sure our fan tips are consistent in quality.

Matte Black Colour

An eyelash extension will become extremely fake if its colour is too different from the natural colour of the real eyelashes. This will not happen with the LBLS Promade 10d lash extensions fan.

Made from the highest quality PBT, the LBLS 10d eyelash extensions fan has a matte black colour that is exactly the same as your natural lashes. 

Matte black will blend perfectly with each layer of real lashes helping your clients become more confident than ever.

Absorb Lash Adhesive Well

LBLS Promade 10d mega volume lashes have a great absorbent ability that you can't find elsewhere. 

They catch the eyelash extension glue extremely well, creating favourable conditions for the base of the eyelash extension to attach to the natural eyelashes most durably. As a result, the joints also have a longer service life. When combined with our Magic glue, lash retention can be up to 8 weeks.

Easy To Use

The job of the eyelash extension artists is to choose the size, thickness, and curvature of the lashes, arrange the 10d fan lashes into the silicone lash pad, and you can have them grafted right away. 

They are extremely easy to use. You don't need to worry about applying too much or too little lash glue when you can take advantage of LBLS glue rings.

Economical Price

LBLS is a direct manufacturer and distributor of 10d lashes in Australia. We have our own sales channel and cooperate with reputable shipping units worldwide. From that, you will have an extremely competitive Promade 10d lashes price compared to other products on the market.

When Applied, Do 10D Eyelashes Actually Cause Eyelash Loss?

No, if lash artists follow the standard process. 

Even though a 10d lashes fan has 10 eyelashes, fibres are grouped to form a cluster and share a common base. The eyelashes are very thin, measuring barely 0.03 to 0.05 millimetres in thickness. As a result, when used entirely, it has no negative effects and does not cause users to lose their natural eyelashes.

Natural lash falling outcomes for many reasons. Natural lash cycle, eye disease, wrong lash extensions application. So, you should go to the doctor to know the real reason when it falls out too much.


LBLS 10d eyelash extensions fans are made of Korean PBT, the most high-grade material for eyelash extensions. Thanks to the artist's deft hands, our 10d lashes fan is beautifully symmetric, has a small thin base, and precise weight. 

LBLS is now supplying a sizable amount to satisfy the demand for eyelash extensions. We always feel grateful to have thousands of supporters in Australia and all over the world. 

We believe that as long as we strive every day to grow and learn, we can connect to your expectation and turn it into a really effective product.

We thank you for your support every day. We are honoured to be your partner and always ready to answer every question you have. If you love the 10d lashes, please place an order. It won't ever let you down.

Thank you!


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