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Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans
Promade 8D Lashes Extension
Promade 8D Lashes Extension
Promade 8D Lashes Extension
Promade 8D Lashes Extension
Promade 8D Lashes Extension
8D Lashes
Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 8D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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The 8d lashes provide a very thick lash look. Bring dazzling eyes that are quite appealing. Here's the lowdown on 8d lash extensions! Check now!


Key points:

11 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 8mm to 18mm (one size per box)
  • Curl: C, CC, D and DD
  • Quantity

          Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

          Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.03, 0.05 and 0.07
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

The 8d lash extensions are tailored for clients that adore bold, thick, appealing eyes with depth. Despite its outstanding features, an 8d lashes fan is not an easy product to create. Besides, how to properly apply it to natural lashes is not an easy job.

In today's article, LBLS is pleased to share all the ins and outs of 8d volume lashes. You will understand later why owning premium 8d volume lashes can level your lash salon to a new level.

What Are 8D Lashes?

What Are 8D Lashes?

8d lashes are a lash extension method where 8 lash extensions strand are glued at the same root to create a fan. 

8d lash extensions are the best method to save the eyelashes with large gaps, bring fullness immediately, attract the eyes of the opposite person and increase the confidence of the user.

In short, 8 x volume equals 8 x dramatic effect!

How To Create An 8D Lash Extension Fan?

Step 1

Prepare everything you need for lash fan making: lash tile, lash strip, lash gluelash tweezers, glue rings or flower glue cups and your steady hands.

Step 2

Use a lash brush to give the lash strip tips a nice little brush if needed.

Step 3

Use your volume tweezers to grab 8 lash strands. Don't forget to find your tweezer's sweet spot and identify the adhesive strip top line. The top line is your measurement tool. This is where you can put your tweezers, grab the lashes and pull your lashes.

Step 4

If it is too thick to put on the natural lash, place it back on the adhesive. Then you separate it to fan out all the lash tips to have a symmetric lash. It should blossom nicely. 

Step 5

Repeat as many as you want to have the perfect 8d eyelash extensions fan and enough lash fan for your treatment.

The process may be simple. However, you must repeatedly start if you go wrong in one step. Fan-making is challenging and meticulous work. It takes time and practice to be perfect.

How To Consult And Perform 8D Volume Lashes Application?

Step 1

Have a conversation with your clients, evaluate their lash situation, and give the best recommendation.

Step 2

When everything is set up, ask them to sign a waiver and put it on the schedule.

Step 3

Prepare everything you need for a lash application process.

Step 4

Begin 8d lashes application with a lash bath. You need a clean state before doing anything else.

Step 5

Put an eyelash patch on the client under the eye area. Don't forget to use lash tape to ensure you feel it is needed.

Step 6

Use lash tape to tape up the upper lid.

Step 7

Create an 8d lash extensions fan or use a Promade 8d volume lashes fan.

Step 8

Place the 8d eyelash extensions fan on the client's natural lashes.

Step 9

Use Super Lash Bonder after grafting the 8d lashes fan to push up the curing process and have better lash retention.

Step 10

Double-check your lash set by the lash mirror before 100% completion.

How Long Do 8D Lashes Take?

How Long Do 8D Lashes Take?

1 hour to 2 hours, maximum. 8d lash extensions set can take little or more time depending on the lash artist's experience, whether they use a Promade 8d eyelash extensions fan or make a new fresh lash fan. 

Still, as lash artists, don't feel too frustrated about the time frame. Remember that the finished look speaks volumes. You just need to meet your client's requirements. As long as they are happy, you are fine.

What Are The Best 8d Lash Extensions Lengths For Extensions?

8mm to 18mm. But never forget to choose the best length for 8d lash extensions based on the client's natural lashes. Sometimes, you have to mix the length to get the most natural effect of the lash layer.

The rule of thumb here is that lash artists never go further than 3mm longer than natural lashes when selecting lash extensions. It is for the comfort and safety of the client's real lash.

To new lash extension clients, 1mm longer is somewhat more proper. It prevents your lash client from being shocked with too-long extensions. They also need to be able to feel familiar with lash extensions first.

To a veteran's lash clients, 2mm or 3mm longer than the natural lashes does not matter. If they want lengthier lashes, you can choose one of them.

Besides, don't forget to take into account the case that your clients wear glasses. You must calculate the optimum lash extension length to bring your clients the most comfortable wearing. If 3mm is too much, then you can just go longer than 1mm or maximally 2mm.

A tip to recommend the best lash extension length is measuring the natural lash length. You can have better options for your clients when you have the size of the real lashes.

What Is The Best 8D Volume Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

0.03, 0.05 and 0.07 are the common diameters that thousands of lash artists have good feedback on. It satisfies the plethora of lash clients!

8d lashes 0.03 thickness

0.03 is the thinnest diameter you can recommend for your client when they expect to get beautiful 8d lashes. If your client’s natural lash is thin, 0.03 is the optimum pick. Compared to 0.05 and 0.07 diameter, it still remains a bit of a natural appearance. 

8d lashes 0.05 thickness

0.05 is the medium thickness of 8d volume lashes. It is a bit thicker than 0.03. Besides, it also creates a bold effect. The lash line will be thicker. 0.05 diameter is a better fit for clients with medium natural lash diameter. 

8d lashes 0.07 thickness

0.07 is the most thickness of 8d lashes. It is for lash clients with strong, healthy, and thick natural lashes. When wearing the 0.07 8d volume lashes, your client’s lashes will be extremely bold and thick. It offers the most dramatic look of all these diameters.

What Is The Best 8d Volume Lashes Curl For Extensions?

C, CC, and D are the most popular curls of 8d lashes. They serve the majority of clients and never let any lash artists down.

You can not say no to C curl when it dominates in any lash salon. C curl, with its natural curl, is that popular. It is frequently used by clients who want to seem extremely natural.

CC curl is a bit curlier than C curl. Like the C Curl, the CC Curl begins with the same lash base. Nevertheless, the CC Curl will curl more when it is in the curl position. It is best for close-set or deep-set eyes.

D curl is the curliest 8d lashes. D curl will give the appearance of being curled and will sparkle and expand the eye. 

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 8D Eyelash Extensions?

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 8D Eyelash Extensions?

Clients who have healthy, thick natural eyelashes are good candidates for 8d lash extensions

Also, lash clients who normally wear classic lashes and want to try more dramatic lashes can become potential clients for 8d lashes.

LBLS 8D Lashes

LBLS 8D Lashes

LBLS 8D Lashes Benefits

Bring The Dramatic Look Immediately To Clients

With 8 lash strands per 8d lash fan, your clients will quickly have thick, curled and voluminous lashes. The 8d lashes fan creates an extremely thick lash look that classic eyelash sets can not have. 

LBLS 8d lash extensions fans give out sparkling eyes that are quite beautiful and attractive. Eyelash extensions artists can extend their services even further by using 8d lash extensions

A day-ready appearance is impossible to refute, especially when your clients do not have to spend a huge amount of time each day getting ready.

Stunning Lashes Extension

Your clients can wow everybody with your stunning lashes. With LBLS Promade 8d lash extensions, your client is able to steal the show. It provides a texture that enhances the natural drama of your client's eyes. 

With their extreme density and ideal length, LBLS Promade 8d lashes are unbeatable! Only so much we can say. Why not give 8d lashes a try for your customer and see how simple it is to make their lash fantasies a reality?

All attention is on your client when they have 8d volume lashes on their eyes. They just flare out gorgeous! Make a lasting impression with 8d eyelash extensions. It is possible to make an eyelash set with an eye-catching fanned lash shape that is longer on the outer than on the lash's inner corners. Make a statement wherever you go with classy but whimsical lash designs. Your clients can have the night to themselves.

Fix And Improve Natural Eye Flaws

8d lashes

LBLS 8d volume lashes fans conceal flaws such as sparse lashes and protruding, sagging, deep, slanted eyes. On top of that, LBLS 8d volume lashes fans blow away the defects of sparse eyelashes and deep, protruding, slanted, sagging eyes.

This is the most dominant feature of 8d volume lashes. Not only stopping at making your eyelash extension customers more beautiful but the features that make them self-conscious about their eyes will also be improved thanks to Promade 8d lashes.

8d volume lashes are a simple, long-lasting, painless solution for any eligible client. Don't stop at advertising how beautiful the lash extensions are. Let LBLS 8d lashes show how confident lash artists can support your clients when they have a perfect lash extension.

Push Lash Speed Higher

LBLS 8d eyelash extensions fans significantly reduce the time required to produce a lash extension set. More importantly, LBLS 8d lashes fans increase worker productivity on busy days. It takes half as long to apply 8d lashes. Instead of spending half of your time and effort creating a lash fan, you can directly apply 8d volume fan lashes to your natural ones with .

During busy times or peak seasons, when you have a sudden increase in customers that can make up for the low season, 8d lashes fans will support eyelash extensions artists to get volume lashes of consistent quality and more time to serve more customers.

Support Rookie Lash Artist, Tip To Enhance Lash Artist Health

LBLS 8d lash extensions fans provide technical assistance to newbies, trainees, and even pros.

Your fanning skills are still not good even though you have attended the mass eyelash training course. You can do a good 8d lashes set, but your time spent as a fan is not too much. Are you under sales pressure?

In such cases, you can opt for the Promade 8d lash extensions fan. This is a product to support artists who are on the way to improving their lash fan skills but still want to earn more.

Even after mastering the fanning method, many veteran eyelash extension artists still choose to go with Promade 8d volume lashes because of the uniform and perfect quality. The fans they buy are all qualified fans.

In addition, eyelash extensions are one of the challenging jobs due to the high requirements of meticulousness and perseverance. Promade 8d lashes fans help eyelash extension artists protect their health in the long run as they reduce the time it takes to maintain a pose for long periods of time.

LBLS 8D Lashes Features

LBLS 8D Lashes Features

Economical Promade 8D Lashes Fan Box

The item is packaged inside a rectangular, clear shape, making it easier to view the fan outside the box. Each Promade 8d lashes box contains 1000 fans that may be used effectively and for an extended period of time. On top of that, the 8d lash extensions fan is enclosed in a little box that is easy to remove and store.

8d lash extensions fulfil the quality standards of a perfect lash fan:

  • Equally distributed tips.
  • The lash bases are tight, thin and pointed. 
  • The lash material is safe.
  • No residual left.
  • Durable curl.
  • Amazing matte black colour.
  • Excellent lash glue absorbing colour.
  • Standard glue amount at the lash base.

High-quality And Consistency Quality

LBLS 8d lashes are made of high-grade Korean PBT. It is the best lash extension material that ensures safety, durability and real effect for wearers. 

Using our 8d lash extensions fan, you don't need to worry about the big leg glue lash roots when it is always easy to control the amount applied. You don't need to worry much about the excess glue. 

Besides, you also own a weight balance and symmetry lash fan. We are all aware that while applying for eyelash extensions generally, it is crucial to evenly distribute the weight throughout the natural eyelashes to prevent an imbalance that might lead to damage. The importance of this technique increases while using volume or mega lashes.

The 8d lash extensions fans should be evenly spaced apart, and the weight should be distributed throughout the natural lashes to provide gorgeous, fluttery eyelashes without any risk of breaking or harm.

Variety In Length And Thickness

Since there are various criteria in length and thickness, you may be confident in selecting the proper product. Lash artists will not be limited to one style for Promade 8d lashes

You can always get an affordable price for more quantity each time you buy, and the richness of thickness or length will also facilitate you in creating customized lash sets that fit any clients you have.

Increase Lash Artists' Professionalism

The 8d volume lashes fan increases lash artists' professionalism while being portable. You can take it anywhere with you. It is super compact, even for mobile lash artists. 

When you can guarantee the lash fan quality consistency, your clients will have a high opinion of your work. No one has high respect for non-uniform lash fans when you are a professional in your field.

Simple And Comfy Fit

If 8d lashes are painful and awkward, what good are they? 

Experience a fit that is so smooth and secure with LBLS Promade 8d lashes. Say goodbye to awkward saggy lash extensions with fake effects that are too easy to come off. Your lash clients even forget they had eyelash extensions on!

How To Use LBLS Promade 8D Lashes Fan?

They are used exclusively on clients with thick, long eyelashes. Lash artists should always grasp the hands of every fan while firmly dipping the adhesive to generate dew drops.

How To Store LBLS Promade 8D Eyelash Extensions Fan?

LBLS Promade 8d lashes fan should be stored in a dry, cool place, away from heat, electricity and direct sunlight sources.

Besides, to ensure the hygiene of the eyelash extension boxes, you can consider buying a lash tray organizer to easily preserve each type of eyelash, size, and diameter.

With 36 storage trays, you won't waste time searching to see where the 8d lash extensions fans are in your eyelash extensions store!


The 8d lashes fan is one of the most moderate thickness lash fans but doing it successfully is also a challenge for professional eyelash extensions artists.

Therefore, if you are a new eyelash extension artist, these 8d lash extensions fans are a great saviour for you so that you can expand your eyelash extension services without having to spend more time, effort and money to attend training to learn how to create new 8d lashes fans.

In addition, even if you are an experienced artist but want to save time, 8d eyelash extensions are the optimal choice. When you have consistent quality, you can have more time to serve more customers, isn't that the great outcome you're looking for?

Don't wait for other eyelash extension salons to excel with Promade 8d volume lashes to get started. Order now with LBLS to increase your sales this month!

We look forward to serving you!

Thank you!

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