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Lash Glue Rings (100pcs per pack)

Lash Glue Rings (100pcs per pack)

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Product Description
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LBLS lash glue rings are known as eyelash extension jewellery that any lash artist covets. Here are the reasons that made it go a long way to their hearts. Read now!



  • Colour: Pink, White, Blue
  • Material: PP, PVC
  • Material Feature: Disposable
  • Quantity: 100pcs

Lash glue rings are the best lash artist's best friend. It facilitates any lash extension process, especially creating lash fans and performing volume lash sets. So, what to look for in these eyelash glue rings? 

In the article, LBLS will share all the tips for choosing the best-fit lash glue holder ring for lash artists. Reach to the end to get some sharing on how to use it right too!

Without further ado, let's begin.

What Are Lash Glue Rings?

Lash Glue Rings

Eyelash glue rings are excellent lash accessory choices for holding a primer, lash extension adhesive, adhesive remover or any other substance you might think of within tolerable boundaries.

Eyelash Glue Rings Benefits

Applying lash extension is simpler and quicker with these throwaway lash glue rings since your hands are nearer to the face of your clients. 

It works well for lash technicians who don't like to clean the adhesive pallet after each application. It is a step in helping cleanse easily and hassle-free. 

Utilize it and then discard it. That is all lash artists have to do.

Why Should Lash Artists Have Lash Glue Rings

1. Relaxed Lash Application Process

Every lash technician needs a simple, tidy, and unhurried lash application session. That is the reason lash artists always think of things that might assist them in their work. 

Eyelash glue rings can support their work everyday and give them a piece of mind in fan making and maintain lash glue quantity.

2. No Mess

As lash artists guarantee glues won't leak over your workspace, this small item prevents messes.

3. Simple To Operate

Simply place the ring on the opposite hand from the one applying it with a lash tweezer, or in other words, in your weak hand.

3. Time Saver

Many lash artists decided to use instruments that would facilitate and increase the precision of their profession. 

Although glue rings are small, they are a money saver. If the lash technicians can reduce their waiting time, they will be able to serve more clients.

What To Look For In Lash Glue Rings

Lash Glue Rings

Lash Glue Rings Material

Almost all lash extension glue rings products will be made of plastic. The only difference is whether the plastic quality is high or low.

Low-quality plastic will odour. The colour will be easily faded. On top of that, it causes harm to human beings.

High-quality plastic will be odourless. Its colour slowly faded. Most importantly, it is safe for users. 

Lash Glue Rings Type

There are 3 types of eyelash glue rings on the market: flower, heart-shaped, and round shape (shallow well) eyelash glue ring holders.  

The common point of these 3 types of lash glue rings is that they can all be used during eyelash extensions.

Besides, the main difference lies in the function attached to each type of eyelash glue rings.

Let LBLS walk you through it.

Flower Shape Lash Glue Holder Ring

These lash glue rings are most popular with eyelash extension artists. They have up to 12 V-slots (the highest number of all lash extension glue rings available on the market). This V will support lash artists in connecting the lash base easier. It is recommended for making mega or volume fans.

During the lash application process, the 2-half glue well design avoids the requirement of tossing each glue ring after 20 or 30 mins. Instead, you can use one lash extension glue ring for about 40 mins - 60 mins, depending on how fresh the glue is in a real situation.

Heart-Shape Lash Glue Rings

Unlike the flower-shaped glue ring, the heart-shaped glue ring has only 10 V-shaped grooves, and the glue chamber area is also smaller. 

The special heart-shaped design makes the process of creating Russian volume lash fans easier. Lash artists can make the pointed lash base effortlessly. It is also ideal for preventing adhesive spills and guaranteeing customer hygiene and safety standards.

Normal Round-Shaped Lash Glue Rings

Unlike the two eyelash glue rings LBLS mentioned above, shallow glue rings are unsuitable for creating eyelash extension fans. The lash glue holder ring has the main function of storing glue. It facilitates the use of less glue, enables glue to cure more slowly, & a zigzag inner edge aids in the removal of extra glue.

Based on the actual needs of your lash salon, you can choose one or choose from all 3 eyelash glue ring holders to add to your lash accessories!

Usually, suppose you're a new lash artist. In that case, LBLS suggests choosing flower-shaped lash glue rings because they help you quickly learn and practice the skills of creating eyelash fans and eyelash extensions application.

However, if you are already a veteran eyelash extension artist, you will understand that all 3 types are necessary for your eyelash extension process. Try all 3 to feel the difference and convenience of each.

Adjustable Size

The adjustable lash extension glue ring is essential for any eyelash extension artist. 

Most lash glue rings products will have this adjustment mode. However, you need to check the specifications and features listed on the brand you buy to make sure you buy a product that fits your hand.

Price Offer

Lash glue rings are lash products that you can buy in bulk. So, the best offer a lash artist can get is a combo price. You should seek this when you are on the way to find out the right eyelash glue rings for you!

Top 5 Reasons You're Gonna Love LBLS Lash Glue Holder Ring

Lash Glue Rings

1. It's Affordable

Compared to other adhesive carriers, the ring may be purchased for a sum that would be considerably easier on your pocketbook. Packs of glue rings may be acquired for substantially less money.

2. LBLS Lash Glue Rings Are Adjustable

Every lash extension glue ring is readily adjustable so that it would fit any fingers perfectly. Finally, this is where happy endings for blind dates may be found.

3. LBLS Lash Glue Rings Are A Power Holder

The eyelash glue ring holder has additional holding power in addition to the adhesive. It can work well with other substances in lash extension treatment. When applying for eyelash extensions, the ring well that stands for a jewel is far more valuable than the glittering stone's carat weight. 

4. LBLS Lash Glue Rings Are Productive Tool

The lash glue ring has several advantages, one of which is the productivity it adds to lash artist operation. Nothing can prevent you from displaying your greatest performance in the eyelash application area with the fewest movements done at your peak speed since the adhesive is nearby.

5. LBLS Lash Glue Rings Are Disposable Product

In case you don't like to clean after the set is done, then the eyelash glue rings are a lifesaver. You can throw the lash glue holder ring right away.

LBLS Lash Glue Rings

Lash Glue Rings

LBLS Lash Glue Rings Function

LBLS eyelash glue rings keep:

  • the lash adhesive from running out
  • lengthens the time it takes for the adhesive to cure
  • maintains high lash extension application performance
  • making the process of applying eyelashes simpler

LBLS Lash Glue Rings Feature

LBLS Lash Glue Rings - A Jade Stone Enemy


  • keeps the effectiveness of eyelash extension glue
  • easy to use
  • compact
  • no need to clean up

All these features make jade stone scary for sure. 

Lash Glue Rings Material

LBLS lash extension glue rings are made of high-grade plastic, which is odourless, non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Our eyelash glue ring holder has a smooth plastic surface that is glue-resistant. 

The characteristic supports you in saving glue when using the chamber to store the lash glue. Other lower-grade plastic will stick glue, and it is super lash adhesive wasting.

We understand that any product used in the eyelash extension industry needs to meet the essential safety standards to ensure the health of the product user as well as the person who applied the product.

Therefore, you can buy LBLS products with confidence. All of our products are among the most sought-after by eyelash extension artists. They are also the most effective and safe.

Effective And Unique Design

When utilising, the lovely and exquisite look of the lash glue rings will allure you and give you a good vibe for the day. Of course, we can not deny its function in making perfect lash fans with a pointed lash base, minimum glue amount and beautiful and symmetric blossom fans.

The centre of lash glue rings has a number of tiny holes that act as a barrier against oxidation, extend the glue's shelf life, and maintain the glue's viscosity.

The outside edge's v-shaped notches may be used to remove extra adhesive from lash extension in addition to helping you shape lashes in a variety of ways. In short, it saves time and money with less waste/product build-up.

Sufficient Quantity

We offer you 100 pieces per pack of lash glue rings. We also mix it up with a heart-shaped, white-blooming glue cup + a pink-blooming glue cup in a deal if you want 300 pieces in one-time shopping.

Either small or bigger quantities, LBLS can satisfy your need at the most economical price.

Smart Glue Chamber Size

Although the lash glue rings well have a small size, it is the standard for glue amount in 20-30 minutes. With this amount and the time, your glue will always be in fresh condition. As you have to replace them periodically anyways, it facilitates your work process.

Versatile In Use

LBLS lash glue holder ring is not only an essential item for lash extension technicians but also a must for nail art, cosmetics, tattoos, etc. Every time you need a small chamber to hold the liquid to avoid it flowing out or maintain its freshness, a lash extension glue ring can become handy.

Fit To Any Finger Size

Lash Glue Rings

LBLS lash glue rings have a superior adjustable size that can fit any lash artist-size finger. You have a worry-free size matter. Simply squeeze the glue cup's ring to change the ring width so that it fits your finger width, which will enhance the productivity of your job.

You can always adjust this size whenever you feel it is tight or loose. It will not slip off. It works wonderfully.

Travel Friendly

The compact design will support you and take it along effortlessly. It is portable, lightweight, and can speed up the completion of your task even when you are a mobile lash artist.

How To Use LBLS Lash Glue Rings

Lash Glue Rings

  1. Take your favourite LBLS low fumes lash glue 
  2. Hold and put it into either side of the wells. Dual wells allow you to refresh the glue throughout your set 
  3. Next step you want to take your fan and simply slide it through the grooves. This helps remove any excess adhesive as well as makes the bases smaller so you can place it onto the natural lashes easier 

How To Store Lash Glue Rings

Eyelash extensions artists need to store eyelash glue rings in a cool, ventilated, dry place. In particular, you need to keep this product away from heat, electricity or high humidity and direct sunlight sources.

Generally speaking, eyelash artists who work with LBLS take out the amount they use daily, put it in a lidded box like an acrylic lash organiser, and then store the rest in a drawer or dry storage box.

Doing so will ensure the cleanliness of unused lash glue rings. Besides, you also avoid the unfortunate situation of all the lash glue holder ring bags falling to the ground.


The right lash tool will power any lash artist to be a superclasswomen. And lash glue rings are one of the amazing lash extension tools that can do it. It is never too late to invest in the right one. Right when you are in a lash technician's career, the proper products will shine your job path and lead you to a smooth transition in any lash artist's future milestone.

LBLS hopes that the article brings your expected value and supports you in picking the right one. If you have any questions, please leave a message or comment. We'd love to support you. 

Thank you!

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