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Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad
Silicone Lash Pad

Silicone Lash Pad

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Product Description
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We cover all the ins and outs of silicone lash pads, from how to use and clean them to where to get the most economical deal in the article. Read now.



  • Colour: Pink, Clear
  • Material: Premium Silicone
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Width: 5.5 cm

To a lot of lash artists, the pink, rectangle silicone lash pad is a big question mark when they first see it. 

Several LBLS customers ask us what it is when we first give out the sample at the beginning days of selling the silicone pad. Thanks to our customer's question, we have today's topic, silicone work pad and how it supports lash technicians in working more efficiently.

Let's buckle down and get to the main content.

How To Choose The Best Silicone Lash Pad For Lash Artists?

Silicone Lash Pad

What Is A Silicone Lash Pad?

A silicone lash pad is a sticky double-sided pad used as a small working space on the lash client's head/hands for lash artists. It is voted by the lash expert as a perfect lash tool to master the lash fanning technique and grafting lash extension.

What Is The Use Of A Silicone Lash Pad?

By keeping the lashes erect and enabling lash artists to easily pluck each lash/lash fan from the strip when grafting the eyelash extensions, these flexible, soft, and adhesive silicone lash pads can support you push up the lash speed.

In addition, it is the perfect alternative for jade stone in terms of weight, compact size, and ease of cleaning. Therefore, it is fine if you expect to put adhesive stickers on it. In the end, remember that a silicone lash pad is an ergonomic working space, so be creative.

Why Should Lash Artists Use A Silicone Lash Pad?

  • The silicone lash pad is a neat and effective tool to maintain order in your workspace.
  • The eyelash extension strip is held in place by the silicone pad so that the lash artist can easily remove each lash or lash fan from the backing tape.
  • To volume fan lashes, it supports lash artists to make the fans open easily and beautifully. If you are looking for a way to create a blossom lash fan, a silicone working pad must be in your shopping cart.
  • Without leaving any residue, you may quickly connect and detach the eyelash strip from the silicone lash pad.
  • The surface is soft and cushion-like, protecting tweezer tips. Before utilizing them, you can also set your ready-made fans on the silicone lash pad. When you do this, you will save a significant amount of time in the application process.

How To Choose A Silicone Lash Pad?

Silicone Lash Pad

Checking The Silicone Lash Pad Quality

Pinch & twist a little piece of silicone rubber to inspect. If the white hue is visible on the twisted section, the silicone lash pad is not 100% pure. This is due to the fact that pure silicone has a constant hue.

More importantly, the premium silicone lash will not degrade over time. When buying the silicon working pad, remember these characteristics to get the best out of it. 

A premium silicone pad will protect your client's health and you in the long term.

Find Your Suitable Size

There are a lot of silicone pad sizes in the market, but the typical 5.5cm*11cm is the most well-known and best-selling one. Since it is perfect for forehead position and compact to carry around, lash artists feel it is sufficient. 

Double-Check On Stickiness Degree

The best silicone lash pad will be the one that sticks to not only the human head but also to hands (skins) and even practice mannequins. Since it is utilized as a glue holder and lash extension working space, if it is too easy to be moved (keep falling) or stick too tightly, it will directly affect the lash artist application process. 

Even worse, it can cause a client a bad experience as glue can be dropped on the face or hurt their skin if it is being moved automatically. Therefore, medium stickiness is the best choice.

A tip here if you buy online is to see the video clip of the product and see how easy lash artists can remove it, and you can guess the stickiness level. 

Another super useful tip is directly ordering Promade or Handmade lash extensions which speed up lash extension speed to 30% from LBLS and asking for a silicone lash pad as a gift. Sometimes, LBLS supports lash clients to get a free sample of some products. Asking is no harm. Directly contact us, and we may have a deal. 

Don’t Choose Thin Silicone Lash Pad

As you are aware, a thin silicone working pad will risk tweezers poking the client's skin. So, we recommend you buy one at least 2 mm in thickness for the safety requirement.

Pick Up The Best Silicon Pad Colour

Silicone Lash Pad

In the market right now, clear and pink silicone lash pads are the dominant colour thanks to their wonderful contrasting features. 

Pink is the beloved and favourite child of any beauty salon. That is the reason it overcomes other competitors to turn it into the topmost-wanted lash pad colour.  

Don’t Fall For Low-Quality, Un-Branded Silicone Lash Pad

There are many prices for silicone lash pads. However, you need to remember that although this is a product that does not take a lot of money to invest in, there are still low-quality products.

Those products are often made from poor-quality silicone, which is toxic to users.

You can spot them easily because they will lose their stickiness in a short time. Right at the second use, you can not feel its stickiness. Some counterfeit products lose the anti-static the first time you use too. Consequently, lash artists have to put the double-sided tape to make sure they don't move.

Therefore, avoid falling into the trap of cheap products. If the product price is lower than often compared to the available market price, raise your awareness. We are the manufacturers and suppliers. In our business, we only offer a better price if the order is large. That is how the market works. 

If the retail price is too low, no enterprises can afford to exist in the long run.

So, always stay alert. Choose a brand you feel confident investing your money in! Ask questions if you have any. 

A good product may cost more, but it provides peace of mind and safety in the long term and makes your eyelash extension life more pleasant!

Lash extensions application is a challenging job. Eyelash accessories are supposed to support your job, not make you tired. Hence, choosing the premium silicone lash pad quality is a smart choice.

LBLS Silicone Lash Pad Features

Silicone Lash Pad


LBLS silicone lash pad features premium characteristics that you find nowhere!


  • Colour: Pink
  • Material: Premium Silicone
  • Length: 11 cm
  • Width: 5.5 cm

Perfect Working Space

Even if they are Handmade or Promade lashes, the anti-static feature of LBLS premium silicone lash pad, which facilitates eyelash stand-up, holds your eyelashes at a precise angle and prevents them from moving or falling out. It delivers a greater experience when lash artists select and pick up those lashes. That is the reason these types of silicone lash pads dominate the lash working platform industry. 

Furthermore, you can also use it as a glue container. The adhesive on the silicone lash pad will stay fresher longer since it is not impacted by temperature, especially in typical conditions.

Improve Lash Application Efficiency

In fact, when all the lash strands or lash fans are erect, lash artists can pick it up quickly. Picture it like you have an assistant to hold the lashes straightly ready for you. As a result, your lash speed and performance will increase quickly.

Premium Material

Silicone Lash Pad

LBLS silicone lash pad is made of premium silicone. 

We choose high-grade silicone to make these lash pads, which are specialised for lash artists, to make sure every one of you owns a quality and safe working pad. 

Besides, the silicone lash pad does not lose its elasticity and even the stickiness degree even after you clean it.

No Residual

The problem with sticky lash strips is they usually leave a messy residual after you remove them. But, no worry, you will not encounter a similar situation when you have the LBLS silicone lash pad. 

It leaves a clean surface and does not cause discomfort for your lash clients. Even better, you can clean the leftover stuff with just one wipe.

Medium Thickness

LBLS designs our silicone lash pad with a medium thickness which can be neither too thin nor too thick. 

We already double-check with lash experts in the industry to produce the optimum thickness. The client’s skin is protected. We tested with the most pointed tweezers like L-tweezers and all the isolations and fanning tweezers to ensure tweezers tips can not poke through our silicone lash pad

Besides, the thickness is just enough that it does not make our client feel heavy or unpleasant. It is quite lightweight, about 30g only. Your client will feel comfortable when they wear it on their heads.

No Easy To Deform

Lash techs can feel the sturdy structure of the LBLS silicone lash pad right when you hold it in your hand. 

The product is low thermal and chemical reactivity. It is also weather-resistant. Even better, our silicone lash pad withstands large temperature swings without melting, breaking, or experiencing any other degradation.

Put any lash strips or lash fans on our product and test its feature to stick them without dropping, even if you shake your hands. You will love it.

Time And Money Saving

LBLS  silicone lash pad is a reusable product. After washing, you can reuse it at least 15 times. Some of our new lash artists even use it to practice the fanning technique for about a month, but the silicone lash pad still works.

Compared with the disposal working platform products, the silicone lash pad is pretty environmentally friendly.

Travel Size

Silicone Lash Pad

With 11 cm in length and 5.5 cm in width, and about 1.12 ounces make up the weight of the silicone lash pad, lash artists can put LBLS  silicone lash pad in any lash bag. It does not take up much of your space.

In fact, it is just bigger than the under-eyelash pad. If you are a mobile lash artist, this product is your life-saver. You don’t have to bring a jade stone or other heavy tools to have a convenient lash working space. The silicone lash pad can complete both jobs of being lash extensions home and lash glue holder.

Trendy Colour

LBLS offers lash artists in a trendy colours: pink. It has the optimum contrast so that you can observe and work more easily. 

More importantly, these colours can match any of your lash room themes. 

Best For Lash Training Or Master Fanning Technique

If you are a lash extension trainee, the LBLS silicone lash pad is the perfect tool for learning how to create a fan and how to make it blossom symmetrically.

The price of the silicone lash pad is super economical. It can be reusable many times. Therefore, when you haven’t made any income, you can use this lash pad to hone your fanning skills. 

To lash trainers, the product can support your lash students to practise and feel encouraged when they can follow up with the fanning technique. 

For a lot of people, making lashes fans is pretty frustrating. However, your career future is still open when you have the right tool. 

Fanning is the route every lash artist must go through. You can still create many beautiful lash sets even when your fanning technique has yet to reach the highest level.

Versatile In Use

Even though the silicone lash pad is made to serve as a lash working platform, our creative lash artists sometimes apply it as the under-eye patch to secure the lower eyelash. 

As it does not leave any sticky residue and is easy to clean, some artists who work in the beauty section, like estheticians, also like to have it in their beauty bag. 

Best Idea Gift For Lash Artists

Silicone lash pad is an affordable product that offers immense benefits. In fact, this product has been used by eyelash extension experts for a long time. Nevertheless, new eyelash extension artists have yet to learn much about it.

So, if you are looking for a gift to give to a lash-artist-to-be or beauty artist, the product is perfect.

How Can Lash Artists Apply LBLS Silicone Lash Pad?

How Can Lash Artists Apply LBLS Silicone Lash Pad?

Here is a detailed guideline on how to use a silicone lash pad

  • First, peel off both sheets to open up the sticky surface.
  • Then, you place it on the forehead of your client to serve as an eyelash pad.
  • After that, you put your lash strip on it. The pad won't slide or shift. Hence, you can concentrate on lashing.
  • Add an eyelash extension adhesive aluminium to the silicone lash pad if you want to turn it into a glue pallet. 

By putting lash glue and eyelash extensions’s strip in the same place, lash artists can complete the eyelash extension preparation and go live quickly.

How To Clean LBLS Silicone Lash Pad?

How To Clean LBLS Silicone Lash Pad?

What You Need

  • Detergent/soap
  • Warm water
  • Non-abrasive sponge/scrubber/toothbrush/damp cloth.

How To Do

Rinse your silicone lash pad with the scrubber in soap-warm water. After a quick rinse with water, it is completely clean and reusable. Simply wash with running water & properly dry by air before using.

How To Preserve LBLS Silicone Lash Pad?

To preserve the silicone working pad, you need to: 

  • Clean it regularly.
  • Put the film layer back after you clean and dry it. 
  • Place it in the dry and cool position.

How Do You Keep LBLS Silicone Lash Pad Sticky?

To make your silicone lash pad sticky again, just follow our cleaning tips shared by water and tailor-made cleaning solutions. Then, let it dry naturally or use a lash fan to push up the dry speed.

In addition, the silicone working pad must also be prevented from dust and dirt to maintain its stickiness. We advise keeping it in the included resealable bag when not in use.


Silicone Lash Pad

A silicone lash pad is a perfect working space solution for any lash artist. Its flexible and soft features will bring an even more wonderful experience to the artist's client. 

Lash artists can push the lash speed faster thanks to the nonmagnetic and contrasting surface. With its ease of cleaning and reusable function, you have a chance to own the most saving and affordable silicone work pad. Invest it and open a brand-new page in your career.

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