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Loose Fan Promade 7D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 7D Lashes Extension | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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7d lashes are the most striking and seductive volume lashes available that can bring more clients and revenue for lash artists. Tips for doing here!


Key points:

9 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 7mm to 18mm (one size per box)
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity

          Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

          Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.05 and 0.07
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

Sparse lashes will be improved with 7d lashes with 7 lash strands on one lash base. Combined with popular lash curvatures like CC, C and D, you can turn normal eyelashes into the most trendy and beautiful lashes. 

7d lashes extensions are also popular sizes for monolid eyes or Asian eyes. Check out all the tips to complete the best 7d volume lashes here.

Without further ado, let's delve into it.

What Are 7D Lashes?

What Are 7D Lashes?

7d lashes are extensions made from 7 separate lashes linked together by the lash root. When put on natural lashes, it gives the illusion of extra volume and fullness. 

7d lashes extensions are ideal for those who don't have several natural eyelashes. 7d lash extensions fans are also utilized to speed up application for lash artists.

How To Create Volume 7D Lashes?

There are some volume fan-making methods. However, in the frame of this article, LBLS wants to share with you the simple yet common method to create 7d volume lashes fans: the shimmy method.

Step 1

Identify the sweet spot of your lash tweezers. You are going to grab your lashes at the sweet spot of your tweezer. 

Step 2

You are going shimmy through, moving back and forth left and right. You are not going to completely grab the lashes. You go right in the middle, not at the tip, not at the base so that you can grab all the lashes while keeping them in an exact spot because you want them to fan out. 

You want to have enough pressure that manipulates the lashes but not enough pressure where you are pulling it off the strip. You want that base to remain on the strip, and you are just going to shimmy it off. 

Once you get the ideal spacing of your lashes, basically, how wide or narrow you want your fan to be, then you are going to grab your lashes gently and pull them forward. 

Please don't put them to the left. Please don't put them to the right. You are going to mess up your fan. 

You are going to pull them forward, and again make sure you are using the sweet spot of your tweezer and you have a nice little fan. If you don't find and use the tweezer sweet pot, you're going to end up with half of the lashes of the fans, and it is not going to be a fan anymore. 

Step 3

You are going to dip the fan right into the Lash glue. You may or may not get a thin base when you do it. 

Sometimes, it just does its work by itself, and you have a nice little base. But other times, you want to ensure you get the thinnest space possible. 

You are going to dip your fan into the glue ring, and you are going to swipe it slightly on the edge of your glue ring. That way, you are actually shifting the base of the lashes instead of being flat side by side, creating a wide base, it's going to stack on top of each other, then create a nice narrow base. 

So that is how you are going to do the 7d lashes fan, and you want to make sure you have enough glue on the base of the lash so that we can slightly manipulate it and give it a second to dry. 

You want a lash base that is nice and round and thin so that way you can nicely place the extension on a natural lash without it being super wide.

Step 4

Repeat as often as you want to practice or make enough numbers to serve for a lash set.

How To Consult And Perform 7d Lashes Extensions Application?

7d lashes

7D Lashes Extensions Consulting Process

Step 1

Ask about your client's expectations.

Step 2

Evaluate your client's eye structure and condition to see whether or not your client is eligible to wear lash extensions.

Step 3

Consult them on the optimal option for their situation. The lash style, the length, diameter, etc., everything that, with your experience, you think is the best for them.

Step 4

Sign the common agreement

7D Lash Extensions Application Process

Step 1 

Clean the lashes and under-eye area.

Step 2

Put on an under eye patch.

Step 3

Apply lash primer if you see it is needed.

Step 4

Create 7d volume lashes fans or directly use Promade 7d lashes fan

Step 5

Dip 7d eyelash extensions fan into lash adhesive and place it on your client's natural lashes.

Step 6

Repeat the 4 and 5 steps until the lash set is done.

Step 7

Use the lash mirror to check all the angle

Step 8

Double-check again, and you complete the lash set.

How Long Do 7D Volume Lashes Take?

1 - 2 hours. Because of the 7d lashes application's complexity, expert labour is required to ensure that the intended result is achieved. As a result, this procedure should take roughly 1.5 or even 2 hours. 

However, this also is contingent on the lash density your client desires.

What Are The Best 7D Eyelash Extensions Lengths For Extensions?

7mm to 15mm. However, it almost depends on your lash style set. You can mix the length or use it throughout the whole set.

Eyelash extension artists will need to measure the client's actual eyelash length. After that, you can apply the rule of thumb about the appropriate eyelash extension length: the extensions should not be longer than 3mm longer than the natural lashes. From there, you will get the right lash length for your eyelash extension clients!

Some examples that you might find helpful!

- For customers using eyelash extensions for the first time, 1mm longer than their natural lash length is the diameter that best suits their eyes to ensure they have a beautiful 7d lash set.

- For customers who are used to wearing eyelash extensions, 2mm to 3mm longer than the real lash length is suitable.

Eyelash extension artists also need to be especially aware that if the client wears glasses regularly, you will need to choose a shorter extension length, from 1mm to 2mm longer, and then natural lashes will be a safer choice. Because if you choose 3mm, there is a high chance that the eyelash extensions will touch the glasses causing inconvenience to your customers!

What Is The Best Volume 7d Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

7d Lashes 0.05 thickness

0.05 and 0.07 are the best 7d lashes diameter for extensions. They are also considered the safest diameter.

7d Lashes 0.07 thickness

0.05mm thinner than 0.07. This will be the safest diameter for customers with thin natural lashes. If customers have naturally thick and strong eyelashes, 0.07 is the number 1 choice to have beautiful, bolder, and attractive 7d lashes.

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 7D Lashes Extensions?

  • 7d lashes give customers with more scarce natural lashes the option of a fuller appearance.
  • Customers who desire lovely eyes can use 7d volume lashes to create accents for their faces.
  • 7d eyelash extensions fans are used when clients wish to increase the curve of their natural eyelashes.

In addition, to produce a pair of more textured lashes while still being full, 7d lashes extensions may be combined with classics.

LBLS 7D Lashes

LBLS 7D Lashes

LBLS 7D Lashes Benefits

  • Due to the thickness of 7d lashes fans being extremely thin, they do not result in bulky, heavy eyes.
  • Faux mink 7d lashes extensions are safe, soft lashes. They have superior catch glue ability.
  • 7d eyelash extensions fans are enclosed in a plastic container with distinct parameters.
  • The top of each 7d lash extension fan is distributed uniformly, and the legs are bundled together by trained artisans.
  • The 7d volume lashes fans are portable, practical, and simple to transport.
  • Each 7d eyelash extensions package contains over 1000 fans for long-term usage.

By including 7d eyelash extensions in your service offering, you may expand the range of the services you offer and further tailor each lash set to a specific customer while also charging extra for a time-consuming, intense luxury eyelash service. This enables 7d volume lashes, a particularly fantastic choice for protracted customers who have largely gotten classic sets and are eager to step up their everyday appearance!

LBLS 7D Lashes Features

LBLS 7D Lashes Features

Meticulous Masterpiece

Nonetheless, each fan is entirely manufactured by expert workers. From there, LBLS 7d lashes ensure that every detail is refined and crisp. We produce and supply extensively in both domestic and international markets. Each 7d lashes fan box adheres to the following premium quality standards.

Immediately Enhance Client's Lash Look

It adds thick, expressive lashes without making the eyes look heavy. 

Because of its extremely lightweight, thin, and safe natural eyelashes, the 7d eyelash extensions fan comforts your customers. They will not feel entangled or heavy but just feel more beautiful!

Fix Limitation Of The Eyes

7d lashes fans enhance sad eyes, straight lashes, and a face devoid of highlights.

With eyelash extension customers coming to you, they not only expect the services of eyelash extensions artists to help them have thicker and more attractive eyelashes. The biggest wish of your customers is that you can help them overcome their eyes' weaknesses, making them bigger, clearer and brighter.

LBLS Promade 7d lashes extensions fan can do it. With safe weights and diameters suitable for thin lashes, eyelash extension artists come in just enough lengths to be able to correct imperfections in a client's eyes, like sad eyes and lashes. Straight, etc.

Save Money And Energy For Lash Artist

When opposed to making new fans, applying 7d lashes saves time.

As you can see, the process of creating a 7d lashes fan is not something you can master in a short time. This technique needs to be practised for a long time and continuously.

Sometimes, a 7d eyelash extensions fan can be out of balance with just a small wrong move. Therefore, using the Promade 7d lash extensions fan is an optimal method chosen by eyelash extension artists.

They help speed up the process of eyelash extensions. The process of eyelash extensions artists can be 30-50% faster than creating lash fans and eyelash extensions yourself.

In the long run, the Promade 7d volume lashes fan is also the perfect choice in methods to support eyelash extensions artists to protect their health. It improves the quality of attractiveness and productivity.

Everyone's Choice

7d lashes

LBLS Promade 7d lashes fan is appropriate for everyone, including learners, beginners, apprentices, and professionals.

Indeed, even if you are a new eyelash extension artist, you can still complete a set of 7d lashes without taking an extra class on creating a 7d lashes fan. The technique of applying volume or mega eyelashes will have similar points. When you know one of these techniques, you have a perfect chance to apply 7d eyelash extensions.

As a veteran eyelash extension artist, it won't be too difficult to feel the high end of Promade 7d lashes fan from LBLS. You will love Promade 7d eyelash extensions because they make your back more comfortable while still providing enhanced services to your clients.

7D Lashes Better Than Classic Lash

Customers of 7d lash extensions often have better retention than those of classic ones. This is due to the fact that a fan's many lashes wrap around the real lash to increase the bonded surface area.

Perfect Lash Fans

The LBLS 7d lashes fan fulfils every eyelash artist's requirement for a standard lash fan.

  • Small, thin, rounded and pointed lash base.
  • Symmetric lashes.
  • Standard glue amount.
  • Durable lash bonding.
  • No residual left.
  • Durable curl.
  • Consistent quality.

High-Grade Korean PBT

To be able to maintain the quality of the 7d lashes extensions fan, LBLS imports the highest quality material for eyelash extensions, Korean PBT.

You can rest assured that the 7d lashes extension fans you hold in your hand are a safe product for you and your customers. They protect health when used long-term thanks to their ability to not react with products, chemicals used in the process of eyelash extensions, and even cleaning products.

The eyelash extensions also become more durable than other materials thanks to the excellent absorbing adhesive ability. Your customers will not suffer from allergic reactions such as red, itchy or itchy eyes because this is the most benign material for eyelash extensions.

How To Use 7D Lashes

Each 7d lashes fan box has a one-year shelf life. You can stock them up without worrying that they will lose their perfect quality in 365 days.

Besides, lash artists should use a flower glue holder or glue ring to control the glue amount better when applying for 7d lashes extensions.

You can arrange 7d lash extensions fans orderly (if you buy loose lash fans) on a silicone lash pad to save time and apply them faster. If you want all 7D lashes are set up, don’t hesitate to go ahead to 7D Ultra Speed. It is the premium set-up version that LBLS provides. All lash experts have it.

How To Storage 7D Lashes

  • Always secure the box's lid when not being used to prevent falling and dust infiltration.
  • Avoid placing 7d lashes fans next to hot spots like a fire or a window that is exposed to direct sunlight.


In essence, every lash artist's most "difficult" task is making a lash fan. Yet, if you utilize 7d lashes, these challenges will be easily addressed. 

LBLS has more than 10 years in the lash extension business. We are honoured to partner with thousands of lash technicians in Australia and over the world. 

Our Promade 7d lashes extensions have been one of the best-selling products over the years. It is always on top of lash artists' favourited thanks to its convenience, consistency, quality fans and outstanding durability.

Using Promade 7d lash extensions is the optimal investment for you and your lash brand in the long run. Don't wait any minutes to surprise your lash clients with your amazing service from premium quality lash fans. We'd love to have a chance to serve you!

Thank you.

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