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Eyelash Extension Primer (15ml)

Eyelash Extension Primer (15ml)

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Product Description
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Choosing the right and using properly eyelash extension primer is one of the best ways you can enhance lash retention. Check out the updated tips here.



  • Ingredients: Water, PVP, polyacrylate, ethanol, fragrance 
  • Size: 15ml
  • Colour: Clear
  • Features: No irritation, durable bonding, and safe for natural lashes

    Eyelash extension primer becomes dominant in the lash extension industry when it supports the longer lash retention for any lash style. But why doesn't it only work with some lash artists? 

    In the article, we will go through all the features of a lash extension primer, the proper way to use it and the tips you can choose the best-suited lash primer for your lash salon.

    Without further ado, let's dig into it now!

      Eyelash Extension Primer - Provide A Better Lash Retention 

      What Is An Eyelash Extension Primer?

      Eyelash extension primer is a liquid primer for clients' natural lashes. It transfers natural lashes into easy-to-absorb glue and attaches strongly to eyelash extensions. 

      But removing any makeup residue or natural oil from the natural lashes aside, the most important use of lash primer is to adjust their pH level. It facilitates the environment for the glue to get better bonding. As a result, it leads to longer retention.

      A small note: Never use lash extension primer on any lash extensions; only use it on the client's natural lashes.

      Eyelash Extension Primer Feature

      To Enable Better Lash Binding And Longer Durability, Take Off Any Skincare Products, Oil, And Makeup

      The first feature that must be mentioned when talking about eyelash extension primers is their standard cleaning ability.

      Just as facial cleansers can't completely clean dirt, especially "fastidious" skin like oily skin, eyelashes with a lot of oil are in the same situation. 

      A regular eyelash bath does not remove all remaining dirt on the eyelashes. At this point, when you apply eyelash extension primer, all residual cleaners (if any) and residual dirt will be completely removed, leaving a standard lash surface that is easy to absorb the eyelash extension glue.

      Very Effective For Customers Who Have Oily Skin

      For customers with oily skin, eyelash extension primer is a must-have product if you want your eyelash extensions bonding to become stronger. If you have eyelash extension clients who have oily skin, try the lash primer sets and the lash primer-less eyelash extension sets, and you'll immediately see the difference. So how do you know when you should use a lash primer or not?

      In fact, you'll need to check what skin type your client has before proceeding with any product. When your client comes to the consultation, observe or use blotting sheets to identify. You can see details on determining if your client has oily, dry, or combination skin, etc., in the article on how to choose an eye gel pad. You can refer to how to do the same!

      Many opinions say dry skin and dry eyelashes should not use eyelash extension primers. However, you need to base it on the actual condition of the customer's eyelashes to decide. Observation needs to be based on work experience to be successful. On the contrary, apply the principle, clearly identify the customer's skin condition and follow the instructions for product use.

      Make The Eyelashes Less Slippery

      When the natural lashes are clean, the surface becomes less slippery, facilitating quicker adhesion. This is also the most important feature of eyelash extension primers.

      For customers with oily skin, this feature of eyelash extension primer is a favourite of eyelash extension artists.

      You can imagine, just like your skin, when you don't use toner, it's hard for your skin to absorb all the nutrients from the lotion. But when there is a toner, the facial skin is balanced with moisture, and cleaner, preparing the skin to be ready to absorb the nutrients of the lotion. Likewise, when the natural lash surface is applied with lash primer, that surface achieves the best balance in terms of cleanliness and as a surface ready to absorb the eyelash extension glue. From there, the eyelash extension glue from the eyelash extensions will stick more tightly to the natural eyelashes. This joint also becomes stronger than if you just wash your lashes normally.

      Quicker Customer Turnover Results From Shorter Application Times

      If the client's natural lashes are not in the best balance before applying for the extensions, the lash joints will become loose and break easily.

      This situation can happen right when you apply for eyelash extensions. As a result, you must spend a lot of time adjusting and grafting. The time to complete a normal eyelash extension set is also longer because you must repeatedly repeat the attaching process in unsuccessful lash extension joints.

      That's not even taking into account the waste of eyelash extension glue due to the repetition of extensions. Therefore, the appearance of lash extension primer will assist eyelash extension artists in completing eyelash extensions on time. You will minimize the chances of broken lash connections! 

      More importantly, the time to apply eyelash extensions is shortened if you follow the standard eyelash extension process and use high-quality eyelash extension glues that absorb the glue well.

      Customers will be satisfied when you're in control of your lash extension time, faster application speeds (lash speed), and still great overall results. You will have more customers coming back to your eyelash extensions salon!

      The cuticles of the natural lashes are primed by this special solution, resulting in a stronger adherence and quicker attachment.

      Who Makes The Ideal Lash Extension Primer Client?

      People with oily hair or skin are ideal customers for eyelash extension primers.

      Clients with dry eyes or dry skin should avoid using lash extension primer on their lashes since it affects the way glue adheres to the lashes during the following lash extensions because it regulates the pH degrees and cuticle's oil. It makes their natural lashes dry out more.

      We advise against using primers if a customer has weak eyelashes since those eyelashes might not be capable of withstanding the substances. Thus, using a saline solution is preferable to ensure that the natural lashes are clean.

      How To Use Eyelash Extension Primer

      Please ensure that your customer is not wearing any makeup or doesn't have any makeup on their eyes before applying eyelash extension primer. You should do a lash bath first. 

      Once again, we'd like to impress again that you should only use lash primer on natural lash, not on lash extension. Lash primer is a pre-treatment step. 

      1. Open Your Lash Primer. 

      Then, apply a small quantity to your holder or card. Let's take the size of a grain of rice as a quantity measure standard "a little" we are talking about. 

      2. Prepare Two Micro Applicators And Apply Lash Primer

      Use the 1st one to take up eyelash extension primer. Let the second one in place. 

      After that, you should apply the dragging motion technique to spread lash primer to the natural lashes, being sure to clean each one fully. Never fear if you unintentionally apply too much! You may wipe away any obvious leftover lash primer with a tissue.

      3. Wait Until The Natural Lashes Dry.

      Eyelash extensions should only be applied when the natural lashes are totally dry. Before applying eyelash extensions, give the client's natural lashes time to dry with the primer.

      The skin may get dry and experience a minor burning sensation when even a little dot of lash primer comes into contact with it. That is the reason you should be rigorous and careful.

      Apply eyelash primer properly, following the above mentioned techniques, and take care to prevent skin irritation. 

      Lash Shampoo/Cleanser Cannot Be Used In Place Of Eyelash Extension Primer

      There are many misconceptions that you can skip the lash bath step because eyelash extension primer is also used to remove makeup residue and dirt. The truth is primer is the product to be used after regular cleaning products.

      This product is added to the pre-lash extension preparation for oily skin to create a surface that is easier to absorb and adhere to the extension. Because oily skin is difficult to clean according to normal cleaning steps completely, so for oily skin, just follow the procedure: lash bath -> lash primer -> grafting lash!

      How To Store Eyelash Extension Primer

      Like other products, you must store eyelash extension primer in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Please keep them in airtight storage containers. In addition, adding one piece/pack of silica to the same storage area will also help remove moisture if they accidentally get in.

      Tips To Choose Eyelash Extension Primer

      There are several eyelash extension primers available for you to choose from. In fact, it is a bit confusing and overwhelming when everyone says they are the best, right?

      Picking up a decent lash primer is nearly as challenging as selecting a good lash adhesive. So, where can lash artists locate a good eyelash extension primer? There have been two ways you might focus your search so you can find your Mr Right more quickly.

      1. Speak With A Teacher/Instructor Or Your Lash Peer

      Your professors/trainers/instructors or your lash peers are frequently knowledgeable and have opinions on the best eyelash extension primer to use. Therefore, don't hesitate to raise your hands and ask for their opinions. They will be glad to do so.

      2. Ask Your Questions On Lash Extension Group

      Refer to eyelash extension groups where you can also ask questions about eyelash extension primer. Don't just stop at where you live. Expand your interest groups to different countries. Then, if you listen to a brand many times, it shows the extension of the brand and guarantees the safety and credibility of that brand.

      However, remember that just because a brand is active in one region does not mean they are not good. You will need to consult more information such as price, feedback from previous buyers, and the ability to quickly respond to sales from the seller and their after-sales service.

      We advise choosing products that support safe treatment and healthy lashes at all times.

      3. Establish A Budget

      Eyelash primers come in a range of pricing, much as other products. Decide on your spending limit so that you may search accordingly. 

      Use an internet search to compare costs and user reviews before making a decision. Most lash extension websites also provide both online and offline customer service. You can voice your opinions and request assistance from customer care. You may also ask for assistance from a salesperson at your neighbourhood department or cosmetic shop.

      4. Your Trusted Lash Extension Brand

      Check whether a company you know and trust offers to lash extension primer.

      5. LBLS

      Why should you choose an eyelash extension primer from LBLS? Because we can try our best to reach out to you, we will try our best to show gratitude to our eyelash extension primer.

      Extra Tips For Loyal Reader

      Thank you for being patient and reading these last lines. Here are some bonus tips for you.

      You may now have a general understanding of the definition of eyelash extension primer & how it functions. To ensure that your client's lashes look beautiful, use these additional tips:

      At least once every 3 months, discard your primer. Doing so may maintain the product's freshness and ensure that the tube is free of microorganisms.

      The wand doesn't need to be pumped and pulled out of the bottle. The proper quantity of lash extension primer will be available with only a single pull-out, preventing the chance of air & germs entering the container.

      It is extremely harmful if the lash extension primer goes into your eyes. Please apply for eyelash extensions once the adhesive primer is completely dried.

      Wrap It Up

      Using the right eyelash extension primer will take the work of eyelash extension artists to a new level. LBLS uses the highest quality ingredients to create our Premium Lash Primer.

      With over ten years of experience working in the eyelash extension industry, hand-crafting different eyelash styles and conducting product manufacturing for the eyelash extension industry, we are confident to bring you the highest quality lash primer that meets your needs. 

      Make your customers even more satisfied with your service by adding one product to your natural lash-cleansing routine. Lash Primer will make a useful difference to the service you provide!

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