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LBLS Professional Eyelash Scissors

LBLS Professional Eyelash Scissors

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The eyelash scissors are the go-to scissors for any lash artist. Look no further! Click now to learn more about its features. You won't ever be let down!



  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Black, Rose Gold, Silver and Rainbow
  • Item Weight: 30 Grams
  • Length: 9 cm

Well, you probably didn't know eyelash scissors existed. Well, that's right, lash scissors are a product that does exist. They are made specifically for the eyelash extension industry.

In this article, LBLS will introduce you to the must-have features of an eyelash extension artist's scissors, how you can tell if it's right for you, and tips for keeping your scissors in shape. Scissors are for cutting but also help eyelash artists do many other things. Let's see what they are!

Eyelash Scissors - Literally Worth Every Penny Of Lash Artist

lash scissors

What Are Eyelash Scissors?

Eyelash scissors are an eyelash tool that is specifically designed for the beauty industry. 

What Do Eyelash Scissors Used For?

Artists use lash scissors to cut tapes and trim eyebrows or eyelashes. Unlike normal scissors, these types of scissors are simple to apply and put little strain on the artist's hands. The cut design and press give the highest degree of accuracy. Using a specialized product will bring you special conveniences than ordinary scissors on the market.

The hands of eyelash extensions artists or artists working in the beauty industry are precious and sensitive, so using specially designed tools will help them get the job done in a better way. At the same time, the hands and health of the artisans are protected in the long run.

What Is Eyelash Scissors Material?

There are two most common types of lash scissors on the market today. That's titanium and stainless steel.

After deciding on the type of scissors you want to buy, the feel of the product should be your priority. This includes how the scissors feel throughout your body, not only in your hand. The incorrect scissors can cause tendonitis, CTS, bursitis, as well as various arm, hands, neck, shoulder and back issues. 

The ideal scissors may solve or perhaps avoid these issues. Balance, length, weight, and handle are the characteristics you should look for when choosing an excellent scissor.

How To Choose Eyelash Scissors 

lash scissor black

In order to reduce hand fatigue and the risk of acquiring repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, your eyelash scissors must always feel completely comfortable when you hold them in your hand. Besides, some tips help you choose the best for your preference.

Know Your Budget For Eyelash Scissors 

The cost must be taken into account first. You know, in a sense, you pay bananas, you get monkeys. If you treat them properly, good eyelash scissors may last an extremely long time, perhaps a lifetime. 

Therefore, you should anticipate that their price at the store would be high. This does not necessarily imply the most costly lash scissors you see are the best pair. The best one must be the best suited for your situation. 

At LBLS, we strive to provide the highest-quality lash scissors at the lowest possible cost.

Eyelash Scissors Comforness

Another critical factor is comfort. Ergonomic scissors will be the ideal choice for you. In order to prevent pain from repetitive cutting motions, they will offer the perfect mix between unmatched cutting capacity and user comfort. The best scissors for delicate work will include a screw mechanism that makes it simple to set the right tension and cut with ease.

Eyelash Scissors Sharp Features

Good lash scissors will have a razor-sharp edge. They will offer a clean cut through whatever material the maker claims they are suited for, including lash tapes, false eyelashes, and eyebrows. The highest-grade eyelash scissors will completely feature rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless or tempered steel blades.

Dedicated Eyelash Scissors 

Anybody must buy the right tool for the job, not just lash artists or estheticians. You require lash scissors if you are a lash artist, a pair of hair scissors if you are a hairdresser, etc. Using the right product for the job will help you get the job done better and won't cause stress or injury from using the wrong tool. Each type of scissors will have different functions. That's what the manufacturers create them for!

Best Screw System

Many users love the adjustable screw because they can manually spin the little screw to tighten or release the tension as needed. By fully expanding the scissors but then letting one blade fall naturally towards totally closed, you may determine the proper tension for your scissors. It should come to a smooth stop at the 10 o'clock position when the strain is just right.

Eyelash Scissors Weight

A huge variety of types are available, and one thing that sets them apart is weight. Some users love a heavy pair of scissors, while others choose a lighter pair. Be mindful of your preferences and check whether the scissor's weight is comfortable and if you feel in control up until the point of the blade.

What Size Lash Scissors Will Suit You?

A scissor's length is determined by measuring it from the blade's tip to a finger hole. Place your eyelash scissors on the hand's palm. Then adjust it. Let's put the scissors finger hole hitting the thumb's base and the blade's tip at the final portion of the middle finger to determine your optimal size.

What Kind Of Handle For Lash Scissors Is Ideal?

As you can see, the eyelash scissors handle usually is an even or level handle, not the offset handle. It is symmetrical and optimal for a lash artist since it is better suited for intricate work than the asymmetrical handle.

Why Does Holding A Lash Scissor Feel Balanced?

In your hands, an eyelash scissor should feel balanced. This implies that when using the lash scissors to cut, neither the scissor handle nor the scissor blade shouldn't feel overly heavy. Your precious hand will soon tire if it feels like you are straining to keep the blade tip square with the identified cutting surface.

LBLS Eyelash Scissors Features

 lash scissor rainbow

For now, allow LBLS to advertise a bit about LBLS eyelash scissors.

Our scissors are made of stainless steel for a long service life provided you always follow the instructions for use, cleaning and care instructions included.

Our eyelash scissors are made specifically for artists in the beauty industry with meticulous work such as cutting eyelash extensions, trimming false eyelashes or trimming eyebrows. With that in mind, we strike the right balance that's easy to use and comfortable for any artist to use over long periods of time.

Weighing in at just 30 grams, six times lighter than your phone, you can control the scissors designed specifically for your meticulous work with ease.

In addition, with the smart screw system, LBLS is also aiming for flexible scissors, allowing eyelash extension artists and beauty artists to adjust the balance to suit the hand distance, whether you have short or wide hand length!

What's more, the sharp blade can also assist you in cutting everything you want in just one cut.

Last but not least, we have up to 4 trendy scissors colours for you to choose from: black, rose gold, silver, and rainbow. Choose a colour that matches the overall tone of your salon so that each tool you choose can best blend in with the entire space where you work.


Does Cutting Aluminium Foil Make Lash Scissors More Cutting-Edge?

The quick answer is that aluminium foil won't sharpen the eyelash scissors. However, it will clean the scissors blades and take small burs off the sharp end, which will enhance its performance.

Which One Is Better? Titanium Lash Scissors Or Stainless Lash Scissors?

Essentially, titanium scissors are the best in terms of sharpness, cutting ability, and quality. Due to titanium's higher molecular strength than steel, even a blade with a smaller kerf may maintain its form better than scissors made of steel, allowing for significantly sharper lash scissor blades. So titanium eyelash scissors can be sharper and stronger than lash scissors made of steel.

However, stainless steel eyelash scissors will be more affordable for eyelash extensions artists or artists working in the beauty industry. Like lash tweezers, investing in products made from titanium is extremely expensive. Although they are of good quality, they also require twice as much care as products made from stainless steel. 

We recommend investing in both types when conditions permit. However, if you do not want to spend much money on scissors, choosing to use stainless steel eyelash scissors is extremely reasonable. You need to pay attention to cleaning and storing them properly, and their shelf life will also be extremely long.

Are Eyelash Scissors Made Of Stainless Steel Decent?

Since stainless steel does not rust quickly and can maintain its edge, it will last a lot longer than materials of lower grade.

In general, stainless steel lash scissors are extremely popular because of their reasonable price and long shelf life. Investing in a pair of stainless steel scissors is an optimal choice to cut tape, eyelashes, or trim eyebrows.

How Frequently Do Eyelash Scissors Need To Be Sharpened?

LBLS Professional Eyelash Scissors

This totally depends on how frequently people use them, the sort of cutting you perform, how you take care of them, and the kind of blade you're using. In general, scissors need to be maintained at least once a year. However, many individuals get theirs looked at every three to six months.

Pay close attention to who sharpens the scissors. To sharpen the blades, you need specialised expertise and tools. Since many sharpeners lack both, you can receive scissors that are significantly altered from their initial condition.

What Kind Of Regular Upkeep Should I Perform To Keep My Lash Scissors Durable?

Since eyelash scissors are precision instruments, they should be cleaned and oiled often, ideally daily. Instead of lubricating them with clipper oil, use a dedicated scissor oil, & if at all feasible, store them in a dedicated leather pouch.


Using eyelash extension scissors like eyelash scissors will make your work easier for the artist. 

In addition to the features mentioned above, this tool can support you in other side jobs in the beauty industry. That's why eyelash scissors have become indispensable in the beauty industry. Sharp, intact cuts will support your work to the fullest.

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