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LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover

LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover

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Product Description
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Searching for the best and most economical eyelash extension remover? We have got you covered. Delve into the content now to get what you desire!



  • Ingredients: 1, 2 Propanediol cyclic carbonate, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Dihydrogen oxide, L-tryptophan, Spearmint oil
  • Scent: Peach flavour
  • Net weight: 15g
  • Skin Type: Sensitive
  • Unloading glue regular time: 2 minutes - 4 minutes
  • After-opened expired date: 12 months

Eyelash extension remover is an indispensable product for any eyelash extension artist. 

Choosing the right eyelash remover glue product will give your customers a safe, relaxing and pleasant experience. 

Choosing an inappropriate eyelash remover gel product will make customers feel that the time to remove eyelashes is long, their eyes are allergic, and they feel scared. 

So, where is the eyelash remover that can help eyelash extensions artists make the removal steps easier, providing a great experience for their clients?

In this article, you will have the opportunity to learn that LBLS lash extension remover has contributed to the success of thousands of Australian eyelash extensions artists in particular and eyelash extensions artists around the world in general. 

Let's see what features this product has that make it well received.

LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover - The Most Economical Eyelash Extension Remover For Lash Artist

LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover - Ingredient

1, 2 Propanediol Cyclic Carbonate

1, 2 Propanediol cyclic carbonate is an organic compound. This odourless and colourless liquid has polar solvent properties. It is a transparent, non viscous liquid with varying concentrations between 0.1% - 5% that is utilised in cosmetic formulations. In light of current usage and concentration patterns, it is determined that 1, 2 Propanediol cyclic carbonate is safe to use as a component in cosmetic products.

In eyelash removal cream, 1, 2-propanediol cyclic carbonate is mostly used to weaken compositions and suspend or dissolve additional ingredients. 

Compared with other eyelash remover cream solvents, 1, 2 Propanediol cyclic carbonate is considered the sustainable "green" alternative solvent. That's the difference between LBLS eyelash extension remover to others.

Hydroxypropyl Cellulose

A cellulose derivative with both organic and water solubility is hydroxypropyl cellulose. For lash extension care products, hydroxypropyl cellulose serves as a foam, lubricant stabiliser & enhancer, emulsion stabilisers, thickening and film forming. It is valued as an effective thickener in cosmetics. 

In fact, hydroxyethyl cellulose is a fairly familiar ingredient used in cosmetics as cosmetic formulations to stabilise foam and prevent caking. They not only help the eyelash remover cream to promote its full use but also help the eyelash remover cream penetrate the eyelash extension glue quickly.

More importantly, the substance is derived from a variety of natural sources. 

Spearmint Oil

The presence of spearmint oil on LBLS product ingredients is to reduce the strength of extension adhesives. This is also the ingredient that contributes to the weakening of the eyelash extensions joints, making it easier to remove the extensions from the natural eyelashes.

By now, you're wondering, should you use oils to remove them if oils are found in eyelash removal products? The answer is that you shouldn't use it. You won't know how much oil is right, and you won't even know when to start sliding to remove your extensions.

As a result, you may end up plucking the client's natural lashes. Even worse, the oil can make your client's eyes swollen or irritated. It is hard for you to control too. It goes without saying to any lash artists. However, we just want to press again in case you are the new artist or lash extensions trainers.

In short, the composition of the lash removal cream will determine the product's effectiveness. As you can see, the ingredients of LBLS lash removal cream are all-natural ingredients and are also the most premium ingredients selected in safe eyelash removal products for customers.

LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover Features

The Most Versatile Eyelash Extension Remover

Choosing the right products to use is extremely important when working with one of the most sensitive parts of the body. In order to get the most economical investment, eyelash extension artists need to choose products that meet the majority of their customers and bring the most effective and efficient effect. That's why eyelash extension remover (cream type) should be in your shopping cart. Why:

Has A Multipurpose Use

LBLS eyelash extension remover can not only remove some extensions but can also remove all extensions. Partly remover or whole set removers are the best of both worlds. If you put lash remover gel and lash remover cream on the scale, you can only choose one. Why not choose lash remover cream when they can meet your needs better and are easier to apply?

Quick Dissolve Time

The eyelash extension cream will work for about 2 to 4 minutes, depending on the number of eyelash extensions and the customer's eyes. 

You should strictly follow this recommended time so that the cream can take full advantage of its effects. In fact, even if you feel your extensions are ready to be removed, you should still wait for the time indicated on the product packaging. Why? Because if you remove the extensions earlier, the possibility that lash joints are undissolved may occur. The result is the jerking, sliding motion of extensions away from your natural lashes that can weaken your natural lashes and hurt your clients!

However, you should not leave the product on your eyes for more than the specified time. Any cleaning product that stays on the skin for too long can cause irritation! That's a general rule for beauty products and applies to eyelash extensions.

Best For Sensitive Eyes

Moreover, this product is also suitable for sensitive eyes. 

Unlike eyelash extension glue, when your options are wider, there are very few products for sensitive eyes in eyelash extension removal products because it is clear that the eyelash removal service is not as profitable as the eyelash extension service. Therefore, eyelash removal products are not diverse. 

But that doesn't happen in LBLS. We understand that the products for lash grafting are just as important as those that remove them. We believe that eyelash extensions artists want their customers to experience the best, no matter their service. 

Picture it, with the same eyelash grafting service, when an eyelash extensions salon can provide a more excellent eyelash removal service. That is their plus point in comparison with others. 

Since no customer refuses to be cared for and loved every minute, they come to your eyelash extension salon. Why can they deny you? How can they not come back to the lash salon that loves them from head to heel? 

That's the spirit when LBLS starts to create an LBLS eyelash extension remover. We want your eyelash extensions salon to shine!

Low Irritation

LBLS lash remover cream is designed to be used even for sensitive skin. Therefore, we select the most soothing ingredients with natural eyelashes and eye areas. Your clients will have a soothing experience as they separate their lashes from their natural lashes. No pain, no burning, itching, or redness. Both eyes and natural lashes are protected.

In addition, because the ingredients of the products are mostly unscented and low in odour, your customers will only feel the light peach scent as if they were nourishing their eyelashes, not removing them.

Thick Cream Paste

When using eyelash extension removal creams, the eyelash extension artist has a creamy product on hand. That means you eliminate the possibility that the eyelash extension remover will get into the client's eyes.

Our eyelash extension cream has a standard thick texture. When you use the right amount, it will just stick to the eyelashes, no dripping or flowing like other eyelash glue remover (liquid type) products.

This is also a feature that is loved by not only new eyelash extension artists but also an undeniable convenience for veteran eyelash extension artists.

As a new eyelash extension artist, if using lash removal gel or lash removal liquid, it will be difficult for eyelash extension artists to control how much product is enough for one eyelash extension. 

At that time, their experience is not much, they will need time to adjust and get used to it, and with lash extension removal cream, the application will be much easier. Compared to other forms, the cream is likely to not flow anywhere, but with lash remover gel, this product does not guarantee that. So choosing cream products is convenient for them. Remove eyelashes safely and easily.

Experienced eyelash extension artists and experts in the eyelash extension industry prefer lash extension removal cream because they are the most economical product for the removal process of eyelash extensions compared to other forms of lash extension glue remover product type.

Eyelash extension remover gel is better suited for experienced lash artists. Besides, if you are going to remove just a part of the lash extension, it will be a better pick in the scenario.

Long Shelf Life

After-opened expired date: 12 months

With LBLS eyelash extension remover products, you will have 12 months of product usage after opening. This is a long shelf life compared to other products in the beauty industry. Therefore, LBLS eyelash extension remover also especially supports eyelash extension artists during the low season.

Many eyelash removal products only have a shelf life of 6 months after opening. In general, if your number of customers is large daily, this deadline should not affect you. 

However, the eyelash extension industry is an industry with low and peak seasons. Therefore, a product with a longer shelf life after opening will be a more profitable investment for any eyelash artist.

Fresh Peach Scent

The peach scent is at the top of the favourite scents in products used by beauty salons. They are voted second only to vanilla in popularity but are the most preferred scent with customers.

It brings a sense of relaxation to your customers. With peachy eyelash extension remover, your clients will experience immediate relaxation during your eyelash extension removal, leaving them feeling protected, loved and at ease.

Last but not least, this peach scent is the trick to helping your customers forget the time. Thanks to it, even if you are a new eyelash extension artist, taking the lash extension process a little longer, your clients won't feel the removal process as long. Because they just feel like they're being cared for and relaxed. 

This is the scent secret in the beauty industry that any eyelash extension artist should know.

Best Eyelash Extension Remover Australia

LBLS believes that the best eyelash removal product should be one that is safe and effective for clients and eyelash extension artists. Each brand's best product is the one its customers love. That is our slogan when creating this product.

We don't call our products the best in Australia because the biggest aura from a brand must come from the words of the people using the product. However, we are proud to share that this is the best product for customers who trust LBLS.

As with eyelash extension glue products, we always choose the highest grade cyanoacrylate for the products available in our store. LBLS's eyelash extensions are also the highest grade PBT. We choose the most natural ingredients for eyelash extension remover. We choose the most updated, effective combination compound in the general eyelash extension industry and the par eyelash extension industry. Hopefully, with the transparency of product ingredients, LBLS peach eyelash remover will be the best eyelash extension remover Australia in your heart, our beloved customers!


That's all about LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover. We hope that this introductory article gives you a better understanding of eyelash adhesive remover.

Lash adhesive remover is a product that has the potential to deliver better-differentiated positioning for your eyelash extension brand, so don't underestimate this product choice. 

A premium brand with a safe product that delivers a great experience that will make you win the hearts of your customers. Let LBLS Eyelash Extension Remover help you with this goal. Information on prices and promotions is updated here!

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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