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LBLS Super Bonder (Support the retention) | 15 ml

LBLS Super Bonder (Support the retention) | 15 ml

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Product Description
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What to look for in a super bonder? The secret of the best lash extension adhesive curing accelerator is here. Delve into the main content now!



  • Ingredients: Aqua; Ethyl Alcohol; Aloe Perfume; Triethanolamine.
  • Texture: Clear liquid
  • pH: Neutral
  • Net Weight: 15ml
  • Colour: Clear
  • Irritation: None

Referring to Super Bonder, people mention the weapon that helps increase the curing speed of the eyelash extension glue, making the eyelash joints stronger and firm to the highest degree. 

Besides, Super Bonder is also a useful product for eyelash extension rooms with erratic humidity or mobile eyelash extension artists. So, what properties does Super Bonder possess that make this product so valuable to lash techs?

The article under 3 minutes below will help you understand the crux of the matter. At the same time, sharing tips on using and choosing Super Bonder are also covered in detail if you read the entire article!

Without further ado, let's get started.

Super Bonder - Best Weapon To Secure Your Lash Bonding

lash super bonder

But first, before we go straight up to the features, let's check out the definition of Super Bonder.

What Is Super Bonder?

Super Bonder is a product to force moisture off the glue's sticky surface. It aids with lash retention up to 30%. Your adhesives' elasticity is increased, offering more flexibility and enhancing retention. 

How Does Super Bonder Work?

How does super bonder work?

When a lash glue is cured using water (maybe it is the air humidity, or you use the nano-mister or a nebulizer), humidity is retained inside the glue. The glue curing phase begins at the surface (outer layer).

Cyanoacrylate and Super Bonder combine to initiate internal curing. A tighter connection is created when moisture is forced out. Super Bonder eliminates the need for a Nebulizer or Nano mister at the conclusion of the lash grafting application. 

The adhesive surface is porous after water curing, but Super Bonder covers the surface, guaranteeing that lash glue fumes are kept inside the lash glue bond.

A few fumes continue to be emitted even after the cyanoacrylate has dried on porous surfaces. This is the explanation if you have had a lash client send feedback that their eyes started to irritate after some days they had lash extensions. 

The constant flow of glue fumes might cause eye irritation. That doesn't happen with sealed lash adhesive surfaces, which greatly minimizes irritability. Additionally, lash glue loses a portion of its holding strength as fumes are released. Lash adhesives acquire significantly higher retention when fumes are controlled.

Approximately 30% more retention is achieved with Super Bonder. Another reason why lash extensions might come off too soon is your clients touch their lashes. 

Physical contact weakens the lash glue bond strength. In this case, Super Bonder can fix and aid the lash flexibility. It improves lash extension retention by adding components that affect a cyanoacrylate at the state of generally non-flexible transferring to more flexible cyanoacrylate. 

Then, even if your clients can not hold the thought of touching them, some touches do not affect the lash retention period. Sensitive lash extensions will be less sensitive.

Features Of Eyelash Bonder 

Features Of Eyelash Bonder

Super bonder gives any lash adhesive or glues more flexibility. Customers may get their eyelashes wet only three minutes after applying for LBLS super bonder lash extensions. The need to wait 24 hours for eyelash glue to set is a thing of the past.

This super bonder for lash extensions' adaptability helps to enhance retention and maintain satisfied customers.

Reduces Irritation And Sensitivity

Sensitivity and discomfort/irritation responses are lessened if lash artists use a super bonder at the last step of the lash extension application process. 

According to statistics and sharing of eyelash extensions artists, the product that causes allergic reactions when applying eyelash extensions is eyelash glue (of course, we will exclude the possibility of poor quality eyelashes in this case). Therefore, when using Super Bonder, it means that eyelash extensions artists are using techniques to accelerate the curing speed of eyelash glue. 

As a result, the chemical reaction ends quickly, so the client is not affected by fumes or eyelash glue sticking to the skin, causing unpleasant reactions. It even ends faster than it can cause reactions for customers.

This is the main feature of Super Bonder. They contribute to safer eyelash extensions for your clients.

Support Glue Cures Without Shock Curing

Before understanding why Super Bonder can support better glue curing, let's talk about glue shock curing or glue shock polymerization.

So, what is lash glue shock curing?

Shock curing occurs when water and excessive moisture come into contact with the glue, leading the link between the extension and natural lash to cure instantly. As a result, the connection becomes brittle, rigid and fragile.

For a product to work at its best, it must be in the right conditions. That's the basic principle! Eyelash extensions are not an exception. 

If the moisture is too much, the glue cures too quickly, causing the joint to become stiff and fragile. As a result, the joint is not strong and breaks easily after a short time. 

Remember the 24-hour rule not to get wet after the lash extension application is made? It is to prevent shock polymerization. At this point, Super Bonder gives adhesive bonding joints more flexibility, making them smooth when you touch. Furthermore, it is less likely to break because no shock curing happens.

Super Bonder Works Well With Humidity and Temperature Changes Erratically

Now you wonder, how do you know if there is too much moisture in your ambient? Well, obviously, we can not use our instinct. To get the exact number, a hygrometer thermometer could help. It gives you control of the atmosphere around your lash room.

Besides, we want to share a small tip, if suddenly your glue does not work after a long time, it serves you well. You may want to check the temperature. 

An unspoken rule is that the lash glue cure time reduces by half for every eight °C rise in ambient temperature. As you can see, too much humidity, not enough humidity, too cold or too hot temperature, your lash glue can be affected! That is the reason you need Super Bonder. It functions in any temperature and humidity, making it ideal for salons in hotter regions.

Clients Can Get Their Lashes Wet 3 Minutes After Application

Because the bindings have been secured, the lashes are immediately acceptable to be wet. Super Bonder's job is to help the glue cure smoothly and properly. 

When joints are properly cured, they are stronger and completely sealed. As a result, even if your client wants to wash their face right after they're done with their lashes, the water won't affect the chemically finished lash joints.

This feature of Super Bonder brings different values to eyelash extension salons. Your clients will feel like you stand out from other regular lash salons because they get beautiful, long-lasting lashes with one simple method without too much tying. 

It's hard to make sure your clients don't go to an environment that's too hot, too cold, or too little or too much humidity after they leave your eyelash salon. 

In fact, not washing your face for 24 hours is also annoying for many customers. Therefore, the presence of Super Bonder brings a more wonderful experience to your customers. When they leave you, it means the eyelash extension and the glue's curing process has been fully and properly completed.

Increases Lash Retention

When the eyelash extension glue is properly cured, the connection between the eyelash extension and the natural eyelashes is ensured, and the customer washes her face according to the instructions, the loss of eyelash extension depends only on the natural growth process of the eyelashes. As a result, Super Bonder eliminates the risk of loose and brittle glue joints. Super Bonder increases the retention rate of all eyelash extensions.

Suitable For All Lash Glue

You can combine Super Bonder with any eyelash extension glue. 

The main reason here is that until now, all eyelash extensions glue requires the presence of cyanoacrylate in the ingredients. While Super Bonders are capable of helping cyanoacrylate to work properly, they are suitable for all eyelash extensions as a consequence.

LBLS encourages eyelash extension artists to use premium eyelash glues containing cyanoacrylates to ensure long-term health! 

Premium Cyanoacrylate as we use in Magic Glue (8 weeks lash retention), Speed Adhesive (lash extensions for professional lash artists), Lady Black Glue (lash extensions for new artists, 1-2 years old experience, etc. will be less affected by changes in the environment, humidity and temperature. 

High-quality eyelash extensions glue like the ones we just mentioned will also stick to your lashes better than eyelash extensions glue using regular cyanoacrylate!

Money and Time Saving

One bottle of Super Bonder can serve up to 200 customers. Super Bonder is a great investment for any eyelash extension artist with the power to make strong joints and a large capacity. In fact, this is also the product that LBLS sells best. Our retail customers rarely buy a bottle, especially when we have loyalty programs. They even call the LBLS Super Bonder a "worry-free" product.

Besides, if you pay close attention, instead of waiting for the lashes to dry completely (you can't be sure if the lashes are dry properly or because of the shocking curing phenomenon), using Super Bonder will help. Save time for yourself and your customers. 

You also get rid of the worry of too much humidity affecting your eyelash extensions. In the long term, Super Bonder will also increase your customer retention. Who can turn down a product that makes their lashes last longer while increasing the safety of their health?

How To Use Lash Bonder

How to use lash bonder

It's very simple to utilise a lash super bonder.

Lash artists just need to be patient, sit back, relax and wait for about 2 mins after finishing your last set of lash extensions before applying a tiny amount of Lash Bonder at the bonding joint of the adhesive using a microfiber brush. 

Let your customer's lashes completely air dry. You can choose to use a lash fan or continue waiting for more. The duration is about 3 mins, then. 

The connection will be fully sealed after a while, at which point your client may safely get the eyelashes wet! Super Bonder quickly polymerises the glue, trapping irritating and sensitive-triggering fumes inside.

How To Store Lash Extension Bonder 

You need to store Super Bonder in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid places with high humidity or extreme heat. Besides, this is a product for professional eyelash extension artists. 

Please keep it in the eyelash extensions artist's place and out of the reach of children.

Another point worth noting is that we want to share more with you. Usually, our Super Bonder bottles will have a space to let the product "breathe". 

We always manufacture the exact size indicated on the product, but this space is for the product in the glass bottle to be safe when travelling under certain weather conditions. So, if you see this gap in the bottle, don't worry. 

That's the safety standard!

Tips To Choose Eyelash Extension Bonder

How to choose the best super bonder for lash extensions? 

LBLS believes that the best Super Bonder is the one that makes your customers happy and has an economical price. It has no meaning if a brand says it is the best for you, given that you have not used it yet. Therefore, what to look for is the customer review and the brand's transparency.

LBLS always encourages our customers to consult the information carefully when purchasing. If you need more information, please share your question with us to ensure you have all the information you need before making a purchase to ensure the product is right for you!

We're happy to say no if that product doesn't work for you. If the product is suitable, we will also share it with you.

Super Bonder is a very special product that LBLS produces. Just like other products like eyelashes or eyelash extension glue. LBLS aims for high-quality products, and we also use the highest quality ingredients for our products, updated with new technologies.

Wrap It Up

super bonder

That is all the ins and outs of super bonder

We hope it is useful for you. LBLS has over ten years of experience working in the eyelash extension industry. Experienced eyelash extension artists select our products. 

We always listen to the opinions of eyelash extension artists and strive to bring you the most suitable products for your work.

Check out our shopping page for more products to change your eyelash extension career to the next level. You'll definitely want to know more about Super Bonder, the eight-week lash retention glue and the lash extension types that make the names of top eyelash artists. 

Our shopping page looks forward to receiving your attention! Thank you!

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