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Acrylic Lash Tray Organiser | 36 Compartments

Acrylic Lash Tray Organiser | 36 Compartments

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Product Description
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The best way to organise lash strips is to get a lash tray organiser. Here we share how to choose the best and utilise lash organisation tools.



Usage: Eyelash Lashes

Material: High quality marble acrylic

Colour: Marble acrylic

Thickness: 3mm

Plug profile: Free Standing/ Tabletop

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

Item dimensions L x W x H: 30.5*25.5*10 cm

Number of compartments: 36

The lash tray organiser is a best friend to any lash artist as it can turn messy lash strips in order for a few minutes. Still, many newbie lash artists need to learn the product and its amazing features in lash extensions organisation. 

In today's article, LBLS would like to share with you what to look for in a lash tray organiser and how to make the best of it. We also attach some sharing from lash experts in lash cart set-up and recommend you the best organiser in town. 

Let's buckle up and dive into the main content now.

Lash Tray Organiser - Tip To Professionally Arrange Lash Strips

Lash Tray Organiser

How Was A Lash Tray Organiser Born?

With each eyelash extension client, eyelash extension artists need to use a lot of different sizes, curvatures, and thicknesses of eyelash extensions to be able to complete a complete set of eyelash extensions. As a result, they have to stock up on a large number of different lash trips so they can have enough materials to use on the job.

At busy times or peak season, eyelash extensions artists even have to prepare hundreds of eyelash extensions in advance to be ready to serve customers. If stacked on top of each other, they will be difficult to store and easily stick together because most eyelash trays are produced in soft boxes when sold in the market. Besides, new eyelash trays can be dirty and unhygienic. 

Those are the causes and needs that led to the birth of the lash tray organiser. This is the product to organise eyelash extension trays, eliminating the clutter of your workspace.

What To Look For In A Lash Tray Organiser

Durable Material

Similar to other arrangement items in the beauty industry, the lash tray organiser in the eyelash extension section is also the product that eyelash artists expect as a product that will last for a long time. 

They are daily-use products and normally take up a much larger investment than disposable products. Therefore, the material which constructs the lash tray organiser is the factor you should pay attention to first.

On the market today, lash tray organisers are commonly made from plastic and acrylic. Ordinary plastic is probably not a strange material for you. But acrylic is a name that most of us will find quite new. We won't leave you scratching your head with chemistry-related definitions. 

LBLS will use the most common languages to help you distinguish the two most common materials that make up the lash tray organiser.

Acrylic is also a type of plastic. But this material possesses incredible durability. Acrylic lash tray organisers can not only withstand the harsh effects of weather, such as temperature or humidity causing deformation or colour change, but they can also be less prone to cracking under pressure. 

Even better, the impact resistance of lash tray organisers made from acrylic can reach up to seventeen times greater than regular glass organisers. It also weighs half as much as glass. More importantly, it can resist lighter scratching. 

For the above reasons, we recommend choosing lash tray organisers made of acrylic. This is a product for everyday and long-term use. So you need a durable material. Acrylic exhibits excellence in performance over other materials. That is why many lash manufacturers (including LBLS) choose this material as the main material.

Compartment Size

Many similar types of products on the market are divided into compartments. But they have different purposes. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the size of these lash tray organisers compartments to see if they will fit in the lash tray you often use.

Products that are not designed for use by eyelash artists have a great chance of not fitting into the lash tray. Hence, finding one tailor-made in the lash extension industry is important. 

Warranty Policy

The product's warranty is the next factor eyelash extension artists need to remember when choosing a lash tray. 

A good manufacturer and distributor will not hesitate to share the material of the product and give advice on how you can use or should use the product to achieve good results. And they also do not hesitate to warrant their products if they are confident in the quality of their products.

Harmony Of Brand Colour And Lash Tray Organiser

What is your brand colour? 

If you have a brand colour, you should buy a lash tray organiser with the brand colour. It is the optimum choice. However, if the option is unavailable, please use a neutral colour.

As you may be aware, almost every lash organiser product has one characteristic in common. They all have a "marble" in them. 

Because marble represents luxury, we choose marble to add to acrylic to enhance its appearance when it comes to storage for beauty products. Even if your brand colour is pink, blue, purple, or yellow, marble can go along well with all colours. 

Lash Tray Organiser Price

If you pay for bananas, you get monkeys. There is no low price for a high-quality product.

If you just need to buy a product for temporary use only, a cheap lash tray organiser is not hard to find. However, if you ask for durable and long-term use, avoid falling for the cheap price trick. 

Lash Suppliers Customer Service

In fact, most eyelash extension artists will wonder whether this product is sturdy, durable, and fits the lash tiles they have.

With questions like these, you'll want to seek further advice. So, when looking for a lash tray organiser to buy, you can expect a brand that can answer your questions quickly and give you the best support possible. 

The brand that can provide clear information and advise you the fastest is one of the brands you can consider cooperating with.

LBLS Lash Tray Organiser

Lash Tray Organiser

Made Of Strong, High-Quality Acrylic

Like other LBLS products, the lash tray organiser is also a product we manufacture with the highest quality materials for lash accessories. We want to give you the best and safest experience.

When you buy the LBLS lash tray organiser, we've been convinced you'll love it because of its eye-catching appearance. The top-quality acrylic brings a smooth hand feeling and sturdy structure for everything in it. Its outstanding strength will prevent the possibility of breaking. 

Due to its incredible durability, the lash tray organiser can resist higher weather resistance. It is hard to break under severe force. As a result, you own a durable and strong organiser that you can use for a long-time.

Large Capacity

LBLS lash tray organiser constructs 36 compartments which equals 36 lash tiles. This is the biggest number of compartments for each organiser on the market. 

For rookie lash artists, you should have at least one in your lash room.

For veteran lash techs, the more clients you have, the more lash tray organisers you can have.

The ideal number of lash tray organisers for lash trainers is based on how many lash styles you are about to train. But normally, 3 is a good number to go.

Quickly Access Lash Tiles

Having the right lash tray organiser means you can get to the products you want faster. From there, you will shorten the preparation time and easily push up the job's completion.

Save Lash Room Space

Lash tray organiser just takes up a little space for eyelash extension rooms. This product not only supports the storage of the lash tray but also helps to expand the space of the eyelash extension room when placing the lash trays neatly in one place.

In addition, all four sides of the product are flat. As a result, you can stack them on top of each other and create different surfaces that can be used to organise other products if they need to.


LBLS lash tray organiser can fit anywhere in your eyelash salon! It can be positioned horizontally or vertically. You can place it on top of a cabinet, lash cart, or even a drawer or shelf, or stack it on another similar surface.

Many of our customers who are eyelash extensions artists from LBLS buy multiple lash tray organisers to organise Promade lash, Handmade lash and, of course, all the lash trays used to make fans.

Luxury Colour

Our lash tray organiser has a marble colour. It can match any brand colour as it is a neutral colour. Your radiant colour lash tiles will stand out for you to pick out without any obstacles. 

Besides, it can harmonise with any room furniture. When you put 3 or 4 organisers together, it can brighten a corner immediately. 

Best Gift To Lash Artist

Do you have some friends who are eyelash extensions artists or beauty technicians working in the beauty industry? If you have, then the lash tray organiser is a very suitable gift product.

The problem with many eyelash extension artists is not craft, skills, or finding clients but how to arrange the workspace to become neater. Hence, when you give them a product that can improve their working place, they will love it.

LBLS Lash Tray Organiser - Refund Policy

We are confident in the quality of our products, so you can return if the product is not intact when it arrives due to a product defect.

Not only with lash tray organiser, but all LBLS products also have their guarantee policies. If the product is defective from the manufacturer, you can take a video and send it to us. LBLS will review and respond to you as soon as possible.

How To Use LBLS Lash Tray Organiser

Lash Tray Organiser

Depending on the personal preferences of each eyelash extension artist, you will have different classifications. Here, with LBLS lash tray organiser, we suggest you refer to the following arrangement:

- Divide the lash tray organiser into 4 separate areas horizontally, such as by C, CC, D or DD curl.

- Then, in each section, you divide the lash tray by diameter.

Normally, we would not recommend customers use the size factor for sorting because too many sizes make it difficult to classify or there is a situation where there are too many sizes. More than thirty-six compartments are needed to divide them.

In addition, in the lash trays, there are always labels stating the parameters of each tray. Remember to put the tray with this information on the outermost so that you can observe them more easily. For trays, you have yet to use up, add a label to note the date of use to use them in the future before using a new lash tray.

How To Preserve LBLS Lash Tray Organiser

Even LBLS  lash tray organisers can withstand some harsh weather conditions. We highly recommend you place it under a dry, cool and ventilated place. 

Direct sunshine is the enemy for every lash product, including a lash tray organiser. Heat or humidity sources or direct light are not recommended too. 

How To Clean LBLS Lash Tray Organiser

Use just a gentle, non-abrasive, lint-free cotton cloth or microfiber cloth. To get rid of any dust or debris, sweep lint-free over the lash tray organiser

Use a separate soft, lint-free and a tiny bit of acrylic cleaner to wipe the organiser again. Gently wipe until all the cleaner is removed.


We want to share all the knowledge related to lash tray organisers with you for a very long time. We hope this sharing will help you choose the best product. And if we are lucky enough to be chosen by you, that is boundless happiness..

We look forward to serving you!

Thank you!

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