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LBLS Lash Aftercare Kit

LBLS Lash Aftercare Kit

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Product Description
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You will thank us after discovering the amazing features of the lash aftercare kit! Incredible is what you utter. What are you waiting for? Click now!


What's in the LBLS Lash Aftercare Kit?

  • 1 x 50ml lash shampoo cleansing foam
  • 1 x lash cleansing brush
  • 1 x lash mascara wand with protection tube

To any lash artist, a lash aftercare kit is an amazing item. It supports lash artist's lash clients taking care of the lash and becomes a significant source of income. Still, to get the best out of the lash care kits, there are some notable things you should take into consideration. 

In today's piece, LBLS will share with you what you should put in an eyelash extension aftercare kit and some unique ways to take advantage of it. Read on to find the incredible lash extension aftercare kit items. 

Lash Aftercare Kit - The Most Profitable Kit For Lash Artists

lash aftercare kit

What Is A Lash Aftercare Kit?

A lash aftercare kit is a set of lash extension products needed for taking care of eyelash extensions after the lash client finishes the full set. They are also famous lash care kits that can be an effective marketing weapon to aid lash artists in advertising their products. 

How Can Lash Artists Make The Best Out Of Lash Aftercare Kit 

Turning Eyelash Aftercare Kit To A Gift

Who doesn't enjoy free things?

Consumers love it. History is proven. Whenever they go to the supermarket, consumers will lean toward the products with a gift with the purchase rather than the product that is kept at the original price. They enjoy the free sample at check-out gate whether it is sample-size cosmetics and cologne in your favourite magazine.

It makes us feel a little bit better about ourselves as consumers, that we have done a decent job. Additionally, it makes clients satisfied and more inclined to return time and time, which benefits us as eyelash artists.

Why Do Lash Artists Distribute Lash Aftercare Kit?

Gifts Encourage Loyalty

If lash artists want to ensure that their customers come back to their lash salon periodically, cultivate the relationship with lash customers by giving them a gift from time to time.

Newer customers require a little extra care and attention to persuade them to return. Or should we make them feel welcome and convince them to use word of mouth about your lash brand? However, regular clientele, those who already frequent your business, should also not be disregarded.

Your client will be extra grateful for the complimentary present and could even promote your lash salon.

When you give away a lash aftercare kit, not only does the client, but the lash artist also gets the benefit.

As we are all aware, how carefully the customer takes care of the lashes after leaving your lash salon becomes a significant criterion for a pair of durable lash extensions.

To lash techs, but lash clients benefit aside, high retention lash extensions are crucial for your professional reputation. 

What Is Golden Time To Give Away Lash Aftercare Kit 

Obviously, giving makes people feel nice. However, you can not always hand away free presents to clients. If you do the task without consideration, the profit margin will eventually be affected. No one expects that. It is not the reason you give presents freely at the beginning. 

Therefore, you should create a clear reward system instead of giving gifts freely.

Level 1: Brand-New Customers

Level 2: Loyal Customers

This tier depends on how you define loyal customers. Normally, if your client returns continuously five times in a row for a full set, they can be considered a return client. As such, these alike customers will get a free lash aftercare kit as a reward.

Level 3. VIP Customers

Who are they? Again, it is upon lash artists to have your definition of your VIP - those are super loyal to you and your lash brand. We suggest the VIP is the one who comes to you at least ten times for the full lash extension set order.

Create loyalty cards that can be signed or stamped after each visit. Customers will have more motivation to return, while lash artists have an opportunity to develop a loyal clientele.

What Lash Artist Should Put In Eyelash Care Kit?

Everyone understands the need for aftercare. Therefore you should advise your customers to follow it for greater benefits at their subsequent appointments.

For the finest aftercare, it's important to take the following into account:

  • Clean lash every day
  • Brush them
  • Use the proper skincare or makeup products
  • Sleep in the right posture
  • Avoid moisture or other factors that might affect lash retention
  • Understand the natural lash health and cycle

Based on these considerations, you can design the customised lash aftercare kit for your client's requirements. However, whatever purpose you choose, we recommend you should include the must-have basic products in lash care kits.

Lash Aftercare Kit Must-Have Products

lash aftercare kit

What product should a lash artist put into a lash aftercare kit to make you prominent over the other lash salons? 

How much thought was poured into it speaks volumes?

Not only are there little samples included, but there are also aftercare items the customer may use. Ideally, they will purchase a new or full-size one when the gift is drained. Additionally, you should develop kits depending on whether a customer is a new or loyal VIP client. In other words, it is similar to tailoring the lash aftercare kit to the customer's demands.

Basic Lash Aftercare Kit Must-Have Products

50ml Lash Shampoo: 01

lash shampoo

One of the primary purposes of creating the eyelash extension aftercare kit was to encourage customers to clean their lashes daily. Therefore, it is the first must-have product when you create the lash extension aftercare kit. Gentle ingredients, safe even for sensitive eyes and the best cleansing power are the reasons these LBLS lash cleanser bottles are top sellers.

Cleanser Brush: 01

lash cleanser brush

A cleanser brush is also a second essential product to avoid your clients touching the lashes with their hands. You won't want manual impact on the eyelash extensions causing them to loosen or break.

With a smart design, the cleanser brush penetrates deep into the corners and nooks of the eyelashes to clean even the corners that are difficult to see with the naked eye. The sturdy design fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, making the cleanser brush a handy item that your lash clients can take with them wherever you go.

01 Lash Mascara Wand With Protection Tube

Lash Mascara Wand With Protection Tube

After the lashes are cleaned and dried, the mascara wand with protection tube will be the product that helps your eyelash extension client brush the lashes into place to make them look as good as at your eyelash salon. Without these mascara wands, the eyelashes will be tangled and easier to attract dirt after cleaning.

LBLS's lash mascara wand with protection tube bristles is made of high-quality fibre, which is dust-proof and cleanable. It has a sturdy structure that ensures you can use it with ease and worry-free. You can feel the difference between a normal lash mascara wand and a premium one in its sturdy design. The glue at the lash mascara wand tip end must be super adhesive to guarantee it is never loose or detached from the lash mascara wand body. 

With the protection tube, the mascara wand will be at maximum protection. The eyes are an important part of the body. That's why LBLS always chooses products that place a high value on safety and hygiene to recommend to you!

Your clients can substitute the eyelash brush anytime they want to into the mascara wand with the protection tube, not only limited to one disposable eyelash brush. The additional gifts are more than enough. They can even remind your lash client to make your next appointment when they take up the lash brush and suddenly realise that they need one more lash extension set because the old one is so beautiful.

Idea For An Lash Aftercare Kit For New Customers

1st-time customers are not obligated to come back. They could have seen your lash salon shop front while driving by, heard about your meticulous and awesome service in their friend cycle, and then stepped in to make an appointment.

It is your duty to ensure that their visit with you is delightful so that they will think of you in the future when they are in demand for a pair of lovely lashes.

Send them home with the following items to contribute to making their visit even more memorable:

Basic Lash Aftercare Kit
  • 1 x 50ml lash shampoo cleansing foam
  • 1 x lash cleansing brush
  • 1 x lash mascara wand with protection tube
A Leaflet That Includes Tips To Have A Beautiful Lash Set

If you only give away cleaning products, the chances of a customer remembering your lash salon are reduced to almost zero by the time they finish using the product. 

However, if your eyelash extensions are beautiful and long-lasting, you are also dedicated to designing a care leaflet for your customers to bring home that will make them feel you care about them.

When customers feel they are cared for, they will imprint in their memory about you and your brand. As a result, the chance of them coming to you the second time will also increase.

Offer Lash Cleaner At A Price Reduction Of 50%

Although cleaning your client’s lashes is crucial to stop bacteria from growing, this concept could seem strange to people who haven't gotten a chance to use extension lashes earlier. Installing the practice of utilising lash cleaner in new customers is important.

If giving out a whole bottle of lash cleaner is too expensive for you, you might give your new customers a lash cleaner at a reduced rate.

Idea For An Lash Aftercare Kit For Repeat Customers

Your clients returned since they had a great experience the first time. Your moment to leave a lasting impression and close the transaction comes with a returning customer. Even greater, if this is the second time, or even luckier it is the third time, it's much more probable that she'll return for a fourth, fifth, etc. visit.

Give your returning customers a special present to show them your appreciation:

Basic Lash Aftercare Kit
  • 1 x 50ml lash shampoo cleansing foam
  • 1 x lash cleansing brush
  • 1 x lash mascara wand with protection tube
Loyalty Card

When your customers are already in the repeat customer file, this time, a loyalty card with the promise of good prices or enhanced service will allow you to convert them to VIPs.

Lip Gloss Wands Glitter

Lip Gloss Wands Glitter

Lip gloss wands glitter is extremely useful when cleaning eyelashes and eyes. The eye-catching design will stimulate customers to use it regularly, and their eyes will be cleaned. As a result, eyelash extensions will also have a longer shelf life.

This product is quite cost-effective. Although it is small, it is small but mighty. Therefore, differentiate each kit so that your customers feel you care for them.

Card With Aftercare Instructions

Idea For An Lash Aftercare Kit For Super VIP Customers

Despite the fact that you may already have won them over. That is why they keep visiting you. Your most devoted customers need approximately the same attention as newcomers and repeat customers, if not more.

Keep in mind to provide them with the following items so they can maintain the health of their natural lashes:

Basic Lash Aftercare Kit
  • 1 x 50ml lash shampoo cleansing foam
  • 1 x lash cleansing brush
  • 1 x lash mascara wand with protection tube
Eye Gel Pad

eye gel pad

Eyepatch is an item that can help your VIP customers relax their eyes after hard working hours. When the eyes are stronger, the eyelashes will also be protected. From there, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy many different types of eyelash extensions. As a result, you will consult customers with more models of eyelash extensions, and your chances of increasing sales are also definitely enhanced.

This is a VIP customer, so the chances of you being able to convince them with meaningful freebies like this are extremely high.



In small and hard-to-clean corners, small items like a micro brush are perfect for gifting your eyelash extension clients. The soft, premium-quality brush head will give your customers a different experience.

Card With Aftercare Instructions

Interesting quotes will also make your customers remember your eyelash extensions shop more. So stay creative with products like these when you put them in your lash aftercare kit.

Make Lash Aftercare Kit On Instagram Looks Worthy

Need a simple method to promote yourself? 

One suggestion you can follow is to make your lash aftercare kit post look precious, and you'll quickly have a large amount of word of mouth.

Lash clients are not the sole exception to the rule that we all enjoy showing off the beautiful things in our surroundings. They will be certain to publish/repost images of your lash aftercare kit on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, which will solely bring in more customers to you.

Giving out free presents to customers has several advantages over the cost of buying them. You will find it simpler when it is time for your clients' subsequent appointments if you advise them to take care of their eyelashes (either natural or extensions).

Additionally, they'll be more inclined to purchase additional goods from you, boosting your revenue. Additionally, you will have devoted brand ambassadors spreading the word about your company, whether it be through conventional viva voce or social media.

Where To Find Lash Aftercare Kit Wholesale?

Now you may be asking, where can you find a lash aftercare kit wholesale? Well, can you give LBLS a chance?

LBLS has over ten years of experience in the eyelash extension industry. We put product quality first so eyelash extension artists are safe and your customers trust you.

Besides, we also have policies to support eyelash extensions artists to develop in the best way and buy goods at the most reasonable price.

As you can see, you can get better prices when you buy in larger quantities. The larger quantity numbers suggested by LBLS have very small gaps, from 1, 5, 10, etc. Those are the recommended prices that eyelash extensions artists can apply to get quality products at the most economical cost.

Last but not least, you can also get our lifetime after-sales service when we get the mutual terms together. We are always ready to support you whether you are a small or medium business or your order is small or large.

Wrapping Up

Owning a smart and profitable lash aftercare kit will greatly contribute to any lash salon. Following the right strategy can get more clients because of some giveaway lash care kits. Each lash artist has a different method of getting their brand out there. We hope that with these suggestions, you can apply them to your lash salon in the future. 

Don't forget whether your lash aftercare kit pick-up is, you must include the basic lash-after-kit products as we suggest, as it is a must-have. You will love our lash aftercare kit as soon as you receive it. Keep in mind that you still can be lucky to receive the incredible economical price offering too. Just follow us for more.

Thank you!

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