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LBLS Lash Decals for Eyelash Extension

LBLS Lash Decals for Eyelash Extension

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Product Description
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Lash decals for lash extensions are on trend. Here are all the lash decals tips that lash artists need to know beforehand. Check out to not miss out!


Material: Plastic

Style: Heart (3 options), Butterfly (3 options), Circle, Flower and Mixed Four-pointed Star

Mix 12 colours in a box

Type: 3D

Number of grids/set: 12 

Size: 1mm to 4mm, depending on the type of shape

Weight/box: 30g


The lash business is seeing growth in the use of lash decals. With the help of a great lash artist, a small piece of confetti may make your client's set sparkle! 

In this piece, LBLS will introduce to you the best yet affordable lash decals you can find on the market! Besides, we also share all the tips and tricks for buying and applying eyelash decals.

Don't let you wait any longer. Let's get to the deets now,

Everything About Lash Decals

Everything About Lash Decals

What Is A Lash Decal?

Lash decals for lash extensions are some adorable tiny touch-ups for eyelash extensions that mimic little stickers and are made of holographic vinyl or vinyl. 

It is a sweet addition to the client's lashes. It comes in various colours and forms to accommodate any style that lashes artists may desire.

Due to the glamorous and sophisticated appearance they provide, lash decals have captured the hearts of many women. They have been specially created to meet various seasons and events. 

Eyelash decals are needed for every woman as the holiday season approaches because they go well with the atmosphere of each season.

Why Do Lash Artists Need Lash Decals?

Accentuate And Open Up Your Client Eyes

Without a doubt, wearing lash decals for lash extensions helps to accentuate and open up your client's eyes.

Super Comfortable

Lash decals are pleasant enough to spend the day with. Because of the load of the eyelash decal, your client and sometimes even some lash artists might have initially dismissed the eyelash decals as unsuitable for lash extensions and to wear on eyes. 

Your apprehension is understandable. However, lash decals for lash extensions are made to be soft, lightweight & comfortable enough to wear all day.

Diverse Styles

Lash decals for lash extensions are available in a variety of styles that are specially made to go with and enhance your attire for various occasions. 

Your client may choose to put on different eyelash decals that match the atmosphere for events such as parties and dinners and for different seasons and moods.

Look Exquisite

Lash decals might help your clients turn into the next great stage in the beauty game. They make your lash extensions look glamorous and appealing. 

They attract emphasis to your client's eyes by emphasizing them. As your client's eyes are the main feature of the face, they also contribute to their beauty.

Lash Decals Type

Heart Shape

Lash Decals

These eyelash decals stand for pride, pleasure, and love. These stickers have multiple colours and appear in a heart form. 

They aid in bringing out your client's lashes' gorgeous and sophisticated appearance. They draw attention to the eyes and aid in defining the lash length. This style is appropriate for a variety of settings, such as a meal with friends and family.

Flower Shape

Lash Decals

These kinds of lash decals are distinctive. They have a flowery touch, making them ideal for picnic occasions. These eyelash decals are a special kind that makes the ideal springtime partner for blossoming flowers.

Butterfly Shape

Lash Decals

A special kind of lash decal that draws attention to your eyes is the butterfly eyelash decal. Your eyes will be defined by the full, thick lashes they facilitate. These eyelash decals are appropriate for a variety of events, including dates, dinners, and parties.

Star Shape

These star lash decals help complement seasons like Christmas and New Year and add the glam of this holiday season. They are a perfect match for celebrations.

Circle Shape

Lash Decals

The circle shape represents femininity, community, friendliness, and unity. Your lash clients can wear it to girl parties, charity events, etc.

Four-Pointed Star Shape

Lash Decals

The four-pointed star shape relates to divine protection. It shows independence, faith and confidence as well. Lash artists can suggest your lash clients to this on New Year's eve. 

Why Should You Choose LBLS Lash Decals

Because we have more than 10 years working in the lash extension industry. We serve thousands of lash artists from all over the world. We are aware of your requirements and what is ideal for you. The following highlights will convince you without a doubt:

- Our main office is in Australia. Furthermore, if you can't even visit our shop to see our genuine items in person, you can still purchase LBLS goods anywhere in the globe thanks to our e-commerce internet channel. 

- Lash extensions, lash adhesives, lash shampoo, lash tweezers and even lash decals are produced at our factory. In lash extension production, we are experts. In addition, we are several of the major global companies' exclusive distributors for eyelash extension glues.

- We always work to provide the most harmonic selection of products in the product catalogue so that you may make the best decision and spend the least amount of time possible but still get all the quality products. You don't need to go anywhere else. We have everything lash artists need.

- We offer our customers the newest and safest payment options, like Zippay, Afterpay, and Paypal.

We are constantly willing to update any payment method so that lash extension professionals can feel confident and happy when buying from LBLS

- LBLS offers a mechanism for constant client support. As soon as we get your contact, always tries to respond quickly and offer a suitable solution to your issue!

- Our top priorities are the integrity of our goods and the security of our clients. The most upscale and secure goods available, including lash decals, are all made by LBLS.

Over the course of its ten years in the business, LBLS has had the good fortune to work with thousands and thousands of lash technicians worldwide. You can buy our lash decals with confidence. 

- LBLS continuously updates our website and social media platforms with the most recent business news. Anywhere you look, you may read reviews left by clients who have confidence in LBLS goods.

- Even our customers have posted exclusive videos to LBLS after receiving their purchases. So, if you are our new destiny, take them as references and contact us to get more info. We'd love to support you.

How To Apply Lash Decals?

General Rule

Applying eyelash decal is as simple as dabbing some lash adhesive onto the sticker's back and adhering it on. However, some lash technicians like to use lash tweezers. 

To adhere the lash decals for lash extensions on lash customers' extensions flawlessly demands excellent focus and hand expertise. 

How so? Since these eyelash decals are so small, they might easily shift when applied.

Depending on the type of application or the client's request, the weight and quantity may vary. Some people may decorate each fan with different pieces (up to 4 pieces) altogether, while others may choose to make a message or decorate with only two pieces in a heart shape in two different colours. 

These enhancements might liven up and increase the frequency of immediate attraction to lash extensions. To get optimum retention during aftercare, eyelash customers should brush carefully every area around the lash decals.

How To Apply Eyelash Decals - Step By Step Guidance


Before proceeding with the process of applying lash decals to the eyelashes, you will need to consult your client!

Step 1

Ask them what they want when they want to add lash decals and how they want to use them for the event. What colour do they want to use?

For example:

If it is a date or an event about love, then heart-shaped lash decals are perfect. LBLS even offers 3 different popular heart-shaped eyelash decals for our customers.

The butterfly eyelash decal will be ideal if your client attends a summer outdoor event. They bring a sense of picnic, freedom and freedom. LBLS has 2 different options for lash decals butterfly, one with colour and one with 3D colour, which is extremely mysterious and interesting.

If your client attends an event in the spring, floral lash decals couldn't be more appropriate. They are like flowers that radiate freshness, coolness and character to your customers.

If your customers want to choose lash decals for fashion events or photoshoots, star eyelash decals will make them stand out more than ever.

Based on your customers' needs, give appropriate advice to turn their eyes to the brightest subject.

Step 2

Check the status and health of the customer's eyelashes.

Although lash decals are extremely lightweight, they are specifically designed for lash extensions. However, eyelash extension artists still need to check the health of their client's lashes to ensure that the natural lashes can withstand extensions and lash decals. Sometimes, when you want to use more than one eyelash decal, you need strong natural lashes.

Step 3

Make recommendations on the right lash decals for your client.

The final step is to advise on your client's most suitable style of lash decals. How do you place them to give them a gentle, personal, mysterious or fresh look? Based on each purpose, be creative with how you design the placement of lash decals differently.


1. Clear Glue

In fact, normal black glue can also help you apply lash decals to your lashes. However, when you use colourful eyelash decals, the black colour of the eyelash extension glue will stand out, leading to a general loss of aesthetics. Therefore, the type of glue that is recommended to use in applying eyelash decals is the premium clear adhesive.

Clear adhesive by LBLS is an adhesive that is suitable even for sensitive skin. Therefore, when providing lash decals service, LBLS highly recommend you use our clear adhesive to get the best effect.

2. Nano Mister

Just like you apply extensions to natural lashes, you also need Nanomister to help rapidly and efficiently cure the lash glue you apply. Otherwise, you must wait more than 15 minutes to add lash decals to the lash fans. 

3. Eyelash Electric Extension Fan

Finally, you'll have an electric eyelash fan to blow on your lashes to aid in the drying process, lash decals to become firmly attached to lash spikes, or lash fans.

How To Apply - Detail Steps

Step 1

Make your lash spikes/fan (Promade fans are absolutely recommended if you don’t want to do the lash fans) first. 

Place it on the natural lash. Wait for it to dry before you add anything to it. Add the lash decals to the bottom so that beautiful eyelash decals will shine when your client opens their eyes. 

Then, you grab your desired lash decals. You have to make sure the eyelash decal does not stick to another unexpected lash. You just want to get one piece of the surface, preferably somewhere in the middle (or side, it does not matter, just one piece of surface is ok) of the decal glue.

The second way to get the glue to the lash decals is by swiping a little amount of glue onto the eyelash decal's back with your micro brush. And use tweezers to pick it up and move to step 2.

Step 2

Come to your spike/lash fan. Go ahead and isolate it best as possible, then place it, preferably toward the top. You're not gonna release as you would. 

You're gonna make sure it's not getting caught by any other natural lashes. You're gonna sit there and really make sure that it adheres to that fan or spike. 

You don't want it to be moving around or touching anything else. After that, you are just going to hold it for a couple of seconds until you feel like it dries. Again, let's make sure it does not stick to other surfaces or other natural lashes.

Step 3

You could go in and use a Nano Mister and the electric fan at this time to speed up the drying process. 

You want to take note that the lash decals won't last the entirety of the lash set. You may want to recommend to your clients to get the lashes with the decals removed if they don't want to have them full-time or let them fall out naturally. 

As the lash artist, you must do your work and remove them once they come back because they have clear glue throughout the lash, and you definitely don't want that on your lashes.

You can place multiple decals on one lash fan. You just have to make sure the natural lash can withhold it.  If it's going to be a weaker lash, you kind of would properly hold off. 

One thing to know about this process, you definitely want to keep tweezer cleansers handy if you're using your favourite pair of tweezers. Clear glue can get a little messy, so a premium tweezers cleanser will help you clean it immediately. That is the way you can protect your buddy.

If you are struggling, don't fret. Even the bombast of the bomb lash artists have difficulties with this. It is just something new. It will be difficult at first. Then it gets easier. When it is easier, it is fun to work with. Then you are unstoppable in recommending your client to get it. 

We recommend you use isolation tweezers to support your work better. 

If it is your extra service, you should know that it will take about 15 minutes to get it done. You want to get the right amount of dry time, and you want to strategically place them. 

You don't want to place them in any old fashion or anywhere. You want to make sure you place them calculatedly on both eyes and that they make sense on both eyes. 

LBLS recommend you do your full fill first and add a couple of the bottom or a couple of the top but definitely do everything else first. 

That way, it is a little bit easier because if you have lash decals in there and try to move around, it kind of gets hard. You could potentially remove one of the lash decals with your isolation tweezers.

If your clients want eyelash decals that are a little bit more subtle and discreet, you can place the eyelash decals a little bit lower down on the lash line. 

If your clients want to have an eyelash decal more dramatic or more out-there look, you can place them higher up the tip of the spike or lash fan. 

Still, we don't recommend you do it all the way on the tip, as this can weigh down the natural lash.

How Long Do Lash Decals Last?

2 weeks. However, it depends on the client's aftercare process, the quality of the eyelash decal, and the lash glue they use.

Tips On Applying Lash Decals

Many lash technicians now provide lash decals for lash extensions as an added adorable accent to the clients' eyelash extension sets because they are becoming increasingly popular. 

However, as a professional in this field, below are some worthy notes that a lash technician should mention & explain to your lash customers before putting lash decals.

- Lash artists must clarify that the eyelash set does not allow brushing the eyelash decals.

- To prevent damaging their lash extensions and lash decals, it is advisable to refrain from brushing these lash sets at all times. Lash customers must be informed of this.

- By staying away from the lash strands whereby the lash decals for lash extensions are affixed, it is still feasible to softly and meticulously brush the client's lash extensions.

- The aftercare process is crucial. If your client's expected lash decals last longer, it costs extra careful care.

Recommend Lash Decals Style For Lash Clients

Lash Decals

A lash customer can select from countless of various eyelash decal designs. However, if any lash customers are still unsure, they may select from the following recommendations for fashionable eyelash decals

Letters Lash Decals

As the name implies, applying letters of the clients' favourite words on their sets of eyelashes is unquestionably a good idea.

Hologram Heart Decals

Adorable heart-shaped accessories are always in trend. At the same time, it appears chic and charming.

A Star-Shaped Pattern

Star-shaped pattern is among the most popular hologram eyelash decals, along with heart-shaped ones. Attractive and highlights the eyes with a starry accent.

Mix Your Lash Decals

If colourful eyelashes can be customized, why not lash decals for lash extensions? Make a fun impression by offering a variety of coloured decal graphics on your eyelash menu!


Do Lash Decals Last Long?

Yes, it lasts up to 2 weeks. But how well the lash customers take care of them will determine how long these eyelash decals last.

What Benefits Do Lash Decals Have Over Standard Lash Extensions?

In addition to being simple to use, lash decals come in a broad range of forms, lengths, styles, colours, and customer preferences. 

Regardless of whether they pick classic, mega, volume, or hybrid eyelash extension sets, lash customers can add eyelash decals to any of those sets. A huge variety of colours and styles are available for these lash decals for lash extensions as well.

Can You Apply Lash Decals To Natural Lashes?

Yes. It is possible. However, lash technicians will consider if the lash customers have strong lashes that can support lash decals. Ultimately, when the normal shedding cycle takes place, the eyelash decal will come off as the natural lash falls off.

How Do You Stick Decals On Eyelash Extensions?

Lash artists use clear glue to stick decals to eyelash extensions. 


Eyelash extensions are one of the biggest discoveries in the beauty industry, and they continue to advance. 

As it becomes more popular, it also evolves, and innovative lash artists are adding new vibes commencing with the traditional natural eyelash extension, coloured eyelash extensions, and at the end of 2022, the adorable tiny trinkets known as lash decals

So, if you haven't updated your lash menu yet, it is time to turn a new page to your lash salon.

Eyelash decals will not stop in 2022. They will be one of the most demanding lash decorations in the next few years. It is a chance for lash artists to gain more potential clients and attention in town. Use LBLS lash decals and develop your prosperity lash career.

We'd love to have a chance to serve you!



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