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Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Lash Fan
Electric Lash FanLash Fan
Electric Lash Fan
Electric Lash Fan
Electric Lash Fan
Electric Lash Fan
Electric Lash Fan
Electric Lash Fan

Electric Lash Fan

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Product Description
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A lash fan is a compact and useful handheld fan that can expel lash glue fumes. Here are the tips for choosing the best mini eyelash fan! Check now!



Usage: For glue drying

Material: Plastic

Power Source: Lithium battery, USB rechargeable

Mounting Type: Portable/ Handheld

Colour: Hot Pink, Light Pink, Black and Blue

Controller Type: Button Control, On/off switch

Gone are the days when clients complained about the fumes of lash glue making the eyes uncomfortable. Lash fans can support flying the fumes away right the moment it appears. 

But even though it is so important in the lash extension process and client experience, in a vast market, many lash artists still don’t know how to choose the best electric eyelash fan for eyelash extensions

In today's article, LBLS is happy to share some tips you can apply to pick up the best mini lash fan for your preference. 

Buckle up and delve into it now!

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Fan For Eyelash Extension

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Fan For Eyelash Extension

Lash Artist Budget

There are different prices for an electric fan for eyelash extensions. You may have to prepare between $30 and $50 to be able to own one.

The difference between products in the higher price range lies in their safety, effectiveness, and durability. 

Cheaper eyelash fan dryers are more likely to stop working faster. They are also unlikely to have a long life because they are composed of less durable, heat-resistant components with less strength.

There are no cheap but high-quality products. Those are the things you should consider carefully about the price of a product when buying a mini eyelash fan. There will always be a trade-off if you want to buy a low-priced product.

Therefore, LBLS recommends choosing trusted brands, choosing premium, high-quality products so that your investment is covered.

Adjustable Speeds

A good lash drying fan should have many different wind modes. It's about making sure your customers have the best experience.

When starting, depending on the actual situation, eyelash extensions artists may want to use the eyelash fan dryer on the strongest wind setting, then reduce gradually as the eyelashes gradually drier.

Using the right wind mode can also save the number of times you charge the lash fan. All in all, you can save electricity and protect the environment.

Dries The Lashes In All Directions Features

The biggest function of the lash fan is to blow the wind, accelerate the curing process and blow away the glue fumes. You'll want to find a lash extension fan that can dry your client's lashes from multiple angles.

To do that, the lash fan you choose needs to have many air holes that are evenly distributed or use modern technology to adjust the evenly distributed airflow. That will be the function to support the eyelashes to receive enough and even necessary wind. The eyelash joints also become stronger and better dry. As a result, the customer's eyes will not be affected by any chemicals. 

Lash Fan Noise Threshold

lash fan

You certainly don't want your lash fan dryer to blow, causing loud noises to startle customers. Therefore, please pay attention to the noise level of the lash fan when the machine boots up.

Usually, high-end lash extension fan products all operate quite quietly. However, with cheaper products, the noise is often quite loud.

Our hearing is regarded as safe at 70 dB or lower. That is the sound of two individuals having a typical discussion. Hearing loss occurs with sounds between 80 to 85 dB over time. You should take note of this.

Lash Fan Colour

Lash Fan

Colour represents the voice of the brand. It seems not to be important, but it is super crucial. The colour harmonization will awaken people's sight.

The light pink lash extension fan is the most popular colour choice. It evokes happy, carefree, and sentimental memories of childhood.

Hot pink eyelash fan is linked to romance, desire, and even love. A feeling of urgency is produced by the colour too.

Blue mini lash fan connotes loyalty, depth, honesty, knowledge, stability, assurance, faith, and intellect.

According to the brand tone, choose the best one that fits yours. Aside from the colour consistency, the right colour can also show the owner's characteristics, especially when you are a lash artist.

LBLS Lash Fan Features

Lash Fan

Durable Material

LBLS lash extension fan made of premium plastic. It is also the most popular durable material that eyelash extension manufacturers use to produce eyelash fans.

As plastic is super lightweight, our product is just about 100 grams - equal to your phone, even lighter. 

Standard Wind Flow With Speed Adjustment

The eyelash extension fan dries the eyelash out so they may become beautiful and fluffy without being too harsh on the client's lashes, thanks to the standard wind speed. You can not get the smart feature from the normal lash fan when the wind speed is too much, which causes the lash's bonding joint to wiggle and not be stable.

With different wind modes in LBLS lash fans, lash artists have nothing to worry about. They can choose the best wind mode that works well for their clients without damaging the eyelash extension joints or causing the client discomfort.

Furthermore, when a lash artist uses a suitable speed to dry lashes, it saves energy. Lash artists can use the mini lash fan more time by using the right speed for each period of drying eyelashes.

7 Air Outlets

With 7 air outlets per lash fan, you have the opportunity to own a fan with the most uniform airflow.

These airflows cover every corner of each eyelash extension layer to each eyelash joint to help customers' lashes dry as quickly as possible. The consistent wind speed also supports the client in getting rid of the glue fumes quickly.

Quite Design

lash fan

LBLS lash extension fan runs quietly. It has a standard hearing threshold when your and the client's ear will not be harmed when hearing for a long period. This is a special design for a lash extension job, so aesthetic and peaceful design is the most important factor.

Rechargeable Electric Lash Fan

Rechargeable Electric Lash Fan

Like other lash fan dryers, the LBLS lash fan is also battery-powered. But this type of battery is rechargeable. This is the highlight of our product.

You will not need to store batteries at home, but you can use your home electricity to power your lash drying fan.

Each time your lash extension fan is full charge, this product can be used for about 1.5 hours. Assuming it takes 5 minutes to dry your client's lashes, then one full-charge battery will give you 18 times use.

Applying a rechargeable system to the product is a feature that LBLS is very fond of. We continue to choose products that have a tendency to be friendly to the environment and energy saving, in which we can reduce emissions to the environment.

We also hope we have you on board for using the product we sell and distribute!

Power Bank 

Electric Lash Fan

The lash extension fan has a standard charging port and charger cable. You can charge in any socket. 

Even better, it can be a power bank for charging other devices (phones, laptop computers, cameras) when you are in an emergency. It is the best of both worlds. 

We believe if you are a mobile lash artist or traveller, it is the characteristic you will love the most, aside from the ability to gently dry the lash or the whole face if your client loves it.

Water-Cooled Sponge

Putting the accelerated-drying-lash-extension function of the lash fans aside, LBLS lash fans can be a humidification device. Since it has a water-cooled sponge inside, you can use it to increase humidity in the air or, should we say, cool the environment around. Some of our lash artists partners also add some drops of perfume to it and turn it into an air perfume humidifier. 

Lash artists can take this advantage and turn your lash room into a high-end salon with a smell, cleanness and cool breeze. You are gonna love the dual efficiency of the mini eyelash fan even more.

T-Shaped Bracket 

eyelash fan

With the adjustable bracket shaped like a letter T, lash artists can turn the LBLS handheld lash fan into a desktop fan in a wink. The adjustable feature also helps to avoid slipping while in use.

You may want to use a bottle of essential oil placed before a fan to diffuse a relaxing scent during the extension process. The scent will make customers more comfortable and quickly fall asleep, creating favourable conditions for you to speed up the process of eyelash extensions and finish work sooner!

A New Idea On After Care Gift

You may not know an electric fan for eyelash extensions is the most special and attractive gift you can give to your super VIP customers. Instead of gifts like lash shampoo, spoolies, and a mascara wand, this product can generate future revenue for your eyelash extension salon.

Besides, you can also consider them as a product that you can resell. Picture it. For customers who often apply for eyelash extensions - your loyal client who usually goes to the swimming pool or participates in sweaty activities, if they have an eyelash extension fan in their pocket, is it convenient?

Is it a handy product that allows their lashes to dry faster, be cleaner, and retain longer?

You might think giving away a high-value eyelash drying fan may not be a good idea when it comes to profit. However, when your business is at the even point or the first stage, if you can make a difference, you have a chance to stand out from the crowd. As long as your target client is right, you can receive more than you have given. 

So, the strategy is to look for potential clients and perform your action. A good gift to the right KOL with a good backstory will elevate your brand into the cloud where word of mouth is dominant. It works better than a lot of expensive marketing campaigns.

Super Compact - Easy To Carry On

eyelash fan

You may not notice our lash fan dryer has a lanyard where you can hang your lash fan anywhere to save space. If you don't have any room in your bag, you can hang it in your bag effortlessly.

Best Gift Idea For Festive Season

Not only eyelash extension artists and eyelash extension customers but also any individual who needs to use a mini lash fan with large capacity, multiple blowing modes, can dry quickly, and an air conditioner, you cannot ignore this product.

LBLS lash fan is ideal with gifts for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween.

How To Use LBLS Lash Fan

How To Use LBLS Lash Fan

Lash artists should charge the lash fan completely before using it. In the beginning, when you connect the charging source, the light will turn blue. When your eyelash fan is full, it turns red.

  • Remove the sponge by opening the back cover. How to do it: First, push the cover from the bottom. That is the direction you should follow. Now, remove both the sponge and back cover from the lash fan body. 
  • If it is the 1st time you use the fan for eyelash extensions, don't forget to rinse it first.
  • Soak your sponge by letting it stand in the water for a few minutes without letting it overflow. Put it back in the lash fan dryer.
  • Press On to start flowing. Remember to adjust the wind speed when you need to. 

How To Store Lash Fan

After use, let the eyelash fan dryer rest for at least 5 minutes in a cool place before putting it back in the box or hanging it up. The best storage condition is a place where it is cool, dry and a ventilate location. Do not place it near the humidity or heat source. 

Direct sunshine will wear out the outside appearance and cause harm inside the device. So, please get a place where it belongs.


When utilizing an LBLS lash fan, there is one thing to keep in mind. The power switching button is quite sensitive. Simply apply slight pressure, and the eyelash fan dryer will turn on. 

It may occasionally switch on by mistake if something is brushed up against it, which may cause the battery to drain more quickly if you place it on the lash bag with other items. So, remember to store it safely and separately, either in its box or somewhere else safe.


Those are all the shares about eyelash drying fans that LBLS has compiled from eyelash extensions artists who have been our partners for the past 10 years in the eyelash extension and beauty market for customers.

We hope they will come in handy when you consider choosing the right electric eyelash drying fan.

We also hope that the LBLS lash fan will get more attention from you because this is a lash accessory that we put a lot of effort into. Take a look at the detailed images at each angle, enlarged from the product detail set, for a better overview.

LBLS looks forward to serving you!

Thank you!

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