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Premium Nanomister for Eyelash Extension

Premium Nanomister for Eyelash Extension

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Product Description
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Nanomister is a secret eyelash extensions product to prolong lash extensions and reduce lash client irritability. How to properly use a Nanomister


If you follow all the advice of having the best lash retention but have no luck, it is time to consider Nanomister

This is a product that directly affects the power of lash glue, making it durable. Eyelash extension joints also become stronger and more invulnerable. So, how can Nanomister increase the retention rate of eyelash extensions? And how can eyelash extension artists choose an affordable yet effective Nanomister product?

In this article, LBLS will share with you the most valuable experiences of successful eyelash extension artists who have worked with us for the past 10 years on how to use, select and maintain Nanomister.

Without making you wait any longer, let's get started!

Nanomister Summary


What Is A Nanomister?

Nanomister is a tiny, hand-held gadget that produces tiny water droplets out of its nozzle, serving to push up the lash glue curing process. 

In addition, it also was born with the intention of intensively hydrating the skin & giving it a lovely smooth appearance. 

Using Nanomister after eyelash extensions applications are finished offers several wonderful advantages.

How Does Nano Mister Affect Eyelash Extension?

Its primary function is to mist some water on freshly applied eyelash extensions. It helps to rapidly and efficiently cure the lash glue you apply.

What Is Inside A Nanomister?

What Is Inside A Nanomister

Distilled water. Lash technicians would make absolutely sure that only distilled water is used to fill your Nanomister. You can buy it easily from any supermarket or convenience store nearby. 

Tap water, as well as other liquids, might clog the device by causing build-up or scale inside of it. At the end of each day, even if you do not use up the distilled water tank, you must empty it.

Why Do Lash Artists Use Nanomister?

It might take as much as 24 hours for eyelash extension glue to cure (dry) after being exposed to atmospheric moisture. Until it is entirely cured, the glue will keep producing fumes.

Before the customer opens their eyes, using the Nanomister enables the glue to be completely cured and to cease creating fumes. 

What Are Nanomister Benefits?

  • Lessen the possibility of an allergic response brought by excessive exposure to glue fumes
  • Lessen post-service pain, stinging, and red eyes
  • Give the service a revitalizing ending
  • Increase client's experience satisfaction

Tips To Choose The Best Nanomister

Lash Artist Budget On Nanomister

First, you need to determine that Nanomister is a basic, necessary and important product for any eyelash extension application process. This is the product that you will use every day with high frequency. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality products in the first place.

High-quality products with a long shelf life are not cheap. As a result, you will need to prepare a budget of at least $40 to own a Nanomister. Of course, there are some typical differences between low and high price Nanomister. We will show you by the detailed comparison table below:

Nanomister Review



Water Leakage

Easy To Be Broken

Water Jets 

Colour Choices


Normal Nanomister

Sometimes does not work

High possibility


Not even 



Premium-quality Nanomister

Work 100%





More expensive

Potential To Be Resell Product

Nanomister works great not only for eyelash extension artists but also for eyelash extension clients. If you care about skin or makeup or want to enjoy a refreshing feeling every day, Nanomister is an indispensable product.

With such great demand and high application, Nanomister has become an extremely potent product in resale for eyelash extension artists. Therefore, when choosing to buy Nanomister, please pay attention to the following basic characteristics to add an option to the strategy to increase lash artist income.

Product Features


Meet The Need Of Lash Artists

The Nanomister product you choose must meet the basic needs of an eyelash extension artist.

Nanomister must have a good misting performance. The water jets are small and gentle to the lash area. No water leakage. You need to pay attention to safe and durable product materials.

There are many cheap products out there, but they are not durable. Even worse, they do not even work. Therefore, do not be fooled by cheap product traps. Choose a quality product from a reputable seller.

Various Colours

The opportunity for you to sell more products lies in the variety of colours in the product you intend to sell, specifically here, the colour of Nanomister.

If you target young, dreamy subjects, the first choice is bright colours like pink or white.

If you aim for a luxury end customer base, black or gold are usually preferred.

Those are some basic colour examples that you can refer to in considering a suitable Nanomister brand to choose as a product for you to resell.

Value Of The Product

Nanomister is a potential product for resale. However, it is also a strategic product if you want to use it as a strategy to win over high-end customers.

VIP and VVIP customers are willing to spend a lot of money on beauty. Therefore, the product you give them can't be a product with an overly average appearance. They must show the luxury from the design to the quality inside.

Imagine you serve a VVIP client well and have the opportunity to serve a list of VVIP friends from them for your eyelash extension needs. Is that a great chance for you to have yourself on a dream client list?

For the above reasons, you should choose premium Nanomister instead of regular products. They will be a worthwhile investment. For both you and your customers and your future as well.

Stable Stock Source

Picture it. You have the potential market. You have a product that is superior in features. It has a standout design and versatile and luxurious colour. Now, it is time you should take into account the available stock of Nanomister from the potential supplier. 

The brand you choose should have an available and stable source of goods. If they meet that condition, you can choose them as a distributor.

You don't want to be out of stock while reselling consistently to your customers. Choosing a substitute product at a glance is easy to make mistakes. Continuous out-of-stock will disappoint customers.

Either way, they will reduce your credibility. So keep an eye out for steady stock from the brands on your potential Nanomister distributor list.

So, how about LBLS Nanomister? Is it worth the investment? Please give us 2 minutes to let the amazing, one-of-a-kind features persuade you.

LBLS Nanomister Features

LBLS Nanomister Features

Prevent Glue Shocking

It is intended to be used at the conclusion of each and every eyelash service to carefully cure the adhesive (preventing lash glue shock curing). 

Instead of exposing eyelash extensions to an uncontrollable amount of natural moisture, LBLS's Nanomister will help you deliver a sufficient and uniform amount of water jet through the layers of eyelashes so that the eyelash extensions are fully polymerized as we expect. 

The product also helps to avoid excessive moisture, which leads to shocking glue, causing lash joints to become fragile, brittle, and stiff.

Quickly Bond Lash Adhesive

LBLS Nanomister can push up eyelash glue bonding. 

That means eyelash extensions artists can complete the polymerization process more quickly. At the same time, they also become strong and unaffected if your lash client leaves and is exposed to moisture.

These joints will also ensure its longevity until the next lash fill schedule you plan.

Locks In Lash Glue Fumes 

Additionally, the Nanomister traps glue fumes, lowering the risk of adhesive sensitivities and calming and revitalizing the lash client's eyes after the treatment. This results in a nice and peaceful service conclusion.

Minimizes Lash Client's Eye Irritation

Since the lash extension glue stops producing fumes after its polymerization is completed, it is rapid curing, thanks to Nanomister reduces discomfort and allergic responses from fumes. 

Because the Nanomister restores any moisture in which the normally moisture-drawing glues may have been removed from the client's eyes during lash grafting application, red eyes after their session or red eyes symptoms will not appear, or it is less prone to.

Nano And Gentle Mist

The most important thing when using Nanomister bottles is that the gentle jets of water must be super gentle. It has to come out so gently to not wet the lashes by their nano size, not the water drop size.

LBLS Nanomister uses the most advanced ultrasonic mist. The Nanomister bottles you use from us ensure the evenness of the jets as well as a uniform force at each spray.

You won't have to worry about whether you spray too much or too little, as they will automatically turn off at a pre-programmed time to ensure that your lashes won't get soaked by too much water.

Super Convenience Sliding Mechanism

Completely different from Nanomisters, which have a bottle design and round shape and have to be opened to be used, LBLS Nanomister is designed with a modern slider to help eyelash extensions artists use the product much more conveniently.

They are so convenient that you only need one hand, as simple as using a smartphone.

Not only does it help you shorten the time to use the product, but it can also help you become a real swagger lash artist.

You can show a different level from other regular Nanomister products by displaying it. This modern, easy-to-use, safe and durable slider is sure to give you a different experience from the first time you use it.

Non-Slip Shape Design


The LBLS Nanomister design makes it simpler to hold onto and stay put. 

Unlike cylindrical designs, the LBLS Nanomister design is rectangular. Not only do they save storage space, but the outstanding 3D design of the interface also helps eyelash extension artists hold the product more firmly and non-slip.

Cleaning the product is also extremely easy when you only need a damp cloth and a normal cleaning solution to keep the product in like-new condition.

Secret Weapon To Increase Lash Retention

Lash glue is a sensitive product. However, eyelash extensions experts always have tips on how to make eyelash glue more controllable.

And one of the most effective ways is the combination of Nanomister and Super bonder. 

Indeed, they can be paired with Super bonder for the best retention. 

Our best advice is to start with LBLS Super bonder instructions, wait two minutes, and then proceed with our Nanomister when utilizing them together. Despite the fact that both have comparable advantages, they work effectively together. Your clients will definitely scream from the roof just to express how awesome lash retention your lash set is.

Versatile In Use

LBLS Nanomister is not only used for eyelash extensions. You can even use them for personal purposes such as:

  • Make a better look for heavy makeup, especially if you have dry skin. Nanomister will balance the skin tone and provide moisture to your skin.
  • When you use a laptop or smartphone in the long term, there is computer radiation that you should consider. It may affect your skin and cause it to become dull. When using these types of devices, try to use Nanomister to offer relaxation to the skin and eliminate the negative effects of the radiation.
  • Anti-skin aging and skin wrinkles. One of the main reasons why people have wrinkles is because the skin loses its elasticity. They all come from insufficient moisture. That is why using Nanomister regularly can ease the signs of aging.
  • Eliminate skin allergy symptoms when the season changes. The skin becomes more sensitive when the weather changes, but if there is enough water, it can be healthier to confront the change.
  • Bring a new and fresh feeling when you are in an air-conditioned room for a long time, which causes water depletion.
  • A solution for sunburn.

Potential To Resell

LBLS's Nanomister is a potential product for eyelash extension artists to resell to their customers and increase their income.

This is a product that not only works in eyelash extensions but can also be used in daily life.

Don't always promote small-value products. As you sell higher-value products, your customer base expands to a higher-earning customer base. It will be an opportunity for you to expand your beauty services and business later on.

Travel Friendly


LBLS Nanomister is extremely thin, small and compact. However, they can hold up to 6ml of water. The LBLS Nanomister has the same capacity as all other bulky products on the market, but the design is more compact and much more luxurious.

At 111mm tall, 37mm wide and 24mm long, they're even more compact than your phone. Lash artists can take them with them anywhere without worrying about them taking up a lot of space.

How To Use LBLS Nanomister

How To Use LBLS Nanomister
  • Step 1: Charge your brand-new Nanomister in accordance with the package recommendations as soon as you get it.
  • Step 2: Before using, rinse the gadget by adding distilled water to the reservoir and running it until it dries out.
  • Step 3: At the beginning of your work day, fill it with distilled water and refill it when it drains.
  • Step 4: At the time the lash extension is grafted, lash artists must wait at least 5 minutes before starting to use the Nanomister.

Early misting might cause the glue to experience a phenomenon called Shock Polymerization. Glue shocking is the chemical reaction that occurs when cyanoacrylate in lash adhesive cures & dries too rapidly, which results in the glue becoming white and weakening the connection. 

So, pay attention to the glue colour, and you can know what state your glue is curing, whether it is on a good track or not.

Once you spend more time letting the lash glue work, you can start cleaning your working platform, removing lash eye patches, using the favourite lash brush voted by the lash expert to brush the lashes, etc.

  • Step 5: Take up your Nanomister. Hold it tightly and upright. However, you should put it far away from the eyelashes so that just the mist's tail touches them.

You should spray in 20 seconds, misting back and forward between two eyes. In case water droplets appear on lashes, it means you hold your Nanomister too close to the eyes or do not move between them. Or you stay in one place for a long period.

How To Clean LBLS Nanomister?

  • Step 1: Open the Nanomister back to reveal the storage tank.
  • Step 2: Add some isopropyl alcohol drops.
  • Step 3: Half-fill your Nanomister with pure water.
  • Step 4: Shake it vigorously until the liquid has assimilated everything.
  • Step 5: Run the Nanomister till the tank is completely empty.
  • Step 6: Repetition of steps 2 to 5.
  • Step 7: Finally, refill your Nanomister with distilled water.
  • Step 8: Turn it on. Let it run until dry to guarantee the alcohol has been drained.

Keep in mind the frequency of cleaning the Nanomister is one time per week (at least). Besides, lash artists also have to empty their Nanomister at the conclusion of the workday.

How To Take Care Of LBLS Nanomister?


Always Make Sure Your Nanomister Is Charged

Nothing is sadder than grabbing your beloved Nanomister to finish the lash sets to rest and discovering that the power energy is dead! That's why eyelash extension artists should check the product's battery regularly and ensure it's fully charged before each working day.

Check The Water Source Every Time You Use

As we mentioned earlier, distilled water is the recommended water that eyelash extensions artists should use in their Nanomister. Other types of water can cause stagnation and damage the Nanomister.

Keep In Mind To Empty Nanomister 

If this is not done, it creates a perfect environment for bacteria and mould may grow within the device. If your Nanomister odour like mildew, it is likely posing a health risk.

Clean Regularly

Follow our recommendation for the Nanomister cleansing process above and repeat it if there is any mildew smell til you have on your hand the odourless mist.


Nanomister is a game-changer product. 

Lash glue (adhesive) is an unstable product, at least for now. It cannot work properly without perfect storage conditions, unstable humidity or temperature, or proper shaking. 

Therefore, the lash artist's role is to create a perfect environment for it to make the best out of it. As such, all the lash joints can be cured sufficiency. To do that, Nanomister comes to help. 

Even better, it can make the area around the eyes refresh. So, seek the variety of uses and fit your needs besides supporting glue curing features. 

Don't forget to take a closer look at LBLS premium Nanomister. We have eye-catching designs and fine quality that you have never experienced before. 

You should place an order and get a Nanomister right away if you do not already have one. It will definitely change your lash game forever.

We'd love to support you if you have any further questions.

Thank you!


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