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Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers
Isolation Lash Tweezers

Isolation Lash Tweezers - Fiber Tip

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Product Description
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No isolation tweezer, no proper lash separation. But how to choose the best tweezer from the variety of selections? Here is your solution. Click now.



  • Material: Surgical grade - Japanese stainless steel 
  • Colour: Gold and Black
  • Straight: 5.5 inch / 14 cm
  • 45 degree tip curved: 5.5 inch / 14 cm
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Tip: 7 mm
  • 100% Hand Tested

The appropriate natural lash isolation is among the most crucial steps in grafting lash extensions, which is why the isolation tweezer is crucial. 

To make sure that lash extensions are long retention and comfortable, individual eyelashes should always be isolated. Without reliable isolation tweezer eyelash extensions, you risk having clumsy lashes and unhappy clients.

But how do you pick the perfect set of isolated lash tweezers for your hand? Here, all of the advice and suggestions are presented.

Isolation tweezer - The Best Set - Advice From Experts

Isolation Tweezer

The Value Of Tweezers For Isolation

As we've already stated, lash isolation is the foundation of a flawless eyelash extension set. The entire underlying idea is that improper lash separation will cause the lash's natural shedding cycle to be disrupted. 

Each natural eyelash has a specific lifetime. Suppose it does not experience proper lash isolation and attaches to another (more than 1) natural lash while attached to the same lash extension when the shedding cycle comes. 

In that case, one natural lash falls, and the other natural lash will follow even though its lifespan is still on. In addition to this obvious imperfection, the customer's eyes feel unpleasant when many natural eyelashes are bonded together like somebody is constantly yanking on the lashes.

In short, bad isolation will harm your customer's natural lashes. Besides, the client's eyelash extensions won't feel or look well. 

You best offer your performance to the very best of one's ability when it comes to lash isolation to prevent this discomfort for both your customer and you. In order to complete that at the best level, a good pair of isolation tweezer eyelash extensions, specifically designed for this task, is all you need.

Isolation Tweezer Type

Being one of the most important eyelash tools, we believe there is no surprise that there will be various isolating tweezers on the market. The selection might be confusing, so allow us to guide you carefully through the fundamentals.

Straight Isolation Tweezer Eyelash Extensions

straight Isolation Tweezer

Isolation tweezer eyelash extensions are authentic lash extension industry classics. So do the straight isolation tweezers

Because of their thin tip, lash artists can easily reach each and work their way further into the lash line. On the other hand, straight isolation tweezers are less approachable for beginners. It takes time for inexperienced artists to learn how to use the straight one.

If lash artists don't get good at using these tweezers, you could find it challenging to maintain the lash separate while using the other to attach extensions. Therefore, if you choose to purchase straight isolation tweezers, be careful to practice frequently to acquire the perfect separation.

Curved Isolation Tweezer

Curved tip is lash artist favourite isolating tweezers. Curved isolation tweezers allow for far greater mobility, resulting in less hand tensing throughout the treatment. Lash extension experts share that a curved tip gives you a better view of the region you're operating in.

You don't need to worry about those pesky baby lashes, which nonetheless manage to destroy flawless separation when using isolation tweezer eyelash extensions since curves won't allow lashes to poke through!

90 Degrees Tweezer

90 degrees Isolation Tweezer

It's more difficult to separate some lashes than others. Your customer can have unusually pointed lashes or curling lashes. Curved or straight isolating tweezers both fall short in these circumstances. From our perspective, employing a 90-degree tweezer can help with stubborn eyelashes. 

These 90-degree tweezers are not particularly intended for isolation. They are the best at separating naturally stubborn curved lashes, though. Therefore, 90-degree tweezers will come to your rescue if separating your client's eyelashes is difficult.

How To Choose Isolation Tweezer 

Isolation tweezers vary not only in neck form, width, weight, material, and length but also in tip shape. The variety sounds super intimidating. Only you are capable of making the ideal choice for your needs when you choose the lash tweezers for you.

For instance, at LBLS, some of our beloved artists swear by curved tweezers, while others can't seem to stop using straight ones. You have a tonne of fantastic alternatives available. You simply need to pick the option that suits you the most. Keep in mind your fingers aren't overextended while you grip and practice using various styles of lash tweezers.

It is a good likelihood that the isolation tweezer you are using is too little or too big for the hand if you feel that your hand tenses up really quickly. The key lesson here is that isolation tweezers are mostly a matter of personal choice. You can hear some sharing and experience, but whether it fits you or not, you still have to discover which ones suit you best through varied attempts.

Besides, there are some factors you should take into consideration:

Isolation Tweezer Material

Isolation tweezer eyelash extensions made from stainless steel are becoming everyone's choice these days. It can not be that popular if it does not:

Resistant To Corrosion

LBLS isolation tweezer is a steel composition tweezer with a minimum 10.5% chromium concentration, which is well-known as Japanese stainless steel material. 

Stainless steel isolation tweezers are very resistant to oxidation and rust because of the way that chromium interacts with airborne oxygen to generate a protective coating. As a result, lash artists can use it without worry that your precious tweezers are being worn down by the chemical you use daily to clean and sanitize them. 

In addition, it is exceedingly corrosion-resistant and keeps the thin tweezer tips very well. 

Ease Of Maintenance

This is durable but easy to work with tweezer material which manufacturers can sharpen effortlessly to a very fine edge. More importantly, it is high strength at tensile. 

From that, numerous tweezer tip shapes were born to serve different purposes of lash extension work. That is the reason why you can see its popularity of it on the market. When you need to fix it, the number of available repair stores will be much wider.

Very Durable

A very strong metal, stainless steel isolation tweezer can survive all types of strikes that might otherwise cause serious harm. These types of tweezers can withstand a small dropping. In comparison to other tweezer material, we strongly believe it will support you better in daily life. No one expects to have to give up your newly purchased eyelash extension tweezers after just dropping them once. When it comes to tweezers, durability is the factor that you can neglect. 

Resistant To Temperature

The stainless steel isolation tweezers are strong and can survive extreme heat. So, your tweezer is fine whether you are in too cold or too hot (normal weather that people can withstand). However, you may want to differentiate this feature of stainless steel isolation tweezers from other materials, as other materials with a lower price may be rusted quickly under normal weather. 

Appealing Appearance

Not only do stainless steel isolation tweezers seem glossy and brighter. It is painted with the most popular colour in the lash extension market. Tweezers in black plasma, rose gold, or rainbow will be difficult to reject for any lash artist. You possess the masterpiece of tweezers in your hands, which can be shined by you.

Friendly To The Environment 

The stainless steel isolation tweezer is completely recyclable. A tweezer continues to be a useful source of its primary alloying elements, molybdenum, nickel, and chromium, even after it has finally reached the expiration of its service life. These are easily recoverable and may be added back to the manufacturing process.

LBLS Isolation Tweezer Feature

Isolation Tweezer

The outstanding feature of these isolating tweezers is the ability to quickly "catch" the eyelashes without tiring the user's hand.

LBLS does a lot of testing with the tweezers we design specifically for eyelash extension artists. In the latest version you are looking at, we have achieved a standard distance between 2 pieces of tweezers that allows eyelash extensions artists to use minimal effort and still be able to separate lashes easily. With long-term use, isolation tweezers will help you avoid the fatigue of putting too much effort into separating the eyelashes.

Lastly, the anti-slip lines on each tweezer's body will help eyelash extension artists hold the tweezers more firmly. You may not know that when holding a product that is too slippery, your brain will often automatically signal to your body to put more effort into griping it. Therefore, with anti-slip lines on the body of the tweezers, you can safely use them with moderate force.

How To Keep Isolation Tweezer Clean

Make careful to take excellent care of your preferred isolation tweezer when you get them. You never expect your money to be wasted because of an action you can totally control or some extra steps that are a piece of cake for you. 

To guarantee that your preferred isolation tweezer eyelash extensions can continue serving you, follow these simple steps:

Preserve Isolation Tweezer Appropriately

Remember the cover tip of your isolation tweezer when you first bought it - the one in the combo set? Always keep these covers on your tweezers to protect the lash tweezer tips.

The most crucial component of the isolation tweezer eyelash extensions is its tip. Thus you must ensure that it is kept safe while not applied. This is essential for those tweezers like 90 Degrees Tweezer since they have an extremely thin, bendable tip.

Protect Your Isolation Tweezer From Lash Glue

As you may already be aware, lash adhesives include a number of strong chemicals that, if not cleaned off after each usage, might harm your isolation tweezers. You can apply a lash glue remover or tailor-made adhesive remover to ensure the lash glue falls off entirely.

Get Yourself A Tweezer Case

Whether you are a home-based lash artist or a mobile lash tech, we are all aware that a lash tweezer case is irresistible. It does not only give your isolation tweezer a home to live by. It gives it a roof no matter how lively or unstable the outside world is. With the magnet, these lash tweezers will stay still and never drop out unless you allow them. 

There are a lot of options for a lash tweezer case to choose from. It fits with different styles of lash artists. Still, the LBLS tweezer case with high-grade quality paper is considered the most friendly, economic and efficient tweezer case. When you are in doubt, it is the most worthwhile choice.

How To Clean And Disinfecting Isolation Tweezer 

As lash glue does not get onto isolation tweezers during the lash grafting application process, several lash techs may forgo cleaning them. It is not acceptable. Why? Isolation tweezers might become contaminated or spread eye infections from one client to another. Therefore, you should clean them after every time you complete your work with each client. Below are a few pointers on this subject:

Sanitation With Filicide 

Normally, people will spray and then they will wipe. However, to get the best results, let it dry naturally. After using the tweezers, remember to wash them with water and soap.

The Use Of Dropped Tweezers Should Be Stopped.

Get backup isolation tweezers to finish the task if you unintentionally drop your beloved tweezers during lashing. You should not pick the dropped on the floor isolation tweezers and start to sanitise them because:

  • It will consume valuable time.
  • The sanitiser used could not clear up immediately, and there is a chance it can cause your client irritation because of the chemical on them.

Clean Up Between Appointments

Between appointments, you MUST clean your isolation tweezers to prevent cross infections

Sanitise It With Care

Be careful not to handle your tweezers roughly when cleaning so that you don't bend the tips of the tweezers.


Long story short, we hope this little essay introduces you to the windows of isolating tweezers' world. You will get all the knowledge soon when you hold these isolation tweezer eyelash extensions in your hands. Play around with various sorts and sizes is the only proper way to help you understand it.

There is no one size fits all isolating tweezers. Each lash artist will have one favourite one. The quicker you put the LBLS isolating tweezers in the shopping cart, the sooner you find your destiny lash tweezers. Good luck!

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