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neon lashes
UV Neon coloured lashes
UV Neon coloured lashes
UV Neon coloured lashes
NEON Lashes

Promade Coloured UV NEON Lashes | 6D 0.07 | Single Size | 500 fans

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Product Description
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These neon lashes extensions are genuine in colour, lightweight on the eyes, own a long-lasting curl and have amazing glue absorption. Discover them now! 


Have you ever been itching to experiment with new lash techniques? Do you want to double your lash revenue or expand your lash business? Well, these neon lashes extensions were born to help you. They answer all the questions mentioned earlier.

Whether it is the festive season or the normal days, these glow in the dark eyelash extensions will change your lash game. Check out all the lowdown of neon lash extensions here.

In the article, we introduce tips for buying the best glow in the dark lash extension trays. We also show tips for getting the best lash set with neon eyelashes. 

Let's get the ball rolling now!

Neon Lashes

Neon Lashes

What Are Neon Lashes?

Neon lashes, also known under other names as glow in the dark eyelash extensions, and UV fluorescent lashes, are bespoke, tailor-made lash extensions that have features of responding to UV light and becoming lit. 

It is one of the most trendy eyelash extensions in 2022 and is predicted to become one of the explosive trends in 2023 and 2024.

What Are the Benefits Of Neon Eyelashes?

Neon lashes instantly highlight the natural beauty of the eyes when exposed to UV light. The wearer's eyes become shiny and bright at night, so it is hard to ignore them. It creates a unique and personal look that lights your client's face. 

Is Neon Lashes Safe?

Yes, neon lashes are safe, provided it is made from safe ingredients and trustworthy brands. 

As LBLS recommends to our customers, you should always choose Korean PBT material when it comes to lash extensions. It is the highest grade standard for lash extension material. It is safe, non-allergic, lightweight and brings a real effect to the lashes.

LBLS neon lashes are made of Korean PBT lashes. Covering the colour is 100% followed by salon beauty standards on safe and sanitizing requirements. 

How Do Neon Lashes Work?

In fact, neon lash extensions are the same as colour lashes in normal conditions when there are no UV lights. However, when there are UV lights, they shine like diamonds. That is the magic of glow in the dark eyelashes. 

Who Are Potential Clients For Neon Lashes?

Everyone. Indeed, anyone who looks for a fun look or stunning appearance can come to neon eyelashes. Here is the list of potential lash clients who are interested in neon lash extensions that lash artists can approach:

  • People who love parties, clubs, festivals, and more

They always love a new, freshened look that can make the night great again. They will love to come to lash artists to have a unique, personalized appearance to let them be a star at night.

  • People who work in the beauty section, like beauty vloggers, IT girls, fashionistas, etc. 

Those individuals are trendy people. They would love to discover more about how to make them an icon. To be able to achieve that, glow in the dark eyelashes are hard-to-say-no lashes extensions.

  • People who want to stand out in special events. 

Have you considered any brides who want to be the most outstanding girl at their wedding party? Well, if yes, they are potential clients for neon lashes.

  • People who work in the beauty section, like lash artists. 

Why? Because you guys are the representative of beauty, whatever it is, from your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., people will watch and follow your steps. Therefore, never stop promoting your service to other colleagues in town. There is always a chance you can cross-advertise!

Why Should Lash Artists Buy Neon Lashes Extensions Fan?

Because neon lashes are a huge source of income for lash artists, it brings extra bucks and is a game changer in your lash artist's career. Neon lashes are a great combination of meticulous skills, experiences, artists and a high level of creativity. 

At festive seasons, like Halloween, Christmas, Year End Party, New Year, etc., neon lashes will revitalize all the hidden beauty of the face, and everyone will be surprised by this new look. 

When a fresh and brand-new thing happens, our spirit will be more aflutter and hopeful.  That is the vibe that glows in the dark eyelash extensions can offer for everyone in the holiday season.

Besides, under regular conditions, these glow in the dark lash trays can save you from the low season. You have more time for your lash masterpiece and attract all the models, KOLs, who need your eyelash extensions service all the time coming to you.

On top of that, glow in the dark lash extension trays are the way you prove that your lash salon is always fresh and trendy in the client's eyes. Lash clients can come to you with any style they think of, such as during cosplay season, school camouflage festivals, etc... 

Whenever they need a new look, they can come to you! You have everything regarding lash extensions. Black lashes, colour lashes, and even neon lashes are always on your lash menu.

Being trendy and always on top of creation will be the thoughts you want your lash clients to always remember about your service. That is why you need neon lash extensions.

Tips To Buy Glow In The Dark Eyelashes

Lash Artists Budget

Any product that eyelash extensions artists use needs a clear financial plan. How much do you invest? How much profit will you make? How many full sets sold will break even? How many full sets will you have profit? 

Answering those questions will be the first step to dividing your budget for neon lashes.

LBLS recommends that eyelash extension artists spend about 1% of their revenue annually on new products and services. When they stabilize, and you realize you can grow more with neon eyelashes, increase your investment in them.

Neon lash extensions will definitely be a potential investment because you may be able to attract a customer with frequent beauty needs to your eyelash extension salon. Therefore, you will definitely want to spend a proper budget on them.

Neon Lashes Material

Normally, neon eyelashes will be made of the same material as our other premium eyelash extensions (the most advanced eyelash extensions are made of a material called Korean PBT). Then they will be covered with a colour that can glow when encountered with UV light. 

The difference between a high-end neon lash extensions product and a regular glow in the dark eyelash product lies in the ability to evenly apply colour, whether the final product colour is true to life or not, and the most important thing is the safety of glow in the dark eyelash extensions when attached to natural eyelashes.

High-end neon lashes products will not cause clumps, itching, or tearing reactions for lash clients. They are also extremely light. The curvature is also extremely durable.

Meanwhile, products made from poor-quality materials will give birth to glow in the dark lash extension trays with lifeless colours and poor glow features. Even worse, they cause allergic reactions in customers. Their heavy weight and poor absorbing lash glue also make them difficult to apply to eyelash extension artists. As a result, lash retention will be super poor.

Hence, lash artists should choose PBT lashes as their source of neon lashes material. You should ask lash suppliers to give you a demonstration of glow features as well.

Ultimately, safety neon lashes will be golden insurance for your lash career. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to ensure you buy the safe one.

Neon Lashes Fan

Like other black lash extensions, fan-making is challenging; lash artists must master picking the lashes properly. You also need to control the amount of glue which is not too much or too little. It must be at a standard that it can hold all lash roots together and still not make the lash fan base heavy and cause client discomfort.

The fan making job does not stop there. You must make all the tiny, thinnest lashes blossom beautifully because if you don't, it will not bring the effect of fluffy lashes. Your clients may feel their lashes are clumsy.

That is looking in the profile of black lash fan making. When you do neon lashes fan, this process will be double harder. Why?

In fact, because of the colour reflection, neon lashes are not an easy product to create fans, especially for inexperienced eyelash extension artists. Neon eyelashes require high technique and fan making experience from eyelash extensions experts when they can pick up these lightweight, thin lashes to form a neon lash extensions fan.

When we were in the experimental stage of neon lashes production, LBLS received a lot of feedback from our veteran fan lash artists that, compared to making a black lash fan, creating a neon lash fan can take twice as long. 

For new eyelash extension artists, when the fanning technique is not yet mastered, facing neon lash strands to form a neon lash fan is a challenging job to succeed. That's why LBLS recommend lash artists choose ready to graft glow in the dark lash trays to use.

Of course, you can always learn how to master neon lashes fan-making. However, premade neon eyelashes will be the better solution, and even once you get the high technique, you will choose them eventually to protect your long-term posture and health.

Trustworthy Lash Suppliers

Finding a reputable seller is fundamental regardless of where you plan to buy neon lashes.

Unlike regular black eyelash extensions, there are not too many companies producing neon eyelashes, so your choice will be fewer. However, always pay attention to the must-have characteristics of a reputable lash supplier, such as:

- There are both offline and online stores.

- They appear and cover their brand on social media channels, from Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

- They have feedback from customers.

- Their e-commerce site has user interaction.

- They have regular, consistent posts and updates.

- They advise and answer questions you have quickly.

- They have a variety of safe and secure online payment methods for both buyers and sellers, like Paypal, Afterpay, etc.

When a manufacturer and distributor of neon lash extensions guarantees these conditions, it means they have made a relative investment in the business, so their products will also be worth your trust!

Why Should Lash Artists Choose LBLS Neon Lashes Fan?

Because LBLS has more than 10 years of lash fan-making, we specialize in Promade fans and Handmade fans. 

In addition, we are the pioneer of lash suppliers in Australia. We have factories to produce neon lash extensions and distribute them directly to Aussies and all lash artists in the world. 

All LBLS's lash fans are made of premium lash extension material, and it strikes the highest level of a perfect lash fan should have. We check off everything you search for a legit lash supplier:

  • We are lash extensions manufacturers and suppliers where we have thousands of artisans who make lash extensions every day.
  • We update new technology every year. Our research team is always on the way to producing more quality lash extensions products that make a lash artist's life easier.
  • We launch new products yearly with the updated formula or the one that can aid in lash artists' success every day. 
  • We have brick and mortar store beside our website 
  • We are present on Facebook, and Instagram, where you can find useful tips in the lash career, both in business and lash extensions techniques. More importantly, you can get inspiration from other lash artists
  • Exclusively, LBLS has unboxing clips from all of our customers who have been our customers over the last 10 years. They support us, love our product and have stayed until now.
  • We offer you all the most modern online payment methods that you find worry-free to pay online: Paypal, Zippay, After Pay, etc.
  • We have 24/7 customer service, which always supports and gives you the satisfied answers and solutions.
  • We partner with DHL, the most effective and quick shipping service.
  • Lastly, LBLS loves lash extensions, and we respect lash artists who make people beautiful daily. 

Furthermore, we offer lash artists perfect neon lashes fans with the most attractive price that is sure to make you happy. Here are the features of LBLS glow in the dark lash extension trays that will make you order our products with confidence:

LBLS Neon Lashes Features

Safe Material

LBLS neon lashes fan is made up of high-grade Korean PBT. This is the most advanced material in the eyelash extension industry, and we are proud to be one of the units that use them to manufacture eyelash extensions in our factory.

Our neon eyelashes fan is safe to wear on the client's eyes. The neon lashes will light whenever the UV lights shine on them. We also update the newest technology, which makes the colour genuine and brings a standout effect even when lashing clients wear it in daylight.

We always put safety first when manufacturing neon lash extensions because we understand that using a quality product is the basis for lash artists to protect themselves and your brand in the long run.

100% Handmade

All LBLS neon lashes fans are handmade by artisans. Their job is to create fans every day. Therefore, the speed and quality are unbeatable. Because it is handmade, we pay attention to every neon eyelashes to make sure it reaches the perfect lash fan standard. We tweak and triple-check every fan before packing it in a box and selling it for you.

True Colour

We offer lashes artists 4 colour trends and also the most demanding neon lashes. They are sky blue neon, green neon, orange neon and pink neon. 

These glow in the dark eyelashes will have brighter colours than normal colour lashes under normal conditions. It only shines when you go to the dark and approach the UV lights. So, when your lash clients wear neon eyelashes, they own both colour lashes feature and secret to sparkle at night of neon lashes

LBLS glow in the dark eyelash extensions will not bring a fake effect. It features outstanding functions. Lash artists can emphasize the little secret to your lash clients. 

Amazing Lash Glue Absorbent

One of the scary nightmares to lash artists is the neon lash extensions they bought at home that do not catch the glue. However, there is nothing to worry about when you have LBLS's neon eyelashes on your hands. 

It is made of high-grade Korean PBT, so it catches the glue well. It even works better if you use Magic Glue. Our lash artists feedback that with Magic Glue, their lash clients can reach up to 8 weeks of lash retention.

The advantage of excellent lash glue absorption is lash artists can save the glue in the long term as you don't have to reapply the other glow in the dark eyelashes fans because the old one does not have enough glue on them. 

It saves you from frustration when everything goes as planned in every lash application process.

Symmetric Lash Fan Tip

In order to pronounce we have a perfect neon lashes fan, LBLS's fan must have the fan blossom perfectly. All the lash strands are evenly distanced. 

This perfect symmetricity facilitates lash artists to make the natural lashes fuller quickly. It is even the best way to cover all the sparse natural lashes. If there are gaps, the neon lash fans can take care of them. 

Moreover, we do not stop the perfectionist at one fan. We ensure that your clients get all the fans at the same quality. As we understand, consistent high quality makes professionals lash salons. We guarantee you that quality.

Long-Lasting Curl

Low-quality neon lashes can lose their curl after one night. However, due to the awesome Korean PBT material, all LBLS lash fans preserve their curl longer than you ever expected. We ensure the curl is durable and lasts until your clients order the next full set. 

Neon Lashes 6D

We present to you the most demanding neon lashes: - the 6D. 6 lash strands are glued together to form the neon eyelashes fan. We apply the newest technology in the 6d neon lash extensions to ensure you have the smallest and most pointed lash base.

As all the roots are secured firmly, lash artists do not have to worry about all the lashes falling apart. Even if you are a novice lash artist, you can effortlessly apply these 6D glow in the dark eyelashes

With LBLS neon lashes fan, even if you are inexperienced with the lash fan making, you can still graft them without worries. Just make sure you use a lash glue ring (the flower type) to control the amount of excess glue better when you dip the lash fan base into the lash glue, and you will be fine.

Variety Choices

With the neon lashes, you have 3 choices in lash curl: C, CC, and D.

To clients who prefer natural beauty, C is an ideal choice. The popular lash extension curl is closest to the natural lash curl. In fact, the C curl is everyone's favourite. Every lash artist has this lash curl in their lash cart because it satisfies almost every lash client's needs.

Additionally, we have D curl. The curl is for lash clients who love the dramatic look as it is much curlier than the C and even CC. Have your clients fallen in love with the barbie look? Well, this D curl is the one you can recommend they do when they want neon eyelashes.

Getting the best of both worlds is the CC neon lashes curl. It has both natural and dramatic effects, where it is curlier than natural curl C and less curly than D. When your lash clients love the medium curl, the CC curl is the one you should advise them to go.

Various Length

To be able to support lash artists in recreating the natural lash layer, we are pleased to introduce all the common neon lash lengths: 10mm to 15mm. With these lengths, you have a full arm equipment of creations to any lash map which serves any lash style you think of. 

Don't forget that you have to measure your lash client's natural lashes first to pick up the optimum lash extension length. Going no further than 3 mm of natural lashes length is a rule of thumb.

To newbie lash clients, lash professionals recommend 1 mm longer than natural lashes. To seasoned lash clients, 2mm to 3mm longer is fine. You also need to consider their eye structure, whether they use glasses or not, to decide the best length that suits their day-to-day habit. 

Save Time, Energy - Increase Money

As we mentioned earlier, the process of making neon lash fans is extremely complicated. They are even more difficult than regular volume fans because they are reflective of light. Therefore, LBLS neon lash extensions will save eyelash extension artists even more time as you can skip the lash fanning process and go straight to applying neon lashes to natural lashes.

Besides, when using ready to graft glow in the dark eyelashes, eyelash extensions artists also ensure you provide a uniform product quality for your customers. Excellent and consistent quality means you get a premium service. This will be the dominant advantage that makes you outcast your opponent.

Best of all, the fact that you don't need to spend hours making neon lashes fans will reduce your risk of back pain, wrist pain, and symptoms that can destroy your posture and health in the long run. Promade neon lashes are the perfect solution to protect the health of eyelash extension artists.

How To Use Glow In The Dark Lash Trays

Step 1


- silicone lash pad which can make all the lash fans stand, facilitating your graft easier and faster

- lash glue

- lash glue ring

Step 2

Pick all the neon eyelashes up and place them into the silicone lash pad.

Step 3

Dip them into a glue ring, remove excess lash glue and graft them to the natural lashes.

How To Preserve Neon Lashes

All 500 neon lashes fans are packed in a clear box, which you can observe easily anytime you want. You can know how much is left or whether you should buy new batches.

Like other lash fans, neon lash extensions must be stored in cool, ventilated places. It must stay away from direct sunlight, heat source, electric source and even children's reach.

The lash trays are the best storing neon eyelashes tools, where you put all your lash extensions in place and manage them easily without running all around the house to find your desired lashes.


That is all the ins and outs of neon lashes. LBLS hopes that all these tips and information will support you on the lash extensions job journey. 

Being a lash artist is a challenging job. Sometimes you must think outside the box, make the best of each trend or differentiate yourself to outperform competitors to survive and be the best in your area. 

To be able to do that, neon eyelashes are a big help. It supports your double income in the festive season. It brings more potential lash clients to your door on low-season days.

All in all, it is a great opportunity to advertise you to more prospects. To those who are usually in need of improving their outside appearance, premium lashes are a must. That is why thousands of lash artists love LBLS neon lash extensions.

And we hope we have a chance to serve you too! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Thank you!


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