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Promade L Curl Lashes | Single Size

Promade L Curl Lashes | Single Size

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Product Description
Shipping Details

Key points:

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/ faux mink.
  • Colour: Dense, matte black finish.
  • Gloss: semi-gloss.
  • Length, range: 9mm to 15mm.
  • Quantity: 500/1000 fans per tray.
  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.05 and 0.07.
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.
  • Here are all the secrets to choosing L curl lashes extensions in Australia. Dig into now to get all the tricks to create the amazing l curl lash set!


    Few lash curls are as special as l curl lashes

    They amaze both clients and new eyelash extension artists with their distinctive shape compared to the rest of the lash extension curls, as they have a direct and dramatic bend. 

    So what are l curl lash extensions? How do you choose the right l curl lashes Australia for you, and how to do l curl eyelash extensions set successfully? All the answers will be revealed in this article!

    Let's set aside all the work and get into it now!

    What Are L Curl Lashes?

    What Are L Curl Lashes?

    L curl lashes are the most exotic lash curl when it has a square shape base (like the L letter) lying flat on natural lashes and lifting in the end. L in l curl lash means to lift, as it has an amazing lifting and opening effect for straight lashes, small eyes, hooded eyes, etc. With this curl, your customers will look gorgeous, special, eye-catching and dramatic. 

    Besides, the L lash curl seems more prominent because of the strong cat eye impression created by the lash extensions curl. There is more to discover about this L curl.

    Why Should Lash Artists Have L Curl Lash In Their Lash Cart?

    Because l curl lash extensions are unique, as a result, it creates a unique look. Since few lash technicians are acquainted with this l curl eyelash extensions, you have the chance to provide a distinctive style!

    A lot of people will stop to ask what the lash curl is. You can even get more impressions in advertising posts because the specialty of the l curl lashes distinctly shines the eyes. 

    If you struggle to find a lash set that makes your lash salon stand out, l curl lash is a go-go. Sometimes, success is not complicated. It is not about skill-sets. It is about the right lash set you choose to accompany with. 

    LBLS even got some big orders from foreigners outside of Australia because the artists love these curls, but the locals do not provide them. So, get the chance and be a pioneer.

    Who Are The Target Clients For L Curl Lashes?

    The l curl lash has the advantage of being a visible curl. Hence its application target clients also require separate notes:

    Droopy Eyes + Deep Eyes Clients

    When working with clients who have droopy or deep eyes or senior ladies, their eyes always necessitate a wide opening to support them shed their "sleepy" appearance. These types of eyes frequently require strongly curled lashes to get an effect that is, nonetheless, quite delicate and alluring.

    Monolid Eyes Clients

    Clients with monolid eyes will love the l curl lashes. It will add thickness without making the client's eyes feel heavy. The appropriate thickness is either 0.07 mm or 0.05 mm.

    Straight Natural Lashes Clients

    In fact, straight lashes clients will need more lash curls to get a balanced look. 

    However, adding L curl into one of the choices will support your clients to get a new look they have never reached before. Especially with round eyes and clients with straight lashes, the eyes will be much deeper and more gorgeous by having an L curl in the eye's tail.

    Clients With Almond Eye

    As you may already know, clients with almond eyes are lash artists' best friends because any lash curls applied to them are all beautiful. 

    These eyes are already beautiful, so you just need to use the L curl in appropriate locations to emphasize the eye's form, making your client's beautiful eyes full of vitality and open.

    L Curl Lash Recommended Style

    Despite having a big curl, these l curl lashes may be used on many different kinds of eyelash extensions, particularly personality lash extensions, giving the eyes a significant transformation.

    Cat Eyes Style

    Cat eyes + l curl lashes are a perfect combination, undoubtedly. The lashes curve up towards the top and may give off a highly noticeable appearance. 

    Even without eyeliner, your client's eyes still appear sharp. They are appropriate for celebrations or other special occasions and complement different coloured lashes.

    Hybrid Style

    Think carefully about how to balance the proportions of volume and classic with this eyelash extension. 

    The highlight fans must be properly applied to avoid making the eyelashes feel heavy. You will need a bit of strategy here when using l curl lash extensions. 

    For the outer corner, consider using 0.07 mm to make sure that part is dense and bold. And in the middle and inner corners, you can use the 0.05mm of l curl eyelash extensions to create a lighter to denser effect. 

    In short, just give yourself a bit of freedom to think about it and get the best ideas for your client. The right combination will make the final look more delicate and exquisite.

    Additionally, some lash extension styles employ these l curl lash extensions to elevate lashes that are somewhat pointed downward or require to create an accent at the outer corner. Other lash styles that you can have the full potential of using l curl lash, to begin with, are wet mascara look, wispy set.

    Whatever style of eyelash extension you pick, make sure that the extensions are soft, safe, lightweight, and smooth. Here are some must-have criteria for a perfect l curl lashes fan.

    LBLS L Curl Lash Fan Feature

    LBLS L Curl Lash Fan Feature

    Korean PBT Ingredients

    All LBLS l curl lashes are made from the highest quality eyelash extension material - Korean PBT. This material ensures all lash fans are safe to use on the eyes. Your client will not be allergic when using eyelashes made of Korean PBT.

    More importantly, these lash fans don't react to water, eye products or eyelash extensions, heat, or weather, so this premium material ensures that they don't lose their shape and maintain beauty for a long time.

    Wow Glue Absorption

    LBLS l curl eyelash extensions have an excellent catching glue feature. They ensure that the glue on them adheres firmly to the real lashes forming a strong bond that cannot be shaken. Unless you bring in the LBLS glue cream remover and force them to leave, it will never be loosened.

    This feature is not only available in l curl lash but also in all LBLS lash fans. This is the outstanding feature in high-end eyelash extensions that LBLS has introduced to our customers for more than 10 years in the industry. Consequently, you will have better lash retention that satisfies your lash client's expectations.

    Super Soft

    LBLS l curl lashes are extremely soft, and the gentle touch will make you extremely excited with our l curl lash. Although soft, they are extremely smooth, so they will prevent the lashes from tangling together, giving your clients a better aftercare experience.


    Although l curl lash extensions appear in the form of volumes and mega lash fans, they are standard weight and ultra-lightweight. As a result, your natural eyelashes are not affected, nor are they subjected to the stress that causes them to fall out prematurely.

    Non-original eyelash extensions often ignore weight standards, so when your clients wear them on their eyes, it will only take a few days for their lashes to fall out, even though your clients follow the standard aftercare process. 

    You should pay attention to this factor if you change the type of eyelash extensions you use but do not achieve the desired effect. If other aspects are the same, the eyelash extensions fans will be the main issue. 

    Eyelash extensions such as those provided by LBLS will always ensure the health of natural eyelashes.

    True Colour 

    L curl lash extensions provide all customers of eyelash extensions and artists with the best true-to-life lashes that make you happy. 

    We say no to eyelash extensions that look like plastic or are too matte. They have the closest black colour to real lashes, making them blend naturally with real lashes. 

    If you just glance at it, you can hardly distinguish between the eyelash extension and the real one. Unless you are an eyelash extension artist or take a close look. Such is the magic of true-to-life black that we bring to our l curl eyelash extensions.

    Small And Needle Point Lash Base

    To provide more convenience for LBLS l curl lashes Australia customers, we make sure all l curl lashes fan roots are small and pointed. 

    You will have in hand eyelash extension bases that are extremely easy to apply. Thanks to their clever design, these lash bases can maximize contact surface with real lashes and hug tightly to them. Even if you are a newbie lash artist, the base does not cause any trouble. They make your work easier.

    Durable Curl

    We bring the best quality eyelash extension to lash artists. 

    The curl of l curl lashes has a shelf life of more than 1 year. Your clients will never find their LBLS l lash curl stretched while wearing on their lashes after a few days of them getting their lashes done. 

    Until the natural cycle of eyelash shedding, the curvature of the l lash curl is preserved. That is our guarantee.

    Variety Of Options

    LBLS offers the most common sizes of l curl lash extensions. We recommend curling lash extensions 5D 0.07, 6D 0.07 and 10D 0.05.

    These are the 3 most in-demand representatives in the market of l curl lashes Australia that can help eyelash extensions artists transform many types of eyelash extensions to meet many eye types of customers. 

    When your customers prefer a medium volume set, the 5D or 6D l curl lash extensions will be suitable. When your clients need a fuller set, the 10D 0.05 is the ideal choice.

    In addition, you can have in your hand the fullest lash length range that unbox any lash extension style that you have ideas on your head: 9mm to 15mm to recreate the most natural layer for the eyes. Remember to measure the natural lash length before deciding what length is optimal for your clients. 

    Normally, 1mm to 3mm longer than the real eyelashes are ideal for lash extension length. 

    For the 1st time, eyelash clients who are 100% new to the lash extension world never give the maximum length of the lash extension, like 3mm, as it may cause a strange feeling for them because they have never experienced it before. So, 1mm longer is much more appropriate. 

    When your clients are acquaintances, you can introduce them to 3mm or 2mm longer. We always need to get familiar with new things little by little to see what's the best fit for us. That is the rule for 1st-time lash clients.

    Besides, always ask your clients whether they wear glasses or not. If they do have glasses, you need a proper distance/gap to ensure the lash extensions do not bother the glasses. So you may want to choose 2mm or 1mm longer lash extensions than the 3mm.

    What Are The Right Tools For L Curl Lashes?

    Choosing the appropriate eyelash extension equipment is also important since eyelashes with a significant curl, like l curl lashes require care in each operation.

    Isolation Tweezers

    First, eyelash extensions artists need well-isolated eyelash tweezers. 2 pieces of eyelash extension tweezers must be tight. There must be a certain grip on the body of the tweezers to ensure that your hand does not slip. 

    Besides, because of the special base and curvature, you also need curly shape-isolating tweezers to make it easier to work. Refer to the isolation tweezers set suitable for all eyelash extensions to find the l curl lash extensions tweezers that are best for you.

    Application Tweezers

    The large curl-like l curl eyelash extension will require at least a volume of tweezers to work with. There is no better choice than L letter-shaped tweezers. 

    With the L part, you can reach all the difficult corners and make the best out of it to maneuver and put all l curl lashes into position. These types of tweezers would indeed be ideal for l curling lashes and making everything easier.

    Flower Under Eye Patches

    Because the customers who are the best fit for l curl lashes have special eyes, lash artists also need a distinctive under eyes patch that is easy to adjust to fit and protect their eyes at any special angle. 

    Flowers under eye patches are the best patches for them. All flower petals are easy to tweak to help lash artists achieve their desired sealing patch.

    Magic Glue

    We recommend Magic glue, which works well under any weather conditions and has low fumes, as one of the best choices when applying l curl lashes when you want your l curl lash extensions to have lash retention for up to 8 weeks.

    Lash Glue Ring

    A good glue ring is a guaranteed product for ensuring the curl lash base has a lightweight yet effective glue amount! From that, your clients will experience long-lasting lash joints which have never been scattered or fallen over.

    Super Bonder

    Super Bonder is intended to remove humidity from the glue surface. From there, the glue cures quickly, properly and closer to the natural lash, hugging them more tightly. Consequently, it improves lash retention to about 30%.

    Electric Lash Fan

    To blow away any lash glue fumes, the electric lash fan ensures that l curl eyelash extensions customers won't sting their eyes in the slightest. Electric lash fans also give your customers a more comfortable feeling as they also make sure that no water droplets are on their faces.

    How Can Lash Artists Speed Up The Application Of Lash Extensions With L-Curl Lashes?

    Stay Quite

    Indeed, stopping talking will make you more focused on work. When you're not distracted, you can get the job done faster than it normally would. This is one of the tips you should refer to quickly increase eyelash extensions' speed besides using 100% handmade l curl lashes which you don't have to make fans, just grafting from LBLS.

    Work On The Lash Area You Find Uncomfortable First

    Let's try to start at the corner that you feel is the most challenging, for example, the inner corners. Dealing with hidden baby lashes first at the outer and inner corners at the beginning when you have the full energy will leave you easier parts for the lower energy later. 

    When completing difficult tasks, you will be mentally refreshed and complete the rest of the easy parts in a split second. That's because endorphins in the brain signal you're happy and allow you to be more agile and problem-solving. Try this method once. When doing l curl lash sets, you will see the difference.

    Use Appropriate Lash Tape

    Eyelash tape, arguably, is your closest buddy, so get to know the many types and pick the type that fits best for you.

    LBLS is proud to be a lash supplier offering the widest range of lash tapes in the Australian eyelash extension market. You can definitely find the lash tape that works best for you to use in your l curl lashes set. We have lash tape for sensitive eyes like sensitive lash tape, Japanese Nichiban Tape, PE tape, 3M tape, Microfoam tape, etc.

    All of our tapes ensure the necessary adhesion, are gentle on the skin, and serve well for lash mapping drawing, isolating bottom lashes and even top lashes. Take a moment to learn about LBLS lash tape and speed up your l curl lash set!

    Why Should You Choose LBLS As L Curl Lashes Supplier

    10 Years Experience In Manufacturing Lash Extensions

    We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing eyelash extensions and products used in the process of eyelash extensions. We are completely focused on this one area.

    Besides, we always improve and diversify our products to give eyelash extension artists the best choice. You can find everything about eyelash extensions here, from knowledge about each type of lash, how to apply it, and tips to be able to make a set of eyelash extensions. 

    No matter what level you are, a beginner or a seasoned eyelash extension artist, you will be most equipped with our products.

    Premium Product

    All products LBLS offers are high-quality products. What does that mean? That means your eyelash extensions artists and clients are assured of the safety of our products.

    Besides, you will have long-lasting, beautiful, standard effects without harming natural lashes.

    A distinguishing feature of high-quality products is that they are actually very economical because you can succeed from the first use without having to do it again and again. 

    For example, when you use eyelash extension glue, the LBLS l curl lash will catch the glue immediately, so you don't have to dip the glue many times and can save time switching to other l curl lashes fans immediately.

    Enhance Client Satisfaction

    In eyelash extensions salons that are considered high-end, not only eyelash extension techniques, communication skills, and care but also their products, from by-products to main products, all show quality. Superiority makes customers always willing to pay more to enjoy that service.

    Specifically, the lash tape is an indispensable product for any l curl lashes set. When you use premium products, they not only help you isolate your lashes easily, but when used to secure the lower lashes, your clients also don't feel uncomfortable when used. They do not cause the skin to be clogged, do not cause pain when removed, and do not leave sticky streaks.

    Likewise, when using a premium l curl lash, your client's lashes won't feel fake or unnatural. They do not feel heavy on the eyes. Even better, they're long-lasting.

    Because of these properties, eyelash extensions artists can bring a better experience to their customers. Once you have that, nothing will stop you from expanding your customer base and maintaining business stability.

    Increase Monthly Revenue

    When you use high-quality and special lashes, like l curl lashes, there is a high chance that you can attract beauty professionals to you. Therefore, eyelash extension artists have a high chance of increasing your revenue.

    In addition, LBLS offers a wide range of other products for eyelash extension artists to diversify your lash menu. Young customers, old customers, customers who like originality, customers who like simplicity, we have enough products for you to be creative.

    Wide Range Of Selection

    Not only providing you with product collections for newbies but also experienced artists. We offer eyelash extension artists the widest variety of sizes you can hardly find elsewhere in each type of eyelash extension. That is the reason why LBLS has received the support and companionship of eyelash extension artists for the past 10 years.

    We have everything you ask for.

    Offer You With The Most Economical Price

    You should choose LBLS because you have the opportunity to own high-end products at the most economical prices. We manufacture and directly distribute all products, so you can buy them directly without going through any other 3rd party.

    Fast Delivery

    We combine with a reputable shipping company with the fastest shipping speed. Even if you're not in Australia, there's a good chance you'll receive your order from LBLS faster than if you ordered it locally.

    Therefore, no matter where you are, share your l curl lashes needs with us, and we will try to satisfy you as quickly as possible.

    Trust Payment Method

    LBLS integrates all the most appreciated online payment methods in Australia and the world into the online payment system for customers who have not had the opportunity to visit our store.

    We have Paypal, After Pay, Zip pay, etc. As long as you have a high demand for using them and it makes you feel comfortable, we integrate them.


    L curl lashes deliver your customers a lovely lift impression. There is no doubt that among the many different lash sets, eyelash extensions artists can refresh your eyelash extensions menu with the impressive curvature of l curl lash

    With special effects that can lift droopy lashes or erase all defects of monolid eyes and give an absolute and elegant impression to the naked eye, l curl lash extensions is surely a money-making lash style.

    LBLS hopes this sharing will help eyelash extension artists understand, own, and perform great curl eyelash extension sets. Better yet, bring more sales to your lash salon and create a more radiant look!

    LBLS looks forward to accompanying you on this journey! If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to share them with us!

    Thank you!

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