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Loose Fan Promade 14D Lashes Extension | 0.03

Loose Fan Promade 14D Lashes Extension | 0.03

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Product Description
Shipping Details

Key points:

13 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 8mm to 20mm (one size per tray)
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity: 500 fans / 1000 fans
  • Diameter/Thickness: 0.03.
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

LBLS 14d lashes are trusted as the most quality lash fans in Australia. Here are why lash experts put their faith in these 14d lash extensions. Read now!


Not only do lash clients love the mega set using 14d lashes, but lash artists also consider 14d lash extensions as one of the precious lash sets where they can delicately show off their technique in creating one of the most challenging lash sets. 

That said, a mega lash set is not a simple method for any lash artist. However, there are always tips and tricks that support you to surpass the 14d lashes easily.

In today's article, LBLS is happy to share all the details of the 14d lashes technique. Also, we share with you how to choose the best 14d lash extensions to add to your shopping cart.

Let's get the ball rolling!

What Are 14D Lashes?

What Are 14D Lashes?

14d lashes are 14 lash strands glued at the same base to form a lash fan which lash artists can use immediately to place on one natural lash to create the most dramatic look ever for their lash clients. 

There is no doubt that 14d lash extensions are among the most favourite mega lash set of all time to every lash artist as their amazing full and fluffy effect brings to any eye.

How To Create Volume 14D Lashes?

Creating mega lashes can actually be super frustrating. Some artists start doing classic lashes for almost 2 years before they are brave enough to do volume and mega lash fans. Here are the detailed process of making the 14d lash extensions fan:

Method 1

First, you need to identify and remove 14 lashes from the strip.

Take your tweezers, put them along the edge of the adhesive strip, and pull them up lightly. You will tuck the lashes under and pull to the right and the left, and it makes a fan. 

Sometimes, things do not occur as you planned. They do not make a fan. It is not perfect at the base. So here are the ways you can fix it. After you dip the base into the glue, you put the lash base into the edge of the glue ring. You will hit the base of the fan on the right and the left, and it opens up the fan. Then it also helps to form a perfect needlepoint fan base.

Method 2

Go to pick up your 14d lashes. You can start by grabbing it about halfway in the tweezer. That is where the sweet spot of tweezers is located. After that, you pull the hairs toward yourself and go ahead to make a fan.

After that, you put the stem of the lashes between your index and thumb. As you go ahead and pinch your figures together, you will release pressure on your tweezers and simultaneously go back and forth until you get your perfect fan.

Method 3

Grab a nice chunk of lashes. The number is 14d lashes

You're gonna pull them halfway off a sticky strip. Then grab your chunk, pull back and let go. 

Then adjust your tweezers to its close points. After that, you run them right across the bottom and spread the fan out. You're gonna see the lash fan spreading out. You can rock them back and forth to get a nice desired fan. 

Then you release and come back in with your tweezers about halfway. You are going to grab the whole band of lashes. You're gonna pick them all up. You can see on the bottom there is not a needlepoint there yet. But don't worry, when you dip on the glue, it's gonna seal it all up and make a nice point.

Those are 3 ways eyelash artists can create a 14d lashes fan. However, the actual process will be much more difficult because it requires high concentration and meticulousness. Besides, you also need to train your hands to get used to the movement.

Therefore, if you are a new eyelash extension artist, Promade 14d lash extensions fans are highly recommended because you can get perfect fans and apply them to your clients and still be able to keep practising.

Professional eyelash artists choose to use premade 14d lashes to be able to serve more clients because, after all, making 14d lashes fan is a process where you have to maintain the posture for a long time. 

They affect your health if you regularly work non-stop. Promade14d lashes fans protect eyelash extensions artists' health as they can reduce the time they have to maintain a pose and get more rest.

How To Consult And Perform 14D Lash Extensions Application?

How To Consult And Perform 14D Lash Extensions Application?

Step 1

First, eyelash extension artists need to know what your client wants their 14d lash set to look like. Do they have any upcoming events?

Don't forget to ask for an illustration of their favourite 14d lash extension set. From there, you can make recommendations that are more suitable for them.

You should also interview your client about any history of eye problems and allergies if any.

Step 2

Have comprehensive reviews of client’s real eyelashes. Observe eye structure, thickness, length of their real eyelashes, etc.

Step 3

Advise your clients on the length, thickness, curl and style of lashes that best suit their eye structure and are safe for them and meet their aspirations.

Also, don't forget to give your client an idea of the final look of the lashes they will be able to achieve. Although the same model, there will still be differences when applied to different customers. You need to share this information with your customers in advance.

Step 4

Sign the waivers, try the required product patch tests, and book your client's appointment or you can go ahead if you and your client and your client's lashes are ready for eyelash extensions!

Step 5

Start the eyelash extension application process. Prepare everything you need for a mega lash set. Do a lash bath, apply under-eye pads and secure the under-eye area. 

Then, you can make lash fans or use Promade 14d lashes fans, ready to graft mega lash fans.

Step 6

After having the lash fans, dip them into the glue and begin to apply to the natural lashes. Repeat the process until you get the desired final appearance.

Step 7

Double-check the set using lash mirrors, make changes, or modify if needed. Don't forget to use Nano Mister and Super Bonder to increase lash retention.

Step 8

Look at your masterpiece and ask your clients to open their eyes.

How Long Do 14D Lashes Take?

2 hours. There will be a lot of factors that will affect the lash application process, such as lash artists' skills, experience, lash tools, lash extension quality, humidity, temperature, and even lash artists' health. Therefore, the time for applying 14d lashes may differ in each situation. 

Still, one thing is for sure, if lash artists use Promade 14d lashes fan, they can speed up the lash extension process by 30%. If you use ultra speedy 14d lashes, the preparation time can decrease up to 50%. 

What Are The Best 14D Lashes Lengths For Extensions?

8mm to 20mm are the best 14d lashes lengths for extensions. It fits the popular requirement of lash artists in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, etc. 

The full mega set normally requires up to 3 different lash lengths depending on the lash styles clients choose. These are the most common and varied ranges you can find in the market.

Before jumping into the lash length decision, you need to make sure that you measure the natural lash length first. The rule here is that lash extension length should be 1mm to 3mm longer than the natural length to ensure the real lash is safe. It guarantees natural lash health in the long term. In addition, it is best for lash clients' convenience. 

With newbie lash clients, 1mm longer than the real lash length is recommended. You should give them time to get used to the eyelash extensions. After that, you can gradually increase the lash length to 2mm or 3mm, depending on their wish.

However, don't forget to take into account other factors like whether your clients wear glasses or not. If the lash extension length is too long, they can feel unpleasant when wearing glasses. So you may want to reduce the lash length in this case.

What Is The Best Volume 14D Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

14 lashes

0.03 mm and 0.05 are the best 14 lashes diameter for extensions. 

0.03 mm will be thinner than 0.05 thickness, which is the best lash diameter for a normal strong natural lash. 0.05mm will be thicker, the lash line will be more impressive, and it is the best pair for clients with really strong lashes.

These two lash diameters are the most demanding thickness for 14d lash extensions that LBLS has sold over the last 5 years. We got all the good feedback when these thicknesses can satisfy thousands of lash clients over the world.

What Is The Best 14D Lash Extensions Curl For Extensions?

C, CC, and D are the most demanding lash curls for the 14d lashes set. 

If your clients love the natural effect, go ahead and use C curl. If your clients like the dramatic effect, you can go straight to D curl. If your clients prefer the balance between C and D, CC is the ideal choice.

CC is curlier than C, and D is curlier than CC. Those are some rules that you want to take note of.

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 14D Lash Extensions?

Anyone Who Falls In Love With The Ultimate Full-volume Lash Extension

Literally, anyone who loves the voluminous look can be the target customer of the 14d lash extensions set. 

14d lashes are among the most outstanding mega lash sets when they can pop the eyes with a dramatic look the opposite people can not ignore. If it fits their needs, they are free to go. 

Lash artists can promote this lash set for special events like birthdays, parties, weddings, etc. Whenever there is a demand to be more excellent at appearance, that is your chance to advertise the 14d lash extensions lash set.

LBLS 14D Lash Fans Are Perfect For People With Gaps In Their Natural Lashes Or Who Own Few Natural Lashes. 

When your clients don't have a lot of space to put on a lash fan, the broader fan's tops will instantly offer your voluminous client looks.

Classic, Volume Lash Clients Lovers

The top leads that eyelash artists can refer to are your clients who have used classic volume lashes or mega lash sets like 7d to 12d volume lashes. 

The attractiveness of these thick, curled, bold and extremely impressive eyelashes will immediately attract them. The novel and luxurious look of 14d lashes will give any client the look of nobility. Your customers will be the focus of any event wearing the 14d lash extensions fans set.

Models, Fashionistas, MC, KOLs, Beauty Icons, Youtubers

These are the customers who always need to make an impression in their appearance anytime, anywhere in public. That's why a 14d lashes fan is the ideal choice for them.

Curved, thick, bold and extremely soft eyelashes will make the eyes of beauty icons more attractive and prominent.

Plus, when you can convince this customer to apply the mega lash set, it means you have the potential to get a chance to promote your product to the dream target customer of any eyelash extension artist.

Models, actors, and KOLs are very good trendsetters and promoters of services. Therefore, when you can create an amazing 14d lashes set, you will be able to take your lash salon to the next level.

LBLS 14D Lashes

LBLS 14D Lashes

LBLS 14D Lashes Benefits

Ultimate Full Volume Look

90% of lash clients who are passionate about volume lashes will never ignore the beauty of 14d lashes. They give your client the luscious volume that a queen has. 

Your clients can wake up with royalty in their eyes each and every morning. Its fullness, softness, and fluffiness can persuade anyone to fall in love with it. 

These 14d lash extensions have outstanding quality and a stunning attractive appearance!

Cause No Stress To Client's Natural Lash

LBLS lightweight 14d lashes cause no stress to your client's original lashes while creating a stunning and full look. 

We always adhere to the standards of lash fans that are safe for users. Therefore, as long as eyelash extension artists follow standard application procedures, the client's natural lashes will not be affected and can hold lash fans extremely well.

We at LBLS are aware of the difficulty of swiftly hand-making volume lashes. Being a rookie lash technician might make it more challenging. The most recent technology is used on our 14D eyelash fans to ensure that no additional weight is introduced to each 14d lash extensions volume fan.

In a detailed manner, all LBLS lash fan bases are carefully calculated to ensure that they stick together to form pointy, small and easy-to-apply lash fans. 

Even if you are a new eyelash extension artist, you are not used to controlling the amount of glue when dipping the 14d lash fan into the eyelash extension glue. You can use a little more than the standard amount of glue for the base. It will not affect the overall weight of a Promade 14d lash extensions fan, as LBLS has considered this small error. 

Therefore, whether you are a new eyelash extension artist, don't worry. LBLS is always with you. We support your career!

Less Time Application 

The benefit of the Promade 14d lash fan by LBLS is that you can shorten your application time by 30% to 50% compared to the normal process when you make your own 14d lash extensions fan. As a result, you have more time to choose between getting more eyelash extensions booking or more time to rest between appointments.

Support Lash Rookie In Being Courage In The Lash Career

These Promade 14d lashes fans are ideal for individuals who are fresh in the lash business or lash technicians who just have classic lash training because they don't require volume training to utilise.

In fact, eyelash extensions are work that requires practice, practice for a definite period of time before you can really master every set of eyelash extensions. Before, during and after reaching the pinnacle of creating perfect lash fans, Promade lash fans will be your love to earn income and motivate you to continue improving your master lash fan technique.

No lash expert succeeds from day one, but choosing the right product will put them on the right path and help them become experts in no time.

Effective Assistant In Earning More Income For Lash Expert

In fact, not only inexperienced new eyelash extensions artists but also seasoned eyelash extensions artists also trust to use Promade 14d lashes fans. 

They help them save time, focus their creativity on creating the right eyelash extensions for each client, and spend more time growing their business. This is the benefit that 14d lashes bring to eyelash extensions experts,

LBLS 14D Lashes Features

LBLS 14D Lashes Features

High-Grade Korean PBT

When you receive these 14d lashes fans from LBLS, you can tell that our lash fans were made with a lot of love and attention because it is not normal Korean PBT. LBLS uses the high grade, the most quality lash extension material. 

Your clients will never get any reaction response from the lashes as the high-grade PBT causes no harm to natural lashes and even the eyes. It is the safest ingredient in lash extension-making. 

Besides, the weather resistance, temperature, and humidity high-resistance characteristics of the high-quality PBT will make our 14d lashes durable over time. 

Unlike other unbranded lash extensions, you will never find our lash curl losing its curl after 2 days or 4 weeks. Our curl can last for one year during the ideal situation. 

LBLS never gets any complaints about our lash extensions' durability during our more than 10 years in the lash extension industry. That is why when lash artists need 14d lash extensions, let us give you a chance to prove there exists a premium quality yet affordable price volume and mega lash fans. 

We produce it. Our artists make it every day in our factory, waiting to let all the lash fans speak for themselves. You're gonna love them!

Instant Bond

Using the LBLS 14d lashes fan, eyelash extensions artists will experience the amazing ability of eyelashes to catch the lash glue. As a result, the eyelash extension glue adheres firmly to the extensions, helping them to glue firmly to the natural lashes. The joints are fastened tightly and form a strong bond.

It depends on the lash glue that lashes artists use. The drying speed might vary. However, under 0.5 seconds to 5 seconds, all the joints will be closed, and you will get a strong bond immediately. 

LBLS recommends lashing technicians use LBLS lash glue for LBLS lash extensions. The reason behind this is that when you combine our Promade 14d lashes with our lash glue, for example, Magic glue, you can reach up to 8 weeks of lash extensions. 

We have all premium low-fume lash adhesive that ranges from low to high drying speed. You can choose it by your level as well. 

Good lash glue will give the lash extension the best ambience to shine on your client's face. Therefore, making your clients more satisfied when pairing the extensions with the right glue is the most important advice we want to share with you.

Darkness That Lash Artist Love

LBLS 14d lash extensions fans are not glossy and not too matte. They have the matte finish of real lashes and are semi-gloss at some viewing angles. Because if you look closely at real eyelashes, you will see that our natural eyelashes also have a certain shine, not completely matte.

Even so, LBLS 14d lashes don't have the plastic shine. You are completely assured even if you look closely. You will only feel the fullness and smoothness without feeling that they are fake. That is the top quality of eyelash extensions that LBLS can bring to its customers over 10 years.

Your customers will love these realistic, lightweight and incredibly fluffy lash fans of a mega lash set.

It is safe and won't irritate the eyes of your customer.

Perfect Distance Between Lash Fan Tops

14d lash extensions

In order to be able to cover gaps and create balance throughout the mega lash set, LBLS makes sure that all lash fan tops are evenly spaced. We ensure the necessary symmetry so that when attached to the natural lashes, these fans cover the entire gap that needs to be covered by the natural lashes.

In addition, these consistency quality 14d lash fans create a perfectly blended feel and a uniformly defined look. Compared to lash fans spaced unevenly, leading to overall tangles or messes, LBLS Promade 14d lashes fans can make your customers 100% satisfied because they reach perfection through the artists' skill. 

Our veteran artist strictly control the lash fans quality to ensure you get the best fans.

Easy To Apply

Promade 14d lashes fan of LBLS is designed to be pointed and small. They allow for excellent glue absorption and maximum contact area with natural lashes, so application is a breeze even if you're a new eyelash extension artist.

With substandard lash bases, it will be difficult for you to get the maximum contact surface. That's why when you apply eyelash extensions to your natural lashes, the too-wide surface of the base will be superfluous. They are not attached to natural lashes. Non-maximum contact will also cause the joints to become loose.

This is the 14d lashes fan you use for the mega lash set, so the eyelash base that attaches firmly to the natural lashes will enhance the aesthetics of the whole eyelash extension set. At the same time, lash retention also increases. Eyelash extensions artists don't have to work so hard to estimate how they should put their lash feet.

Precise Thickness And Curl

LBLS Promade 14d lashes fan creates a new standard for the mega lash fan when they can tick all the good checks for a perfect lash. 

If you've ever noticed the weight guidelines when applying volume and mega, you'll find that to be able to not affect natural lashes, the 14d lashes need to be at standard weight and correct in size. 

For example, 0.03 mm must be 0.03 mm. If they are not as advertised, 0.03 mm is 0.05 mm, and it is difficult for eyelash extension artists to choose exactly lash thickness for their clients. 

Eyelash extensions with incorrect weight and size can also cause poor lash retention when they cause stress on your natural lashes.

Premium Quality Yet Reasonable Price

LBLS ensures every 14d lashes fan that lashes artists buy is in line description. 

These lashes have a tonne of volume and are quite fluffy. And reasonably priced! 

The lashes are really soft, stable, and simple to handle! They are fantastic for novices and even lash experts. They are even durable until the next lash appointment of the full set. 

Lash artists can get all the perfect 14d lashes fans at a super economical price that you find nowhere else. Because we are a manufacturer, we save expenses on distribution channels. Therefore, when you get the direct 14d lash extensions fans from us, you get the most reasonable price.


How Many Sets Can You Get Out Of One Tray?

One box of 1000 fans of 14d lashes fans can serve up to 15 full sets. However, you will need at least 3 different sizes to mimic the layer of natural lashes.

Besides, the exact number will also be up to lash styles and client’s natural lashes!

Can I Get Many Lengths In One Tray?

Yes. Lash artists can get a 3 size mix box of Promade14d lashes fans

Can You Use 14D Lashes On Yourself?

You can, but when performing lash extensions, lash professionals are always in need. That is for your safety!

Why Should You Choose LBLS As A 14D Lashes Supplier?

LBLS Has More Than 10 Years Of Working Experience In The Lash Extension Industry In General And 14 Lashes Fan In Particular!

We join the lash industry at the beginning of the innovation, from the first moment they appear in the market. From being lash artists to the period of being lash suppliers, we have witnessed lash trends and development stages over the years. 

We always update the newest technology in lash fan production to be able to provide lash artists with premium lash fans. The experience facilitates us to create the lash fan, which is the most suitable for lash artists because we have been there. We understand what you need.

We Focus 100% On Lash Extensions

We concentrate on producing the best lash fan quality you can find on the market. LBLS 14d lashes fans are the ones that, when you touch them, can feel the premium. 

It has the softy, fluffiness, real lash effect and durability that you hardly find anywhere else. We want to bring you the best because you deserve it.

We Have Excellent Customer Support

We always put the customer first regardless of the small or big order you put on the shopping cart. We have been in the business for more than 10 years, and we have lash artists partnered with us for more than 10 years. We always want to hear your feedback, and as long as it is constructive, we always keep it in mind and give the best solution for you. 

If you have any questions or comments, we listen and give the best and quick response for you. Contact the 24/7 customer support team and get your satisfaction. We are sure you're gonna love that.

Numerous Happy Customers Worldwide

Not only do we sell 14d lashes to lash artists in Australia, but we also provide the products to customers all over the world. With the fastest delivery service, it may just take the time you order from your local providers because we choose DHL as our partner shipping company.

There Is No Condition To Be LBLS VIP

LBLS appreciate every visit from all visitors, whether you have been our customer or not yet become our customer. We strongly believe you are our destiny when we have found each other among thousands of lash suppliers all over the world. Therefore, if you are here, you are our VIP.

Premium 14D Lash Extensions At An Affordable Price

Because we are the manufacturers, we distribute our products directly. Therefore, you can buy LBLS products at the source. 

We can save expenses on supplier channels, and we keep the price of 14d lashes at the most affordable price so that any lash artist, even you lash trainees and lash beginners, can always use LBLS lash extensions to do your work. Our safe and durable lash will give you the best experience in your career.

We Have Everything You Need

In fact, lash artists can find everything at LBLS, whether you are a novice lash artist, lash professional or lash expert. We provide all the basic and necessary lash products for lash beginners. We offer all the lash accessories that lash experts can use to level up your lash speed and get more lash clients. 

Even better, in each season, we satisfy your need with all the best suggestions and products that support lash artists to earn more money. For example, in the Christmas season, you can get green and white colour lash to make the Xmas tree lashes. 

We even provide you with clear glue - the best lash glue for colour lashes and lash decals which can help you decorate your tree more sparkly and beautifully. 

We are proud to be suppliers who can support lash artists with the full package in your career. Don't forget to check the suggestion combo when you buy 14d lashes from us. That is what other lash artists normally buy together. It is useful for lash artists. That is why we create the suggestions category.

On top of that, when you lack advertising ideas, we also can support you.

We Supply You With All The Trust Online Payment Method

We have all the trusted online payment methods you are looking for because we are confident in our product. Your money is precious, and we know that. Whatever brings you confidence, we are willing to update. That is LBLS's motto.

How To Store Promade 14D Lashes Fan?

Promade 14d lash extensions fan does not require a special condition to preserve. You just need to keep it away from heat, humidity, fire, or electric source. It will be in the best state if it is ventilated, cool and out of direct sunlight vision. 

To make these 14d lashes more organised, it is best to use a lash tray organiser to keep them out from the dust and other harmful particles. Concurrently, you can find it easier. Your lash salon will be much more professional if you use a professional storage product displayed around your lash room.

How To Set Up 14D Lashes Loose Lash Fan?

Prepare your 14d lashes, lash tweezers, eyelash silicone pad, eyelash glue ring, and lash glue!

Step 1

Put the silicone lash pad on the client's head, or you just need to put it on any flat surface if you want to prepare outside the eyes area first.

Step 2

Open the 14d lashes box. Use your lash tweezers to pick up the lash fan and then put it on the silicone lash pad. The product will aid in a standing-up feature of the lash fan. Lash artists can grab it quickly and easily when Promade loose lash fans are putting it on there.

Step 3

Put on the eyelash glue ring. 

Step 4

Drop the lash glue onto the glue ring.

Step 5

Start your lash extension application process.

Those are some basic steps that you can follow to make the preparation quick. However, there is a secret method to push the preparation time from 30% to 50%. It uses the 14d ultra Speedy promade fans - the best-selling product line from LBLS, as we have mentioned above. 

We arrange all lash fans in order for you. You don't have to go through steps 1 or 2. Just open the lash box, pick up the lash strips where all 14d lashes fans lay out nicely and put it up to the client's forehead, and you can start lashing. Isn't it more convenient?


To a mega lash set lover, it is hard to ignore the beauty of 14d lashes. That is why lash artists always stock 14d lashes extensions in their lash salons. With LBLS 14d lashes, even lash beginners have no trouble applying the mega lash set.

With our premium lash fan quality, you can stop finding your true Promade lash fans. Each year, LBLS always launches new products that can absolutely support lash artists work less but more effectively. Let LBLS be your lash suppliers, and we can thrive together.

Order with confidence. LBLS, always be patient to wait for your order, no matter how long you want to consider it because we know we are meant for each other.

We are waiting for your message!

Thank you.

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