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Disposable Micro Brush for Eyelash Extension (100pcs per tube)

Disposable Micro Brush for Eyelash Extension (100pcs per tube)

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Product Description
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Meticulous micro brush is a must-have item for lash professionals. Here is what to look for in the micro swabs for eyelash extension. Read now!



  • Material: Nylon linter / Plastic handle
  • Brush length: 10 cm
  • Number of pieces: 100 pcs
  • Colour: Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Black and White.
  • Normal cotton buds cannot meet the eyelash extension industry's special requirements when cleaning or applying micro swabs need to be safe, non-absorbent and specially designed to be compact to penetrate each lash strand. That's why the micro brush was born and captured the attention and love of all eyelash extension artists.

    However, among the many brands on the market, which is the disposable micro brush applicators brand that eyelash artists can trust? 

    In this article, LBLS will share tips on choosing the most suitable micro brush for eyelash extension artists. At the same time, we will also share the most standard usage for this product.

    Read to the end to get the essential knowledge!

    What Is An Eyelash Extension Micro Brush?

    What Is An Eyelash Extension Micro Brush

    The micro brush is a lash extension accessory applied in the lash primer application or lashes extension cleansing process. 

    The tiny tip of micro brush allows lash artists to separate a specific region without affecting the other area. 

    Besides, each micro brush tip is flexible and bendable, allowing for straightforward access to a specific location or accessing difficult reach. 

    It is both disposable and economical, reducing the usage of extra resources by approximately 80%. It bends to any angle to place little, carefully regulated volumes of material in places with restricted access.

    What Are Disposable Micro Brushes Used For?

    The tiny microfiber brush is ideal for removing single poorly applied lash extensions without damaging neighbouring lashes. It can prevent leakage, spillage, and waste by holding liquids in suspension using a microfiber brush.

    What To Look For In A Micro Brush?

    What to look for Eyelash Extension Micro Brush

    Bendable Ability

    The purpose of the micro brush is to work on areas that are difficult to work with or reach with conventional tools, especially when artists need eyelash extensions to work with the natural eyelash thickness of around 0.15mm. 

    Besides, natural lashes have many layers. Therefore, a bendable micro brush is a must. A flexible eyelash extension microbrush design makes it possible for lash techs to work more efficiently without having to rotate or exert too much force.

    Best Resell Product Potential

    Having enough potential to be on the product list of reselling products or lash aftercare kit products in an eyelash salon is a huge plus. Therefore, when choosing a brand to cooperate with in buying a micro brush, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

    Consistency Of Product Quality

    Whether you are using or selling a product, a quality product will help you maintain a steady customer base and improve the seller's reputation.

    This is a product for eyelashes and eyes (or makeup or cleaning some parts of the face), so the ingredients that make up the micro brush must be safe, not reacting with cleaning products, does not absorb the products used on it, and is easy to maintain.

    Brand's Stock

    Does the brand you cooperate with have a large and stable micro brush inventory? This is a very important point.

    No brand sells to a single customer. So when you see their inventory is always low and hard to order, that's a reg flag.

    A brand with a regularly updated inventory will help you have a stable source of goods. You definitely want to avoid being on the scene when you are already partnered with a lash supplier, and then in a year, you have to find 3-4 other suppliers just because your beloved lash supplier is often out of stock for the micro brush.

    Products purchased from a reputable manufacturer or distributor will ensure consistent quality. Changing suppliers would be extremely risky. It will also take you a huge amount of time and energy.

    Meanwhile, if you can cooperate with manufacturers with stable stock and fast and efficient customer care, your work will be developed smoothly.

    Variety In Colour

    We must acknowledge the beauty industry's attraction to quality micro brushes. Therefore, a potential resale product cannot be monotonous if you want to expand your customer base.

    You will want the micro brush you buy to have a wide selection of colours.

    The variety of choices will allow you to reach more customers. Besides, you can also get colourful, fresh and creative photos for your social media channels!

    Economical Price Range

    The more you buy, the lower the price you can get. That is the benefit you should seek when you are about to choose a micro brush. Always check combo prices, as that is one of the most attractive prices manufacturers and distributors can offer.

    In addition, if you have a big demand, like buying by the total quantity of years and signing a long-term contract, negotiate with a brand you trust to find more opportunities. Nothing is at stake. So, never deny a chance when it exists.

    LBLS Micro Brush Features

    Micro Brush

    Safe Material

    LBLS eyelash extension micro brush is made of nylon linter in the head and plastic in the handle. We choose the best high-grade product to give lash artists peace of mind regarding the safety of the eye area.

    When you need a precise tool to complete precise work like lash extension, a micro brush from LBLS is the most suitable choice.

    Non-linting, Non-absorbent Fibres

    The head of the LBLS micro swabs is lint-free. It approaches the eyelashes without even being hampered by cotton fibres that might get stuck at the eyelash bond. 

    It is the best lash accessory for applying eyelash glue remover or lash primer. Besides, the micro brush's thin tips provide precise application and save waste. You can easily control how many liquids/solutions you put on there. Everything is not wasted, even a drop, because it is going nowhere except the place you take it to.  

    It will be simpler to fit into tight spaces if the tips are slightly bent into whatever angles.

    Spherical Shape

    Micro-shapes provide accurate application in hard-to-reach places. As you can see, the spherical shape of our micro brush is superior and can hold still the liquids, even in small amounts. 

    It can work its way between lashes to allow product contact with every angle you want or remove just one lash extension that hasn't been set properly without affecting the neighbouring lash.

    Proper Length

    The handle of the micro brush may be divided into smaller pieces so that you can modify the length.

    It is long enough to facilitate application but small enough to avoid becoming unduly cumbersome.

    With a length of about 10cm, not too short and not too long, you can hold this product neatly in your hand. 

    Save Money

    Using the LBLS micro brush is how you can save money when you invest in lash accessories.

    In terms of features, disposable micro brush applicators only hold the product on its surface, not absorb it. 

    Unlike other common products such as cotton buds or cotton brushes, when you use it, it will absorb part of the product into the cotton, and you can only use the policy of 1 part of the product in your main work. Therefore, a micro brush saves you liquids. You can use less of your product but still get the desired outcome. As a result, you save money.

    Even better, LBLS micro brush products are always consistent in quality and have attractive combo prices. You can save some money when you buy under our policy.

    Speed Up Lash Artist Lashing Time 

    Accompanying with LBLS micro brush will help eyelash extensions artists accelerate the speed of eyelash extensions.

    Indeed, when you can clean each lash thoroughly, remove unwanted extensions in a flash, or use Super Bonder, your whole eyelash extension process will be shortened.

    It Is Better 100% Than The Q-tips

    LBLS micro brushes enable lash artists to cover lashes without worrying about the tiny particles adhering to the lash's base and creating problems. 

    The bendable feature gives the lash techs complete control while firmly holding liquid without spilling. Lash artists can take the best out of each lash primer, lash glue remover, and Super Bonders til the lash drop.

    Super Clean And Sanitary

    This is a disposable product with ingredients that are safe to use on eyelashes. It is extremely hygienic as it is only used once and is renewed every time a new product is used.

    After use, eyelash extensions artists simply throw them in the trash without spending extra time cleaning up. This is also a labour release after hours of diligently connecting each eyelash.

    Versatile Micro Brush Use

    In addition to the main uses in cleaning eyelashes or applying lash primer or Super Bonder, the LBLS micro brush is also a great tool that eyelash artists can apply in:

    • putting eye shadow 
    • removing extra eyebrow powder when applying makeup
    • doing painting and crafts
    • cleaning teeths
    • cleaning iPhone
    • remove mascara clumps 
    • applying lash lift adhesive

    They are extremely versatile in their use. This is the outstanding feature that this product was chosen to add to the lash aftercare kit.

    Best Of Both Worlds: Salon Or Personal Use

    Not only is the product indicated for use at the lash salon, but eyelash extension artists also use the micro brush at home for personal beauty needs. 

    That is also why this is the number one favourite product in aftercare sets kits for loyal and VIP customers.

    They can clean teeth, apply lipstick, and fix eyebrows. With the ability to not absorb the products used with it, the compact, smart, and safe design, the micro brush becomes an essential item to any individual.

    Come In Sturdy Box

    Unlike other products that only come with a biodegradable pouch, the LBLS micro brush has an extremely sturdy case attached so that eyelash extensions artists don't need to invest in an extra case for this product.

    The included carrying case keeps the lint-free micro brushes upright and protected from dirt, water, liquids and bacteria. Even if you drop the box, the product inside is still preserved.

    You can keep the box in the lash cart or display it on flat surfaces like a table or shelves on eyelash extensions, product tables or drawers.

    Travel Friendly

    You have 100 micro brushes in a small box, slightly larger than your lipstick. Therefore, the LBLS micro brush is extremely convenient to carry or travel. It will be extremely convenient when you are one of the on-the-go eyelash extension artists and need the products to be as compact as possible.

    How To Use LBLS Micro Brush


    • Take out your favourite micro brush colour
    • Apply the chosen product on the micro brush and take it to your identified area. Use the bendable feature if you'd like
    • Pay attention to any additional product-specific instructions
    • Put away after usage
    • Use brand-new micro brushes per each product.

    How To Preserve LBLS Micro Brush

    The product needs to be in the box that came with it when you bought it. It is the best house that you should keep when you want to preserve the micro brush.

    In addition, you should also ensure conditions such as a well-ventilated storage environment, away from heat and moisture sources, out of reach of children, and away from sunlight and electrical sources.


    The micro brush is the solution for any sore pot in cleansing lash extensions. Eyelash extension experts consider this product a treasure in their last cart because of its impeccable features. 

    If you have yet to try this product, feel free to add it to your cart and take it home.

    If you already know the awesomeness of the eyelash extension micro brush. But if you are looking for a long-term cooperation brand with high-quality products and reasonable prices, LBLS looks forward to a chance to convince you!

    The detailed images posted by us will be viewed with 360-degree zoom angles so you can get the most realistic visual experience of the product.

    Thank you for visiting and reading this to the very end! Follow us for the latest updates in the eyelash extension industry!

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