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LBLS Lash Glue Tray For Lash Extension | 5 trays

LBLS Lash Glue Tray For Lash Extension | 5 trays

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Product Description
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Looking for the best lash glue tray in Australia? All the secrets about how to extend glue's consistent quality are away from 1 click. Read now!



  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Light Pink, Hot Pink, Clear, Light Purple 
  • Diameter: 4.7 cm
  • Packaging: 5 Pieces per pack. 
  • Hole on the tray: 26

The lash glue tray is a smart design innovation for using glue dots. If you have ever been stuck at poor lash retention because of difficulty controlling the lash adhesive effectiveness, here is the destined tool for you.

LBLS gets the latest updates on the glue tray for lash extension in this piece. We will summarise and share with you how to choose an eyelash glue tray and how to use and preserve it from the experience of the most veteran eyelash extension artists we have been honoured to partner with.

Read more to get your needed information.

What Is A Lash Glue Tray?

LBLS Lash Glue Tray For Lash Extension

A glue tray for lash extension, also known as grafted flower tray,  is a lash extension accessory used to store glue. It facilitates the lash extension application process by making it faster and more effective by maintaining glue consistency and freshness.

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Glue Tray?

Lash Glue Tray Material 

The first factor to keep in mind when choosing the best glue tray for lash extension  lies in the product material.

Low-quality plastics will cost less. However, these plastics will have an unpleasant odour. Besides, there is a high possibility that low-quality plastic also affects the quality of the eyelash extension glue. As a result, your glue is involved, making it difficult to give the desired effect.

They even affect the health of both eyelash extensions artists and lash clients. Do you think using one bag of hundreds of them in a batch for a long period will affect your safety?

That's why we encourage eyelash extension artists to invest in high-quality products, including modest value lash accessories like the eyelash glue tray.

Lash glue tray made of high-quality plastic has no strange smell. It is safe to use and contains eyelash extension glue. 

This product is specifically designed for eyelash extensions artists use, so it meets safety standards for long-term use.

You should look to brands specialising in your industry to get safe and quality products.

The job of eyelash extension artists is challenging and involves exposure to many chemicals. Therefore, the glue tray for lash extension products must meet the basic requirements, such as not reacting to changes in weather, not reacting with lash adhesive, and not sticking to eyelash extensions. Most importantly, they must be safe for the user.

Lash Glue Tray Stickiness Level

Lash Glue Tray Stickiness Level

The second point you need to note is the stickiness of the eyelash glue tray.

Low-quality products will have too low or too high stickiness on the bottom of the glue tray. They usually won't stick or stick too tight, leading to inconvenience for eyelash extension artists.

A good quality glue tray for lash extension will ensure standard stickiness. They will not leave a sticky residue on the skin and are also painful to remove.

Lash Glue Tray Deal

Because it is a disposable product, the packing quantity of the lash glue tray is 100 pcs per pack. Therefore, lash extension manufacturers and distributors will often have combo sales programs so that eyelash extension artists have more choices in colour and variety as well as more economical prices.

LBLS Lash Glue Tray Features

Lash Glue Tray

Premium Plastic

We use high-quality plastic in the production of lash glue trays. They have a smooth surface that allows eyelash extension artists to apply glue easily and economically. Besides, due to their particular processing, the eyelash glue tray pallets won't corrode from lash glue and won't release any dangerous gasses. It is even waterproof and crack-resistant.

Furthermore, they are impermeable and do not act or react with the ingredients of the eyelash glue extension.

These are products we made specifically for eyelash extension artists, so they are safe for your health in the long run. You will not smell any strange smell of the product. Their colours are also genuine.

Safe For Lash Client

Each customer can apply for eyelash extensions with this disposable lash glue tray. Everyone has a separate tray. As a result, you avoid the risk of cross-contamination with your customers.

This will be the prominent feature you want to add to the articles you share about your service. Instead of using products that have to be washed and dried, products like the lash glue dot holder will bring peace of mind and enhance the customer experience for your services.

No one wants to share a product with another customer if it is possible to use it separately, especially beauty products. Clean hygiene, disposable products like eyelash glue trays, and personalised products will be the features you want to add to your eyelash salon if you want to interact with high-class customers!

Smart Size

Lash Glue Tray

The lash glue tray is the top holder in maintaining lash glue quality since it has 26 tiny perfect depth holes with a 0.39 diameter apiece. Dropping the adhesive into the tray can significantly minimise the glue's surface area in contact with the air, which can effectively stop the lash adhesive from curing out (or drying) & degrading.

Disposable But Multiple Use

Although the LBLS glue tray for lash extension is a disposable product, with 26 glue wells, you can use this product up to a minimum of 26 times. The maximum will depend on the speed of eyelash extensions application!

This is a very useful feature, especially for new eyelash extensions artists who want to practice creating lash fans or practice eyelash extensions. With small glue holes, they don't have to worry about the slow speed affecting the drying of the glue, or glue may be dried before it can form the fans.

Furthermore, it is increasing tray utilisation due to inventive multi-hole groove layouts. When you can dispense a standard amount of glue in each hole, you'll get to work more quickly without worrying about anything. 

Picture it. Normally, you will drop a glue dot on the glue stone and dip lash roots into it. The glue dot can be used several times. But occasionally, you feel that glue's effect will decrease towards the end, right? Or at least they're not what they used to be at the beginning.

However, now in each hole, the amount of glue is smaller. Not so many roots will be dipped in it, just some. When the glue is about to start losing its effectiveness, you already move to a new glue chamber. That is the beauty of it.

Lightweight - Travel Friendly

With a product weight of only 1g each, the LBLS eyelash glue tray is many times lighter than glue stone, which is a great alternative that eyelash artists can utilise. When you travel or are a mobile lash artist, this LBLS lash glue tray will be the optimal choice.

The super compact design facilitates any move. Each glue hole is designed to keep the eyelash glue in place on the lash glue tray without spilling, even if your hand moves around.


With the LBLS lash glue tray, eyelash artists don't need to worry about the glue tray tilting, falling, or not staying in place. 

To speed up the grafting process, the glue tray for the lash extension's surface can be immediately glued to the lash client's forehead or the back of the lash artist's hand. 

When the distance between the eyelash extension glue and the area to be attached is closer, the eyelash extensions artist will shorten the time the eyelash extension is dipped in the glue, and then move to the natural eyelash to attach.

The time the eyelashes have been dipped in the air is also shortened. From there, the eyelash extension glue will not lose its performance. That is the convenience of the eyelash glue tray.

When you use Promade or ready-to-use Handmade lashes and don't like the feel of wearing a glue ring, this lash glue tray is the optimum alternative. They can be applied anywhere you feel comfortable and safe for your eyelash extension work.

In fact, many eyelash extensions artists who are partnered with LBLS share that they love fixed glue trays for lash extensions like this one. While many lash technicians find the glue ring suitable, they find the eyelash glue tray more satisfying when their hands don't need to wear anything else.

Multiple Colour

Lash Glue Tray

At LBLS, you always have a choice. We always incorporate an element of diversity into our products so that we can help eyelash extension artists find the products that work best for them. Lash glue tray is no exception.

You have 4 colour options with the LBLS glue tray for lash extension. They are clear, light pink, hot pink and light purple, respectively.

Inspirational colours work alongside the brand's nuanced features. Therefore, choose the colour that gives you the most comfortable feeling for your lash glue dispenser!

Versatile In Use

LBLS lash glue tray products aren't just meant for eyelash extension artists. 

In fact, when you need to use any product that is sensitive to moisture and weather, you can apply an eyelash glue tray. For a detailed manner, artists in nail art or tattoo applications are very fond of the eyelash glue tray.

Compact Packing

We put a lash glue tray in a clean, prepared, independent bag packing. You can take it out and divide it by the numbers in use, and nothing can stop you from creating a beautiful lash extension.

Easy To Clean

Since the lash glue tray is a disposable product, eyelash extension artists don't have to spend too much time and effort cleaning up this product after use.

Indeed, after they've done their job, you simply remove them gently from the area of the skin where you put them down. Use a warm towel to wipe gently. You will not need to tire of washing and cleaning like using glue stone.

After stressful working hours, eyelash extensions artists only need to spend 2-5 minutes more cleaning to be able to rest. This product will help you have more time to relax or do many other tasks. In short, they are simple, convenient, safe, and effective.

How To Use LBLS Lash Glue Tray

How To Store LBLS Lash Glue Tray

Step 1: Apply glue in drops to the grooves.

Step 2: To make it easier to hold, put the lash fans that will be attached to the grooves.

Step 3: Apply glue on lash extensions in a uniform layer.

A lash glue tray is a relatively easy product to preserve.

The best way is to divide it into parts for storage and use. Since you usually buy in packs of 100, it is a big number. Therefore, don't forget to calculate how much you use by day and by week. Then, you can take out the corresponding amount. It will support you and protect the leftover part from dirt, bacteria and droplets.

Besides, you also need to keep all products in dry places with little traffic. Heat, electricity and humidity will affect the product, so you need to keep them in a place that is isolated from these components.

Direct sunlight can cause products to become damaged or lose their shape when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Therefore, keep them in a cool, dark and ventilated place.


That is all the details of the lash glue tray

LBLS hopes this information introduces you to the right tool for your lash application process. We have launched the products for over 5 years now, and this has been the best version.

We recommend you use it if you haven't tried it. Most of the time, the lash glue is not working due to unstable humidity and temperature. However, with a grafted flower glue tray, everything fluctuating affecting lash glue quality consistency can be eliminated. 

If you have any questions or comments about the product, let us know via message, comments or even a phone call. We'd love to support you!

Happy shopping!


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