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Loose Fan Promade 2D Lashes Extension Hybrid | 1000 fans

Loose Fan Promade 2D Lashes Extension Hybrid | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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2d lashes are having a moment. Here are details of how to use them and some notable tips when choosing the 2d lashes extensions. Delve into it now!


Key points:

8 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: Semi Gloss.
  • Length: 8mm to 15mm.
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity

       Pro-made: 1000 fans per box.

       Bundle Pro-made: 3000 fans per set, combo 3 boxes. 1000 fans per box.

  • Diameter/Thickness, range: 0.07, 0.10 and 0.15
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

Close to classic lashes, but leaning more about volume lashes extension, which is 2d lashes

Here is today's article. LBLS will share with you everything about 2d lashes extensions. When you finish this piece, you can get for yourself all the simple memory knowledge of 2d volume lashes. 

We also compare 2d lashes vs 3d (the most favourite volume lashes) and classic lashes to help lash artists consult and advise the right lash extensions for your clients.

We also attach tips to choose the high-grade quality of 2d lash extensions. Without further ado, let's get started.

What Are 2D Lashes?

What Are 2D Lashes?

2d lashes, also known as double-volume lashes, refer to the application of two synthetic (high grade lash material is faux mink) lashes to a single natural lash. They are one type of volume lash style. 

Attaching two extensions to each natural eyelash creates the appearance of increased volume and offers a more dynamic look. Volume 2d lashes have become popular because they add depth to the eyelashes while keeping them looking natural.

How To Create 2D Lashes?

Step 1

Prepare a lash extensions tray, lash glue, eyelash tweezers, eyelash extension pad, glue rings, flower glue container, or glue stone if you need one.

Step 2 

Choose your lash tray. You are about to do the lash fans.

Step 3

Start creating the 2d eyelashes extension. The rule to make the 2d lashes are:

Two synthetic lash bases will be adhered together to retain the overall orientation while the lash tips blossom and separate in separate directions. 

This is crucial for a final lash line that is well-groomed, tidy, and lovely. For 2d lashes extensions, we advise utilizing faux mink lash extensions, especially choosing Korean PBT as material. It is really gentle and ideal for these 2d volume lashes.

  • Pick up 2 lashes and place them back on the strip tape.
  • With the tip of the tweezers, push one lash to the right.
  • Now grip the fan towards the middle and pull it towards yourself.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary, making sure all your fans are the same size.

When you are happy with your 2d lashes, you can start attaching them to your clients' real lashes.

How To Consult And Perform 2D Lashes Application?

Step 1

The lash technicians will pay close attention to the client's requests and expectations. Then, you can advise on the best style, length and diameter for your lash clients.

Step 2

Prepare to create 2d lash extensions, or you can just use the ready-to-graft 2d lashes extensions, such as Promade lashes fans.

Step 3

The eyelashes are cleaned with an eyelash shampoo following the analysis and discussion of the lash treatment. 

Before beginning, it's vital to remove your client's makeup. Even if they don't have make-up on their eyes, a quality cleaning will prepare a clean surface for you to graft easier. Later on, the extensions will be glued firmly to the natural lashes. As a result, lash retention will be better.

You can consider using a lash primer which promotes a deeper bond if your clients have oily skin.

There should be no contact between the bottom and top rows of eyelashes. The issue can be resolved using under-eye pads and eyelash tapes.

Step 4

Now, the process on the lash extensions then starts.  Lash artists will choose 2 way to do as follow:

Making two-dimensional lash fans, dips them in adhesive, and adheres them to the natural lashes.


Take up the Promade 2d lashes fans, dip the fan into the glue and start grafting it to the designated natural eyelashes.

Depending on how many natural eyelashes the client has, this procedure is repeated about 150 to 250 times on both eyes. However, if your clients want a fuller appearance, lash artists can consider their eyelash health and fulfil their wishes by adding more lash extensions.

Step 5

The eyelashes are brushed with a lash brush as well as examined in a beautiful lash mirror after the lash extension procedure is finished. Before completing the volume 2d lashes job, small gaps must be filled up.

Secret To Have The Best 2D Lashes Application

When creating or choosing 2d lashes extensions, whether you are about doing 2d hybrid lashes or 2d Russian volume lashes, we recommend you use light and thin extensions at all times. 

These lightweight lash extensions will not pressure the client's natural lashes and don't trigger allergies or cause health issues because of their little weight.

Don't forget to avoid using machine-made or inferior-quality lash extensions. They have a highly artificial impact and poor retention. This type of lash extension curl will easily be loose. Only Korean PBT can support the best retention of 2d eyelashes extension.

Besides, when you graft 2d lashes to natural lashes, there are two things you want to keep in mind:

  • You attach the lash extension base to the natural lash base
  • Always remember to leave from 0,5 mm to 1,0 mm

By doing this, the lash glue and artificial hair are kept away from sensitive skin. You can eliminate the chance your clients may have an allergy response from lash adhesive fumes. It protects the client's health and may bring them a more wonderful lashing experience!

How Long Does 2D Eyelashes Extension Take?

How Long Does 2D Eyelashes Extension Take?

About 45 minutes - 1.5 hours. The procedure of applying 2d lashes is laborious and drawn out.

In fact, it depends on the lash artist's experience and lashes speed. Some lash technicians can perform 2d lashes extensions in about 1 hour if they choose to do 2d hybrid lashes (the lash style that combines classic and volume lashes).  

2d Russian volume lashes may take longer, about 1.5 hour, if lash technicians are rookies. Larger density approaches will also require considerably more time.

Most importantly, lash speed can push up to more than 30 mins if lash artists accompany ready-to-graft Promade 2d lashes instead of creating 2d lashes extensions on their own.

What Is The Best 2d Volume Lashes Lengths For Extensions?

Before giving out the recommendation for the optimum length of 2d lashes for your lash client, every lash artist should assess your customer's overall natural eyelash structure.

You must also thoroughly analyse your client's natural eyelashes' thickness, length and curl. 

Normally, before deciding the proper sizes of lashes for your clients, lash artists must measure the length of the customer's real eyelashes.

It is all up to the type of eyelash extension you are about to create. We advise utilising lengths from 7mm to 13mm or between them to perform. You should take reference from fox-eye, natural-eye, cat-eye, puppet-eye, and open-eye squirrel-eye and then choose the recommended length of 2d lashes extensions.

Whichever length you pick, never let the eyelash extension's length be more than one-third of a natural eyelash's length. It means the safest length of lash extensions is longer than natural lashes, from 1mm to 3mm. 

Besides, if your clients wear glasses, the optimum length of eyelash extensions will be lengthier than natural lashes, from 1mm to 2mm. It will ensure naturalness and safety for the eyes. Your clients will feel comfortable wearing it, and the lash extensions do not touch the glass, which causes discomfort. 

Last but not least, if your client is a first-time client who is about to do lash extensions for the first time, you should choose a shorter length to support them in getting used to eyelash extensions first. Normally, the minimum length in the recommended range is the best.

If you apply the maximum length right on a novice client to the lash artist world, there is more likely a chance that they will experience a strange feeling at first and they will think twice about getting a lash extension for the second time. 

Although lash extensions are super lightweight when you use a premium one, and the suitable length will not harm natural lashes, there is still a small chance that your clients will feel discomfort. That is why lash artists usually advise their clients to try the shorter length first, and then at the 2nd and 3rd, they will suggest their clients get longer lashes if they expect more lengthier lashes.

What Is The Best Volume 2d Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

The lash technicians must determine the diameters after evaluating the natural lash structure and choosing the lash extension lengths of 2d lash extensions.

The most common diameters for 2d eyelashes extension are 0.07 and 0.10. Veteran lash artists most recommend them.

0.07mm is smaller than 0.1mm. The 0.1mm diameter is the best match for clients who have strong and healthy lashes. In contrast, if your client has thinner real lashes or the lash baby is not fully grown, a thinner diameter like 0.07 will be more adaptable.

2D Lashes Vs 3d Lashes

Making a decision between 2d lashes and 3D lashes extensions can sometimes be challenging. The quantity of attached extensions differs somewhat between the two types, but they are fairly similar to one another.

2D lashes are 2 lash strands attached in the roots to form 2d lash fans. Meanwhile, 3d lashes are 3 lash strands connected to form 3d fans.

Two lash techniques can draw attention to the look while still seeming natural. That is the same feature of the 2d lashes and 3d lashes technique. 

2d lashes represent the most natural-looking eyelash volume. The appearance of 3D extensions is much fuller because it has one more lash strand in its fan. As a result, the lash fan is thicker, and the eyelash base and line are bolder overall. Consequently, your clients will get more eyeliner effects.

If your client is unsure about which technique to use, we suggest starting on 2d lashes extensions and switching to 3D eyelashes if they desire greater expressiveness.

Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 2D Lashes Extensions?

Women who wish to obtain moderate lash volume without having to apply mascara every day might consider 2d eyelashes extension.

Women who have already used "classic" lashes frequently want to add a tiny bit extra volume are also ideal target clients for 2d lashes. The appearance is made lighter and more natural by adding thin extensions. The effect will be particularly striking if the client's natural lashes are thicker.

In short, customers who wish to attain a natural impression with a moderate density should use volume 2d lashes. 

Besides, 2d volume lashes are appropriate for daily use. Volume lashes create a fuller, more dramatic appearance. It gives a beautiful appearance and is suitable for social gatherings, parties, and weddings.

LBLS 2D Lashes

2D Lashes

LBLS 2D Lash Extensions Benefits

Support Lash Client's Natural Lashes

Since 2d lash extensions are thinner than the lash extension used in classic lashes, they can benefit a variety of eye types. Thinner lashes are also more pleasant and are better for your client's natural lash to hold, which lowers the risk of breakage.

Effective For Thin And Weak Eyelashes

Furthermore, 2d lashes provide more possibilities for those with thinner lashes. 

Classical lashes can only be applied as often as your client's natural lashes, whereas 2d lashes may be applied twice. 2d hybrid lashes are better if your clients possess thin eyelashes and desire a thick, fan-shaped lash.

LBLS 2D Lashes Features

LBLS 2D Lashes Features

High-Grade Korean PBT

We use Korean PBT as the main material for the production of eyelash extensions. 

2d lashes fans are also created from the highest-grade PBT. You can clearly feel the difference in LBLS 2d lash extensions outstanding curvature, true matte black colour and outstanding ability to blend in with natural lashes.

Besides, our premium PBT ensures the safety of clients and eyelash extension artists as they do not react with any chemical products regarding eyelash extension application. 

From the product in our research project to the time the product was launched on the market, the 2d eyelash extension fans made of high-quality PBT have not recorded any allergic reactions.

All of LBLS eyelash extensions are made from the safest and highest-grade materials in the eyelash extension industry. We say no to materials that are potentially harmful to animals, like real mink lash. You can be completely assured of the origin of the materials that make up 2d lashes. They are cruelty-free.

Amazing Glue Absorb Function

The highlight of LBLS 2d volume lashes lies in the excellent ability to absorb glue that low-grade PBT extensions cannot have. 

If you have ever used our Promade lashes, you will understand the feeling of Promade lash "catching" the glue quickly like you use a magnet. You can get lash retention for up to 8 weeks if you combine the Promade 2d lash fans and Magic glue duo. 

Perfect Fans

LBLS 2d lashes extensions are ready to graft fans. 

Crafted by the meticulous hands of professional lash artists, our 2d lashes are the perfect lash fan, characterized by amazing features you won't find elsewhere:

- Pointed and thin base fan

- Adhesive zone: 2~3mm

- A lash fan body to lash fan base ratio of one-third

- Regular fan

- Excellent glue absorb characteristic

- Long-lasting curvature

- Symmetrical look

- Consistency quality

All the 2d lash fans are kept in a clear box that is super easy to observe and take out. You can readily set up an LBLS 2d lashes fan on a silicone lash pad. It will keep all the fans standing, facilitating you to graft quickly.

If you want an even more convenient way to use, layout and apply 2d lashes, you can consider 

Push-Up Lash Speed

Compared to the fact that eyelash extensions artists have to manually create 2d lashes when applying eyelashes, using Promade 2d eyelashes extensions will save you time, effort and money. 

In fact, thanks to ready-to-graft fans, lash technicians can speed up the eyelash extensions process by up to 30% as the time you prepare for eyelash extensions is greatly shortened.

Affordable Price

Compared with other 2d volume lashes products on the market, you can easily see that LBLS 2d lashes have a very competitive price. 

We have a lash extensions factory. We manufacture and distribute our product directly in Australia and worldwide, so eyelash extension artisans can buy high-quality 2d lashes at the most affordable cost.

Do LBLS 2D Lashes Extensions Look Natural?

Yes. If the lash artist utilises the proper length extensions, the eyelashes will seem completely natural, even with double volume. The finished effect will be fluffier and much more enticing. 

A hallmark of femininity as well as appeal has traditionally been seen to be long, thick eyelashes with a dramatic curl. Your client's eyes will appear stunning and entirely natural with LBLS 2d volume lashes.


When it regards beauty, every woman wants to seem like a queen without sacrificing her innate beauty. Full and lengthy eyelashes help a lot with the dream and expectations. That is why eyelash extensions are a simple and noticeable remedy offered by the cosmetic industry. 

2d lashes are a common method for achieving a natural appearance without compromising natural beauty. Hence, by understanding the demand, lash artists can promote 2d lashes extensions to the next level.

We hope that this sharing helps you in a way. Remember that premium lash extensions can support you achieve a fuller, more natural, safe lash set. It never goes wrong when you own high-grade fine 2d lashes in your hand. When you satisfy your client's needs with the most premium quality, they will never leave. The booking message sound will be beeping forever. 

In a competitive industry, expert lash technicians never undermine 2d lashes. Women all around the world like a natural appearance, and 2d lash extensions can do that.

If you have any questions about LBLS 2d lashes, don't hesitate to send us a message or comment. We would love to supply you with the most amazing quality lash extensions in Australia and the world.

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