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LBLS Premium Lash Glue Container

LBLS Premium Lash Glue Container

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Product Description
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Lash glue container is the keeper of your lash glue. Here are some notable features that a good airtight adhesive holder must have. Dig into it now. 

Lash Glue Container



  • Diameter: 7 cm
  • Height: 8.5 cm
  • Capacity: Up to 8 glue bottles
  • Colour: Pink with White button, White with Gold Button and White with Rose Gold Button.

If you have ever frustrated because your lash glue is being too runny, degraded, tacky, clumsy, or dried out before the expiration date, or you constantly cost a lot of money on eyelash extension adhesive because the old one unexpectedly stop working, you would love to own a lash glue container

The airtight adhesive holder is best for keeping eyelash extension adhesive, glue protected and stored. But, under the roof of numerous brands in the market, what to look for in a good lash glue, adhesive storage container? 

Luckily, in the article, LBLS will spend time sharing with you. We have about 10 years working in the eyelash extensions industry. We have partnered with thousands of lash artists in Australia and all over the world, and below are the secrets they tell us about tips to choose the best sealed far for eyelash glue!

Without further ado, let's delve into all the precious knowledge. 

What Is A Lash Glue Container?

Lash Glue Container

A lash glue container is an extension accessory that can keep excess moisture at bay and preserve your lash adhesives in the ideal condition. From that, lash artists' lash glue, adhesive will perform the work better and last longer.

Do Lash Artists Need Lash Glue Containers?

Yes. Every lash artist, technician should have eyelash glue storage. It saves your money in lash glue in the long term and ensures lash retention for your lash client.

Besides, lash glue is a pretty sensitive product. Humidity and temperature changing can immediately affect your lash adhesive at any time. In normal conditions, lash technicians, artists find it hard to have a place with a stable and good environment for lash adhesive. That is why the glue container for the lash extension comes in handy. 

Lash glue containers protect the glue from harming factors like moisture, dust, etc., everything is likely to be a dangerous variable causing lash glue quality change.

How Should Lash Artists Store Eyelash Adhesive?

A lash artist can store lash adhesive, glue by buying a lash glue container. It creates a sturdy layer that averts the unbalanced impact from weather eradication to lash glue, even if it is an opened or unopened glue jar.

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Glue Storage Container

Lash Glue Container

Lash Artist Budget

As an eyelash extension artist, you definitely have to spend a lot of money ranging from land rental, interior installation, eyelash extensions, eyelash extension glue, and even accessories used for eyelash extensions. Therefore, you need to plan your spending and determine how much you can spend on a storage box of eyelash glue.

Lash glue containers have many price levels. But for under $30, you can get a good glue container for lash extension adhesive. The main difference between a higher and lower glue container price lies in the container material and its capacity. 

The product will decide how long the lash glue bottle will stay with you. Therefore, let's open the spending limit a bit to get premium quality, as the eyelash glue storage jar is a long-term-use product.

Lash Glue Container Capacity

The lash glue container's capacity is one factor determining how many containers you will need to store all the eyelash glue you have. If it has a big capacity, you can store more. As a result, you can save more. 

However, as you can see on the market, glue containers for lash extension glue can hold only 3 to 8 bottles simultaneously. The reason is that the bigger capacity will likely be hard to preserve the lash glue as the big atmosphere comes in. Therefore, below 8 is the ideal number.

Besides, you need to double-check with the brand to know whether the size of your glue bottle fits with the glue container. If yes, how many glue bottles can fit into it? Sometimes, the number a brand states is the small-size glue bottle. But if they put on a big size bottle, the capacity of the lash glue container will not be that advertising number.

Lash Glue Container Material

The lash glue holder needs to be a product that is not or less affected by temperature, humidity, and water.

Plastic is one of the popular materials that meet these factors. Besides, this is also a durable, impact-resistant material. Lash glue containers made of high-quality plastic will also be much more sealed than glass and porcelain.

The Lid Of The Lash Glue Container Must Stay Shut

LBLS used to sell a lot of lash glue containers. After many years of working with eyelash extension artists and receiving valuable feedback from our customers, we have found many beautiful glue containers for lash extension products made from glass, metal, or porcelain, but their lids are not tight.

They only work for the first few times of use, but the effectiveness decreases over time. That's why up to now, the product that LBLS chooses to sell and distribute to the market is a high-grade plastic lash glue container. They ensure that the lid is completely sealed so that it can afford to protect the inner eyelash extensions glue from harmful effects from the outside environment.

Therefore, whichever brand you choose, always remember you need a product with a sealed and tight lid. This is an important factor you should check before making a purchase. Eye-catching should be the next factor to consider, not the 1st priority or most important priority. Let's find the balance.

LBLS Lash Glue Container Features

Lash Glue Container

Created By Standard Structure For Glue Container

LBLS eyelash glue storage is a sealed box made of premium plastic with a standard cut sponge that preserves the glue's freshness for a long time. The sponge absorbs moisture and a strong glue odour. In other words, combining the use of a sealed container and the sponge extends the glue's shelf life by preventing it from hardening. 

It works both for opened and unopened glue bottles. As you may be aware, after opening the glue bottle, you can not put it in the refrigerator. The glue container we are talking about is the home for them.

In addition, our plastic is opaque. It limits the exposure of everything inside it to the sun. It prevents all the possible factors that are likely to harm your lash extension adhesive. That is why people call it the best way to store lash glue. It is a dust, heat, bacterial and moisture repeller.

Some lash artists even call the LBLS lash glue container "money protector" as the fact that it preserves the quality of lash glue till the last drop. Having LBLS lash glue container, it means you have a good lash glue and good lash retention. Eventually, it is the client's satisfaction.

Made From Durable Material

Made from the highest grade ABS, the LBLS lash glue container gives your eyelash extensions glues the safest, most stable home. 

Plastic is renowned for its flexibility, elasticity, tensility, and versatility to bend and match precisely. It resists deformation. You won't need to worry about how tight this box is. It is a leak-proof bottle plastic container.

Our glue container is resistant to numerous chemicals and corrosion. Additionally, it has poor heat & electrical conductivity. With these features, you will be persuaded by it immediately when you hold it in your hands. It is appropriate for both lash beginners and experts.

Store Up To 6 Glue Bottles 

lash glue container

A lash glue container will normally fit 3 (5ml or 10ml ) or more eyelash adhesive bottles. However, it depends on the glue bottle shape and size to say exactly the capacity number. You can remove the foam insert to make room for extra glue bottles.

LBLS glue container is an airtight adhesive holder that can put 6 lash extension glue bottles into it, as we can see from our pictures. This is the biggest capacity you can get from a lash glue container in the market. 

Still, we advise you to share your glue bottle size with us, so we can recommend how many bottles can fit in the LBLS lash glue container

Sometimes, our partnered lash artists do not only preserve lash glue in it. They even put the Super Bonder, which supports lash retention, to 25%. So, in the same sealed glue box, you can preserve all the liquid you expect to retain the quality under the weather impact. 

The more you invest in storage, the more money you can save in the long term.

Appear In Happy Pastel Colours  

Lash Glue Container

LBLS lash glue container is made from the most soothing pastel colours.

They are designed based on research on colour pairs suitable for beauty salons. You have 3 elegant options: 

  • white-gold
  • pink-white
  •  and white-rose. 

The opening or closing buttons are always highlighted in a different colour to help eyelash artists find them easily.

One-Hand Opening Mechanism

Besides, the button design can keep little, agitated fingers away. You are worry-free from your playful children playing with it. 

The economical design also limits the touching when it comes to opening the lid job. Unlike twisting to open the cap, you must use more energy and touch, which is likely less convenient. 

The lash glue container only requires a one-hand operation. The start or close button works like a charm. It squeezes out the leftover air in the bottle and makes a sealable container.  

Travel Friendly

The lash glue container owns a modern sealing technology that may be utilized in beauty salons, at the home-based lash salon, or while travelling to accommodate the various demands of eyelash artists. With a height of 8.5 cm, it is equal to your lipstick only. You can put it in any lash bag. The compact design will facilitate your ease of transportation.

Lash Glue GPS

When eyelash artists put all their eyelash extensions glued in a sealed box, you've given it an address. This lash glue container not only preserves glue but also makes a great organizing tool to help eyelash artists reduce the time it takes to run around the room searching for their eyelash extensions glue.

More importantly, your lash glue nozzle is significantly cleaner when it is always upright. No more glue leaking, spilling or drying out.

How To Use LBLS Lash Glue Container

lash glue container

  • Press the "press' button to open
  • Choose to use or not use the sponge
  • Place the lash glue bottle in. Add a silicon bag for extra protection
  • Press the Press button again to close

How To Preserve Lash Glue Container

The best way to store a lash glue storage container is to choose the best place to put it. Eyelash extension artists should choose a flat surface and a dry, ventilated, direct sunlight ambience. Also, you should keep it away from heat and moisture sources. Swapping out the silica sachet every month is a big help too.

Although the LBLS lash glue container is extremely easy to store, you can just put it in the lash cart and feel free to go. However, even if it is a durable item, please always follow the usage and storage instructions from the manufacturer to get the best results.

Last but not least, examine the expiration dates on your lash glue and discard any glue bottle that has passed its time. To do it, you also need to label your product with the starting-using date.


Regarding lash adhesive, it all depends on the circumstances in which you store the lash glue.

LBLS lash glue container checks off everything you need in a lash glue/adhesive storage container. Every lash artist should have this product in their lash cart to save money on lash glue. 

LBLS hopes that our sharing comes in handy when you feel lost in the big market. 

If we have a chance to meet, we would like to serve you. If you need other details on LBLS products, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Thank you!

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