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Lash Cleansing Brush

Lash Cleansing Brush

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Product Description
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Best method to clean eyelash extensions is to use a lash cleansing brush. Here is the sharing from a lash expert on how to choose the best one. 



  • Colour:  White, Pink
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Item Form: Wand
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Salon
  • Length: 10 cm

Cleansing lash extension properly is essential in protecting lash retention and natural lash health. To do it properly takes work. But with the eyelash shampoo brushes for eyelash extensions, lash artists and even lash clients will feel at ease with the cleansing process.

As such, the lash cleansing brush is the most crucial product in lash extension cleansing. Without it, lashes can be over touch, which leads to loose lash extension joins or, even worse, the wrong tool and wrong move lead to permanent natural lash falling. 

In this piece, LBLS will introduce lash expert’s favourite lash cleansing brush. We also give tips and show how to choose the best lash wash brush from lash experts' experience sharing. 

What Is A Lash Cleansing Brush?

Lash Cleansing Brush

The lash cleansing brush is a lash extension tool tailor-made for lash extension cleansing. 

Differing from a normal brush, the lash cleansing brush has super delicate fibre hair, which is specially made to give the eyelashes a balanced touch with enough force to clean but still subtle not to harm the lash extensions joins. 

It also reduces the excessive force that leads to loss of eyelash extensions or damage to natural eyelash roots if you use it long-term.

How Should A Lash Cleansing Brush Be Used?

Your clients should close their eyes during the whole process of lash cleansing. You can follow the circular motions to brush the lashes softly. 

Each cleansing lash time will last for at least 15 secs. Then you can wash the lashes. The easiest way to prevent curled and criss-crossed eyelashes is to brush them upward, starting in the middle.

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Cleansing Brush

Lash Cleansing Brush 

Sturdy Structure

You will use this item directly at the customer's eye area. The high probability that you will directly impact the eye area will also happen, so the lash cleansing brush you use must have a sturdy structure.

If the product structure is loose, there is a risk that the product will break, fall off and cause damage to the customer's eye area. Therefore, eyelash extension artists must choose products with safe, durable materials and a solid structure.

Many eyelash extension artists have shared with LBLS that they have purchased lash cleansing brushes where the head part separates the body, making them unable to use the product because the two parts are constantly separated as if they were not fastened with glue. 

Hence, this is the first tip you should take into account when buying a lash cleansing brush.

Safe Fiber Hair Material

The bristles at the tip of the product will come into direct contact with the lashes and eyes, so the number one claim for the tip of the lash cleansing brush is that it's safe, soft, and specially designed for lashes.

Eye-Catching Design

Not only a product for eyelash extension artists, but the lash cleansing brush is also a product for customers to take home to use. Hence, the design of this product must be attractive and eye-catching and bring a sense of attraction that makes them want to pick up this cleaning brush to use.

Usually, pink and white designs will be the most popular as they blend well with other products in the lash aftercare kit. Besides, these are also full of life and energy colours. Colour affects emotions. Thus, these colours are often chosen for beauty salons. You should also have these colours in your eyelash salon.

Affordable Price

Unlike other disposable products, lash cleansing bush is one of those products that can be used more than once.

However, you can only use it many times on the same customer to ensure hygiene and health for your customers after cleaning after each use.

As a result, the number of lash cleansing brushes purchased by eyelash extension artists can be further reduced. But, even if you save the quantity to an extent, the total number of the product you buy is still a large number compared to other products. Especially if you use this product in the upper sell program, the amount you need each month will increase much more.

When you have a need to buy a large number of products, don't forget to buy in combos or apply for bulk buying programs from manufacturers or distributors at the source, the price you are offered will also be more attractive!

LBLS Lash Cleansing Brush Features

Lash Cleansing Brush

LBLS Eyelash Cleaning Brush Hair

The premium hair of the LBLS eyelash cleanser brush is super thin and soft. It is constructed of durable and soft fibre and, therefore, is not easily distorted. 

Its special design will aid the ability to go deep into each lash layer to clean the client's lashes at every angle. Differing from towels and cotton products, these hairs will not catch the natural eyelashes and lash extensions. Hence, it protects the lash clients from uncomfortable early lash loss.

Comfortable And Simple To Grasp Eyelash Cleaning Brush Handle

The wooden handle is super sturdy. Its economical design supports lash artists to grasp and hold it effortlessly. Even though it is shiny, it does not cause it to be slippery. 

In its body is the eyelash symbol. It is the selling point design that a lot of LBLS lash artists love. They even send us feedback that with simple illustrations, their clients remember to use the eyelash cleaning brush for their cleansing process.

Even better, it stands out from other brushes, so they can observe and take them out quickly.

As a part of LBLS policy, we try our best to produce and distribute products that support environmental sustainability. We are happy that the body of the lash cleansing brush is recycled. 

We also hope that you feel comfortable using an environmentally friendly product, even if it is just a part.

Power Metal Tube

The metal tube connects the soft fibre part to the wooden handle to ensure that eyelash extensions artists have the safest and most convenient lash cleansing brushes at hand.

Metal is also the most suitable material to be used as an extension for the lash cleansing brush. It ensures a good bond between fibre and wood thanks to its strong ability and is not easily abraded by chemicals in cleaning products. 

Moreover, it is also tough enough to protect the brush hairs. This head part needs to have a strong enough fulcrum to be able to help the soft hairs go deeper between the customer's lashes.

Excellent Gift Idea

Lash Cleansing Brush

If you are wondering about gift ideas for friends, relatives in the beauty industry, or people who love to explore and beautify, the lash cleansing brush is a good suggestion. 

Cleansing is the basic step of any beauty routine. Having a clean and soft base, other products can absorb better.

Don't forget the eyelash cleaning brush when you are in need of gifts!

Say Goodbye To Hairs Falling

LBLS lash cleansing brushes are gentle, and unlike other typical brushes, these don't let the hairs fall out quickly.

The bristles of the eyelash cleaning brush need to be firmly attached to the brush's body. When used by artists, many un-branded eyelash cleaning brush products make the hair at the tip of this brush very easy to fall out. It's a nightmare for a lot of eyelash extension artists.

Not only that the low quality eyelash cleanser brushes can't be used a second time, but it's also not easy to clean up these lost brush hairs, as they stick to the skin. 

For complete removal, there is a high chance that eyelash extensions artists need to use force to remove them from the lash and eye area. As a result, you may end up having an unpleasant experience for your clients during lash cleaning. Hence, you really should buy the premium quality lash cleansing brush.

No Chemical Smell

The difference between LBLS lash cleansing brush and other products is that it does not have a chemical or strange smell.

This is a product used for the eye area, so we pay special attention to the ingredients that make up the product to ensure that they are safe and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Before using any eyelash cleaning brush product, even new products, you should clean, dry and then apply them to the client's eyes. That's the basic process for LBLS brush products.

Best For Direct Use And Retail

Lash Cleansing Brush

Overall, the lash cleansing brush is a popular product that is loved not only by eyelash extension artists but by many women.

Lash artists buy it for lash clients, but they apply these eyelash cleanser brushes to their daily cleansing lash process. 

Most importantly, it is the money-maker product for any lash technician when it is economical enough to put in a lash aftercare kit to resell for clients in demand.

You can add this product to your resale program. But LBLS also has another suggestion for you.

With regular and loyal customers, a lash cleaning brush will be a very potential option you can give to your customers. Sometimes, a sensible gift will be a great tribute to those who have supported your career over the long haul.

This is also one of those great, cost-effective marketing strategies that have a high probability of benefiting you in the long run.

Never underestimate small-value products like eyelash cleaning brushes. When you use products like these properly (given that you buy high-quality products), it is more likely to help eyelash artists gain more natural word-of-mouth clients. Your opportunity to expand your client base is not small.

Alternatively, you can also distribute these eyelash cleanser brushes to each of your customers, so they know they're personalized and treated with special respect every time they come to your service!


Although this product is specifically designed for eyelash cleansing use with eyelash extensions clients, these lash cleansing brushes, with their sturdy construction and safe materials, are also popular with beauty enthusiasts when they apply them to nose, lips, and even face cleaning too.

It is an excellent cleansing tool for removing acne, blackheads, pimples, controlling oil, etc. 

We know it is another reason why you love it.

Travel Friendly

The compact design is super convenient. When its size is just 4 inches, which is a bit longer than the lipstick, you can easily put it in a cosmetic bag, lash bag or even your wallet.

You can take it anywhere. Just remember to protect the head of the eyelash cleanser brush. You should keep it in a protective bag.

Diversify In Colour

LBLS provides you with the most wanted lash cleansing brush colours: pink and white. It can go along with any colour in your lash after the kit. They are fresh, energetic and vibrant.

Tips To Using Lash Cleansing Brush 

Tips To Using Lash Cleansing Brush

For the best results, don't forget to use the lash cleansing brush with its best friend - the lash cleanser

All the lash cleanser ingredients will work best with the support of the lash cleaning brush to remove protein build up, oils, or makeup from both natural and extensions lashes.

These two are essential items that can help your customers' lash retention!

How To Preserve LBLS Lash Cleansing Brush 

LBLS lash cleansing brush is a product that is very easy to maintain. 

Eyelash extension artists can use Acrylic Lash Trolley Organizer to preserve lash cleansing brushes prepared for their clients. This will add professionalism to how you choose your product arrangement before and during the lash extension grafting process.


A lash cleansing brush is a basic item in the lash artist's cart. It also contributes a big part to lash technicians' revenue when it is a critical item of lash aftercare kit. 

Choosing the right lash shampoo brushes will save your clients' lashes from clumping, dust, and even bacteria that may be harmful to natural lashes. LBLS hopes that with the information from the article, you can find your fit in terms of the lash cleansing brush.

If you are here, it is destiny we find each other. So, if you give us a chance to be your lash partner, it will be an honour for us to take. 

Please take a closer look at our cleansing brush in 360-degree pictures for more detail. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!



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