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Lash Cleanser Foam Kit

Lash Cleanser Foam Kit

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Product Description
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We have here the best economical lash cleanser kit for lash extension artists. Let your hair down, and let us help you. Delve into the main content now.



  • Ingredients: Water, PEG-80, Sorbitan, Laureate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, P-Anisic Acid, Polysorbate 20, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Sodium
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • No irritation
  • PH neutral
  • Oil-free
  • Alcohol-free
  • Vegan

The lash cleanser is the basic yet most important product that decides whether the lash set is good or bad retention. 

The product is crucial for both lash artists and lashes clients. Still, choosing the most suitable eyelash extension cleanser is not as simple as it looks, as there are so many options on the market. 

In the piece, LBLS will share with you some tips for choosing the best economical lash cleanser and kit for your lash salon and after-sale service. Read to the end to get some marketing tips to sell eyelash cleanser to your clients.

Sit back, relax and get some useful information from us!

Best Economical Lash Cleanser For Lash Artist

What Is A Lash Cleanser?

A lash cleanser known as lash shampoo is a solution used to clean eyelashes for customers before and after eyelash extensions. 

There are several lash cleaner brands in the market. Before making any decision, you need to grok the lash shampoo ingredients first. There are some names in lash shampoo labels that you need to stay away from. 

To get more ideas of what they are, reference the article about lash shampoo here.

What Is a Lash Cleanser Kit? 

The lash cleanser kit is a lash cleansing combo that includes a bottle of lash shampoo and a lash cleansing brush. 

It is to take care of lashes before and after the lash extension application process. Lash artists can buy to use directly on their lash clients or resell lash cleaning kits to their clients as after-service kits. 

In fact, the lash extension cleanser kit is one of the rich sources of extra income for lash techs. In addition, lash artists can do branding about their lash service and bring more new clients thanks to lash cleanser and brush.

Importance Of Lash Cleanser

As we have mentioned, a potential opportunity of increasing lash income and expanding customer base is in lash artists' hands if they make the best out of lash cleansers. But how to choose the right lash cleanser for your lash salon?

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Cleanser

Ensure Lash Shampoo and Lash Brush Quality

Lash Shampoo
Prolong Eyelashes

To increase the lifespan of your client's lashes, a lash cleanser for extensions must remove oils, debris & cosmetic residues. 

First and foremost, a lash cleanser needs to guarantee its standard cleansing power. 

We need it because we expect to exclude all the possibilities of lashes being dirty and infected by any bacteria. As a result, natural lashes can grow healthy. The bonding joints are not being affected. Clients will not feel like pulling down the lashes because they feel itchy or uncomfortable, etc. Hence, clients will have long-lasting lash extensions.

Natural Ingredient

Next, lash cleanser ingredients must be safe to apply to the sensitive area of our eye. It must be mild and paraben-free. As we told you before, lash cleansers should not have some prohibited ingredients. You should definitely check them.

You also need to check the ingredients that make up the lash cleanser in the product information section to ensure you know clearly about the product you are using. 

More importantly, knowing these ingredients can also help you have a better consultation session with your clients. If a customer is allergic to one of the ingredients in the lash cleanser, you can also know in advance.

You may wonder why there are some cheap or there are higher-priced lash cleansers. The reason behind this is the main ingredient. The same results can come from different ingredients. What makes it higher is the side effect level. That explains why you can get a cheaper version from China because they use low-grade ingredients. 

At first, there do not appear to be any differences. However, lashes easily fall off long term, and eyes are prone to irritation. Thus, you should be careful to choose your suitable lash cleanser.

Dedicated Products For Eyes And Eyelash Extension

Eyelash cleaner should be the product designed for lash extension and eyes. More importantly, it must be good for applying in both salon and personal care. 

Some people wonder Can I clean my eyelash extensions with micellar water? Or can I clean my eyelash extensions with face wash? Well, it must depend on the ingredient you are about to use. Understanding lash extensions and factors that affect lash retention will give you a better picture before making any decision. 

Nevertheless, we suggest you use the designed for eyes and eyes lash extension solutions. These kinds of products are not only cleansing your lashes but also keeping the lash joints safe. Some face wash is oil-based. It will damage the lash joins. As a result, your face and eyes may be clean, but the lash extensions will drop soon.

Low Irritation

Some strong lash cleansers can cause eye irritation. Some burning sensation may happen. We believe that you don't want that at all. So, the solution here is you need a lash cleanser that can lower irritation as much as possible. It must be gentle for the eyes and can apply even on sensitive lashes.

You never expect after clients get the lash cleaned, their eyes will be dried, right? Therefore, a lash cleanser must look for some nutritional components. It supports the client's natural lashes to grow healthy in the long term. 

Examined And Approved By Lash Artists

It is worth trying if a lash cleaner is produced and tested by lash artists. Why? Because lash artists understand the most lash extensions, they are trained to make them. They know what to look for in a lash cleanser. Consequently, their ideas matter. 

It would be best if the lash cleanser gets approval from appropriate authorities. However, as you may recognize, lash extension is an emerging industry. It has potential, but it is not big. 

In fact, even the biggest beauty conglomerate, at the very first beginning of the industry, has to go through many stages to examine their products, so there will be standards. Still, it has not happened with the lash extension industry yet. Even in some countries, lash extension artists can only get certification from a trainer, but no third party proves the trainer has the right to give the certification.

So, to be safe, you always choose a transparent brand about its product. Always do patch tests on your clients and buy the ones from your trusted brand.

Quality Lash Brush
Sturdy Structure

The first thing to mention about the lash brush is that the structure must be sturdy. You certainly don't want to hold a lash brush where the bristles fall out, and the handle is loose.

The tip here is you can shake the lash cleansing brush to see how sturdy it is. If you can not handle it, you should not buy it.

Soft Lash Brush

Because it is used on lashes, the bristles need to be soft. If the cleaning brush bristles are too stiff or sharp/pointed, it may snag the eyelash extension, damage the eyelash extensions or hurt the client's eyelids or eyes. To thoroughly clean lashes, the extra soft lash cleansing brush will facilitate lash artists to get in the lashes easier.

To know if the lash cleansing brush is soft, you can take it up and brush through your neck or wrist (some sensitive part of your body) or even on your eyelashes. 

Easy To Clean

A good, or should we say the ideal lash cleansing brush is one that is easy to clean. It is saving and efficient.

If it is to reuse, the lash artist should assign each client with each lash cleansing brush to ensure safety. Some lash brush can be reused if it is sanitized properly. Still, we advise you to change to the new one after 3 or 4 times it is used.

Otherwise, if it is disposable, please do not reuse it. Throw it out after it is being utilized. That is for the best of your client and you. Don't save on disposable products. It is for one-time use.

Tips To Sell Lash Cleanser Kit For Your Clients

Choose Mr Right Lash Supplier

To sell aftercare products for your clients, you need to find your best partner in lash cleanser wholesale

Don't buy from retailers. You should buy it from the manufacturer or the supplier that sells lash cleansers and brushes in a bunk. Since a large quantity will give you a better price, you can get more benefits from that. 

More importantly, the lash supplier will give you a product guarantee policy. You will have full access to product information. Sometimes, some suppliers also have OEM or ODM policies. It means you can order them to design or produce the product you want under your name with their technology. 

For example, like LBLS, we are a lash supplier in Australia. We are not only the supplier of lash extension cleanser australia. If lash artists need to produce lash cleansers under their name, we can support them too. 

When you have good stable sources with affordable prices, you can resell to clients. You even can get marketing ideas sharing from lash suppliers too.

Gift Policy

Most customers will not refuse a gift. Therefore, when customers come to your eyelash extensions salon, giving them a free bottle of lash cleanser (5ml, 10ml) to take home is one of the secrets to selling later.

If your product is good, it does a good job of cleansing without drying out the client's natural lashes. It supports natural lashes and grows healthy. Especially supports lash retention. 

Chances are your customers will come back and buy a larger bottle is high. Don't just give away, attach some notes in a small booklet with an eye-catching design is a big help. 

Believe us. You can make it on a calendar with your product inside. Insert some meaningful quote and remind/encourage your clients to check the day the lashes are clean with a picture until you guys meet again. The more you pay attention to the preparation and refinement of each product, the more likely you are to find the customers you desire!

Marketing Tips

Social Media

Don't just do it in person. You need to advertise your retail product on social media too. 

Beautiful eyes need a lot of care. When properly cared for, the customer's eyes will be able to apply many different eyelash styles. And how can your client's lashes be healthy enough to do a variety of eyelash extensions? Your clients need the right lash cleanser!

Break down your posts into uses, the effects of lash cleansers on healthy lashes by level, a detailed breakdown of the effects of lash cleanser ingredients on eyes, etc.

Price Policy

Do not join the price war because the price war is only for businesses with capital markets, not small businesses. Choose a price range that suits your customers and your brand!

SEO Technique

Don't just post on Facebook. You need to expand your posts to local groups, marketplaces, or beauty groups. Practising SEO is also a suggestion!

Corporate With LBLS

If you are a lash artist in Australia and looking for lash cleanser Australia, why not contact LBLS? We've got you covered. More sharing will be mentioned when we do business together.

If you are looking for a wholesale lash cleanser Australia, you have come to the right place. We have been in Australia for more than ten years now, and we are confident in our products. We offer lash artists various premium lash extension products and lash extension accessories. You just need to visit our shopping site, where you can find anything in the lash extension world that can take your lash career to the next level. 

Wrap It Up

To some people, a lash cleanser is just a by-product. It does not make a lash artist a queen or a turning point in their career. However, LBLS believes it is a shining point in your career if you choose it right. In fact, if you want your client to be happy with the lash set, it has to last long. In order to let it happen, a lash cleanser must be the sidekick supporting you to do the work at your client's home. So, as long as you have in your hands the best one, you can send the message to clients, and your lash salon is the best one in the market. Purchasing from a trusted brand will make you a diamond. 

Check out our best deal on a lash cleanser kit here! Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your time! See you soon.

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