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Lady Black Glue For Eyelash Extension (5ml)

Lady Black Glue For Eyelash Extension (5ml)

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Product Description
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Wanna understand more about lady black glue - the best lash glue for lash artist beginners? Here is everything about the low fume and safe lash glue! 



  • Drying Time: 3 to 4 seconds 
  • Retention: 5-6 weeks
  • Color: Black
  • Item Volume: 5 ml
  • Ideal Temperature: 72-180°F (22-25°C) indoors
  • Ideal Relative Humidity: 20-45%
  • Latex Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Animal Cruelty-Free
  • ISO 9001 – International standard
  • ISO 14001 - Environment friendly

Speaking of one of the most popular lash extension glues preferred by apprentice eyelash artists, eyelash extension students, or novice eyelash extension artists, we must mention lady black glue.

With advantages such as standard drying time, safe glue composition, and easy dispensing and applying, lady black glue will make the life of eyelash extension artists easier than ever. Now, let's dive into the details of this product to understand why it's right for you!

Lady Black Glue - True Lash Adhesive For Lash Beginner

Lady Black Glue Features

Lady Black Glue - ITQA Safety Certification

Eyelash extension glue is a product that eyelash extension artists use often. Therefore, safety is the top factor you will need to take into account. You must make it a priority so that you can ensure the safety of yourself and your customers. With Lady Black Glue products from LBLS, all of our products have ITQA Safety Certification.

They are safe to be used on the eyes. Safety here is mentioned as a safe ingredient, which does not affect the natural eye health of the user and the user. Korea is known for its globally renowned beauty technology, so obtaining a safety certificate is an insurance sheet for the effective safety of Lady Black Glue eyelash extensions.

The job of eyelash extension artists is to follow the instructions for use on the product's packaging.

Lady Black Eyelash Glue - Low Fume

The fume of eyelash extension glue is not good. Still, it is difficult to avoid 100% because until now. No available ingredient can replace the ability to create a strong bond like cyanoacrylate, so choosing a low-fume eyelash extension glue is recommended for any extension artist. 

Lady Black is a low-fume eyelash extension glue made from the highest grade of cyanoacrylate. We let Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate and Ethoxy-2-Cyano-2-Propenoate speak for Lady Black Glue. These are the safest ingredients in premium eyelash extensions. They are the ingredients you should look for in eyelash extensions.

Investing in premium eyelash extensions glue is highly recommended for your and your client's long-term health. Stay away from methoxy or methyl cyanoacrylates. They increase irritation responses and harm your health.

Lady Black Glue - Low Humidity Lash Glue With The Best Performance

Lady Black Glue is rated as "best performance" regarding eyelash extensions that work in low humidity conditions.

As we all know, if the humidity changes erratically or suddenly increases, the eyelash extension glue will tend to dry faster than its standard conditions. Following this principle, Lady Black Glue is an ideal glue for mobile eyelash extension artists (people who perform lash extensions on a client's place as ordered). Or eyelash extensions artists work in eyelash extensions rooms with unstable high humidity. Why? Because the lash glue has a standard drying speed of about 3-4 seconds, when the humidity increases, the drying speed of the eyelash extension glue will be pushed up to 2-3 seconds. This variable interval does not have much of an effect on the final result. In fact, you still catch up with lash speed!

However, if you are in an area where the humidity changes frequently, you use an eyelash extension glue that dries too quickly. For instance, in 1-2 seconds, high humidity can speed up the drying rate of your eyelash extension glue. As a result, the glue is dried before placing the extensions, which leads to bad lash retention. 

In short, let's use a Hygrometer Thermometer to gauge the average humidity around your lash room and choose the best for you!

Lady Black Glue - Optimal Drying Speed For Novice Lash Artist

Drying Time: 3 to 4 seconds 

For new eyelash extension artists, the most difficult thing is that they need time to control the glue application, place the extension on natural lashes, etc. 

With the initial eyelash extensions, they will find it difficult to master how much glue is enough, counting the time to make sure the eyelash glue dries, and they will also be confused about having placed the eyelashes. If the glue is in the right place or not, etc. The rules will make them easily distracted. Sometimes, if they choose a lash glue that dries too quickly when they are still dedicated to adjusting the position of the eyelash extension, the glue has dried. As a result, the lash retention is poor, and the eyelash extensions fall off quickly after their clients return home. To solve this problem, Lady Black Glue was born. It is the right choice for lash artist beginners.

With the longer drying speed, novice lash artists will have more time to adjust. More time performing means you can control your work better. When you gradually improve your lash grafting skills, you want to speed up the curing time. It is not difficult. You can still use Super Bonder to secure the lash joint bonding. That is the tip applied to the early years of operation in the eyelash extension industry that you can refer to.

Lady Black Glue - Up To 6 Weeks Lash Retention

Retention: 5-6 weeks

The number 1 concern for eyelash extensions artists besides safety when choosing eyelash glue for their career is lash glue efficiency! Will investing in Lady Black Glue bring lash artists more clients?

Does it satisfy your need with up to 6 weeks of lash retention? 

You may not know when you choose the right type of eyelash extension, the possibility of the connection between natural eyelashes and extensions will also be much stronger. With high-end eyelashes extensions, manufacturers will ensure the ingredients create the best absorbent surface for eyelash extensions glue. For example, when applying the combination of Magic Glue and Promade lashes, you will have 8 weeks of shelf life for eyelash extensions clients. Is that tempting? The rule applies the same with our Lady Black Glue. 

Besides applying the correct application instructions, humidity, and temperature standards requirement, using premium lashes will also help you achieve maximum results!

Lady Black Glue - Low Odour Glue

The next reason why you will find it hard to refuse Lady Black Glue is the almost odourless feature of this eyelash extension glue. 

You certainly don't want to open the eyelash extension glue to use, and then your customers must say: What's that smell? Therefore, a bottle of low-odour eyelash glue like Lady Black Glue will be a perfect choice for you!

Lady Black Glue - Smart Packaging

Lady Black Glue has a smart packaging structure. They are shown in:

  • Sturdy and deeper nozzle.
  • A "V"-shaped furrow was carved to stop the glue from leaking.

Lady Black Glue- Latex Free

Lady Black Glue is created using non-latex components. It eliminates the possibility of adverse reactions to lash customers.

Latex-free products are becoming increasingly important in the cosmetics and healthcare industries.

People with spina bifida and those suffering from long-term diseases are more susceptible to developing anaphylactic reactions to latex. As a result, we feel that latex-free eyelash adhesives should be the eyelash industry norm in order to avoid possibly deadly reactions. Thus we've created and marketed safe eyelash extension adhesive products that can be utilized in any situation.

Lady Black Glue - Formaldehyde Free

Formaldehyde does indeed have a negative health impact on people.

Formaldehyde can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, throat, and nose. Some people may experience undesirable effects, such as skin irritation, coughing, burning feelings in the eyes, teary eyes, etc., if formaldehyde amounts in the ambient exceed 0.1 ppm. This is the reason we prefer formaldehyde-free eyelash extension adhesive in all situations.

If the lash extension adhesive you're applying causes discomfort in more than one customer, as well as the signs listed above, the culprit might be formaldehyde. To protect the safety, switch to a lash extension adhesive with formaldehyde-free qualities, such as Lady Black Glue!

Lady Black Glue - Animal Cruelty-Free

Another reason lash artists love our product is that it is not tested with animals. LBLS believes that when we produce or distribute products, we prioritise environmental sustainability first. Therefore, we try our best to serve the purpose. 

Lady Black Glue - ISO 9001 – International standard

This standard indicates that lady black eyelash extension glue is qualified to be present in the international market in terms of the quality management system. This is also one of the certifications confirming the safety and effectiveness of this eyelash extension glue! With this certification, whether in Australia or outside of Australia, you can rest assured that you're using eyelash extensions with safe ingredients sourced from proven sources!

Lady Black Glue - ISO 14001 - Environment Friendly

The iso is a globally recognised standard that specifies the standards for a system of environmental management. It assists firms in enhancing their environmental sustainability via more effective resource utilisation and waste reduction, obtaining a competitive edge and stakeholder confidence.

Like all other manufacturers and businesses, LBLS always strives to protect the environment through its products. We also want more eyelash artists to know about lady black lash glue. Using this product means you can achieve the desired effect of eyelash extensions while making a small contribution to reducing waste in the environment!

Other Amazing Uses Of Lady Black Glue

You own a multiple-use product when you have a bottle of eyelash extension glue.

Eyelash extension glue is not only used for the eyelash extension application process. You can also use it to attach some broken things (products) in an emergency. Because of its superior bonding feature, eyelash extension glue can adhere and attach many things you never expected. 

For example, if your scandal is accidentally broken, you can use eyelash extension glue to fix it. Do not worry! The bonding joints will be extremely strong and secure. You can safely continue to use your favourite scandal or other items for a long time.

Similar to shoes, photo frames or even broken nails, you can also temporarily fix them with clear eyelash extensions glue. Let's get creative with the lash artist day to day companion! It will not stop supporting you in making money but also making your life beautiful again.

How To Choose The Best Lash Extension Adhesive

There are some tips for choosing a good lash extension adhesive:

Start With Your Favourite Lash Brand

A good eyelash extension brand is highly likely to have good eyelash glue products. Why? Since they wanted to sell their lashes well, they needed to research, test and produce eyelash extensions that would work best with their extensions, resulting in more long-lasting bonding joins.

That's why eyelash extensions artists using LBLS eyelash glue and LBLS lash extensions (both Promade lashes and Handmade lashes) can achieve up to 8 weeks of lash retention.

Choose Lash Glue Based On Your Lash Speed

What is your eyelash extension speed? Are you an old or new eyelash extension artist? You need to answer those questions before choosing an eyelash extension glue. 

If you are a new eyelash extension artist, your experience is not much. Lady black eyelash extension glue is the most suitable product for you. It is the optimum option. It gives you enough time to adjust. If you want to speed up the curing process of the glue, Super Bonder can help you. So, no biggie.

Choose Lash Glue Based On Humidity

The next factor you need to consider when choosing an eyelash extension glue is the humidity around your eyelash extension area. If your eyelash extensions room has fluctuating humidity, a wide-coverage eyelash extension glue like Lady Black Glue is an option worth considering. Additionally, an air humidifier can help regulate the humidity in your eyelash extension room to aid in lash glue curing.


That's all about Lady Black Glue! LBLS hopes that with this sharing, you have learned more about the best glue for new eyelash artists and also the best glue for low humidity locations!

Don't forget to visit our shopping site to learn more about our collection of eyelash glues depending on the environment, workmanship, lash retention from 30 days to 60 days, as well as your finances. LBLS believes that our eyelash extension glue will meet all your needs!

We look forward to hearing from you!



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