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LBLS Premium Tweezer case

LBLS Premium Tweezer case

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Product Description
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The premium tweezer case with an affordable price is listed here. Don't take your time to go down the drain anywhere else. Delve into it now.



  • Material: Hard cardboard
  • Size

30*160*15 mm:  1 tweezer;  

50*160*15 mm:  2 tweezers; 

80*160*15 mm:  3 tweezers

  • Eco-friendly

Admit it. Knowing that your tweezers are secure for travel and regular use is always reassuring. That is why tweezer cases have become an indispensable investment. No lash artist expresses other opinions on it because they understand how important a lash tweezer case is. 

Still, how to choose the best tweezer case for a lash artist? In the article, we will share the ins and outs of tweezer cases with readers. Concurrently, we suggest the best pick for each situation to support your choosing easier.

Let's buckle up! Here is your take-out knowledge.

Tweezer Case - Best Weapon To Protect Your Lash Tweezers

Tweezer Case

How Was The Tweezer Case Born?

Perhaps, you may not know, the tweezer case was born because artists need to protect their precious lash tweezers and improve the convenience of travel.

Gradually, tweezer cases are not only protective for eyelash extension tweezers, but they are also items to express the personality of eyelash extension artists, brand positioning, and even the luxurious level.

Why Should Lash Artists Have A Tweezer Case?

Having the appropriate equipment is essential for a lash business's success when it comes to lash extension business. Tweezers are really the master weapon of the business in the realm of eyelashes. 

The best maintenance for the tweezers will guarantee their effectiveness and safeguard the lash artist's investment in a high-quality product. That is the role of the tweezer case.

What To Look For In A Good Tweezer Case?

Tweezer Case

Sturdy Structure

We can not value a tweezer case if it has an infirm structure. Hence, you should look for a power structure to protect the inside lash tweezers. 

Another reason the sturdy structure of a tweezer case is sure to be a great plus is that you can arrange them anywhere without worrying about them being squashed or distorted. 

We don't know what will happen in the future, so the products that provide peace of mind and ensure basic usage requirements are the products you should add to your shopping cart.

Magnetic Mechanism

If you have a regular tweezer case on hand, you only have one container. However, if you have a magnetic mechanism tweezer case on hand, you have a protective case for eyelash tweezers. 

The magnet will keep your eyelash extensions tweezers steady even if you accidentally drop the tweezer case on the floor. This is the feature you need to look for in any tweezer case. The presence of magnetism will make it very easy for eyelash extension artists to take out or put lash tweezers in. 

However, there is one feature you need to keep in mind, if the type of eyelash extension tweezers you are using is made of titanium, these magnets will hardly work because the magnet does not stick to titanium.

Once you've used titanium eyelash tweezers, you'll need to take into account other dedicated titanium tweezer cases. Therefore, when you are a new eyelash artist and growing your career, stainless-steel tweezers, magnetic tweezers cases, and paper (hard cardboard) tweezer cases are the safest and most affordable choices.

When it comes to titanium lash tweezers, the magnetic tweezers case with the holders is the best choice. If there are no holders in the tweezer case, it only has magnets, the titan tweezers can not be protected.

Variety Tweezer Case Colour

Do you have a favourite colour for your eyelash extension salon?

The colour of products and items of the same tone will create a unique identity for a brand. People often call it brand colour. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the right product for your brand. 

Otherwise, choose solid colours like dark pink, white, and gold. They are the most popular colours in beauty salons that we often call beauty salon colours.

They bring confidence and comfort to the user and the viewer. Your customers won't be able to refuse products that bring freshness and comfort to the eye, right?

Tweezer Case Size

The most common size of lash tweezers is around 15cm, so 18cm is the size of tweezer cases you can look for. This is the standard length you feel comfortable using in the tweezer case. Too long will take up space, and too short will be a minus point when you need a carrying case for longer tweezers.

Versatile Tweezer Case

Have you ever dreamed of having a magic box that you could use containing lash tweezers, lip gloss, mascara wands, etc.? A magnetic tweezer case can be the one you are searching for. 

With the capacity of 4 lash tweezers and some other spaces, you can insert not only some mascara wands but also lip gloss for an on-the-go lash extension application scenario. 

A tweezer case with additional uses will be an irresistible attraction for any eyelash extension artist.

How To Choose A Tweezer Case?

Tweezer case

Following these guidelines, choose the best cover for your lash tweezer and concentrate on your artistic abilities.

Lash Artist Budget

As with all investments, when you start a business, you always have to ask: How much money will you spend? Likewise, plan and define how much you will spend on this product with the tweezer case.

There are three popular types of tweezer cases on the market today:

  • Magnetic Tweezer Case
  • Paper (Hard cardboard) Tweezer Case
  • Leather Tweezer Case

Depending on the brand, these tweezer cases will have different prices. Overall, though, paper (hard cardboard) tweezer cases will be the most affordable. Followed by a magnetic tweezer case and a leather tweezer case, respectively.

Number Of Lash Tweezers Lash Artists Want To Put In It

How many lash tweezers do you have in your hand? The number of tweezers you have will be directly related to the number of tweezer cases you need.

In addition, if you need to carry these eyelash extensions tweezers, you also need to consider the proper tweezer case for this need. For example, even though you own 4-5 different lash tweezer sets, when working outside, you only need four basic lash tweezers (2 isolation tweezers and 2 eyelash extensions tweezers), then 1 tweezer case that holds 4 eyelash extensions tweezers is a suitable choice.

Now you wonder, how about tweezer cases that can only hold one eyelash tweezer? Eyelash extensions tweezer cases that can only hold 1 eyelash extensions tweezer are normally made for gifting. 

In addition, for customers with high hygiene and personalisation requirements, this is also a product you can recommend to them for their own use when coming to your eyelash extension salon! 

As the beauty industry grows, the demand for beauty tools increases. Therefore, when you can offer personalized beauty products to each customer, you have taken your eyelash extensions salon to the next level.

Lash Artist Style

Each artist's style is also a factor to consider when choosing eyelash extensions. Let's consider each case:

Leather Tweezer Case

Luxury is the first factor that needs to be mentioned regarding leather tweezer cases

Leather can be a luxury of anything. However, the colour of real leather is also quite limited. The downside of this tweezer case is that it is quite expensive, and eyelash extension artists also need to spend a lot of time taking care of and maintaining it. 

Expensive products also require careful care and higher requirements for preservation.

Magnetic Tweezer Case

Overcoming the disadvantages of the leather tweezer case, the magnetic tweezer case has become the most trusted and preferred product by eyelash extension artists because of its ease of care and maintenance. 

Besides being more affordable for eyelash artists, the magnetic tweezer cases, which you see from LBLS, combine stainless steel and PU leather.

Stainless steel is a sturdy container to protect the products inside this tweezer case. PU leather overcomes the disadvantages of real leather, supporting eyelash extensions artists to clean. 

This is a product that makes eyelash extension artists feel more comfortable in choosing cleaning products. You won't have to worry about choosing a cleaning product specifically designed for genuine leather products. Just soap and water are enough to clean the tweezer's case.

The Magnetic tweezer case is suitable for eyelash extension artists who love the convenience of everyday life while maintaining the basic aesthetic that a tweezer case needs.

With a capacity of up to 4 eyelash extension tweezers at the same time and up to 3 eye-catching primary colours in the collection, LBLS believes that you will have a great experience with this product.

Paper (Hard Cardboard) Tweezer Case

If you are an eyelash extension artist who pursues environmentally sustainable products, then the paper (hard cardboard) tweezer case is born for you. The product is the most economical tweezer case for any eyelash artist. It's also the most eye-catching tweezer case.

This is a 100% recyclable product because it is made from paper. Would you be happier knowing that just one choice of using the product contributes to a better environment? LBLS believes the feature will make it difficult for other tweezer cases to beat paper (hard cardboard) tweezer cases

This type of tweezer case is the most suitable choice for eyelash extensions artists who love the environment and are fans of the minimalist style.

Final Verdict

Tweezer case

Overall Good - Magnetic Tweezer Case

In general, the Magnetic Tweezer Case, a stainless steel mix with PU leather, is the best choice for all lash artists, whether rookie or veteran lash artists. The below lists will persuade you:

Big Capacity 

Holds four lash tweezers and a few other accessories when organized.

Standard Distance

Because of the reasonable spacing between tweezers, you can use the tweezer case for isolation tweezers and volume tweezers like L-tweezers or deep hook tweezers like S-type tweezers or 90-degree tweezers.


With a stainless steel frame that withstands high temperatures and light knocks, the magnetic tweezer case will be a long-lasting product for any eyelash artist.

Easy To Clean

Easy to clean, does not require specially designed products.

Easy To Organize

With a rectangular shape and thin thickness, this tweezer case does not require big eyelash-extensions-salon space. Artists can have a lot of leftover space on arrangement. You can stack vertically, horizontally, or even overlap other products.

Environment Friendly + Client Personalization - Paper (Hard cardboard) Tweezer Case

In terms of recycling, economics, and personalization, no tweezer case can beat paper (hard cardboard) tweezer cases. It is best for newbie lash artists or lashes extension learners.

Most Affordable Price

This tweezer case brings great experiences to users with its sturdy and eye-catching appearance. The magnet firmly holds the eyelash tweezer tips to create an overall smooth, sturdy look. It offers you the most economical price that you are pleased to take home or send as a gift to any of your friends.

Lightweight Tweezer Case

The use of hard cardboard material makes this tweezer case lightweight, so eyelash artists can take it on the go.

Personalize Client Base

With a variety of options, the tweezer case can hold 1, 2, or 3 lash tweezers. 

The Paper (hard cardboard) tweezer case is more than just a storage and protection box for lash tweeters. 

These different options in capacity are your chance to differentiate each client at your eyelash salon. This is the service you can provide more to increase revenue for the eyelash extensions salon. 

The more considerate you put on the client, each customer has a separate kit, the more their eyes are protected from cross-contamination risks. Or even if you simply want to enhance the beauty experience for your customers. No matter which purpose you choose, the affordable tweezer cases will be a hard choice to turn down.

Expensive Choice - Leather Tweezer Case

Tweezer Case

Luxurious But Hard To Take Care

The leather tweezer case brings a whole new experience of a luxurious and sleek look. 

However, the leather tweezer case is also a product that requires eyelash extension artists' extreme care, which lashes artists need to spend time and effort on because it is easily affected by temperature and humidity and requires different cleaning products.


LBLS hopes that with the information from this article, you have given yourself the basic knowledge to get a tweezer case that is right for you. Do not forget to understand the purpose and facilities of your eyelash salon to have the best product at hand. 

Please add to your cart the product you like. Thank you for your time with LBLS.

We'd love to hear your feedback.



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