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Eyelash Brush
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)
LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)

LBLS Eyelash Brush Glitter (50pcs/pack)

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Product Description
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Eyelash brush is small but mighty. Here are the tips for choosing the proper one & the brand offers you the most affordable price. Click out.



  • Colour: Pink, Hot Pink, Blue, Black, Aqua, Yellow, Purple, Red and Bright Green
  • Material: PP, metal, synthetic
  • Item Form: Wand
  • Shade: Glitter
  • Features: Disposable
  • Length: 10 cm
  • Quantity: 50pcs per pack

Not only with eyelash extension clients, but all of us should also have at least 2 eyelash brushes in our room to make our lashes clean, healthy and grow well. As such, it means a lash brush is an indispensable lash accessory. 

But how to choose the best one for a lash artist and client when they all look like they hatch from the same egg? It is not a problem anymore when you have LBLS. 

We are here today to share tips for choosing the best eyelash brush for extensions. We also introduce to you the best eyelash brush in town. Without further ado, let's get started.

What Is The Purpose Of An Eyelash Brush For Eyelash Extension?

What Is The Purpose Of An Eyelash Brush For Eyelash Extension?

An eyelash brush is an eyelash extension tool used for brushing the eyelash extension and removing build-ups such as dirt, skin cells, old makeup and other things with care. It manages the lashes, clears out knots, and maintains their beauty. 

When they become wet, lash extensions especially have a tendency to clump together. Extension brushes prevent noticeable gaps by gently repositioning them.

The eyelash brush is sometimes called an eyelash comb or eyelash wand. Regular brushing also separates and lifts the natural lashes and even eyelash extensions. 

Tips To Choose The Best Eyelash Brush

eyelash brush

Proper Budget

As with all other lash accessories, we always advise our customers to choose the most premium product.

But with the eyelash brush, we believe this is the product you can save the most because you can buy combos at a very favourable price.

Eyelash brush is one of the products you can add to your after-care lash kit, so if you want to buy in bulk, don't hesitate to contact a brand you trust to get a better price. 

Of course, you also shouldn't get caught up in products that are too cheap. Although cheap products are extremely attractive, low-quality plastic will harm users' health. It is even harmful to the environment!

Eyelash Brush Material

Eyelash Brush

An eyelash brush is a tool used on eyelashes and eyes. These are all extremely sensitive parts of the human body. Therefore, a prerequisite condition when you choose a product for use in these areas of the body is that the ingredients are safe and gentle.

The safety here is that it does not cause side effects, does not shed hair, cause lashes lost, and does not leave anything behind when leaving. The safe lash brushes also do not stick to the eyelashes, making the eyelashes tangled or causing discomfort for the user.

Gentleness here is the eyelash brush for extensions able to creep into each layer of the eyelashes but does not hurt the hair follicles or the joints of the eyelash extensions.

Sturdy Structure

The construction of the eyelash brush needs to be sturdy to ensure that the eyelash extension artist can hold it firmly in the hand when using it. 

The tip of the lash brush can be flexible but must be firmly attached to the body. Otherwise, when you comb through the tangled areas of eyelashes, the risk of the tip of the eyelash brush for extensions falling off is very high because, at this time, the user has a greater need to use more force.

Colour Harmonization

eyelash brush

Have you noticed that there are products in the same line, the same quality, but some colours are more expensive than others? 

The reason behind the difference is that there are colours that are rare versions. Some colours are especially popular. And consumers buy those special edition colours to express their individuality, ego and outstanding taste.

You can also apply this shopping psychology to buying eyelash brushes. Don't just choose the colour you love to use. Pay attention to the colour that can blend well with your brand tone.

Besides, don't forget this is one of the products you can re-sell or give back to your customers, or lash accessories to help you create thousands of Instagram likes, thanks to its eye-catching colours. Therefore, the variety of lash brush colours you want to take home is a must.

In addition to worldwide eyelash extensions' favourite colours like light pink or hot pink, please add colours like blue, green, and so on to your collection. Different colours make different effects.

Total Number Of Eyelash brush In One Bag

Although these are also rare cases, through the sharing of eyelash extensions artists working with LBLS, eyelash artists recommend that when receiving eyelash brush for extensions, eyelash extensions artists should recount to ensure that products are shipped to them in sufficient quantity.

This is what bothers them the most, especially when buying in bulk. Sometimes the actual quantity of the product is not the same as the quantity on the package. Those are the real experiences when they shop for lash accessories for their eyelash extensions salon.

While this is a low-priced product, LBLS understands that consumers should receive the product they paid for.

You can rest assured that this will not happen if you shop at LBLS. We always count the number of products 2 times before shipping to customers. The problems you encounter, we will solve them within 24h and will definitely make you satisfied.

As a consumer, always make sure you double-check product information before purchasing. That's how you protect yourself and help sellers like we keep learning and improving.

LBLS Eyelash Brush Features

LBLS Eyelash Brush Features

Beautiful Glitter Crystal Rod

To deserve the most beautiful and shimmering lashes extensions, LBLS also prepares for eyelash extensions artists with gorgeous glitter eyelash brushes. They have built-in glitter sparkling inside like a star. They are made of rigid, non-bending hard plastic.

You will have a chance to hold the most vibrant eyelash brush in your hands. It suits the aesthetic of any lash room wonderfully!

With LBLS lash brush, you can say goodbye to the boring eyelash brush for extensions which does not lure your eyes into the dreamy beauty.

Although they are made of plastic, they are not slippery. These eyelash brushes fit comfortably in the user's hand. You can hold them very firmly.

These sparkling rods will be a great highlight for your digital creations when you're making eyelash extensions videos or taking photos!

Spiral Design

eyelash brush

Spiral is made of high-quality tensile metal. This is the recommended safe ingredient for lash brush products. This spiral allows eyelash extension artists to follow the curves of your lashes to brush them into corners that are hard to reach if you use your hands.

We pay special attention to wrapping this spiral bar carefully so that they do not come out, causing the risk of affecting the eyelashes and eyes.

Soft Bristles/Flexible Brush Head

eyelash brush

LBLS eyelash brush head is made of synthetic hair. These bristles are evenly designed to cover all sides of the lash brush head to penetrate each layer of eyelashes, remove obstacles and return them to their best fluffy condition.

Compact Design

eyelash brush

LBLS eyelash brush length is the 10cm, lash artists can put not one but a box of lash brushes in their backpacks, handbags, travel bags or lash bags anywhere they want. 

It can fit well in Acrylic Lash Trolley Organiser too.

Get A Comfort For Disposable Product

The product is disposable, so eyelash artists won't have to spend extra time cleaning up the eyelash brush. You can have more time to rest and strengthen the skills needed for your job.

Surprisingly Use

Besides being great at restoring the beauty of lashes after each lash bath, the eyelash brush is also creatively used by our eyelash artists as a reusable straw cleaner.

You see, any product, if we pay attention and care about them, can turn into a useful multi-tool for everyday life.

LBLS believes this little trick will make you fall in love with the lash brushes you own and the LBLS eyelash brush for extensions too!

Versatile Use

Although the eyelash brush is tailor-made for eyelash extensions, however, as its amazing sturdy structure and soft head, it is loved by beauty artists to use in combing clients' brows too.

Furthermore, because it is a one-time-use item, users no longer have to worry about germs or eye problems. That is the reason lash brush has become everyone's favourite product.

How To Use Eyelash Brush To Brush Eyelash Extension?

How To Use Eyelash Brush To Brush Eyelash Extension?

The brushing technique remains the same whether your clients apply for eyelash extensions. However, you must be especially delicate when sweeping if you have eyelash extensions. We advise you to:

  • Apply the lash brush to the upper lash line
  • Roll the brush across the lashes gently in an outward and downward motion.

In case you feel like the fluffiness is just not enough, take up the eyelash brush and begin to brush from the lash base and follow the upward direction. By doing this, you have the desire for extra lift and fluff for yourself or your client!

Sweeping in this manner is safe for your client's natural lashes and the lash extensions, and it will get right through your client's lash line, but you don't strain and pull it.

How To Clean Lash Brush

Your client's lashes are spotless, but how about the eyelash brush? After each usage, you can use an alcohol wipe to wipe the eyelash brush clean carefully. This is the simplest approach to maintaining its cleanliness. Build up can be avoided with routine cleaning.

How To Store Eyelash Brush For Extensions

Care for eyelash brushes is extremely simple because they are made of super durable materials that can withstand the effects of bending, breaking, or damage. 

Please store them in the box or the bag packed with them when shipping. Or you can also use the lid compartment of the LBLS acrylic lash tray organizer to store these lash brushes. It is super hygienic and saves space. Your lash client sees how you store it carefully and will respect your work more.

If you want, you can put them there and place them into the last cart or any drawers. But don't forget to let it stay away from direct sunshine, humidity and heat sources. A cool, ventilated, and dry place is an ideal ambience for them to live in. 

Keep in mind that these types of lash brushes are easy to stick to other products, for example, the lash extensions, so storing them separately is a key.


How Frequently Ought One To Brush The Eyelashes Extension?

Everyday. Lash clients should brush their lashes daily. 

Nobody desires untidy lash lines. Brushing the lashes every day will help maintain the eyelash extensions by preventing crisscrossing. A quick 20-sec comb across the lashes can make wayward lashes back to the beautiful and fluffy state.

Should Lash Clients Brush Their Lash Daily?

eyelash brush

Yes. Daily lash brushing completely changes the game, whether you have extensions or not. 

LBLS advises lashing clients to comb their lashes 2 times a day with an eyelash brush to ensure that they aren't going in the wrong direction and encourage the eyelashes that need to fall out gently. But you should not comb your lash too much if you have lash extensions, as it may cause damage to the lash extensions' glue joints.

When Should Lash Clients Comb Their Lashes Extension?

Morning. Because lash extensions can be moved while lash clients sleep, therefore, most people plan their eyelash care schedule first thing in the early morning, right after applying makeup, right after taking a shower, and right after washing the lash line. 

Many individuals comb their lashes more than 1 time per day. The secret is always to comb gently and frequently!

Should Lash Clients Use Eyelash Brush To Comb The Eyelash Extension When It Is Wet?

No. We advise letting the lashes air dry initially. The lashes should be softly separated by running a light comb across them. By doing this, your client will have a favourite perfect, full-lash appearance.


eyelash brush

Eyelash brush seems to be not important, but it is a deciding factor to get the eyelash extension back in shape and its fuller effect. To extend the lash extension longevity, you should not ignore the quality lash brush

LBLS hopes that our sharing will support you better in understanding the lash accessory. We would like to have a chance to share with you more and be lucky enough to become your partner in your career. Make sure you check out our eyelash brush in detailed pictures. You will love them.

We can't wait to serve you!



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