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Individual Spike Lashes | Small tray | 216 Spikes

Individual Spike Lashes | Small tray | 216 Spikes

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Everything you need to know about spike lashes is here. Dig into it now to get all the tips from experts to choose the best market spike lash extensions.


When Kim K and Wispy lashes became king, spike lashes automatically became the queen because without spike lash extensions, eyelash extensions artists would not be able to have successful Kim K or wispy lash sets. 

Lash spikes create solid pillars that help eyelash extensions artists create impressive and shining eyelash extensions.

Here, in today's article, we will share with you everything about spike eyelash extensions. Before lash artists invest in spiked lashes, it is more important than ever to know the differences between all the options popping up in the lash extension industry.

Without much ado, let's get the ball rolling.

Spike Lashes

Over two years ago, the "spiky effect" took the globe by storm & permanently changed the lash business. So, before we delve into all the tips and tricks, let's look at all the fundamental knowledge of spike lashes

What Are Spike Lashes?

Spike lashes, also known as closed lash fans, are volume lashes, provided you are not fanning it out. Spikes can be incorporated into any volume lash set to make them more textured, spiky, and wispy.

Why Do Lash Artists Need Spike Lashes?

Bring Interesting Aspect To Your Lash Extension Menu

Firstly, lash technicians need spike lashes because spike lash extensions diversify lash artists' lash menus. It meets the new demand of lash clients.

Lash extension spikes are a new trend in the lash extension world. Lash clients do not look for an evenly fully lashed look only. They look for a new way to embrace their lashes. They desire more dramatic effect. Spikey lash sets where that can be more personalized, different, and more impressive.

Increase Lash Technicians Income

Secondly, spike eyelashes can increase revenue for lash artists. As it requires more techniques and meticulousness, the price of the customized spike lashes will be higher than the regular classic and volume lash set. As a result, spike lash extensions will bring more dollars into your pocket.

A Chance To Attract More Prospects

Thirdly, spike lashes are the way lash technicians attract more new types of lash clients to your lash salon. It allows you to expand your client base and open your service to more people. 

Spike lash extensions are not having a moment only. They imprint in the lash artists' world and will stay for a very long time as they can turn any normal lash sets into a more unique and amazing one.

Satisfy Your Thirsty In Creation

Last but not least, you will need lash spikes, as it is the ticket to the door of creation. Have you ever itched about anything new and challenging in your career to make you all aflutter about your job over and over again? Spike eyelash extensions are there to stay if you are looking for this feeling.

All in all, lash artists need spike lashes, whether you make it by yourself or by pre-made spiked lashes because it is a market demand and an opportunity for you to grow your business and earn more money.

What Are The Benefits Of Spike Lashes?

The benefit of spike lashes is it immediately offers an eye-catching and fresh effect to your client's eyes. 

The spiked lashes are set to hold the interest of the opposite eyes when they can not take the eyes off the spike lash extensions. The unique look enlarges your client's eyes and functions in a more charming and energetic way.

Who Are The Target Clients Of Spike Lashes?

In fact, any clients who want to try the spike lashes look can get a consultation from lash artists, and the customized spike lash extensions are most suitable for them. Besides, here are the potential clients that lash artists can advertise lash spikes look to them:

- Other beauty artists: hair artists, nail artists, etc

People working in the beauty section are the easiest yet most ignorable clients that lash artists forget to introduce your new style. 

Indeed, they can be your first-time client of spike eyelash extensions. They always embrace new things, and in the beauty industry, trendy is somewhat of a life-and-death decision. Your business will become old-fashioned tomorrow if you do not know a trend. Therefore, they are prospects for any lash artists.

Cooperating with them and advertising your new service in your lash menu will be a smart strategy.

- People who are models, KOLs, fashionistas, TV stars, actresses, actors, etc

All these people have a common point. They must preserve their beauty and always bring a new fresh appearance to audiences. That is why they are more willing to accept, or how can we say, love to try on creative lash extension spikes set. They are your spike lashes target.

- People who are at school/college/university in which they learn to be a person works in the beauty industry

In marketing, there is a term "nourish", which means that if we want to do business in a field, we need to take care of our customers when they haven't recognized they will need this. 

Similarly, you can promote the spike eyelashes to people who are just in demand for a new look sometimes, and then when they go to practice, they will become your loyal lash clients who take good care of their lashes over the years.

Furthermore, they are a young generation. Words of mouth from this generation will be much more voiced on the Internet than any other media expression.

- Classic, volume lash clients

If you have any lash clients who regularly do classic or volume lash styles, now with these new eyelash extension spikes, you should introduce them to them. Normally, you just need to post the new lash set and insert some more beautiful words, which may spread immediately. 

- People who are in the festive season

People are more open to new things when they are in the festive season. That is the reason spike lashes are more welcome.

- Trendy people

People who love trying new things are one of the most potential lash clients. Tiktok idols (social media idols, influencers), for example, you can contact them and advertise your new spiked lashes set.

- People who love anime and comic

Lastly, we can not deny that beautiful comic book characters inspire spike lashes. So, why not promote your new spike eyelash extensions to the people who love anime in particular and comic books in general?

How To Make Lash Extension Spikes?

Eyelash extension spikes are normally made from 3, 5, 6, or 8 lash strands placed together to form closed fans. Here is the detailed process of how to make spike eyelashes:

Sealer Method

Step 1

Apply some sealer on a micro swab to the eyelashes to make them all clump together.

Step 2

Removing (peeling) a few lashes from the lash strip without spreading them out. You still desire all of the lash bases to be connected and aligned, so remove those that aren't.

Step 3

Dip the lash spike in the glue and place it on the client's natural lashes.

Primer Method

Prepare the lip gloss applicator to run it through the lash strip. You need to use the quality Primer to put a bit on your lip gloss applicator (don't use too much because if you do, you may soak the lashes). 

Once you do, you see all the lashes are now gathering together. As they clump together, they already form spikes. 

Stick your tweezers and separate them to get how many lashes you want in a lash spike. You also need to pay attention to the lash diameter as even if it is a spike, it is a volume fan, so the more lash strands and bigger diameter you choose for the spikes, the heavier it pushes on natural lashes. You may want to find the balance to protect the natural lashes' health.

Pick them up from the tip or closer to the tip and pull against toward you. Suppose the bottom of the lashes is falling apart (separated), don't worry. It is fixable. You can dip it into the glue, and it all comes together. The perfect spike must be super pointy, very dense, and thick. They will be great for a strip lash look.

Sometimes, you will encounter some problems, like the base being separated, the top fanning out, or lash strands not being aligned. You can fix them by adding more primer to close the fanning and shimmer around to get a perfect spike. Sometimes, there are messes, or anything gets in the way. Just get rid of it. Sometimes, when you do not have a clean pull-off, just disregard it. 

Grab, Pinch And Dip

You are going to grab the number of lash strands you desire off the lash strip lash. Pinch the top. 

As you can see, it is separated at the bottom. So what we are going to do is use the lash adhesive to get them stuck together, and when you do that, slowly release a bit of pressure into your tweezers. 

This way, it allows the glue to kind of connect like a magnet, and then your fan will be closed into a spike. Ensure that you release some pressure when dipping into the glue if the bottom base of your spike is separated. You can choose primer or sealant to make the lashes close together.  

Or you can try another way: grab, dip and pinch the top. Just make sure the lash base sticks together, and the top will be spiky anyway because you are squeezing it after you dip it into the glue. 

Again, you can repeat the process. Identify a number of lash strands you need, and pull them up against you, pinching the top to make them stick together. As the bottom roots are separated, just dip it into glue, pull out slowly, swipe, and re-pinch the top if needed to make them closed.

Big Dip

This is a challenging yet risky method to do spike lashes as you will dip deep the lash roots fan into the glue dot, so it may affect natural lashes if lash artists do not control the weight of the spikes. 

You are kind of submerging half of the spikes into the glue dot. When you put on the lash glue like that high up to the lash, you can see that it kind of closes that fan already because there's so much glue on it. 

The only thing is it is really dangerous because if you put way too much glue and way too much lash, it will damage the natural eyelash, so make sure you're just gonna grab a little bit if you're gonna use this one, but this method of making lash spikes is great for beginners because it is really easy. 

You just take it off, dip it into the glue, and most likely, it closes. You'll even see this with big fans if you accidentally dip your fan into a lot of glue. But again, be careful. You don't want to ruin anyone's eyelashes.

Note: If you accidentally squeeze the bottom, the top will automatically spread and fan out (open up). Therefore when making lash spikes, be careful. If it fans out and you can not save it, you must completely disregard it. 

If, after your spikes have dried, it fans out and it isn't so spiky anymore, you must remember to dip it further up the spike. If you only dip the end, the glue will dry and lash roots can fall out. 

Strip lashes: You should try to achieve a more closed fan, a sharp fan. Something super pointy, and it really accentuates that spike. 

Hybrid wispy: You will need a spike that is not as close as strip lashes spikes. Keep the fluffiness intact a little bit and you have the beautiful wispy set.

As you can see, making lash spikes is not an easy job. You must invest more time, energy and even money to have perfect lash spikes

Besides, the process is pretty challenging. Not only do lash artists need to control to let it stay closed, but they must also ensure the shape of it is pointy and never falling apart. 

You also need a quality, easy lash fan tray to be able to control the glue amount at the lash fan to exclude the scenario that the fan causes heavy natural lashes. However, there is always a solution or shortcut to anything.

If you want to speed up the lash process and own perfect lash spikes, you can choose premade spiked lashes. They are ready to graft closed fans, 100% handmade by artisans. Even lash experts choose to accompany Promade spike lash extensions not only because of the convenience but the long-term health protection. 

Still, LBLS always encourage lash artists to practice to make the best lash spikes whenever they have more free time. When you know exactly the process, you can always know what premium lash spikes look like. More importantly, practising will give you the full skill set you can battle with any challenging lash set.

What Thickness Should Lash Artists Use To Create The Spikes?

0.05, 0.07, and 0.1 mm are the most popular lash thickness to create lash spikes. You can apply the same rule of lash weight in volume lashes. 

Basically, spikes are volume lashes fans. They just don't fan out. So, it depends on your client's natural lash health and desired lash style. You can choose the suitable one. For example, for a hybrid lash set, you can go with 0.07. Mega and volume, you can go with 0.05.

Some suggestions you want to take note of for future reference are: 0.05 will give your clients a softer spiked appearance. 0.07 will send out a cleaner lash look. Similarly, 0.1 will be the densest and thick and impressive spike. 

Just remember to make the spikes stand out. That is the purpose we are looking for!

What Length Should Lash Artists Use To Create The Spikes?

Mix 11mm to 14mm or mix 14mm to 17mm. Just don't forget the spikes must be the longest lash on the overall look, and choose the proper one.

Remember that you also should measure the natural lash length before deciding the best lash spike length. 

How To Make The Best Spike Lashes Effect Set?

The key is to use different lengths to create those wisps and keep the base of the lashes relatively light so the spikes pop.

Get To Know Your Lash Clients

Asking Questions

The more questions you ask, the more you will comprehend what your clients desire and require. For example, ask them whether they need spike lash extensions for a trip, or event, or participate in a picture session/photo shoot.

Asking For A Template (Pics)

Request graphics by asking them to display saved Instagram pictures or bring their preferred strip lash. By which, you can visualize the lash look and its mapping

Analyzing Client's Eye Structure And Status

The realistic expectation will not be satisfied if the eye structure can not match the requirements for the lash set. That is why after getting the overall idea of your client's desire, you need to observe and analyze whether their lashes and eyes are the real material for spike lash styling. Some basic questions you need to answer are:

- What is your client's eye shape?

- What is the condition of natural lashes?

- Can your clients get this spike effect lash set or not?

Practical Application

Play Around With The Lash Curls

For a softer mix, you can use one curl throughout the whole set, like using only a C curl.

For a dramatic effect, use a variety of curls: CC and D blend.

Using Varying Lengths 

For a gentler blend, use the lengths spaced from 1mm to 2 mm apart. Use lengths spaced from 1mm to 4 mm apart for a dramatic appearance.

Lash Spikes 

The spikes are frequently the set's longest extensions. Lash artists should strategically put the spikes all over the set to get the final look that you are looking for

Mixing Different Lash Diameters

For instance: If you expect the spikes to be more outstanding, you can consider using a thicker lash diameter like 0.1 or 0.07 and then the lash's remainder can fill in with a thinner diameter.

How To Apply Spike Lashes?

Recommended Product For Spike Lashes Application

Professional lash artists with high lash speed need to go with speedy lash adhesive with 0.5 drying speed to achieve wispy appearances, which can quicken the process and strengthen bonds.

Use low-fume lash adhesive and the assistance of Super Bonder for a safe and comfortable procedure if your customer has sensitive eyes. This adhesive dries slowly over 3–4 seconds, making it perfect for rookie lash artists as well.

The clear adhesive is the best choice if you want to make a wispy effect with brown or coloured eyelash extensions.

Tips To Choose Spike Lashes

Lash Artists Budget

First, lash artists need to plan the budget for spike lashes. Compared to its benefit and potential to expand your customer base, investing more money in it is ok. 

In fact, the initial amount of money is not big as one spike lash tray can be used for many people, so if you are doing the budget for 2023, don't forget to add in the spike lash extensions investment.

Spike Lashes Material

Secondly, the next tip in choosing spike lashes is the material that it is made of. Unlike normal lash fans, if spike lashes are made of poor-quality components, you cannot use the whole tray of lash spikes. They can be not pointy at all. You find no matte black. The spike lashes base can be scattered, etc. 

In short, if you want quality spike lashes, Korean PBT is a must-have ingredient. It ensures the safety of spike lashes. Additionally, lash artists can own the long-lasting curl and the amazing glue absorption. As a result, the strong lash retention.

Spike Lashes Suppliers

Thirdly, legit spike lashes should be the one can satisfy all the below requirements:

- There are both physical storefronts and e-commerce websites.

- They are active in their brands on social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

- Users may connect with them on their e-commerce site, and they upload and update content frequently and consistently.

- They have customer reviews.

- They provide guidance and promptly address your inquiries.

- They provide several safe and reliable online payment options, including Paypal, Afterpay, etc

LBLS satisfies all requirements of the trustworthy spike lashes brand. We even have exclusively unboxing clips for our clients after they receive LBLS products. So, it is our pleasure to e-meet you!

Premade Spiked Lashes

Finally, you should go with premade spike lashes whether you are a newcomer in the lash artist world or a professional lash artist because:

- Using ready-to-graft spike lashes can ensure product quality consistency at the highest level. 

You never expect to use the nonuniform spike lashes on the client's eyes. If you do, they are all a mess because you can see no great point except unruled lashes.

- Premade spike lashes can increase lash artist revenue even if you haven't mastered lash fan making or the technique of doing lash spikes.

- Ready to place spike lashes protects lash artists' health in the long term. 

When you do not have to maintain one position for a long time, you eliminate the chance of getting chronic diseases.

- Premade spike lashes push up lash speed. 

Instead of spending 20 to 30 mins creating spike lashes during the lash application session, you can now have that half hour for yourself. It is all about you receiving more clients or spending more time resting.

- Increase customer satisfaction. 

A quality lash set plus quick service and strong lash retention are all the things your clients will stay loyal to your service. It doesn't even count that you are serving your clients the most modern lash techniques in the next few years.

In summary, premade spike lashes are recommended for any lash artist in your career path. Let LBLS take care of the preparation for you. Spend your time serving more clients. We will spend time serving you.

LBLS Spike Lashes Features

Korean PBT Material

All LBLS spike lashes are made of Korean PBT material. It is safe, the most durable, and the best material that is closest to the natural lash effect. If you have ever encountered shiny and fake lashes, you will feel so much love with PBT lashes. Because the lash is true to life.

Besides, LBLS high-grade Korean PBT also eliminates the allergy responses to your clients as it is the safest material to use in the eyelash extension industry.

Sturdy Structure

When making lash spikes alone, lash artists will encounter the phase where all the lash bases are falling apart or the structure fails when it dries. 

It will displease your clients so much. Even worse, they doubt the service of your lash salon. Therefore, either you ensure all the spikes have a sturdy structure that sticks tightly together until the next full set or at least the fill or all of them must be of the same quality. If you haven't mastered the skills yet, LBLS spike lashes have covered you. 

As you can see from the pictures, all of our spike lash extensions have sturdy structures, and they have consistency in form and quality. It ensures your clients' expectations.

Super Pointed

By applying superior technical skills in pinching all the lash fan tops, we ensure the standard pointy level of all spike lashes fans. You will get the sharp look you are looking for to complete any lash set you are about to do. 


If lash spikes are not dense, they will not stand out as they are the same as other volume fans. Therefore, we always make sure even if you work with volume or hybrid or any lash style you like, the density of lash spikes will reinforce its outstanding.

Durable Curl

All LBLS lash spikes will maintain their curl until your clients book a new appointment with you. They are long-lasting curls that can outcast any competitor when using the premium-quality PBT.

Perfect Match With Any Lash Style

Wet lash look, strip lash look, wispy lash, etc., any lash style that you want to create, LBLS has the perfect spike lashes for you. The variety of lengths will support you in making your masterpiece as natural but dramatic as possible.

Super Soft And Featherweight Spike Lashes 

Our spiked lashes are made of Korean PBT and are super soft and lightweight. You will feel the difference between premium spike lashes right the first time you touch them. 

Furthermore, unlike other unbranded spike lashes, it does not have true weight and size, which causes damage to natural lashes. LBLS premade spiked lashes are true in size and weight. When we say this is the 5D 0.07, they are.

Matte Black

The beautiful matte black of spike lashes can persuade any lash lover. LBLS spike lash extensions blend harmony with natural lashes. Besides, it does not stand alone. It is outstanding but still compatible with other lash fans and natural lashes.

Easy To Pick Up

The nightmare to any lash artist is once you pick the spike lashes up, they fall apart. 

However, LBLS spiked lashes make it easy to pick up and grab without scattering. Just find the sweet spot on your volume tweezers, and you can take them easy like a breeze.

Consistent Spike Lashes

Not all the lash spikes will look the same. That is the problem of inexperienced lash artists when they try to create spikes. However, with these eyelash extension spikes, there are no worries. You have all the quality and consistency you expect.

Variety Of Choice

Whether lash artists choose anime or comic lash style, wispy lash style, or strip lash look, LBLS offers you various spike lashes

We have 3D 0.01, 5D 0.07, 6D 0.07, and 8D 0.05. These are the most demanding lash parameters in the market, and it is satisfied by numerous lash clients. With these lash diameters and sizes, you can serve clients with super strong natural or normal strong natural lashes.

Besides, LBLS provides lash technicians with the most popular and affordable lash length. 

You have 2 selections of lash length: mix 11 to 14 mm, or mix 14mm to 17mm. These are the most diversified lengths that are hard to find in other places because we want to give you the most modern equipment so that you can feel free to be creative with eyelash extension spikes so that we produce for you the full capacity to start your masterpiece.

Super Saving

One eyelash extension spikes tray can be applied for 5-10 clients. It is a super economical tray. You can get these beautiful yet premium qualities at a super saving cost and serve a lot of people. 

Picture it, you advertise the spike lash extensions and get 10 new clients. Isn't it worth investing in spike lashes?

Travel Friendly

We pay attention to the compact package of any product so that lash artists can store and bring them along anywhere, anytime, therefore, we pack the spike lashes in ergonomic design. The tray is travel friendly. You will find it not difficult to take them to any place.

How To Store LBLS Spike Eyelashes?

Same with other lash extensions, spike lashes require a ventilated, cool ambient to store. It is best if you use the eyelash extension shelf to preserve it. Besides, direct sunshine, humidity or heat or electric source are highly prohibited. 


What Is A Lash Spike?

A lash spike is a volume lash fan with the top closed. Lash spikes rapidly accentuate lashes and give them a dramatic, wispy appearance.

How Do You Apply Spike's Eyelashes?

Spike often enhances a hybrid or volume set the best by adding flair and giving the end look a wispy and bold appearance.

Step 1

Mark on the best eyelash pad for lash mapping - the Gold eye patch the dots that you are about to put on the spike lashes.  

Step 2

Apply spikes to the top layer lashes.

Step 3

Tape back the spike lashes and add the middle layer of lash fans.

Step 4

Repeat steps 3 for the bottom layer.

Tip: You should apply lash spikes to both the bottom and top lashes. A full lash set will look amazing. By doing so, when a natural lash loss occurs, the customer will be able to keep the spiked lash set appearance for a longer period of time.

Where Do You Put Eyelash Spikes?

Top layer and bottom layer. The spike lashes' overall length is about 3 millimetres longer than the depth throughout because you want to ensure it is distinguished. It is the high point and a spike.

What Lashes Do You Use To Make Spikes?

To create excellent spiky sets, utilize lashes designed for volume fans! However, whether you are a novice lash artist or a veteran lash artist, premade spiked lashes are always the best solution to have consistency and premium quality spikes.


Spike lashes are having a moment in 2022 and will surely stay in the top demanding material for wispy, and Kim K lash sets in the next few years. 

Don't miss the chance to be the first one in town to bring this new trend to your lash salon. Surprise your clients with how you can turn them into different beauty just because of the new lash extensions set. 

Always never stop discovering your hidden beauty is what we always share with every lash artist who comes to use.

LBLS is one of the first lash suppliers launching spike lash extensions to the Australian market and the top in the world with premium lash quality at an economical price. 

We hope that with all the details of lash spikes, you have a chance to develop your lash career, and whenever you need us, don't hesitate to contact us.

We expect to have a chance to serve you!

Thank you!


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