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Loose Fan Promade 12D Lashes Extension | 0.03

Loose Fan Promade 12D Lashes Extension | 0.03

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Product Description
Shipping Details

Key points:

14 dimensions. Each box is one size and one curl.

  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Matte black finish.
  • Gloss: semi gloss.
  • Length: 7mm to 20mm (one size per tray)
  • Curl: C, CC and D.
  • Quantity: 500 fans / 1000 fans
  • Diameter/Thickness: 0.03
  • 100% Vegan. 
  • 100% cruelty-free. 
  • 0% danger of animal hair allergy.

    LBLS 12d lashes are among the most common mega-volume lash extensions in any lash salon. Here is why lash experts love it. Read now to get the reason.


    12d lashes are the lash fans every lash artists have in their lash salon. Not because it is easy to work with but because it is the most demanding lash fan because it fits almost every eye set and style. 

    On top of that, 12d volume lashes are also on top selling items as it offers the instant fluffiness that your clients love. 80% of clients come to the lash salon and ask for it when they fall in love with a mega lash set. 

    Still, making and performing 12d lashes extension smoothly does not seem easy as the words describe. It requires techniques, meticulousness, thoroughness, and strategy too. 

    More importantly, the chance that you succeed with these 12d lashes also depends on the quality of the lash.

    In the article, LBLS will introduce to you all the tips and tricks for applying for lash extensions. We also reveal the secrets of choosing the best 12d volume lashes

    Without further ado, let's get the ball rolling.

    What Is 12D In Lash Extensions?

    What Is 12D In Lash Extensions?

    12d lashes are a lash extension technique in which 12 lash strands are glued together at the same roots to form a lash fan. Then, the lash artist will place the fan on one natural lash to increase its fullness and fluffiness.

    How To Create 12d Volume Lashes?

    Step 1


    • lash strips with the lash size you want to create 12d lashes
    • lash glue
    • glue shaker 
    • glue ring
    • good volume lash tweezers
    • sponge or lash pad

    Step 2

    Use a glue shaker to refresh your glue.

    Step 3

    Drop 2 drops of lash glue into your glue ring, clean the glue bottle's nozzle and close it up. 

    Step 4

    You pick up 12 lash strands with your tweezers from the lash strip. Don't forget to use volume tweezers to get the best grip, hold and pick-up. 

    Step 5

    Put the chunk you are just pulling up in your hands, and you are gonna pinch it to make them fan out nicely. You should be extra careful not to make them fall out or collapse.

    Step 6

    Repeat steps 4 and 5 as many times as you need to have enough 12d volume lashes fan. Then you dip the 12d lashes fan into glue, use the side of the lash glue ring to get rid of the excess lash glue and place it on the client's natural lashes. 

    How To Consult And Perform 12D Lashes Application?

    Step 1

    First, the eyelash extension artist needs to ask about the client's wishes. What are the 12d lashes they desire to have? What size or lash curvature do they prefer? If possible, ask the client to show you a photo of the set of extensions they would like to put on.

    Don't forget to ask them whether they need lash extensions for any special occasion.

    Step 2

    Start to observe and take a general valuation of their eyes and lashes. Give them recommendations of 12 lashes style that best fits their lash health and desire.

    Step 3

    Ask them to sign the waivers and start planning your appointments. You can do the lashes if it fits you right after the consultation.

    Step 4

    Before using any product on your clients, you should always do the patch test to make sure they do not have an allergic response. It is a must-step to protect your clients and even you.

    Step 5

    Start the lash bath.

    Step 6

    Put on the under-eye patch or tape to secure under-eye areas. Tape up the upper part in order to observe and place extensions if needed when you go between lash layers.

    Step 7

    Create a 12d lashes fan, or you can use a Promade 12d lashes fan to apply.

    Step 8

    Complete the set using Nano Mister and a fan to push up the lash curing process. Then you can use a lash mirror to double-check your masterpiece. You may need to adjust some places to make sure your 12d volume lashes set is perfect.

    Step 9

    Double-check again and notice your clients open their eyes and see their 12 lashes set.

    Secret To Have The Best 12D Lashes Application

    12D Lashes

    Quality Lash Extension Tools

    To make a successful 12 lashes eyelash extension set, the first thing that eyelash extensions artists need is the right and quality tools.

    You need quality volume tweezers when you're doing highly technical mega lash extensions like 12d lashes. The tweezers should be of a standard weight, the tips should be close to each other, and they need to have the perfect sweet spot so that you can hold your lashes firmly and use them to support the perfect fan bloom.

    Quality 12D Lashes Fan / Lash Tray

    If you choose to do 12d lashes fans, you must ensure that your fans have a firmly attached base. The lash bases are not collapsing. 

    Besides, the lash tips also need to be spread properly and evenly spaced. The glue at the lash roots needs to be enough to hold the base of the lashes, but not too much, as this can weigh on the strength of the natural lashes.

    Most importantly, the makeup lash extensions' ingredients need to be safe to ensure they are hypoallergenic for your customers. If your client's eyes are itchy or red, it's most likely caused by substandard eyelash extensions.

    In addition, quality eyelash extensions can also have a good ability to absorb the glue. As a result, eyelash extension artists can naturally increase lash retention.

    Quality Promade 12d quality fan lashes can meet all these requirements. When making a 12d volume lashes set, you can consider making your own lash fan or directly buying and using Promade 12d lashes.

    As you can see, creating your own fans is a process that requires practice. It is difficult for new eyelash extension artists to master the technique of making a 12d lashes fan in 1 or 2 days. It may take up to half a year or a year of continuous practice for you to master volume and mega lash fan creation.

    Furthermore, when creating 12d lashes fans, eyelash extension artists also need to ensure the uniform quality of the product. Because if the fans are of uneven quality, your overall eyelash extension kit will be extremely messy. They are unlikely to achieve the perfect look you are hoping for.

    Therefore, Promade 12d volume lashes are the ideal choice for novice lash artists to first enter the eyelash extension market.

    Eyelash extensions artists will not be pressured. You can still spend time practising your fan-making techniques and can increase sales by providing a 12d lashes set. 

    The process of applying volume lash fans and mega lash fans is somewhat the same. You don't have to join another class to learn only them.

    Even lash experts choose to use Promade 12d lashes fans because they care about their backs, hands and long-term health. In fact, fan-making is challenging when you have to maintain the same posture for a long time. Therefore, with perfect 12d volume lashes, lash artists still get the perfect lashes and protect their health in the long run. That is best for both worlds.

    Still, LBLS always advise our lash artists to practice to have better control of fan making. In the end, when you know how the process is, and you can master it, you will choose the premade 12d lashes that are better for your taste.

    How Long Do 12D Lashes Take?

    2 hours. However, it depends on the lash artist's skills, experiences, and the type of 12d lashes fan they use. 

    Even though having better lash speed is an advantage, never put too much pressure on your shoulders. As long as you can deliver the desired 12d volume lashes your customers love, they are happy. It means you have done a good job.

    What Is The Best 12D Volume Lashes Lengths For Extensions?

    7mm to 20mm are the best 12d lashes length for extensions. This range provides lash artists with all the most demanding and popular lash salons. It also gives you an opportunity to create any 12d lashes style you want, from mega to hybrid, etc.

    The tip to recommend the best lash length for your client is to measure their natural length. The optimum number of lash extension length is greater than 1 to 3 mm compared to the natural lash length. It is for the client's safety. 

    Another trick you should take note of is if your lash clients are new to lash extensions, don't jump to 3mm longer than natural lash right away. Even though they are open to new things, in the beauty industry, lash artists should always give their clients time to adapt to the new extensions in their eyes. Therefore, 1mm longer is recommended.

    If your clients are veterans in eyelash extensions, feel free to go to the maximum of 3 mm longer than the natural lashes. Besides, don't forget to take into account the glasses if your clients can not see without them. Whether their desired length will cause discomfort to your clients after they put the glasses on? That is what you should consider.

    All in all, besides making good transformations when you have completed the set, always calculate any situation that might affect their pleasure when putting too long lash length. A good lash extension length is the one that makes them confident, feel beautiful and still comfortable to wear all day.

    What Is The Best Volume 12D Volume Lashes Diameter For Extensions?

    0.03 and 0.05 mm are the best 12d lashes diameter for lash extensions. 12d volume lashes are mega volume. A diameter bigger than 0.05 may cause displease to clients or pressure on natural lashes to withhold. Hence, 0.05 and 0.03 diameter is the recommended thickness that you can offer for your lash clients.

    0.03 will be thicker than 0.05. It is suitable for clients who have strong natural lashes. Please go with 0.05 lash extension thickness for clients with thinner natural hairs.

    What Is The Best Volume 12D Volume Lashes Curl For Extensions?

    C, CC, and D are 3 common 12d lashes curl for lash extensions. Indeed, lash clients love these curls the most. They are always on top of bestseller lash curls in any lash suppliers category. 

    Why? Because they can be compatible with any lash set, from natural and gentle one to dramatic and gorgeous lash styles. They satisfy almost any lash client. That is the reason why they are a lash artist's favourite.

    C curl offers the most natural curl effect. C curl is known as the lash curl of every home because it's rare to find an eyelash extension salon without a C curl. It can make the eyes shine but still keep them looking natural, soft and pure.

    Unlike the C curl, the D curl offers the most dramatic effect to the lash set. In addition, it provides the lash lift look too. D is the curliest lash curl you can recommend for your lash clients when they ask for 12d volume lashes.

    Regarding CC curl, LBLS usually calls it the balance curl when it is curlier than C but less curly than D. It is the best for clients who love both C and D curl. If you have never tried CC, you should try it once.

    On top of that, you can always mix lash curls to have the best effect on each part of the eyelash.

    Who Are The Most Suitable Clients For 12D Lashes Extensions?

    - 12d lashes are an excellent solution for individuals seeking fuller volume without the use of extra mascara! 

    12d volume lashes offer a dramatic look. Women who enjoy going out at night and don't want to go into the trouble of using many coats of mascara to give a little additional flare will adore the impression of 12d lashes.

    - Models, actors, artists, fashionistas, and KOLs who often have public activities or join photoshoots

    You can aim for these target customers when promoting 12d lashes sets. Because of their work, they need to pay special attention to their appearance. Therefore, impressive eyelash extensions like 12d volume lashes will help them express their personality and charisma through the window of the soul to the fullest.

    - Volume lash customers

    Customers who love volume lash extensions are also among the potential customers that can recommend 12d lashes to them. The majority of customers who have used volume lashes will tend to want to try mega-volume lashes because their preference is for bold, thick and dramatic lashes.

    - Customers who have strong natural lashes

    Customers with healthy, thick natural lashes are the perfect candidate for the 12d lash extension set when they desire even fuller lashes.

    - Customers who have but spare natural lashes

    The 12d lashes set is perfect for customers with sparse natural lashes. With 12 lashes per fan, the 12d volume lashes will perfectly cover sparse lashes giving your clients the fullest and most voluminous look.

    LBLS 12D Lashes

    LBLS 12D Lashes

    Why Should You Choose LBLS As 12D Lashes Suppliers?

    1. LBLS Specializes In Lash Extensions

    The first reason is that LBLS is a distributor specializing in eyelash extensions. For more than 10 years in business, we have only focused on manufacturing high-quality eyelash extensions and products for eyelash extensions.

    Unlike other brands, they import products from distributors or factories. With experience as eyelash extension artists, we build our own factory and train workers to create the perfect lash fans that eyelash extension artists demand.

    Other brands can sell a variety of products in the beauty industry, such as products for eyebrows and nails... LBLS focuses entirely on Promade + Handmade lash fans. Thus, you have the opportunity to be exposed to the best quality lash fans at an affordable price. 

    We confidently say we manufacture one of the best quality 12d lashes fans on the market.

    2. We Have More Than 10 Years Of Experience

    With the advantage of being a veteran brand in the eyelash extension industry, LBLS is fortunate to receive a lot of attention and sharing from eyelash extension artists. 

    We always keep in mind all the valuable sharing from customers, updating the latest information in the industry both in terms of skills, techniques, and technology. As a result, every year you purchase an LBLS product, you receive products of superior quality.

    Our 12d fan lashes are perfect lash fans. The quality is consistent in every fan. Our 12d volume lashes are completely different from others on the market. The softness, lightness, outstanding glue absorption, and outstanding curvature will support eyelash extension artists to the maximum.

    3. We Support All Kind Of Payment Methods

    No matter where you are, Australia, the UK, or the USA, you can still shop at LBLS using the most popular payment methods known for their safety and security: Paypal, Afterpay, Zip pay, etc.

    We always appreciate your contributions and make your purchase as simple as possible. You will still receive the most dedicated service if you cannot go to our store in person.

    4. 24/7 Customer Service

    Any problems you encounter, as soon as the information is received, LBLS will immediately respond and offer the most satisfactory solution for you!

    Many eyelash extension artists working with LBLS have filmed unboxing videos of products. You can refer to the perspective of customers when they buy products from LBLS to get a more objective assessment.

    However, we believe that quality products and dedicated service will make us lucky to have the opportunity to serve you!

    5. Quick Shipping

    LBLS understands that no matter how good a product is, it can't deliver a perfect customer experience if it arrives later than they need it to. That's why we partner with DHL - one of the fastest and most reputable shipping companies.

    No matter where you are, we will support you with the fastest shipping. More specifically, you can get free shipping with only orders from $200! Therefore, whenever you need 12d lashes, just put your favourite size in the shopping order, and we will transfer it to you as soon as possible.

    LBLS 12D Lashes Benefits

    Immediately Show Off The Voluminous Of Lashes

    As soon as your clients apply LBLS Promade 12d lashes fan, their lashes will instantly become fluffy, thicker, darker, and more shimmery.

    Your clients will be more than ever satisfied with their lash extensions that blend seamlessly into their natural lashes. Extensions, but the effect is extremely real. It's a 12d lashes fan of LBLS.

    Fill In Any Lash Gap Or Sparse Lashes 

    For clients with sparse lashes that have gaps, 12d volume lashes fill those gaps instantly without disrupting natural lash growth. We provide 0.03 and 0.05 as the safest diameters for mega lash volumes.

    That's why eyelash extensions artists can use the Promade lash fan from LBLS with complete peace of mind. Standard weights help eyelash artists to calculate exactly which lash fan is right for your client.

    Protect Lash Artist Health

    LBLS 12d lashes protect the health of eyelash extension artists. Those are the feedback from our customers after a while of using Promade and Handmade lashes fans.

    When eyelash extensions artists can spend a lot of time resting and changing positions, your back will not have to maintain a constant position for a period of time. As a result, the wrists and backs of eyelash extensions artists don't get too tired. 

    In the long run, you keep your health at a balanced level. As a result, you can do the job longer.

    LBLS 12D Lashes Features

    LBLS 12D Lashes

    High-Grade Korean PBT

    The first and most important feature of LBLS Promade 12d eyelash fans is that they are made from the highest quality material for eyelash extensions: Korean PBT.

    PBT lashes provide absolute safety for eyelash extension artists and their clients.

    Your clients will be able to avoid allergic reactions like red eyes, watery eyes, and itching... These are possible reactions when eyelash extensions are made of low PBT quality or other materials. 

    In addition, the durability of eyelash extensions made of high-grade PBT will also be outstanding. If you've ever heard of eyelash extensions with lash retention as high as 8 weeks, it's the LBLS Promade 12d lashes fan. 

    That's why LBLS is proud to introduce Promade 12d volume lashes to eyelash extension artists. You can become a favourite lash salon in town with an LBLS 12d lashes fan.

    Matte Black

    How often did you feel sad when holding a superplastic lash fan in your hands? Well, it will never happen when you use an LBLS Promade 12d lashes fan. 

    The matte black makes these 12d volume lashes fan blends harmonize in a natural lash set. Even the 12d lashes fan is pretty recognizable. However, your clients will not feel the fake effect. They just sense the fullness, fluffiness and softness that the Promade fans express.

    Incredible Glue Absorbency

    The 12d lashes fan from LBLS offers superior lash extension glue absorption. 

    Eyelash extensions artists absolutely do not have to worry that the eyelashes do not catch glue. With Promade 12d volume lashes we can guarantee that the extension lashes and the eyelash glue stick together like a magnet. From there, they form strong bonds that only lash glue cream remover can remove.

    If you have never experienced this feeling, use the 12d lashes fan of LBLS once, and your eyelash extension job will be easier than ever.

    Experience premium once, and you will never want to go back to normal!

    Durable Curl

    When you own an LBLS Promade 12d lashes fan, you will never get feedback from customers like how the lashes are stretched again after just a few brushings... 

    The 12d volume lashes fan has impressive durable curvature. Until your customer books the next full set, they still keep its shape. That's the promise from the LBLS.

    Perfect Fans

    All LBLS 12d volume lashes fans are perfect fans. They

    - blossom beautiful

    - pointed and small lash roots

    - the distance between lash strands is even

    - glue amount at the base is at a standard amount

    We always check the quality of each fan before packing to make sure you have consistent quality. 

    Every 12d lashes fan has to go through a very strict quality control process. Therefore, give your hands a rest and leave that exhausting work to us.

    Push Up Lash Artist Speed

    You don't have to make fans when you possess an LBLS 12d lashes fan. Each lash application session now is about 30% to 50% time free. Consequently, the overall lash speed is quicker. You get more client satisfaction yet a quality lash extension set. You get more time to relax. You can choose to take more lash sets or just spend time resting.

    Whatever method you choose, Promade 12d volume lashes are the way lash experts can push up the lash speed. That is the secret that even a lash novice can follow.

    Best Solution For Lash Beginner

    In fact, when you're starting as an eyelash extension artist, the Promade 12d lashes fan is a lifesaver. They give the positive feeling that you can create a great set of eyelash extensions yourself, even if you are not yet an expert at creating lash fans.

    The fact that you can provide high-end eyelash extension sets will give you an advantage in maintaining the customer file in the future. Time may wait for you to gradually improve in fan technique. However, customers do not wait for you. That's why Promade 12d volume lashes are perfect for novice lash artists.

    Optimum Choice For Lash Professionals

    Eyelash extensions artists have many years of experience and creating 12d lashes fans will not be difficult for them. However, they still choose LBLS 12d volume lashes because they are satisfied with the fan quality from LBLS. They want to spend more time creating more impressive eyelash extensions or focus on learning new techniques.

    In general, when they reach the professional level, a technique they have mastered, they have to repeat too many of the same maneuvers that can cause spine problems, it is not a good method to continue. That's why Promade lash fans are the first choice of veteran lash artists.

    How To Set Up LBLS Promade 12D Lashes Fan

    As you can see, the Promade 12d lashes fan we introduced to you is loose lashes. So, here are the few steps that walk you through how to set up the 12d volume lashes fan:

    Step 1

    Prepare a silicone lash pad and 12d volume lashes fan box.

    Step 2

    Open the Promade 12d lashes fan box. Use your beloved tweezers to pick up lash fans. Put it on the silicone lash pad. Because of the special feature, it will support all the fans standing up, which you can approach and apply easier.

    Step 3

    Put the silicone lash pad on the client's head and start your lash application process. Pick up the lash fan, dip them into glue and graft it to the natural lashes. 

    The process is not difficult. In fact, it is pretty simple as our lash fans are premium fans, and they will not stick together.

    Also, not many lash artists are aware that LBLS has the 12d ultra-speed Promade fans product line, in which all of the 12d lash fans are wonderfully set up for you. 

    We take care of the fan setup, so you don't have to. That is many professional lash artists' secret weapon when they wish to increase lash speed in order to service more clients and generate more money. Why don't you have a look?

    How To Store LBLS Promade 12D Lashes Fan

    Put Promade 12d lashes fan in a ventilated, cool, dark ambient. Any source that causes them damage, like humidity, direct sunlight, fire, and electricity, is forbidden. 

    Besides, don't forget to use an eyelash extension tray to arrange your lash fan. It is one of the best-seller lash organizers tools from LBLS that you definitely want to try.


    12d lashes are an indispensable lash technique that every lash artist should experience and master. Besides, owning a quality 12d volume lashes fan will also give you an edge in providing an excellent service for your lash clients in terms of longer lash retention for the mega lash set, safe for clients' eyes or economic aspects. 

    LBLS hopes that the sharing brought a bunch of value to your career. Whenever you think of a 12d lashes fan, don't forget LBLS has the most premium quality Promade 12d volume lashes fan in Australia. 

    We are lucky to have the chance to support the lash career of thousands of lash artists worldwide, and it is our pleasure to have you on board.

    We look forward to serving you!

    Thank you!


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