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LBLS Glue Shaker

LBLS Glue Shaker

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Product Description
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Top reason behind poor lash retention lies in the lash glue. But a glue shaker can resolve it. Check out what it is and how to make the best out of it. 


In Package:

  • 1 x Glue Shaker with built-in battery
  • 6 x Silicone Heads (for different size bottles)
  • 2 x Spindle
  • 1 x USB cable


  • Handheld product
  • Fits most* glue bottles
  • Wear-resistant
  • Spinning speed: Up to 25,000 rpm
  • Time to effective: 10s – 30s

    When you follow a lash extensions training course, your lash trainer will surely talk you into shaking the glue before using it to mix all the ingredients. 

    But don't you know there is a glue shaker that can do this job for you? A lash glue shaker can mix the lash adhesive standardly. Without any sweat, you can still have glue as good as new before every lash extension set. Still, a lot of people have yet to learn how long they should use the glue shaker.

    In this piece, we share all the details about glue shakers. You also got some top-secret tips of the golden time to use eyelash glue shaker from our lash expert.

    Without further ado, let's begin.

    What To Look For When Buying A Glue Shaker?

    Glue Shaker

    Lash Artist Budget

    If you've been a seasoned artist, you're well aware of the effects of the glue shaker on those in the industry. Wrist relief is always a good sign you are protecting your health in the long term. Therefore, the first and foremost factor you should consider when buying a glue shaker for eyelash extensions is the budget you spend to ensure the health of your arm and wrist.

    LBLS is the official manufacturer and distributor. We have wholesale prices for both retail and wholesale customers. Therefore, you will always receive the most competitive prices on the market, with the full package of the product.

    Glue Shaker Type

    There are two types of glue shakers on the market today, battery-powered and rechargeable. Each type has different characteristics you need to learn carefully before buying.

    Battery-powered lash glue shaker is a popular product because of its convenience and ease of use. Eyelash glue shakers using a charger will save money on batteries, but you also need to be careful to choose and buy the right one from reputable brands to ensure they can be used for a long time.

    Pay attention to the product's warranty because cheap rechargeable glue shakers often stop working after a few times.

    Glue Shake Material

    The material of the glue shaker is also very important.

    Cheap materials will spoil quickly, while good materials will ensure features such as waterproofing, firm grip, safety (when charging or using batteries), and low noise (because every 20 minutes, you need to shake the glue once, so if the machine you use is too noisy you can wake the customer).

    The best materials used by hand shakers are ABS. They are heat-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, non-conductive and safe. Even glue shakers for eyelash extensions made of ABS are recyclable.

    Glue Shake Package

    Glue Shaker

    A complete set of glue shaker products will include:

    In Package:

    • 1 x Glue Shaker with built-in battery
    • 6 x Silicone Heads (for different size bottles)
    • 2 x Spindle
    • 1 x USB cable

    If you pay close attention, you can see that some glue shaker kits lack rubber heads in some brands selling similar glue shakers. They will have 2 or 3 instead of 8 like the full set. Or just 1 adapter head instead of 2. With a price tag of the same amount or higher, you might not even know you can get a display holder base besides the glue shaker for free. Therefore, be careful when choosing the product you need.

    These are the best attachments for eyelash extensions artists' mixing glue work. You should have all the accompanying products to make the most of the glue shakers.

    Why Should You Choose LBLS Glue Shaker?

    Glue Shaker

    Because every glue dot after shaking is perfect, this is a prerequisite condition that your lash set will have a big opportunity to get high lash retention.

    Your glue is sitting for a long time, the consistency changes, and it can be a little tackier. The  films tend to lie on top of the bottle of glue. When using a glue mixer, everything's getting mixed all at once, so that tack has to get back down, and the viscosity gets a little bit more liquefied. Now our glue is shucking up and ready to be used.

    Besides, there are other amazing characteristics of our lash glue shaker that you want to take advantage of!

    Glue Shaker Features

    Glue Shaker Features

    Durable Material - Strong Inside - Shiny Outside

    LBLS glue shaker is made from ABS material.

    ABS provides a good blend of stiffness, electrical properties, surface hardness, tensile strength, chemical, heat, impact, and abrasion resistance. All of this makes the beautiful yet strong eyelash glue shaker. You have a chance to invest in a wear-resistant, durable, and safe product that can benefit you in the long term.

    Glue Shaker Does Save Time For Lash Artist

    Shaking by hand is slower and less effective than utilizing an eyelash glue shaker.

    To ensure that every one of the components in the lash glue is completely incorporated and ready for use, lash artists have to shake the glue container strongly by hand for a minute minimally. 

    You may cut the shaking glue time in half by moving to utilizing a lash glue shaker each time! The number may need to be more intriguing. However, let us explain this to you further.

    Let's say you switch out your lash adhesive dot about 20 mins/each time throughout a two-hour lash extension treatment. So, it is about six times, possibly even more, as it depends on glue type, freshness, and even lash room temperature and humidity. 

    Therefore, using the glue shaker, the lash artist is saving for themselves around 5 mins every set. Instead of spending time shaking,  you can do some tweaks on the lash set to make it more wonderful, clean up, or snap more pictures for Instagram.

    Glue Shaker Makes Perfect Glue Mixture

    Glue Shaker Makes Perfect Glue Mixture

    Simply said, it does things better. Simply put, centrifugal force produces superior mixing outcomes when shaking everything.

    Because it produces a far more complete mix, the lash adhesive will be fantastic from beginning to end. You utilized all the valuable components, so there will be no further quality degradation halfway through the bottle.

    Glue Shaker Keep Lash Glue Nozzles Safe 

    If you frequently have glue all over the nozzle, the centrifugal movement we indicated will also work well since it protects the glue nozzle from glue sticking! 

    How can a glue shaker keep the glue nozzle safe? When something is shaken from the centre, it is propelled towards the sides and then returns to the centre when it comes to a complete stop. Therefore, the glue is mixed and ready to push out the bottle. 

    However, if you shake it manually, almost any lash artist will normally shake it up and down. As a result, the glue is stuck in the nozzle before it returns to its normal state and is mixed completely. That is the blocked nozzle state. Or you likely have been washed by the glue spitting all over when you open the cap. 


    You will not feel like you are holding a stone in your hand or have to use all your energy to hold and use it. This lash glue shaker is designed to fit the delicate hands of eyelash artists. Installation is also very easy.

    In addition, it is super portable. Therefore, you can bring it along whenever you can. This characteristic will soon fit the needs of a mobile lash artist.

    Waterproof Design

    With waterproof construction, eyelash extension artists can rest assured that the product will not be affected if a few drops of water or lash glue accidentally fall in. Although this is an electrical and battery-powered product, its construction is extremely tight and sturdy.


    Offering just one service seems extremely rare for an artist working in the beauty industry. 

    Although at the moment, you are just an eyelash extension artist, in the future, you can expand to other services such as manicures, facials or eyebrow beauty, etc. 

    The glue shaker that LBLS introduces is not only used with lash glue. It is also used to mix nail lacquer, tattoo pigments, or other products that need to be mixed in the beauty industry.

    This is a product you can use in the future.

    Easy To Use

    How To Use Glue Shaker

    Attaching the glue shaker to the glue bottle is very simple because this lash glue shaker has different sizes of silicone heads. With the full size of each different glue bottle you have, most LBLS eyelash artists should have no trouble fitting these connectors into the glue bottle. You just need to install, push a button, and your glue will be mixed.

    Furthermore, our glue shaker works in silence. It is a treat for your eyes and even for your ears too. It won't interfere with your client's nap time. Even better, it aids in energy conservation.

    Massive Free Gift

    When customers purchase glue shakers for eyelash extensions, they may not have a chance to get many gifts from other places. As we are a source of the lash supplies, we can give you the full package.

    Buying a glue shaker, you can not only get a lash glue shaker, but you can also get 2 spindles and 6 silicon heads which increases the chance it can fit with any glue you have and will own in the future.

    Even better, you can get a compact storage case to preserve and take along whenever you want.

    The most expensive you can get is the display holder base in which you can display all the tools of the glue shaker in front in order to work more efficiently. We hope you got a lot of value from it.

    Fashion Design

    Apart from their usefulness, these are adorable little devices with a combination of a sleek white or black and gold appearance to match any lash salon setting.

    This shaker is highly unbreakable and ensures a lifetime thanks to the integrated shaker attachment. Choose your silicone head attachment, insert your bottle cap (approximately halfway into the silicone head attachment for a tight fit and simple removal), and then fasten it to our glue shaker.

    Since there are 8 silicone head attachments, most lash glues currently available will work. All of the LBLS lash glues are fit with our glue shaker. With three speeds, you can obtain the right mix every single time. LBLS recommends you apply:

    - Speed 3 at the 1st shake for about 5 to 10 secs

    - Your favourite speed at the next mix for about 3 to 5 secs

    LBLS glue uses a built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore, the lash artist can recharge it with our adapters. Non-rechargeable batteries will cause more waste to the environment. However, the LBLS built-in one is more environmentally friendly.

    You must include this essential in your lash accessories if you have yet to have a wonderful eyelash glue shaker. If you already have the glue shaker but need to own superior quality, it may be time to upgrade your existing glue shaker.

    Best Gift Idea

    If you are looking for a gift for a lash artist or anyone who works in the beauty industry, the LBLS glue shaker can come in handy. 

    Generally speaking, there are a lot of chemical bottles used in the beauty industry that require a proper shake before use. That is the reason the glue shaker becomes an ideal gift.

    Your friends will really appreciate your thoughtful present when they receive it. 

    How To Use Glue Shaker

    How To Use Glue Shaker

    • Open the lash glue shaker package and take out your shaker.
    • Squeeze the adaptable heads.
    • Identify your lash glue size and choose the proper lash glue shaker's silicon head.
    • Insert the glue cap into the silicon head.
    • Make sure our glue shaker is in an upright position. We mean the glue silicone head must be downward.
    • Insert the lid into the bottom.
    • Go ahead and press the On button.
    • The shaker should be rotated while mixing for around 10 seconds.
    • To quit, hit the button again.


    Keep in mind that the device will progressively slow down and then stop. Before opening, take the already-mixed- glue out of the silicon head and let it sit for five seconds.

    Once you press the On button, you want to make sure you're holding it pretty tight. The tighter you hold, the better it will oscillate and mix the lash glue

    You're going to leave the glue shaker for eyelash extensions for about a minute at the beginning of the day. Now in between every client or at the beginning of every appointment, we recommend you shake for about 30 secs. Then between every single dot, you can go ahead to shake for about 15 to 20 secs.

    Just give it a nice little push. We make it easy for you to start by shaking some glue. All you need to do is unwrap the packaging and get shaken.

    How To Shake Your Eyelash Glue?

    • Before your lash treatment, shake your bottle between 30 sec - 2 mins.
    • Shake the lash container once more for 30 seconds - 1 min before releasing a fresh glue drop.

    You will know it is a good shaking if your glue is genuine black, especially not transparent or grey, after being well shaken.

    How To Store Eyelash Glue Shaker

    Similar to other products, the glue shaker for eyelash extensions also requires a dry, cool and ventilated ambience to store.

    Besides, you must put it in an environment that does not stay near heat or other electric sources. Direct sunlight is forbidden too. 

    As it is rechargeable, after using it, you should let it cool naturally before putting it back in the storage box. If you buy the glue shaker from LBLS, you can display it on our display holder base after use. We attach it to the package to support your display and better preserve the product. Make the best out of it. Don’t let it free fall.

    Last but not least, it should be out of reach for children’s reach too. Even though it may not harm, however, they may drop it, and it may affect the shelf life of the glue shaker.

    Glue Shaker FAQs

    Glue Shaker

    What Is The Purpose Of A Glue Shaker?

    The glue shaker for eyelash extensions is designed to mix your lash adhesive in 15-60 seconds. Instead of shaking your adhesive vigorously by hand for 2 minutes, save yourself time by using this tool! 

    This glue mixer is ideal for mixing your cyanoacrylate and stabilizer! Remember, for your adhesive to work correctly, you must mix before use!

    How Long Is A Glue Shaker Used For?

    Recommended glue shaking time: 

    • 5 seconds - highest speed.
    • 10 seconds - medium speed. 
    • 15 seconds - slowest speed.

    How Long Should The Glue Be Shaken Before Use?

    Be sure to shake your lash adhesive for 2 full minutes (maximal) before dispensing it for use at the start of your day and again for at least one minute (maximal) before every drop.

    Does Lash Artist Need A Glue Shaker For Eyelash Extensions?

    Yes. Every lash artist should have a glue shaker for eyelash extensions. Expert lash technicians recommend it. 

    Lash adhesive is made of a lot of different chemicals. They are separated, and it is common. The imbalanced solution will be divided into 2 layers at the normal condition. 

    The top layers are lighter chemicals. The bottom layer is the heavier one that sinks. That is the main reason that lash glue is not working. When all the ingredients are not mixed, they can not perform its feature. 

    Lash glue is likely muted when you see your glue has a speckling texture or is greyish.

    You still have a chance to use cyanoacrylate (sticky ingredient) once the solution has split. It would get sticky as a result, but it wouldn't work as effectively as a thoroughly blended solution. 

    Additionally, the remaining glue in the glue container may lose its stickiness. You can not get the black you wish to blend with the natural lashes. So, lash glue needs to be well shaken before use.

    When your lash glue has black pigment, the lash glue's colour should be extremely dark and distinct.

    Like you would thoroughly shake a container of vinaigrette or ketchup, lash glue must be shaken before use. To ensure that the queen ingredient - the cyanoacrylate, is dispersed uniformly, it must be well mixed.

    Once the eyelash glue is correctly combined, it produces better results and generates fewer fumes, causing less discomfort to the client's eyes.


    glue shaker

    The days of manually shaking lash glue are long gone since it is laborious, untidy, and can cause adhesive to get inside the lid. 

    The truth is that employing a glue shaker is preferred to shaking your lash glue manually. When you grok the everything ins and outs of the glue shaker, we hope you can choose the best-fit glue shaker to make the best out of the glue, increase lash retention, and enhance the lash client experience. 

    If you want to ask any questions about the product, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to answer every query you have in mind.

    Remember to have a closer look at our 360-degree view product picture to have an overall look at the LBLS lash glue shaker. We look forward to serving you.

    Wish you the best!

    Thank you!

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