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Pink Eye Patches | 50pcs

Pink Eye Patches | 50pcs

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Product Description
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Pink eye patch is searched all over the market. Here is the standard feature, tips to choose and a guide from lash expert sharing. Read now.



  • Specifications: Eyelash Extension Application, Facials, Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Tinting or just use it to reduce dark circle, eye puffiness
  • Size: 10cm*6cm/3.94"*2.36"
  • Package includes: 50 x Under Eye Pads
  • Odourless
  • Freshness
  • No latex
  • No gel 
  • No lint
  • No hypoallergenic
  • 100% natural plant extract

Not owning quality under-eye pads, which are lint-free for eyelash extensions, will really give all eyelash extension artists a headache. As such, lash experts are always on the way to looking for the best Pink eye patch because securing the lower eye area will give them peace of mind during the lash extension process. 

In recent years, the Pink eye patch has been one of the best selling under eye pads for eyelash extension among eye gel pads available in the market. 

Here, in the article, LBLS will share with you why. We also reveal tips to buy the best quality pink gel pads in the field and how to use them standardly. Read on to get useful information.

Tips To Buy Pink Eye Patch

Pink Eye Patch

Pink Eye Patch Material

The first criterion when choosing a Pink eye patch is to see the composition and structure of the product.

A quality under-gel eye patch is a product that contains the following ingredients:

- safe for skin

- has a protective effect

- has a nourishing effect

The structure of an eye gel pad quality should be as follows:

- lint-free

- easy to use and remove

- hold firmly

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the product packaging and the brand you choose to buy.

Low-quality products are often susceptible to mould due to careless vacuuming, which leads to bacteria infiltrating the under-eye patch. Besides, the edges of these products also turn green.

LBLS is a brand that has been in business for more than 10 years in the eyelash extension industry. We have a rigorous process of producing and selecting products for sale. So when you buy a Pink eye patch from us, you can rest assured that you have a safe, quality and carefully packaged product.

Stickiness Level

An under-eye gel patch that doesn't stick or stick too tightly is problematic for eyelash extension artists. In fact, if you are a veteran eyelash extension artist, you probably have experienced many Pink eye patches with different qualities.

Low-quality eye gel patches often won't stick or won't work on overly slippery skin. Lash artists have to use some tape to secure the under-eye area when the eye gel pad they buy can not complete its job. Sometimes, they stick so tightly that it hurts the client.

Therefore, when buying a Pink eye patch, you need to pay special attention to the product's stickiness. A medium stickiness level will be the best.

The difference between low-quality and high-quality Pink gel pads will largely lie in this stickiness.

LBLS is proud to be one of the market's best-selling eye gel patch units. Thanks to the sharing of long-term collaborators from lash artists, we have produced and released eye gel pads that are most suitable for eyelash extension artists.

All LBLS eye gel patches provide the standard stickiness you need during eyelash extensions. Our pink eye patch won't disappoint you because of its excellent stickiness.

How Pink Eye Patch Cleanness Matter

The next thing to note when choosing a Pink eye patch is whether the product is easy to remove or clean. 

A high-grade under-eye patch differs from a low-grade one in its ease of removal. It does not leave any residual mess or cause pain for lash clients. Using the eye gel pad, you will never expect the remover process to have an "ouch" sound. You will expect smooth cleansing and detaching under the eye gel pad.

Resell Potential

If you are an eyelash extension artist who has the ambition to own an eyelash extension salon that serves customers who want to beautify and when you have enough potential you want to retail products, buying any products will come with whether or not the product has enough potential to bring in more revenue for you.

In fact, the Pink eye patch is a very potential product to resell to any eyelash extension artist. They have a cooling effect, providing nutrition for the eye area to become healthier and brighter.

You can pay closer attention to the number of the seller's goods. Do they have the potential to provide you with enough inventory to resell? Is the price reasonable? And most importantly, is the product quality good?

Price Offering

Pink eye patches or any under-eye gel pad will be the product artists use regularly and continuously for eyelash extensions. Therefore, you will need to buy in bulk each time. As such, price policies when buying combos or in bulk will be the most attractive proposals you can find. 

Don't forget to check the price when you buy in larger quantities to get the best deal.

At LBLS, we have a buy more, save more policy. You always have the best deals on every product you buy.

No matter how small or large the number of products you purchase, LBLS will serve your order with the same enthusiasm and respect.

Guarantee Policy

If you buy Pink eye patches from non-branded places, the risk that the warranty does not cover the products is huge. Therefore, eyelash extension artists should always choose reputable brands in the industry. 

In addition, you also need to record the process of receiving and opening the product to ensure that if there is a problem related to the goods, you can work with the carrier and the seller.

Pink eye patch products from LBLS are always warranted. Whatever product you buy from us, we always encourage our customers to take a video of receiving and opening the goods. If there is any problem, we always try to assist you as quickly as possible and offer a solution to your satisfaction.

LBLS Pink Eye Patch Feature

Pink Eye Patch

Premium Material

Like other products, LBLS specializes in premium products used by eyelash extension artists, so our Pink eye patch is also made from the highest-grade ingredients. They are glycerol, vitamin C, aloe extract, and water.

They do a good job of protecting and nourishing the skin under the eyes.

Standard Stickiness - Medium Thickness 

Our Pink eye patch has a standard stickiness level, making it stick firmly on the bottom eye surface. More importantly, it has a medium thickness that will be enough to protect the lash tools like tweezers or lash glue that can harm the skin around the eyes. 

In addition, it will not make clients uncomfortable because of the not-too-heavy thickness.

Lint-Free And Smooth Surface

With the LBLS Pink eye patch, you have a lint-free and extremely smooth eye gel pad. When you graft extensions, it will not cause the eyelash to get stuck in the eye pad. The new technology was used in the creation of this Pink eye patch to provide a precise fit over all various eye shapes and sizes.

Besides, a smooth surface will make it easier to draw lash maps. This feature is suitable both for new lash artists and seasoned artists who need an eye gel patch surface that is white enough to represent the eyelash extensions ideas that eyelash extensions artists cherish.

Fits Comfortably 

With a special design that curves along the lower lash line, the LBLS Pink eye patch is voted the most popular eye gel patch by veteran eyelash artists. It fits nearly any eye shape.

In particular, the ergonomic layout will also support eyelash extension artists to easily use the eye patch to cover the lower eye area. With non-standard eye patches, it will take a lot of time to adjust, but with the LBLS Pink eye patch, it will take you less than a few seconds to put these eye gel pads on and adjust into perfect position.

Peels Off Painlessly

LBLS Pink eye patch leaves a cool effect after you remove it. It does not cause a heavy feeling or messy residual on the client's sensitive lower eye area. 

After it completes its task, lash artists can take it off easily by pulling it out from the edges. Your lash clients will feel nothing but a fresh and moist feeling.

The pink eye patch is a disposable product and is freshly peeled for each use from separate bags. So the Pink eye patch ensures absolute safety for the skin under the eyes.

Nourishing & Moisturizing

Not only stopping at the eye gel patch used to protect the skin under the eyes but in 1-2 hours when customers use Pink eye patch products, their eyes will also be provided with enough water and necessary nutrients. 

Vitamin C and aloe penetrate deep into the skin to wake up every cell to effectively bring the skin to shine. It lightens the dark circle and reduces eye puffiness. Your client will open the eyes with the glass skin under the eye area, which contributes a part in making lash extensions become shiner.

LBLS Pink eye patch is recommended in the long-term for an anti-aging effect because of these outstanding results. Lash artists can consider it in Halloween, Christmas or New Year gift ideas or put it after-care kit in reselling.

Travel Friendly

Our Pink eye patch has dimensions of about 4.69 * 4.69 inches. It is super compact. You can take it anywhere with you. Arranging it on a lash cart is also a piece of cake. 

Perfect For Both Light And Dark Coloured Lashes

LBLS Pink eye patch is suitable for light and dark lashes thanks to its consistent whiteness. You can even use it for light or neon lashes conveniently without any difficulty.

This is an LBLS product specifically for eyelash extensions artists to use to isolate the lower eye area.

We choose the most suitable features to put into this product to make your work most pleasant and comfortable!

How To Use Pink Eye Patch

Pink Eye Patch

Step 1: Start by cleaning the under-eye area and letting it air dry, or you can use a lash fan to push up the drying process. 

This is a very important step. Without it, the Pink eye patch is more likely to unstick the skin. A clean surface will facilitate the eye gel pad to stick firmly as its contact with all the parts of the skin area.

Step 2: To use, peel the non-woven layer.

Step 3: Stick firmly beneath the eyelids when applying for eyelash extensions.

Step 4: After applying for the lash extensions, softly remove the Pink eye patch from the corners.

Step 5: Use a warm towel to clean the residual if needed.

How To Preserve Pink Eye Patch

Pink eye patches must be stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place. Besides, eyelash extensions artists also need to avoid places with direct sunlight. Sources of heat, electricity or moisture are also factors that directly damage the product.

You can refer to an acrylic lash organizer to store the product in a compartment with a lid when you put the product on the lash cart to facilitate the use of the product during the eyelash extension process.

In fact, each pink eye patch will be individually packaged with a clear manufacturing and expiration date. You should sort them by expiration date to ensure that no pink eye patch goes to waste.


There are a lot of counterfeit Pink eye patches out there, so always be aleart. 

LBLS hopes you always get the best quality eyelash extension products. Choose the brand that suits you the best and never fall into a cheap price trap. When you pay for a banana, you get a monkey; those sentences will never get old.

If we find each other by chance, it means LBLS got lucky. We sincerely thank you for stopping by, and it is a big honour to have the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions you wonder, we are happy to help.

Happy shopping!


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