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Ombre Lashes Extensions
Ombre Lashes Extensions
Ombre Lashes Extensions
Ombre Lashes Extensions

Mix 3in1 Ombre Lashes Extensions | 6D 0.07 | 1000 fans

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Product Description
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Ombre lashes blow new life to natural lashes. Here are the tips for choosing the best ombre coloured lash extensions for lash artists! Read now!



  • Material: Premium Korean PBT/faux mink.
  • Colour: Ombré Black-Red, Ombré Black-Blue, Ombré Black-Purple and Ombré Black-Green
  • Look: fluffy, radiant
  • Quantity: 5000 fans /box
  • Curl:  C,CC, D curl
  • Diameter: 6D 
  • Thickness: 0.07 

Besides coloured lashes, ombre lashes have gradually become a new trend in the lash extension industry. Not only does it create an irresistible look that pops up the beauty of natural eyes, but it also imparts a new trend in party, festive eye look that everyone wants to experience at least once. 

You can be in the dark for the rest of your life, but sometimes, you want to spark in the night and be true to your inner shining soul.

So, what are the ombre lash extensions? How can lash artists choose the best ombre lashes for their lash salons? 

Here in the article, we share all the ins and outs of ombre lash extensions. When you finish the last words, you will have all the answers and detailed guidelines.

Let's delve into the main content now!

What Are Ombre Lashes Extensions?

Ombre lashes

Ombre lashes, also known as two-tone lashes, are a version of colour lashes that only colour the lash tips. The other part of the lash extensions is still black.

In a detailed manner, ombre lash extensions often start with black at the lash root and gradually fade into another colour at the lash tip.

Purple ombre lash extensions, blue ombre lash extensions, or green ones are common hues, but truly anything goes. The eyelash extension's black "normal" base allows glue to be applied without changing the colour.

How Are Ombre Eyelashes Formed?

The gradually changing colour creates ombre lashes at the tip part of the lash extension. The lash extension tips are coloured to contrast with the black strands and provide a gradient look. 

Similar to how unique lash extensions may draw attention to specific eye shapes, various ombre eyelash colours can bring out specific eye colours. 

Thus, ombre lashes may be the following thing to attempt if your clients have a massive of coloured mascara in the make-up corner.

Who Is Suitable For Ombre Lashes?

Ombre lashes can fit anyone who wants to express their uniqueness individually. Specifically, lash artists can promote the lash set for daily makeup, a special dating day, party people, a wedding or a nightclub event.

Besides, the target client of ombre lash extensions can also be:

  • models
  • artists
  • fashionistas
  • passionate cosplay
  • key opinion leaders
  • dancers
  • beauty bloggers
  • or even you, the lash artists. 

Keep in mind that you can always be a target customer of other lash artists.

How Long Do Ombre Lashes Last?

8 weeks, with the proper aftercare and in a condition that you use LBLS lash glue like Magic Glue

Tips To Buy Ombre Lashes

Ombre Lashes Material

The first rule when choosing ombre lash extensions is to look into the material that makes up the eyelash extensions.

You can find eyelashes made from synthetic fibres, eyelashes made of hair, eyelashes made of real hair or Korean PBT.

Each type has certain differences. However, putting differences aside, the most suitable, premium, safest material for eyelash extensions is Korean PBT.

You will have in your hand eyelash extensions with stable curvature, colour similarity closer to natural lash colour, and weather-resistance lashes. Even better, once ombre colored lash extensions made from Korean PBT made into lash fans, they are extremely fluffy and soft. They don't put pressure on the client's lashes and don't give off a fake feel like other materials.

More importantly, it is so flexible that manufacturers can produce a variety of sizes and curls.

Korean PBT lashes will check off everything lash artists need in a lash extension. When you choose ombre lashes, choose the one made from Korean PBT.

Colour Variety

Ombre lashes are all the rage right now, and they are quite stylish. The excellent news is that, instead of reaching for the eyeliner in order to get a moment of change, the subdued flash of colour is appealing and a terrific opportunity to explore. 

It has something for everyone because they may be modest, sufficient for any situation and complement particular eye colours. That is why when you buy ombre lashes, you need to find a place with many colours to choose from.

Your target audience is people who love colours, have their personality and love their party, festival or profession that requires constant innovation. Therefore, the richness of colours will help your service stand out.

Imagine when you want to introduce ombre eyelashes to your clients, you can't just recommend one of them. Like, here are our purple ombre lash extensions. As such, you will limit your service if the client prefers blue ombre lash extensions.

Instead, you can introduce to your potential lash clients the red ombre lashes, the green ombre lashes, or even the blue ombre lash extensions when you have a collection of ombre eyelashes colours. The variety of ombre colored lash extensions will enhance your lash menu. Consequently, you can approach more types of prospects.

We all love choices, don’t forget that!

Recognizable Tips Colour

A tempting characteristic of ombre lashes is they have colour in the lash’s tips. But in the market right now, there are a lot of ombre eyelashes that the lash tips are almost unrecognizable. It means the colour won't stand out. It is too black. 

When buying ombre lash extensions, you must carefully consider the colour you buy. The best way is to see the photos where the product has been made in the customer's eyes, so you can get an idea of what the actual product will look like.

If the colour of your ombre lashes doesn't stand out, it's really hard for eyelash extensions artists to create an impressive set of ombre colored lash extensions. Because, unlike coloured lashes, these lashes are coloured only at the tip. If their colour is too dark, they will blend into the natural lashes and not show much of a difference!

Enough Size

Always keep in mind that our natural lashes are made up of layers of varying lengths. 

Therefore, when performing eyelash extensions, you will also need different eyelash sizes to be able to create harmony, uniformity and naturalness for the customer's eyes.

This is the main reason that you should stock yourself with a variety of lash sizes (at least a basic common size like 11-13mm) for ombre lashes.

You should choose an ombre eyelash distributor with many different sizes. Then, no matter what size you lack, you can continue to use their brand. If you choose a distributor with limited sizes, such as only 9mm, you can hardly create a natural lash effect, especially not enough for you to create lash fans.

Besides that, always consider the mix-size combos and the ombre colored lash extensions you want to take home. You can have multiple sizes in one box and get creative with ombre lashes.

Ombre Lash Extensions Lash Fans/Lash Tray

There are now both ready-to-graft ombre lashes fans in the market, and ready-to-make-fan ombre lashes lash trays in vogue.

You can choose for yourself lash trays to make your fans, or you can also choose pre-made hand-made fans, and you just need to dip the roots into the glue and graft them on natural lashes.

Depending on your needs, choose the ombre eyelashes that are right for you.

However, with the current growth of the eyelash extensions industry, if you have never tried premium hand-made ombre lash fans, you should try them once to understand why they are so popular.

The price of hand-made products that are ready to apply will always be slightly higher than that of you making your own. However, the convenience, uniform quality, strong adhesive ability and impressive curvature will benefit you in the long run.

Not only is it protecting the health of eyelash extensions artists, but the extremely symmetric, beautiful blossom, and well-balanced ombre lash extensions fans made from Korean PBT will convince any demanding customer. Those characteristics make the name of Promade, or Hand-made lash fans, which are having a moment. 

LBLS Ombre Lashes Features

Ombre lashes

Premium PBT Material

Not only ombre lashes but all LBLS lash extensions are also made from the highest grade Korean PBT.

You can clearly feel the softness, natural colour and the feature of quickly absorbing lash glue when using these premium eyelash extensions right from the first time using them. 

LBLS has made ombre colored lash extensions ready-to-graft fans. Therefore, you just need to choose the size, thickness, and curvature of the ombre lash extensions you want, and you can use them immediately.

This is the highest-grade raw material for eyelash extensions, so you can confidently buy our products!

100% Hand-made Ombre Lashes Extensions

LBLS ombre lashes are 100% hand-made. From the material picking to the grafting of every lash strand together and glue dipping for the first time, we control every step of the process to make sure you own the most symmetric and consistent ombre lashes fans.

We started as eyelash extensions artists, so we understand better than anyone what eyelash extensions artists expect in an ombre eyelash.

Before launching the blue ombre lash extensions for the first time, we spent 2 years researching the ombre lashes available at the time and learned from our experience to create a new generation of ombre colored lash extensions with smooth and durable transition colours. 

All eyelash extension artists who work with us are seasoned artisans. They are meticulous in each stage and want to deliver to lash artists the best products!

LBLS Ombre Lashes Are Safe For the Client's Eye And Super Comfortable To Wear

We offer lash artists the most demanded and safest thickness of ombre lashes for volume (Russian) lash set: 0.07 thickness and 6D diameter. 

This is the most popular size duo for safety and universality that works with almost everyone, even the lash clients with gaps in natural lashes. 

It will bring a pleasant, comfortable feeling to the wearer. It doesn't even put pressure on their eyes. This size achieves the fuller and more impressive effect (but is still modest) expected by the customer. 

Better yet, eyelash extension artists will also be able to shorten the eyelash extension process. From there, you won't have to hold one pose for too long for a long time. Your health will be protected.

Soft, Thin And Tapered Lash Base

The problem with homemade ombre lashes is that sometimes the roots get twisted. When you can't control the standard amount of glue for each fan, it is more likely that you will apply too much glue on the lash base. The result is a big, thick and bulky lash base.

If you use this lash fan to apply to your client's natural lashes, even if you use the smallest diameter, its pressure on the natural lashes after 2 times dipping in lash glue will also increase. Consequently, the ombre lashes extension cannot adhere completely to the natural lashes due to the limited contact surface from the uneven base. That is one of the reasons people look for Hand-made ombre lashes from LBLS. 

LBLS ombre lash extensions' lash roots feature a thin, soft and tapered base. We have a standard glue amount on the first dipping. All the lash strands connect by heat technology to ensure they are not twisted. We double-check the lash base to make sure the glue amount is at the lash root standard. 

Use our ombre colored lash extensions, you even can be allowed to use more glue at the grafting phase than the standard bit, and it won't cause problems. We do our experiment and allow our products to have the flexibility to let even rookie lash artists feel easy to use our lash fans.

Absorb Glue Well

Besides, our eyelashes also have a strong ability to absorb the glue. Lash artists can combine ombre eyelashes with LBLS glue for best results. If you haven't tried Magic Glue - which offers 8 weeks of lash retention, you need to give it a go.

If you are a lash expert needing glue with a higher drying speed, then Speedy Adhesive 0.5 sec looks forward to seeing you.

Don't let the lashes that repel the glue frustrate you, use the love-glue’s ombre lashes from LBLS.

Durable And Stable Curl

Made from the highest grade PBT, LBLS ombre lashes have an incredibly long-lasting curl.

In fact, Korean PBT lash does not expire. The lash curl may be lost over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight or humidity for a long time. 

We have yet to record a case that LBLS lash extensions are losing shape after more than 10 years of working in the lash extension industry. 

However, we always suggest our customers put our lashes in good storage condition as cool, ventile and dry ambient. Heat, electric or humidity sources or direct sunlight should be avoided.

We are sure your client's lash extension set will stay longer than their natural lash-shedding cycle. Buy our ombre lash extensions with grace!

Easy To Use And Simple To Clean Strip

LBLS ombre colored lash extensions are super easy to take off and use. You just need volume tweezers like L-tweezers to work with. It sticks gently to the lash strip and doesn't stick anything or leave any residue after it comes into action. 

16 Lines/Tray - 40 Pairs Of Eyes

With one tray of LBLS ombre eyelashes, you can serve up to 40 pairs of eyes. 

We even offer you a super-saving combo offer. So, don't forget to diversify your lash menu. 

Keep in mind that you can create a new style of ombre colored lash extensions for your target client besides having the most trendy ombre lashes, like blue ombre lash extensions or purple ombre lash extensions.

A monotone colour may be good at a time, but many colours can bring a rich source of clients.

4 Trendy Ombre Colored Lash Extensions 

LBLS is pleased to present 4 money-making ombre lashes colour: Red Ombre lash extension, Purple ombre lash extensions, Green ombre lash extensions, and Blue ombre lash extensions.

These colours have been prevailing in the lash extension industry for years. Lash artists can choose to do the whole lash set from one colour of ombre lashes, or you can mix the colours. Other recommendations for using ombre lash extensions that you may feel interested as: 

- Give a little light-up colour at the outer eye corner

- Create layers effect by doing a length game from the same ombre colored lash extensions

- Colour block

Our partnered lash artists find inspiration from cartoon movies, flowers, animals like peacocks or parrots, etc. It is a world for you to be innovative. 

Remember that it is a chance you can advertise your lash brand to a new artist level. Keep up your good work, and increase your income with extraordinary ombre lash extensions.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

LBLS ombre lashes are composed of PBT material. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. We are against animal testing and real mink lashes. 

We always try our best to manufacture and distribute products that support environmental sustainability, and we want to spread the spirits to our customers. LBLS ombre lash extensions can make your client's eyes look attractive, bright, and kind to the environment.


Ombre lashes are a brand-new lash fashion that can allure colour enthusiasts. You will not be left out even if you are a novice or veteran lash artist. It catches all eyes from the onset.

There is plenty of room for creativity here. That is the reason during the festive seasons, you must add it to your lash cart in order to approach new clients. A good Instagram picture of your new service, which is strategic, your lash salon book service can be bombed. 

However, never stop at the party theme. Ombre lash extensions can still be a booming need in artistic environments, fashion shows, make-up or beauty looks. They are some suggestions that you could start to dig into.

Whenever you are, LBLS ombre lashes will always sponsor the most premium quality lashes for you. 

Rather than wait until you are almost out of selection, wouldn't it be better to order some now?

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