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LBLS Lashes Sticky Card | Double Side Tape

LBLS Lashes Sticky Card | Double Side Tape

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Product Description
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Material: Premium quality Paper
Item Dimensions: 7.6cm*14cm
Number of lines: 20/card

LBLS Lashes Sticky Card - Mark Your Lash Speed At The Higher Level

LBLS's pleased to introduce our new special made Sticky Card. The card becomes an amazing lash tool because of the magnificent combination of paper cards with double-faced adhesive tape. It is also a game-changer in the lash extension preparation process. It turns its role into indispensable lash accessories!

Save Time

Twenty lines on a card, plus the diverse in number of lash size lines, including the most popular lash size too, the lash sticky card supports lash artists increase the speed of grafting. You will no longer have to put lashes on a silicon pad repeatedly every time it runs out the size you want because you can display all sizes you want on the card and prepare in advance! The card will save you a ton of time in preparation and surely hone lash artist work efficiency.

Storage Memory Card

Besides, it's the best recommendation for both lash tech professionals and beginners.

You can use it as a storage card of your favourite and often used lashes. Whenever you need any lash and sizes, pick the card (with different sizes if you like) up with the name on each line, and you are good to go!

Silicon Pad Alternative

The sticky card even shows its superior ability to become a silicon pad alternative when you put it on your clients' forehead. After layout the lashes and the sizes you like, you can take the line you want up, put it directly on clients' foreheads, and start your journey!

Save Money

Not only is the card's material durable, but the double-faced adhesive tape is hard to beat too. It's sticky enough to adhere to the paper and to the lashes. You even can reuse the tape without worrying that it runs out of sticky. As our experiment, every sticky line can be used up to a maximum of 4 times before you can replace it with the new one.

Best Organization Tip

What is better than the sticky card for a lash card organizer? You are no longer in case you are not aware of the dimension for the fan you just made. All lash sizes you like are in one place. All lash's shape and form are preserved. Tidy and organized is what you find in the sticky card.

Environment Friendly

The sticky card is made of premium quality paper, and it is a friendly environment product. It's again contributing to the safety of Mother Earth that we are all looking for!

Best match with Ultra Speed Lashes

Are you in love with our Tray Book product line but still hesitant about the price?

The sticky tape is the best solution for you. You can create your Lash Tray Book with the recipe: Ultra Speed Lashes  + Sticky Card. You can completely use it as a repurposed lash tray!

It saves time, saves money, and even saves your tidiness!


Step 1: Put the sticky card, double-faced adhesive tape, lashes on the table
Step 2: Cut the tape fitting with the sticky card line size (6.8cm)
Step 3: Stick the tape you have just cut into the sticky card line that you identify
Step 4: Peel the upper part of the tape and tada you have the sticky part to the lashes
Step 5: Fan your lashes and put them onto the card line you have peeled up OR just pickup loose lash from LLBS OR  put the size of Ultra Speed Lashes you want onto the card line. Repeat as you wish.
Step 6: Compliment yourself, and you are good to go!



Material: Paper

Dimension: 17 meters

Use: Serve for Ultra Speed product line, Use on Lash Sticky Card, Place on an eyelash tile/ empty lash tray.

LBLS Double Sided Tape - Strong Yet Gentle Adhesion That Lash Artists Look For

Practical Use

Before your clients arrive, you can use double-sided tape to prepare all lash fans if you desire to push the lash application process faster. It is tailor-made for the Ultra Speed lash fans product line from LBLS, where you can use this tape placed on lash tile or Lash Sticky Card before you land Ultra Speed lash fans down there to get ready for the lash extension process.

This tape is a perfect alternative to a silicone lash pad and still gets the same results of pushing up lash speed. Combined with Ultra Speed lash fans, you can accelerate lash speed up to 50%.

Besides, if you prefer to create handmade fans, you can store them using LBLS Double Sided Tape without adhesive.

More importantly, with super oily clients, these double sided tape can also support keeping the under-eyes patch in place to give you a firm, stay-still surface to work on too.

Even better, when you buy loose lash fans and want to set up the Promade or Handmade loose lash, lash artists can also use these double sided tape to place on lash tile and lay out all the fans you want nicely before digging in the lash extension grafting process.

Lastly, the length and width are tailor-made for lash extension fan-making. Therefore, you have your design of double-sided tape for your job.

Both Sides Have A Strong Adhesive

LBLS premium double-sided tape owns a super strong adhesive on both sides. 

There is no worry that it will not stick or be loose when you attach two surfaces simultaneously. You have the tape you are looking for. 

Premium Quality

Simple to cut, instal, and remove off the roll. Even though the adhesive is quite strong, it is nevertheless simple to remove & peel with your bare hand. 

After removal, it won't leave behind any sticky residue.

Easy To Use 

It is simple to remove the protective covering. That is what we can assure you. 

Any lash accessories from LBLS will be tested for many rounds before they go to your hands, so we make sure it is just the piece of cake when it comes to guidelines to use and apply.

Widely Usage

The double-sided tape has many applications in your house, workplace, and the lash industry, including stamping, mounting pictures, scrapbooking, carpeting, clothing, and more. 

How To Use Double Sided Tape

Step 1

You need to prepare a dry & clean surface.

Step 2

Then, you identify the desired length and use a tape cutter or your hand to tear them down.

Step 3

Place to the surface, you want to stick. Press to make sure it fits the surface.

Step 4

To reveal the glue adhesive, remove the tape line/white paper backing, and the second sticky part will be displayed. Adhere to the material there.


Sticky strips can be easily and cleanly removed from lash palettes or tiles without leaving any trace. If any residual is left, the lash artist can easily wipe it with a cotton pad & acetone.

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