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Acrylic Lash Tape Dispenser

Acrylic Lash Tape Dispenser

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Product Description
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LBLS lash tape dispensers are custom-designed lash tape cutters made special for lash experts. Here are why professionals consider it a must-have item.



Material: Marble acrylic/Clear acrylic.

Colour: Marble pattern/clear

Thickness: 3mm

Dispenser Capacity: 4 rolls 

Clumsy cuts, wasting lash tape because of loose tension lash tape dispensers, and everything that frustrates you can be solved by a new generation of eyelash extensions tape dispensers. 

Let us explain why we are the best match for you without further ado.

What To Look For In A Lash Tape Dispenser?

Lash Tape Dispenser

Lash Tape Dispenser Material

Raw material made of a lash tape dispenser is the most important part of creating the product's core. A lash dispenser is normally made of two parts: 

- Lash tape dispenser holder

- Lash tape dispenser blade

No one looks for a soft lash tape dispenser holder that can not bear a small impact or is too easily broken or cracked. Therefore, the tape dispenser holder must have strong and weather-resistant ingredients.

For the lash tape dispenser blade, you should expect it to be sharp and can be sharpened. Furthermore, it must not be rusted or easily bent.

Most importantly, both lash tape dispenser parts must be attached securely to protect the user's safety. 

Fashion Compatible

A lash tape dispenser is a lash accessory in a beauty salon type. Everything in the beauty industry should express the class of the salon. That is why you should consider the lash tape dispenser's shape, colour, and design to see whether it fits your salon.

Marble is a popular choice for almost every lash salon holder and organizer because of its luxury appearance and high-impact resistance. You can consider this point when choosing your favourite lash tape dispenser. When a product is compatible with the rest of the lash room items, your overall lash salon look will be improved much more than you can imagine.

Guarantee Policy

Any product you buy with a clear shipping and warranty policy will give you peace of mind. That's why you should cooperate with trusted and reputable brands.

The lash tape dispenser is a product that needs to be securely protected in transportation. In addition, there are cases in which customers buy a lash tape dispenser, but when they open it, the serrated blade cannot cut the eyelash extension tape. It is too blunt. 

Hence, your perfect lash supplier should be the one who can be there whenever you need it. They can give you a proper response to you as soon as possible when the products arrive. You can not feel at ease if you pay and receive a product you can not use.

LBLS have worked in the lash extension industry for about 10 years. All the products here we produce and distribute are of premium quality. We always want to respond to any messages we get from our customers as quickly as possible. 

If the product you buy has manufacturing faults, we change it into a brand-new one for you. Just always remember to send us an unboxing video for further reference. We got your back.

LBLS Lash Tape Dispenser Feature

Lash Tape Dispenser

Lily Beauty Multi roll tape dispenser is more effective further than you expect!

Doesn't Move

LBLS lash tape dispenser is the scissors nightmare. 

Generally speaking, it is a professional lash technician's tool for maintaining tape cleanliness and accessibility. We present to you a lash tape dispenser that is capable of staying in place when you tear the lash tape.

We understand that when you need to cut a clean lash tape, you need your lash tape dispenser to stay put. If it moves, you will not likely get a clean cut. Worse yet, you may cut a longer tape than you need. Therefore, our lash tape dispenser has a standard weight to handle a small pull from users. 

You don't have to worry that the lash tape dispenser will go along with you if you use a little bit more energy.

Sharp Metal Dispenser Blades

Lash Tape Dispenser

Our sharp stainless steel serrated blades allow eyelash extension artists to cut eyelash extension tapes to different lengths in a wink of an eye. It works on any type of lash tape material. 

Unlike plastic lash tape dispenser blades, the metal one ensures you can cut any lash tape. It is rust-resistant and extremely sharp with lash tape but safe for the user's hand.

4 Separated Holder Design

To avoid stickiness, the lash tapes are isolated from each other by separate holders. 

Transparent Lid Cover

Thanks to the transparent lid cover, lash artists can observe everything in the lash tape dispenser. You can know how much lash tape is left. You can identify what tape you are about to use readily. 

Unique Clamshell Design

LBLS lash tape dispenser is designed with the clamshell inspiration. It is used for lashing tape to maintain interior cleanliness. It is simple to open and close.

Large Capacity

LBLS multi-roll tape dispenser can hold up to 6 eyelash tapes simultaneously in different sizes. 

Many of our eyelash extension artists have had to purchase multiple lash tape dispensers because the product they are using only holds one lash tape. 

But you won't have to spend that much money when you have an LBLS lash tape dispenser that can hold up to 4 tapes in your hand!

Reusable And Recyclable

When they are dull, you can sharpen them again. You don't have to buy another lash tape dispenser because the old one is blunt. 

Even better, if the serrated blades are capable of fixing, you can ask the mechanic shop around you to have a new blade.

Moreover, if you get into trouble with the old one and do not need to fix the blade, you can always turn the product into a tape holder or simple box where you can put eyelash pads, spoolies, and jewellery (necklaces or rings), etc. into them.

All in all, our lash tape dispenser has a variety of uses. We have a lash client who partnered with us for about 10 years, and she still uses our lash tape dispenser. It is recycled, reusable and super durable.

Keep The Lash Tape Clean

Our lash tape dispenser cuts well. It does not cause the lash tape to be clumsy. It gives lash artists a clean cutting where you will not be frustrated. 

Besides, it keeps lash tapes in place over the work area. A lid attached is also a big help to prevent pollutants and debris.

Premium Marble

We choose marble to make up the lash tape dispenser holder. Marble acrylic is anti-aging, odourless and hard to be cracked. More importantly, it leaves a safe and sturdy home for any lash tapes to live into. 

Differing from other low-quality plastic, marble material can withstand impact and weather resistance and is water-proof. In some cases, it is even resistant to scratches and dirt marks. 

High Precision

There is standard tension when you pull the tape, so you get exactly the amount of tape you need. That is the selling point of LBLS lash tape dispensers that you can not find in another place.

Cut Down Lash Artist Time In Lash Application

You no longer have to rummage around the house. You may arrange the lash tapes neatly on your supplies desk using this tape organizer to keep everything together and in one location.

When lash technicians have to stop the lash application process by spending more time tearing a lash tape because the tape dispenser does not work, it is super frustrating. Hence, a sweet and clean tearing will save you time and money when you can complete grafting lash extensions quickly, move to another lash set, or have more time to rest.

The blade is sharp and jagged, making it simple to take out, works at any angle and is a time and money-saving tool. 

One-Hand Mechanism

This characteristic increases productivity and efficiency. Picture it. Your left hand holds the lash tweezers. You can still tear the lash tape with the other hand by using the LBLS lash tape dispenser. Isn't it convenient?

Sometimes, in the lash application process, if you want to separate a difficult baby lash, you need to spread the area around the lash to be as stretched as possible. So, you just have one hand left to fix the tape. That is the time the lash tape dispenser comes in handy. It allows you to improve your lash isolation and firmly secure the under-eye area.

Specialized To Suit Many Types Of Eyelash Extension Tape

First, the LBLS lash tape dispenser can fit any tape you buy from LBLS. We have 3M tape, sensitive medical tape, and PE lashes extension tape.  

In addition, it can work on any non-woven lash extension tape, paper tape, or Scotch tape. The dispenser's teeth handle every tape you insert. 

If you are in doubt about whether your lash tape can be the best choice for the LBLS lash tape dispenser, don't hesitate to message us.

Inside our lash tape dispenser are six different holders. So, you have nothing to worry about that other tape will slip or fall into one another.

Reload Lash Tape Easier

LBLS gives you 6 slots for lash tape. It will be a long time until a new lash tape needs to be replaced. However, when it is time, you can feel free to take the old tape off and put in the new one when you need to. 

Removing the detachable/removable retainer can replace the tape and fix it in place. It won't stick together when they have separated.

130x85x82mm size won't bother any hand size! If you have ever experienced the feeling that the lash tape dispenser is too small for your hand size, the LBLS lash tape dispenser is a lifesaver. This product does not require the ingenuity and meticulousness of the user. We only ask that you feel comfortable and relaxed when using our products.

Best Fit For Lash Cart

You have the lash tape dispenser that has 4 flat sides in your hand. It means it is compatible with any position in the lash cart. You can put it next to other acrylic lash organisers easily. 

Wide Range Of Applications

The lash tape dispenser can be employed in beauty salons, cosmetics classes, professional settings, and personal use. Therefore, when you are in need of a gift for people who work in beauty service, a lash tape dispenser is an ideal suggestion.

Enhances Lash Salon's Image

When you use a specially designed tool, you pay attention to your service's small details. As a result, you set yourself apart from other ash salons.

The lash tape dispenser can not only make cutting lash tape easier, but it also ensures the hygiene of the tapes when you use them directly on the eyes. High-end goods always pay attention to such simple but delicate details. 

Similarly, high-end customers will also pay attention to every detail and tool in your eyelash salon. Therefore, differentiating yourself will allow you to attract more VIP clients.

As long as you are thorough in every service, you also have considerate clients.

How To Use LBLS Lash Tape Dispenser

To obtain the lash tape you need, pull the length out of the teeth blade and downward.

We highly recommend that you not put your hand or knuckle near the dispenser teeth. If you have your tweezer in your hand, you can utilise it to tear the lash tape.

How To Store LBLS Lash Tape Dispenser

In order to keep lash tape organised, you must maintain the lash tape dispenser in good shape. Do not put it near the electric, heat or humidity source. Besides, keep it away from direct sunlight and children's reach.

Last but not least, make sure your storage ambient is ventilated, cool and dry.

How To Clean LBLS Lash Tape Dispenser

Soft cotton towels and neutral cleansers combined with water can be used to clean the LBLS lash tape dispenser.


Go the extra mile with the LBLS premium lash tape dispenser and release your tiredness from normal tape dispensers. It enhances the lash artist's salon appearance and brings convenience in every move to separate and secure the eyes for better lash extension application.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here so we can respond as quickly as possible. We'd love to have you on board as more than thousands of lash technicians we have had the chance to serve over the last 10 years. 

We wish your lash career prosperous!


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