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Gold Eye Patches | 50 pcs

Gold Eye Patches | 50 pcs

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Product Description
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Gold eye patch is voted the lash expert favourite in isolating lash extensions. Here are the superior features and tips for choosing the best one. 



  • Specifications: Eyelash Extension Application, Facials, Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Tinting or just use it to reduce dark circle, eye puffiness
  • Size: 10cm*6cm/3.94"*2.36"
  • Package includes: 50 x Under Eye Pads
  • Odourless
  • Freshness
  • No latex
  • No gel 
  • No lint
  • No hypoallergenic

Under-eye patches are an essential product in the eyelash extension application process. Without it, lash artists can not perform the lash treatment as it is more likely they will hurt the client's eyes by constantly using pointed tweezers. 

Among the numerous under-eye gel pads on the market, the gold eye patch is one of the most loved eyelash extensions under patch for eyelash extension. 

Here in the article, LBLS wants to share the most superior features of the gold eye patch. Concurrently, reading to the end, you can get some valuable tips to apply the under eye patch like a lash expert.

Without further ado, let's begin!

Eye Pads For Lash Extensions

Gold Eye Patch

What Is Under Eye Gel Patch, Pad For Eyelash Extension?

Eye gel patch, a pad for eyelash extension, is a basic lash extension product used to keep top eyelashes apart from lower eyelashes. Without these eye pads, the lash extensions above and the natural lashes at the bottom might mix or mingle.

They aid the lash extension procedure that is positioned on the lower eye area to keep them separated from the top eyelashes. It sits around the lower portion of the eye and protects them.

Under Eye Pads vs Eyelash Extension Tape

Various lash technicians utilise medical-grade lash tape to separate the lower and upper eyelids. Although this type of lash tape can be useful for isolating the bottom lashes, it may not be particularly pleasant for your customers as under-eye pads are tailor-made for eyelash extensions separation.

Until now, the best method to hold the lower eye area still is using under-eye pads (like gold eye patch) and eyelash extension tape. They both have amazing features that, when they are together, you have the best separation for upper and lower eyelashes without compromising the lash client's comfort. 

Tips To Choose Under Gold Eye Patch (Pad) For Eyelash Extension

LBLS Gold Eye Patch

Basic Requirement

Basically, a quality Gold eye patch should be thin, lint-free, and super gentle on the lash client's skin. 

Stickiness is also essential for these types of eye pads for eyelash extensions. The comfort of the customer and the eyelash artist's convenience must be prioritised. Besides, eye patch shape and material are the things you should take into account.

Under Eye Patch Shape

Every customer has a different eye type, shape, and eye size. Therefore, you need to have at least 2 types of under-eye patches.

The first eye pad every eyelash extension artist must have in their lash cart is the most popular eyelash extension eye patch, which is suitable for nearly every eye type. 

They have a contoured shape according to the lower eye area. Choose the popular medium size because you can crop it to adjust for smaller eyes. Large eyes are rare so you can limit the number with this eye type.

To get the best choice, you can rely on the history of your customers to have the most suitable choice regarding the Gold eye patch size. 

However, if you don't have a customer history, you are a new eyelash extension artist in town, or just moved to a new area, asking for popular sizes in local eyelash extension forums will give you a glimpse of the populations or prospects in the identified region. Based on that information, you can make the right decision.

The second eye gel patch you must have is an upgraded eye patch product compared to the popular version. They are under-eye pads that can be adjusted to the customer's eye shape. A typical example here is the flower eye patch

As you can see, the flower pedals will help you adjust the eyepatch position more easily than the common eye pads fixed to one shape. This is also the most innovative product on the market today.

Eyelash Extension Eyepatch Material

On the market today, the ingredients of under-eye pads for eyelash extension are extremely diverse.

Generally, basic, standard under-eye patches contain safe ingredients for the eyes, moisturizing the skin under the eyes.

More premium products will use all-natural ingredients. Not only are they moisturizing, but they can also provide more premium ingredients that can wake up and rejuvenate the skin under the eyes. It will hydrate and make the area shinier and healthier. Depending on your personal needs and target audience, choose the most suitable for you. 

However, with many years of experience working with veteran eyelash extension artists in the lash industry, we recommend that you should not choose eye gel patches that are too cheap because they do not work as advertised. 

They don't even have the basic stickiness to stick to the lower eyelid area, leading to a shift in the process of eyelash extensions. The risks of using products of unknown origin are also enormous.

Besides, in a recent update, the boom in lash pads for sensitive eyes is also a big hit in the market. Afterwards, we'll go into more detail about allergic responses and why under-eye pads as Gold eye patch for eyelash extensions are the best option.

Prepare Your Budget

Gold eye patch or any under-eye pad is an item eyelash artists use regularly and continuously in their daily work. Therefore, you definitely need to reserve a fixed budget for this product.

The Gold eye patch price ranges from $5 to $15. It is even more, depending on the brand and the site you choose to buy. The price you pay is mostly determined by the number of gold eye pads you purchase, the total quantity in a pack, and the gold eye pad quality.

Here, at LBLS, you can have 50 pieces of gold eye pads just for $15. The more you buy, the less money you have to pay. 

We always offer the saving combo at the most economical price because we are the manufacturers and suppliers of Gold eye patches and dozens of lash accessories.

Stock Up On Gold Eye Patch

A sufficient supply of Gold eye patches should always be on hand! Make sure you are always prepared to have enough stock for your lash salon operation to go smoothly. Don't forget to be a partner with a lash supplier to have good deals and available stock on hand. 

You may add a choice of eye pads from LBLS to your order in addition to the Gold eye patch. Then you're always prepared! With the help of these eye pads, you can apply the product quickly and comfortably for your lash client. They should be included in every lash artist's bag.

LBLS Gold Eye Patch Features

LBLS Gold Eye Patch Features

Stick Firmly In Place

For each under-eye patch for eyelash extension, stickiness is very important. 

Because if you have a Gold eye patch that doesn't stick, you can't keep the lower lash area fixed. From there, you can't apply eyelash extensions according to the original lash map, or there is a high risk that the eyelash extension tool will be stabbed into the eye area or the lower eyelid will stick to the upper eyelid while using the eyelash extension glue.

Understanding lash techs need, the LBLS Gold eye patch has been specially designed to ensure basic adhesion. Eyelash extensions artists will not need to worry about the fixation and securing of the lower eyelid area. Unless you give it permission to move, this Gold eye patch can not move.

At the same time, the stickiness of the Gold eye patch is also moderate and does not cause a heavy feeling on the client's eyes like other eye patches. They don't even cause discomfort when taken off.

Easy To Open & Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Peel

LBLS Gold eye patch does not require special skills to open. You just need to take up the patch and take the patch out of the plastic lining. 

It is designed for lash extensions who do the meticulous job, so it won't take more time for you to peel it and place it on the lower lash line.

Not To Thick

Gold eye patches differ from silicone eye pads and thick under-eye patches. They are not too thick. 

With many years of experience working in the eyelash extension industry, LBLS selects all the eye patch products, not only the Gold eye patch that we distribute with a moderate thickness that ensures safety and comfort for the lower eye area.

We understand that thicknesses work better, but at the same time, they put pressure on this sensitive area.

If you've ever studied skin, you may already know that this skin area does not have much fat, and its elasticity is also worse than other skin areas. They are especially sensitive. Therefore, if you put an eye patch that is too heavy, you will cause discomfort to your customers after 1-2 hours of lying. 

Non-Woven Fabric - Best For Lash Map

The surface of our Gold eye patch is non-woven (lint-free). They are pretty smooth. For easier application, you may want to use a marker to draw on them. That is why when choosing the best eye patch for eyelash extension, LBLS customers are fond of Gold eye patches

As they can draw the lash map easily, it is the best eye patch for hybrid, wispy or even volume lash extensions.

Keep Moisture + Nourishing + Protection

LBLS Gold eye patch provides both a nutritious and loving purpose. It does the job as a protector and nourishes the under-eye area. 

The natural ingredients supply moisture and penetrate all the nourishment components into the skin layers to make it healthy.

They are composed of aloe vera and vitamin C, which can immediately hydrate the under-eye area. Concurrently, it nourishes the area to be fresh. 

As we all know, Vitamin C also has anti-aging effects and lightens under-eye circles. Aloe extract contains nourishing, refreshing, moisturizing, and therapeutic properties.

After waking up after 2 hours of eyelash extensions, your client will feel refreshed. Their eyes have a more radiant look. 

When there is enough water, the skin under the eyes becomes shined and brighter. If used regularly and long-term, the Gold eye patch can also improve wrinkles under the eyes. At the same time, it reduces darkening and brightens this skin area.

Give Your Client Nothing But The Utter Comfortness

The soft scent of the LBLS Gold eye patch will improve your clients' experience while they are in your lash salon. Our under-eye pads will make your client's convenience and comfort a priority.

Besides, it is a disposal product. Hence, it is the most sanitary choice for lash salons.


We have not reported any allergic reactions to the Gold eye patch. In fact, its ingredients are extremely gentle and safe.

This is the best-rated eye patch in the eye gel patches on the market because they meet the requirements of an under-eye patch for separating upper and lower lashes. They even protect and nourish this skin area.

All Skin Type

LBLS Gold eye patch is suitable for all skin types. However, when working in the beauty industry, we always encourage eyelash extension artists to use patch tests before using any new products. That's how we protect our customers and protect ourselves.

Although the product is gentle and safe, there are individuals whose bodies are extremely sensitive, even though the product does not cause an allergic reaction for the majority. Therefore, always keep in mind the patch test comes first.

Smart White

The outstanding whiteness of the Gold eye patch is a plus point for this product. It doesn't dazzle or irritate eyelash extensions artists.

Plus, it creates the necessary contrast so that eyelash extensions artists can more conveniently separate and graft lashes.

Travel Friendly

The size of each piece of Gold eye patch is 3.0 inches long and 1.1 inches wide. You can put them in any lash bag you have when travelling or need to carry them on the go.

Because of the space-saving size, you can put them in the lidded compartment of the acrylic lash trolley organizer with other supplies and products ready before each eyelash extension appointment.

When designing the acrylic lash trolley organizer, LBLS reserved a compartment with a lid for Gold eye patches and other types of under-eye pads. 

These products are all sold in pairs and come in bags containing 50 to 100 pieces each bag. Therefore, eyelash extension artists will need a place to store these travel-size Gold eye patches to ensure they are safe, hygienic, water-proof, dust and bacteria-free.

Besides, the size of the whole bag is also quite compact. If you need to travel to attend training or attend big programs for eyelash extensions artists, or the beauty industry, like beauty-con, you can still bring a bag of products with you, from 50 to 500 pieces, by your side.

The size of each Gold eye patch bag is only as big as the face mask you use every day.

Attractive Deal

LBLS offers you very attractive deals with Gold eye patches. When you buy from 2 packs, you will also get a great price compared to just buying 1 pack.

We have a program to sell by combo or awesome deals because the demand for eyelash extensions artists to cooperate with us increased after the Gold eye patch was released. They want to buy more packs, and LBLS wants to support our customers at a more economical price.

Don't forget to follow our social media sites, like Facebook and Instagram. We regularly share tips in the eyelash extension industry to make your job easier. Of course, there are also attractive deals.

Potential To Resell 

As you can see, the LBLS Gold eye patch is not just a protective under-eye pad or a lash map drawing platform. This is also an eye patch that has the feature of refreshing, nourishing and anti-aging for the skin under the eyes.

Therefore, eyelash extension artists can include this product in their lash-after kit or list of the potential products to resell to your customers! 

If you can give your customers a good experience and feel satisfied using the product, the chances of success when selling that product will become higher.

Versatile In Use

LBLS Gold eye patch is useful in a variety of situations: 

  • Salon use: on lash clients
  • Personal use: when you have a long day and want to refresh your eyes
  • Cosmetic Studio: For make-up assistant

LBLS Gold Eye Patch Usage Note

  1. Keep the Gold eye patch out of children's reach.
  2. Exclusively for external usage.
  3. Avoid coming into touch with the eyes. If you do, immediately rinse them with cool water.
  4. In the event of eye or skin irritation or appearing redness, stop using.


How To Use LBLS Gold Eye Patch Like A Lash Expert?

LBLS Gold Eye Patch

The nightmare when applying lash extensions is accidentally glueing the extensions to the lower natural lashes. Isolation is, therefore, extremely necessary. That is why lash artists will put Gold eye patches on top of lower natural lashes.

The Gold eye patch protects the eye's area from glue fumes. It is like a shield protecting your bottom eye from the lash tools during the lash extension process.

Before you go directly to the gold eye patch application process, you need to clean the area you are about to place the eye patch. A clean state will facilitate the sticky ability. These Gold eye patches or gel eye pads simply won't stay on makeup-covered or oily skin!

Put your eyepatch in two simple steps after cleaning the region and letting the client's skin dry:

Step 1

You can begin in the lash's inner corners to guarantee that the Gold eye patch isn't too near/far to the nose and eye.

Step 2

Place the Gold eye patch 1 mm below the eye water line, following the natural lash line. Too high an eyepatch may cause eye irritation, which will be extremely painful for the customer and leave a large red mark that appears clearly on their eyeball! 

The irritation will make your task tougher, the redness may damage your images of the lashes, and the customer will be unhappy for days following the procedure!

Step 3

Keep in mind that placing the Gold eye patch too low may allow the lower lashes to protrude from beneath the eyepatch, making it quite simple to attach the extensions to the lower lashes.

Where Can Lash Artists Purchase Under Eye Patches For Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions under eye-patch and gold eye patches are sold in many various sorts at beauty supply retailers and on other ecommerce websites. However, there is no assurance as to the calibre of the eye patches you purchase from these providers.

You are absolutely sure you want the highest calibre available of eye pads as you are working in a sensitive area of the body. 

Without thorough consideration, you may end up being sued for unoriginal products. LBLS offers superior eye pads which are designed for lash extensions! You may be confident that our Gold eye patch will keep your client's lashes safe and secure.

What If Customers Have Eye Pad Allergies For Lash Extensions?

Use of lash pads that can cause an allergic response in your customers is certainly to be avoided. 

Of course, it's impossible to predict in advance if a particular pair of lash extension eye pads will result in an allergic response, let alone whether the lash extension eye pads themselves are the main culprit in an allergic response when you perform eyelash extension application.

Occasionally, a person's natural response to fumes or lash glue might cause discomfort. Seasonal allergies must also be considered at other times.

So, what can eyelash artists do? Besides the Gold eye patch, you should always have a hydrogel eye gel patch in your lash bag because it is an eye patch for sensitive eyes. 

However, we always recommend lash artists perform a patch test beforehand if you still wish to be cautious about an allergic response to eye gel pads and other products.


Gold eye patch possesses outstanding features compared to the rest of the brothers in the field of under-eye patches for eyelash extension. 

With striking contrast but not dazzling the eyes, this is an extremely effective product for eyelash extensions artists to draw lash maps and perform volume, mega, wispy or hybrid eyelash extensions.

When eyelash extensions last up to 1-2 hours, the sharp contrast of this under-eye patch will help the eyelash artist to do the job more smoothly. The gentle, safe ingredients in the Gold eye patch also help the skin under the eyes to relax and refresh.

LBLS hopes that these small sharings will help eyelash extension artists have more new choices for under-eye pads/patches. 

Don't forget you are always welcome here at LBLS whenever you need us. We look forward to being your partner in the promising eyelash extension career as we are fortunate to have the opportunity to be accompanied by tens of thousands of eyelash extensions artists across Australia, the USA, the UK and other lash techs in the last part of the world.

Thank you!

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