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Eyelash Extension Kit

Eyelash Extension Kit For Beginners

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Product Description
Shipping Details

If you'd like to select a different curl and thickness of lash then please either add a note to your order (via the shopping cart page) letting us know the exact curl and thickness of each lash box or simply send us a message after purchase and we'll make sure they're included for you. (Phone number: 0401154196)

Package includes:

1 x Mannequin Training Head (extra 6pcs Reusable Eyelids)

2 x Promade Lashes | Mix 6in1 (3D Lashes & 6D Lashes)

3 x Classic Lashes (0.03, 0.05 and 0.15)

2 x Lash Tweezers (Straight Tweezer & 65 Degrees Tweezer)

1 x Tweezer Cleanser

1 x Rose Adhesive 1-2s | 5ml

1 x Eyelash Primer | 15ml

1 x Lash Shampoo with brush

1 x Lath Cream Remover

1 x Lash Remover Pads 50PCS

1 x Adhesive Bottle Opener

1 x Silver Eye Gel Pad 50 PCS

1 x Hygrometer Thermometer

3 x Lash Tapes (3M, Japanese Pure Sensitive Tapes)

1 x Glue Ring 100 PCS

1 x Silicone Lash Pad

1 x Electric Lash Fan

1 x Adhesive Wipes 200 Pads

1 x Eyelash Rinse Bottle

1 x Aluminium Foil Glue Sticker|300 pcs

5 x Mascara Wand Tubes

1 x Lip Gloss Wand 50 PCS

1 x Eyelash Brush 50 PCS

1 x Lash Disposable Micro Brush

1 x Lash Hand Held Mirror


Unlock the hidden secrets to success in the lash extension industry right here. Even seasoned lash artists once started as novices, and they all had one thing in common – a specific eyelash extension kit that paved their way to success in the world of lash artistry. 

Discover how the right tools can make all the difference and guide you to stability in this competitive field. There is no need to waste your time; let me lead you straight to the LBLS Eyelash Extension Kit.

How Can The LBLS Eyelash Extension Kit Smooth The Lash Extension Process?

Essential Tools In Your Lash Extension Kit

Here are essential tools that are going to kickstart your journey to becoming a lash artist extraordinaire.

Mannequin Training Head with Reusable Eyelids

Think of this as your practice buddy. It's like a mannequin head, but with a twist – it has reusable eyelids. This nifty head lets you practice your lash application skills without needing a live model. Perfect for those shaky beginner hands!

Promade Lashes | Mix 6in1 (3D and 6D Lashes)

These are your secret weapons for creating those lush, voluminous lashes. You might be wondering why the numbers matter. 

  • 3D Lashes: Think of these as your stepping stone. They're designed with three ultra-fine lash extensions joined together at the base. This creates a natural, fluttery look. Perfect for everyday glam or for clients who want a subtle boost.
  • 6D Lashes: Now, when you're ready to take it up a notch, these are your go-to. Six incredibly delicate lash extensions grouped at the base. This delivers that va-va-voom volume and a dramatic effect that's hard to ignore. The lash diameter is perfect for special occasions or clients who want that red carpet wow factor.

Mastering the art of 3D and 6D lashes isn't just about creating amazing volume. It's about honing your lash-handling skills. When you become a pro with these, you'll find that tackling other volume eyelash extension styles becomes a breeze. 4D, 7D, or even 20D, they are just similar techniques. You'll have the confidence to experiment, mix, match, and create custom lash looks that your clients will adore.

Even better, these 3D and 6D lashes have been the most sought-after lash styles over the years. It is never old-fashioned. 

The 3D and 6D lashes with size mixed are beginner lash artist training wheels. They'll help you gain the expertise and finesse needed to conquer the world of eyelash extensions. However, the magic does not stop at volume lashes.

In the next section, we'll delve into classic lashes and why they're the backbone of your lash arsenal. Stay tuned for more lash wisdom!

Classic Lashes (0.01, 0.05, and 0.15)

Now, let's talk about the unsung heroes of the LBLS lash kit – the Classic Lashes. These lashes are like the bread and butter of lash artistry, and they play a vital role in honing your skills and building your business as a beginner lash artist.

We must emphasize that these classic lashes are the foundation of your lash game. Even though several lash artists are now masters of their business, they still find classic lashes difficult. However, when you are in control of grafting these lashes, your skills are unbeatable. 

The numbers might seem confusing if you haven't trained, but they're all about thickness. 

  • 0.01: This is the ultra-fine stuff, almost as thin as a whisper. Think of it as the artist's brush for intricate detailing. You'll use these when you want to add delicate accents or fill in gaps between natural lashes. They're like the finishing touch that takes your lash game to the next level.
  • 0.05: A little thicker, but still in the fine zone. These are your everyday go-tos. They add natural-looking volume without being too heavy. 0.06 is perfect for clients who want to enhance their lashes without going overboard.
  • 0.15: Now, if you're aiming for a bit more drama, these are your go-getters. They're slightly thicker and provide that noticeable oomph. 0.15 is ideal for clients who crave a bolder, more striking lash look.

But here's where the magic happens for beginner lash artists. Working with these different thicknesses isn't just about variety. It's about mastering the art of lash layering and creating customized looks for your clients.

When you start with 0.01 lashes, you'll learn precision and attention to detail. You'll get comfortable with the tools and techniques. As you progress to 0.05 and eventually 0.15, you'll gain confidence in handling different lash types and catering to various client preferences.

This foundation-building process is crucial in honing your skills as a lash artist. And as you become more skilled, your business will thrive. Clients love options, and by offering a range of lash thicknesses, you'll attract a diverse clientele.

Lash Tweezers (Straight and 65 Degrees)

Meet your precision tools. The straight tweezer is your all-purpose buddy, great for isolating lashes and picking up extensions. The 65 degrees tweezer? It's like your right-hand assistant, perfect for those tricky angles.

Here is more detail about why LBLS includes these top-rated tweezers in lash kits for novice lash artists:

Why Straight Tweezers?

Straight Tweezers are like your trusty sidekicks when you're just starting in the world of lash extensions. Here's why they're the bee's knees for beginners:

Easy to Handle: Straight tweezers have a simple, straightforward, beginner-friendly design. They're not too fiddly or complicated to use. As a result, they are perfect for those still getting the hang of lash extension applications.

Precise Control: Precision is key When picking up individual lash extensions and isolating natural lashes. Straight tweezers allow you to grab with accuracy, minimizing the risk of sticking lashes together or dropping them.

Versatility: They're versatile tools that can be used for various tasks, from isolating lashes to picking up extensions and even separating natural lashes during the application process.

Why 65 Degrees Tweezers?

Now, let's talk about the 65 Degrees Tweezers – your not-so-secret weapon for those tricky angles and advanced lash techniques. Here's why they're fantastic for beginners, too:

Ergonomic Design: The 65-degree angle on these tweezers is designed for comfort and precision. It allows you to work comfortably without straining your hand, which is crucial during long lash sessions.

Perfect for Volume Lashes: These tweezers are your stepping stone if you plan to explore volume lash techniques down the line (like creating fans with multiple lash extensions). Their angled tips make fan-making easier and more controlled.

Advanced Techniques: While they're excellent for beginners, they also serve as a tool to grow into. As your skills evolve, you'll appreciate the flexibility and precision they offer for advanced lash artistry.

So, in a nutshell, straight tweezers are your reliable starters, crucial not only for getting comfortable with the basics of lash application but also for long-term use. As you grow in confidence and skill, these straight tweezers will remain a staple in your toolkit. It serves a variety of lash-related tasks. Whether isolating natural lashes, precisely placing extensions, or tackling detailed touch-ups, their simplicity and versatility make them an enduring asset.

Besides, while 65 Degrees Tweezers are an excellent choice for beginners, they're far from a one-time-use tool. In fact, they're your catalyst into the world of advanced lash techniques. As you embark on your journey towards mastering intricate volume lashes and creating those exquisite lash fans, the 65 Degrees Tweezers will be right there with you. They offer comfort, precision, and control. 

So, it's not just an investment for practice; it's an investment in your lash artistry career.

These tweezers support you as you evolve into a seasoned lash artist capable of creating stunning, customized lash designs. These tweezers aren't just tools; they're your trusted companions on your path to becoming a successful lash artist.

Tweezer Cleanser

Let's discuss a little powerhouse in the LBLS eyelash kit- the Tweezer Cleanser. Now, you might wonder why a tweezer cleanser is even a thing. Well, your tweezers, dear lash artist, are your right-hand tools. They do the heavy lifting and are essential for crafting those beautiful lash extensions.

Your tweezers do a lot of heavy lifting, so keep 'em clean and sharp. This cleanser will help you remove any sticky gunk or adhesive buildup.

As a beginner, you'll soon realize that tweezers are like extensions of your own hands. They grip lash extensions, shape fans, and finesse details with precision. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and that's where the Tweezer Cleanser steps in to lend a hand.

Picture this: you're practising diligently, applying extensions, and honing your skills. Over time, a sticky residue from lash adhesive can build up on your tweezers. Consequently, it makes them less efficient and precise. This is where the Tweezer Cleanser comes into play. It's like a spa day for your tweezers. It dissolves that stubborn adhesive gunk and leaves your tweezers squeaky clean. This means smoother, more precise application and fewer frustrations during your practice sessions.

Now, fast forward to when you're a seasoned lash artist and you're using your tweezers day in and day out. Tweezers are not just tools; they're investments, and good tweezers can be quite pricey. The Tweezer Cleanser can extend the life of your precious tweezers.

Regularly cleaning your tweezers with this cleanser ensures they stay in tip-top shape. It maintains its grip and precision even after months of heavy use. It's like a safeguard for your investment. You can get the most out of your tweezers long into your lash artist journey.

Rose Adhesive (1-2 seconds)

LBLS Rose Adhesive is one of the most sought-after products in LBLS lash extension kit australia and the rest of the world. It is a best-seller eyelash extension glue as well.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this adhesive is your secret weapon for creating those stunning lash extensions.

What sets this adhesive apart? It dries lightning-fast in just 1-2 seconds. Yes, you read that right. This rapid drying time is a game-changer, especially for beginners. It means that once you place an extension, it instantly stays put. From that, it reduces the chances of lashes shifting or sticking together.

So, how does Rose Adhesive help beginner lash artists specifically? Well, it all comes down to confidence and control.

Less Waiting, More Doing

The quick drying time means you can work efficiently, applying extensions with ease and precision. This is especially handy during practice sessions, where you can focus on mastering techniques without the frustration of extensions sliding out of place.

A Steady Hand

As a beginner, shaky hands can be a challenge. Rose Adhesive's fast drying time minimizes the chances of accidentally bumping or shifting lashes during application. Thus, it allows you to maintain a steady hand and create even, beautiful sets of extensions.

Health and Comfort

Here's another reason to love Rose Adhesive: it's formulated with low fumes. This means it's not only good for your clients but also you as a lash artist, even during practice. Low-fume adhesives reduce the risk of irritation and ensure a comfortable working environment.

Note: Choosing the right lash extension glue is a decision influenced by numerous factors. In our lash kit australia, we've carefully selected Rose Adhesive, which has garnered substantial positive feedback. To gain deeper insights into which lash glue best suits your needs, we invite you to explore our comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal lash adhesive here.

Preparing Your Workspace

Getting your workspace ready is super important. Think of it like getting your desk set up for homework. Here's why it matters and how to use some handy tools from the LBLS eyelash extension kit for beginners.

First things first, imagine trying to find your favourite toy in a messy room. Chaos, right? A clean and organized workspace is like a clear canvas for your lash art. It helps you focus, reduces distractions, and makes your work better. So, what in the kit can help you?

Lash Tapes

These are like magic rulers for your lashes. You use them to measure and map out where each extension goes. It's like having a blueprint for a perfect set of lashes. Just stick them on, and you're good to go. Plus, you can also use lash tapes to secure the eyepatch gently. It supports keeping the lash extension tape in place comfortably during the process. It's like having an extra pair of hands!

Glue Rings

These are like tiny paint palettes for your adhesive. You pour a bit of glue in them so it's easy to access while you work. 

Besides, glue rings, those tiny yet invaluable tools, play a pivotal role in extending the freshness and effectiveness of lash extension glue. They act as miniature reservoirs for adhesive. They keep lash extension glue in a controlled environment. This preservation prevents the glue from being exposed to air and drying out prematurely. As a result, your lash extension glue stays in peak condition. It ensures a secure bond between the natural lash and the extension. In simpler terms, glue rings ensure your adhesive is always ready for action. As such, it creates long-lasting and beautiful lash extensions.

Adhesive Wipes

Remember when you used to wipe your hands after eating a messy ice cream cone? Adhesive wipes are like that, but for lash glue. They quickly clean up any sticky messes, so your workspace stays neat, and your tools stay in top shape.

In fact, adhesive wipes are multitaskers in the world of lash artistry. They are primarily used to clean excess glue from tweezers and other tools. It keeps them in top shape. They're also handy for tidying up accidental adhesive spills during the lash extension process. 

They are effective for tool maintenance. It's generally recommended to use them to clean the nozzle of the glue bottle. Keeping the nozzle clean helps prevent adhesive buildup, which can clog the nozzle over time and affect the adhesive's dispensing ability. Cleaning it with a clean adhesive wipe can help maintain the integrity of the adhesive and ensure it flows smoothly during application.

The Lash Application Process 

We'll walk you through some key techniques to help you create stunning lash extensions. Also, some products from our eyelash training kit will appear here to prove their essence. It is a demonstration of how you can apply them. Now, let's dive into the art of lash application. 


It's the art of separating one natural lash from the others. This ensures that each lash extension is placed precisely where it should be. Use your trusty straight tweezers to isolate like a pro.

Extension Attachment

This is where your adhesive comes into play. Using your glue ring, carefully dip the lash extension in the adhesive. Please make sure to pick up just the right amount. Gently attach the extension to the isolated natural lash, ensuring it's close to the lash line without touching the skin.

Tweezer Techniques

Your tweezers are your extensions of precision. Use straight tweezers for classic lashes and 65 Degrees Tweezers for advanced techniques like creating volume fans. Mastering the art of tweezer control is key to perfect placement.

Mapping and Styling

Lash mapping is like creating a roadmap for your lash design. It helps you achieve the desired look, whether it's a natural, cat-eye, or dramatic style. Use lash tapes to guide your placement and maintain symmetry.

Bonding and Drying

Once an extension is attached, ensure it bonds securely by gently pressing it with your tweezers. Fast-drying adhesive, like the Rose Adhesive, is your ally here, as it minimizes wait time. It's crucial to allow extensions to dry completely to ensure a long-lasting bond.


As you work, use adhesive wipes to clean any sticky residue from your tools, tweezers, or workspace. This ensures precision and helps maintain the quality of your lash extensions.

Effective Of Products in Eyelash Extension Training Kit In Troubleshooting and Maintenance Workload

Addressing Common Issues

  • Sticky Extensions: If your lash extensions seem to stick together during the application, it might be due to excess adhesive. Ensure you're using the right amount of glue, and gently use your straight tweezers to separate any stuck lashes.
  • Lash Allergies: Some clients may develop sensitivities or allergies to lash extension products. Always conduct a patch test before a full application to check for adverse reactions.
  • Uneven Lashes: Achieving symmetry can be challenging. Lash mapping and precise isolation are your best friends here. Take your time to ensure each lash is correctly placed.
  • Extension Adhesion Issues: If extensions are not adhering well, it could be due to inadequate isolation or insufficient adhesive. Ensure proper isolation and use the right amount of adhesive for a secure bond.

Maintenance Tips

  • Cleanliness: Clean your tweezers and tools with adhesive wipes to remove any residue after each use. This ensures precision and prolongs their lifespan.
  • Glue Nozzle: Keep the nozzle of your glue bottle clean using a clean adhesive wipe to prevent adhesive buildup, which can clog the nozzle.
  • Tweezer Care: Avoid dropping your tweezers, which can damage the tips. Store them in a tweezer case to protect them from dust and damage.
  • Adhesive Storage: Store your adhesive in a cool, dry place, and keep it tightly sealed to prevent contamination and maintain freshness.
  • Hygiene: For each client, maintain proper hygiene by using disposable tools like mascara wands, lip gloss wands, and lash disposable micro brushes. This prevents cross-contamination.

Professional Touches

Now, let's explore some fantastic tools from the LBLS lash training kit that make your journey as a lash artist more enjoyable and add a professional touch to your services. They are perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike:

Electric Lash Fan

Picture this: your client is comfortably reclined, and a gentle breeze from the electric lash fan wafts over them. This not only keeps them cool and relaxed but also speeds up the adhesive curing process. It's like a secret ingredient for flawless lash extensions and a must-have for your kit.

Hygrometer Thermometer

Don't let unpredictable weather ruin your lash game. The hygrometer thermometer helps you monitor the humidity & temperature in your lash workspace. When you know, the conditions are just right. You can confidently create stunning lash sets that last.

Silicone Lash Pad

The silicone lash pad provides a convenient surface to place lash strips. It supports lash artists to access and apply extensions. It streamlines your lash extension procedure, giving you more control and precision in creating stunning lash sets.

To make our lash extension training kit absolutely irresistible, we'll delve into a crucial aspect: hygiene. Not only does a clean workspace reassure your clients, but it also sets you on the path to lash artistry excellence.

Why Hygiene Matters: As a beginner, you'll quickly learn that hygiene is non-negotiable. A clean workspace ensures the safety and comfort of your clients. It also showcases your professionalism and dedication to your craft.

Lash Rinse Bottles

This versatile tool is not only for post-application clean up; it's a must-have for prepping your client's lashes. Before you begin the lash extension process, use the lash rinse bottle to cleanse the natural lashes thoroughly. It removes any oils, makeup residue, or impurities that could affect the adhesive's performance. This step ensures a clean canvas for your lash art, allowing extensions to adhere securely and last longer.

Disposable Micro Brushes

Think of these as your magic wands for precision. Disposable micro brushes help you apply cleansing agents with utmost accuracy. From that, it ensures you maintain a hygienic environment. They're handy for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots.

Hygiene isn't just a buzzword; it's a cornerstone of your lash journey. A clean and tidy workspace keeps your clients happy and promotes the longevity of lash extensions. So, with the right hygiene tools in the LBLS eyelash extension kit, you'll be irresistible to clients seeking a lash artist they can trust.

Why The LBLS Eyelash Extension Kit Benefits You From Training To Launching Your Lash Business

The LBLS Eyelash Extension Kit is the ultimate companion for every step of your lash journey, whether you're just starting your training or embarking on the exciting journey of launching your own lash business. 

Comprehensive Training Tool

For lash students, this kit serves as an invaluable training tool. It provides a wide range of lashes, adhesives, and tools to practice and perfect your lash extension techniques. The mix of classic and Promade lashes, along with versatile accessories, ensures you have everything you need to hone your skills.

Perfect for New Lash Businesses

If you're venturing into the world of lash entrepreneurship, this kit has your back. It not only equips you with top-quality products to serve your clients but also includes essential hygiene and professionalism tools like lash rinse bottles and silicone lash pads. It's a recipe for success from day one.

Ideal for Lash Beauty Schools

Lash beauty schools aiming to provide comprehensive training can rely on the LBLS Eyelash Extension Kit to offer students a well-rounded learning experience. It covers various lash styles and techniques. Hence, it prepares students for the real-world demands of the lash industry.


Don't let inexperience hold you back from achieving stunning lash transformations. Our eyelash extension kit for beginners is your ticket to mastering the art of lash extensions. Start your lash artist journey today, and watch your skills flourish with each lash you touch. Order your kit now and unlock the beauty of professionally extended eyelashes!

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