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How Long Do Classic Lashes Last - Explanation Included

How long do classic lashes last? That depends on several factors, and you can find your answer easily from seasoned lash artist sharing. Dive into now!


How long do classic lashes last is the question of novice lash artists and a lot of clients when they are about to get a classic set? Well, the answer varies when it is up to numerous factors. Luckily, at some, you can control it. In today's article, we will answer the question and how lash artists and clients can improve classic lash set retention. Believe us. It is not only the lash technician's role but the client's.

Scroll your sleeves and dig into the main part now!

How Long Do Classic Lashes Last?

How Long Do Classic Lashes Last

Up to 6 weeks. That happens when the classic set is properly placed. Clients will often need to return to the lash salon for a refill 2 weeks to 3 weeks following their initial session.

What Factors Affect Classic Lashes Retention

Now you know the answer of how long do classic lashes last, let’s find out what affects the lash retention. 

1. Eyelash Extension Quality

Korean PBT is the most prominent name in lash extension material. It represents the lash extension quality when it can endure many environmental effects on lashes.

PBT produces lash extensions that mimic the natural lashes at the best quality with an amazingly soft and glossy lustre that retains its curl. Furthermore, when putting PBT and other lash extension material (for example, real mink, human hair, etc.) on the scale, PBT has the lowest probability of causing an allergic response on human skin. As a result, choosing PBT to lash extension brings the best shape of lash extension and its long-lasting shelf life.

Otherwise, the bonding area will be reduced when you choose other lash extension material. Then, the lash retention will also follow the tendency. Hence, eyelash extension quality is crucial in affecting classic lash retention.

2. Eyelash Extension Glue

Glue is the bonding. 90% of the failed lash extension set is at the bonding join. It is loose or is not curing properly. That is the reason lash retention is directly affected. 

Some happen because of the quality of the glue or the wrong pick-up on the glue. 

3. Lash Extension Is Heavier Than Natural Lash Can Endure

When you choose the wrong lash extension diameter, the natural lash must carry a weight that is heavier than it can handle. The natural lash will drop out from time to time, and so will the extension.

4. Lash Artist Skill

If lash artists' lash speed is slower than glue drying time, it means the time when they put the extensions to natural lashes, and then the lash glue is already dried. So, extensions can not stick to the client's natural lash. As a result, soon, the lash extensions will fall off.

5. Client's Bad Habit

The lash factors directly affect the time how long do classic lashes last is the bad habit from clients. 

Lash artists always advise their clients to wash their lash properly with the required product. However, if the lash is not properly cleaned every day, the bonding will gradually lose and goodbye to the natural lash. 

How To Improve Classic Lashes Retention

To assist you, we've put together a list of some suggestions, so stick to the following best practices:

Ensure You Use Fresh Lash Glue

Fresh lash glue should always be used and refreshed at least three times an hour. In addition, you have to pay attention to the client's skin. If they have sensitive skin, the clear adhesive will always be advised to be used to ensure the client has the best lashing experience and also the safety for them.

Match The Glue Type With The Working Environment

Seasonal changes can affect humidity and temperature. A Hygrometer Thermometer may help ensure the humidity and temperature levels are kept within the ideal range for the lash adhesive to function properly.

Here are some suggestions on how to use the right glue in the right season:

You can use the LBLS SPEEDY Adhesive in a cold environment. A fast drying adhesive, LBLS SPEEDY Adhesive typically dries in 0.5 seconds. 

Besides, you can try the slower drying adhesive Lady Black Glue in hot and muggy conditions. 

To Promade lashes, you use Magic Glue which can support the lash set to 8 weeks of extension.

Still, in every region, the weather will be different. It will not be 100 percent sure that one glue will fit all types of weather. Take these experiences, and pick up the right one for you. You can use Super Bonder to speed up the curing. Besides, air-conditioned or air humidifiers are two devices that support your ideal working environment. 

Many aspiring lash artists are unaware of this information when they first start. However, once you try and discover, you will find the one, and your lash set will be flawless.

Do Lash Preparation Routine Properly

The lash artist preparation process will also be the crux of the problem. The more you carefully complete the process, the better retention you can get for the lash set. 

No one will deny that a clean will better bond with the lash extensions than a clumsy and dirty contact surface. Therefore, the before grafting process is a core to a successful lash application treatment. Your lash extension set may succeed or fail based on this. The lashes of your customers should always be cleaned. Using a suitable lash cleaner to wash the client's lashes and saline solution to rinse them is advised. 

You might want to look at a safe and clean lash shampoo before moving on to the next section. It includes the shampoo and the tool to easier perform your job.

Seriously Follow Aftercare Instruction

Both lash artists and clients will benefit from understanding and following the right process and products for taking care of eyelashes after clients return home. The clients will come back with a smile on their faces, fuller lashes and better retention. To do that, LBLS After Care Kit will be the name you should take on here. It has everything your clients need to make their lashes clean and healthy!

Follow What Should Do And What Should Not Do At Home

Inform your customers that oil-containing goods should be avoided since they interfere with bonding. Try to avoid using these items, and always read the labels of whatever products your clients use near your eyes and on their faces.

Keep in mind and act according to the suggestions, and your classic lashes won't require an infill for two to three weeks. These procedures will aid in having appropriate retention for conventional lashes.

Final Thought

So now you know how long do classic lashes last and how you can expand the lash set beauty for a longer time. 

The classic lash set is the original invention of the lash extension style. It opened a new trend and kept the heat until today when natural beauty is more and more paid attention to. That is why classic style is always at the top of the best-selling service in the lash extension menu. 

Don't just forever use rounded bases classic lash. You can try the flat base lash extension with a flatter surface which ensures the lash bonding and enhances lash extension better. We are sure it can give your client and lash artist a better experience! 

Check our shopping site for more special information and discount code if today is your lucky day! Thank you!

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