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Flat lashes
Flat Lashes For Eyelash Extension
Flat Lashes For Eyelash Extension

Flat Lashes For Eyelash Extension | Single Length | 0.15 | 16 Lines

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Curious about flat lashes? The article is meant for you. Dig in now to get the unmissable news from LBLS and change your lash life forever! 


The introduction of flat lashes changed the eyelash extension industry, as it can make it easier for eyelash extension artists to work, even if you are new, inexperienced eyelash extension artists. At the same time, it will also solve a challenging issue with natural, thin and sparse lashes that make it difficult for eyelash extensions artists to extend the length and bring a fuller look without weighing these weak lashes.

In this article, LBLS will summarize the features and benefits and guide you on using flat eyelashes in a standard way.

Without further ado, let's dig into it now!

Flat Lashes - New Solution For Lash Extension Industry

What Are Flat Lashes?

Flat lashes are the same as traditional lash extensions but have a flat base. They are aka ellipse lashes or cashmere flats. They have various advantages that set them apart from traditional lashes.

Because of their larger bonding surface, flat lashes have higher retention. More importantly, flat lashes' weight is much lighter than the rounded lash extension base. These lashes are meant to be worn in conjunction with other varieties to add texture and volume.

What Is The Difference Between Flat Lashes And Rounded Lashes?

Flat lashes, as the name implies, have elliptic and flat base shapes, whereas traditional lashes have a rounder base. A flat lash base provides a wider contact area, allowing the extensions to bind more efficiently with your client's natural lashes. Better bonding equals longer-lasting lashes.

Another distinction between conventional lashes and flat lashes is their weight. Flat lashes offer a lighter and thinner weight, providing the breadth of an extra 0.15mm without adding weight. A 0.15 will seem as thick as a 0.20 when applied with flat lashes. Thicker and darker lash appearances are possible, but they will not be painful or harm your client's natural lashes. Flat lashes are, therefore, perfect for individuals with weak natural lashes.

Flat Lashes Advantages

Flash Lashes Offer Lengthier Wear

Thanks to the smart base shape, the flat lash's contact surface with natural lashes is larger than conventional round lash bases. The result is a better adhesion of flat lashes to natural lashes and a stronger bond.

Flash Lashes Create Volume And Texture Without Adding Additional Weight

Once again, the flat base proves its great work. The overall weight of a flat lash is much reduced compared to a round base lash. From there, you will have voluminous, dense and curled lashes without putting pressure on the natural lashes.

Flash Lashes Enables Lash Artist To Creative And Produce Lashes With Denser, More Dramatic Effects

With the advantage of lighter weight, eyelash extensions artists have the freedom to create a bolder, denser, and fuller look for their clients' lash base. 

Even if their client's lashes are too weak to handle round base lashes making it difficult for lash artists to create dramatic effects, now, with flat lashes, eyelash extensions artists will no longer be limited. They have more freedom to be creative and more comfortable in creating eyelash extensions that are more suitable for their clients without sacrificing the number of lashes on their lashes for fear that the extensions are too heavy for their natural lash health. 

Flash Lashes Bring The Comfortable And Gentle On Thin And Short Lashes

For thin and sparse lashes, flat lash extensions are a perfect choice.

The thorny problem that eyelash extension artists face is for customers with short, thin, and sparse natural lashes who want to fill in the gaps and increase the thickness of their natural lashes. However, their natural lashes are too weak to bear the weight of the lash fans. Volume fans can't be the optimal option for them. Your client's eyes will feel too heavy. Even if using a round base eyelash extension, the lashes will feel thicker. Its weight will also make the natural eyelashes weaker.

At this time, flat lash extensions show their power. Your customers will immediately feel the difference as flat lashes still meet the need to fill in gaps, increase length, and not put pressure on natural lashes. Your clients get the volumizing lash of their dreams and the lighter and more comfortable feel of their extensions than ever before without sacrificing the health of their already weak lashes!

Flash Lashes Save Lash Artists Money

The next benefit all eyelash extension artists are convinced by flat lash is the money-saving advantage that flat lash extensions bring.

Using a flat lash extension base means you will need less lash extension glue when applying for eyelash extensions. Just imagine that you only need 1/2 the amount of glue compared to the round base eyelashes. The amount of glue you need for the whole set of eyelash extensions is equally reduced. As a result, one bottle of your eyelash extension glue will work for more lash clients. On the whole, you save more money investing in eyelash extension adhesive.

When the number of customers at your eyelash salon remains the same, your profit after tax will definitely increase. However, LBLS believes you can get even more clients thanks to flat lashes with higher retention than round base lashes.

Flat Lashes Target Customer

People Who Look For More Dramatic Effect

Anybody may wear flat lashes! These are the ideal choice for those who want a greater dramatic curl yet have naturally straight lashes. The flat lash's larger surface area enables placement on even the straightest lashes without breaking its bond.

People Who Have Spare, Thin Lashes

Customers who desire a much more dramatic appearance but have thin, weak natural eyelashes might choose LBLS flat lashes. Generally, we wouldn't advise using a thickness on these weak eyelashes thicker than a diameter of 0.15. Still, our flat lashes are light at the lash base and simple to apply even if you use them to your client's thinnest natural eyelashes. On the eyes, they appear weightless due to their thin bottoms. Your clients even can forget that they have a lash extension. 

Time-Save People

Customers who want a longer interval between fills will also benefit greatly from flat lashes. When used with our Magic Glue, the flat lashes helps provide clients with a considerably longer retention period because of the flat contact area that sticks to the client's natural lash.

Flat Lashes Vs Classic

What Distinguishes Flat Lashes From Classic Lashes?

While flat lashes offer a flatter and more oval form, classic lashes appear in a circular, round lash base. As a result, the final look of these two is totally different, even though they are of the same weight.

Because of the bigger lash base, classic lashes are not optimal for sparse lashes. However, flat lashes can cover the gap in natural lashes without compromising natural lash health.

Both lash types may be tailored to the client's preferences, thanks to the various thicknesses and lengths available. Still, LBLS premium flat lashes are a better choice in terms of lash weight and how easy it is to apply.

How Are Flat Lashes Used?

Flat lashes need to be applied using a special method using very little adhesive. Normally, lash artists will apply for a lash extension on the sides of natural lashes. However, when it comes to flat lash extensions, you should apply them to the natural lashes' bottom or top due to their distinctive base form.

These lashes are meant to provide volume to the other eyelash extension sets, and they can be worn alone as a whole classic style lash set. You can use them to compliment other eyelash extensions style for a natural but voluminous appearance.

Unlike other flat lashes on the market, LBLS flat lashes can be used in classic eyelash extensions. You can depend on your client's situation to advise on what eyelash extension style best suits them. If they have very thin and sparse natural lashes, don't be afraid to use flat lashes.

Flat Lashes Australia

Are you looking for flat lashes to use in Australia? If yes, then LBLS is the place for you!

We provide eyelash extension artists with the highest standard of eyelash extensions on the market, with Korean PBT as the material. You will have the perfect flat lashes. They have the same colour as natural lashes, absorb glue quickly, are easy to attach to natural lashes and are most reasonably priced.

LBLS is headquartered in Australia. We are also the cooperation partner of many eyelash extension artists worldwide, so we always strive to bring the highest quality and safest products to the eyelash extension artists and customers using your service!

Flat lashes are revolutionary in the eyelash extension industry when they can support weak, thin and thin eyelashes. Thanks to flat lashes, customers who want thick, dramatic, bold lashes no longer have problems when they are afraid that their natural lashes can not withstand the strength of eyelash extensions. 

Try flat extensions once. No, you must have these lashes in your lash cart to support all of your client's needs! Don't forget to buy bulk to enjoy a bigger discount on LBLS!


That's all about flat lashes. LBLS hopes you've got the information you need about the type of eyelash extensions that can handle all the problems of eyelash extensions artists. Do not forget to refer to the price and available curl length of premium flat lashes that LBLS owns. You will be satisfied with them because these are the Australian flat lashes that bring success to thousands of eyelash extension artists worldwide. We invite you to view it here. Thank you!

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