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UV Light Sterilizer Box for Eyelash Extension Tools

UV Light Sterilizer Box for Eyelash Extension Tools

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Product Description
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This handy little machine will keep all your tools clean from bacteria and fungus!


Material: ABS

Dimensions: 218*123*53mm

Inner cavity size: 180*100*22mm

Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm

UV lamp power: 2*1W

Input voltage: 5V

Power: 2W

Maximum capacity: 6.5-inch mobile phone

Rated power: 9w

Net weight: 340g

Colour: White

Disinfecting all eyelash extension tools and daily necessities is as simple as washing hands with the LBLS Pro UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools. It can assist remove 99.9% of unseen risks in a matter of minutes. 


UV-C Anti-Bacterial - 360 Degree Sterilisation

The ultraviolet wavelength in the LBLS UV disinfection box is 253.7mm. Scientists have used this kind of germicidal UV or UV-C for over a decade to purify surfaces, air, and water. Bacteria, mould, viruses, and even fungi are the pathogens that UV-C can effectively kill and deactivate.

This steriliser box with UV light uses ultraviolet light sterilisation, which is safe for human health and has a sterilisation rate that reaches up to 99.9%. It also kills bacteria on lash tools in 3 mins (the quickest time), protecting you and your lash supplies from germs.

It is safer than chemical products and alcohol wipes when you can clean your hands and not touch anything until it is 100% clean and safe to use. 

Aromatherapy Features

Not stopping at a sterilisation product, the LBLS UV light steriliser box for eyelash extension tools offers users to perfume their products with aromatherapy features. If you want your facemask with some pleasant essential oil, it is just one more move, and you can have it.

Quick Sterilisation Process

Depending on how many eyelash extension tools you put in our high-efficiency ultraviolet sterilisation box, it will take 3 to 10 mins to sanitise them. With the most effective and safe UV-C range, it is the quickest time to kill all pathogens.

Always Turn On

The most concerning problem when it comes to purchasing electronic products is that they do turn not. You don't need to worry about that when you buy LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools. They always work because we test them before we ship them to you!

Easy To Use And Charge

LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools can be used with any power socket because a USB port charges it! It has a percentage degree of disinfection progress. Therefore, you will know when the sterilisation process is done.

Besides, the auto cycle and one-button activation work modes will give you an upper hand over other sterilisation tools. 

Intelligent Voice Reminder Function

The voice-activated device will alert you when the sterilising process starts and stops. 

Large Capacity

LBLS high-efficiency ultraviolet sterilisation box sterilisation in batches. You can put your tweezers, lash mirror, lash cleanser brush, or even jewellery or anything that comes in contact with various surfaces and hands into it, and the sterilisation process will be completed in a few minutes. 

LBLS's Guarantee

With all products that LBLS produces and distributes in general, not only UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools, we always have a guarantee policy for customers to buy! When you buy from us, if the product has a manufacturer defect, you will always have the right to exchange it for a new product. Under any circumstances, when you have a video taken when receiving and unpacking, we protect your customer rights!

Multiple Application

Not only does it stop at killing all bacteria in the tools used in the eyelash extension process, such as Tweezers, cleansing brushes, lash mirrors, phones, and earphones, but the LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box also protects the devices. Your personal tools, like Watches, earphones, rings, keys, masks, makeup tools, baby supplies, etc., are from bacteria. This product is widely applied in the daily life of eyelash extension artists, especially when you work in the service industry and have to deal with many people from many different environments!

Travel Friendly 

LBLS UV light steriliser box for eyelash extension tools is just 7 inches long. It is bigger than the typical phone a bit; therefore, even if you are a mobile lash artist, it can still be good to bring along. Moreover, it only weighs 340 g and is simple to place in any space.

Perfect Gift

The LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools is the perfect gift for beauty professionals. Going through a challenging Covid season, we are sure that whoever receives this gift will feel extremely grateful because the giver is considerate!

Inside LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools

+ manual

+ the UV steriliser

+ USB cable

How To Use LBLS UV Light Sterilizer Box For Eyelash Extension Tools

Step 1: 

Please pick up the USB cable, and connect it to the steriliser box.

Step 2: 

Place your tweezers (or other product you like) in the inner compartment. 

If you want to perfume your products, you must drop your perfume into the aroma mouth before putting any products in. Then, you can close the lid.

Step 3:

Plug the USB cable into the power source. 

Step 4:

Hit the sterilisation button. The progress timer on the box indicates how much time is remaining. As you can see, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the complete sterilisation process are in the control section. Sterilisation can be accomplished even more quickly. After 10 minutes, the signal goes out automatically, signalling the end of the process.

Note: As a business and lash salon owner, you should double-check that you are authorised to use a UV Steriliser under your local authority's permission. There will be different policies in each state, so be sure that you check first before using anything regarding electric devices.

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