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Sky S+ Glue For Eyelash Extension

Sky S+ Glue For Eyelash Extension

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Product Description
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Do you really know how to use the famous Korean lash glue: Sky Glue, to get the best of it? Check out the short guidelines from veteran lash artists!



  • Drying Time: 1-2 Seconds
  • Retention: 6-7 weeks
  • Color: Black
  • Item Volume: 5 ml
  • Ideal Temperature: 64.4°F - 82.4°F (18°C - 28°C)
  • Ideal Relative Humidity: 50-70%
  • Latex Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • ISO 9001 – International standard
  • ISO 14001 - Environment friendly

There are many opinions about sky glue, a popular Korean eyelash extension company. 

There are points of view that sky glue is only suitable for eyelash extensions which are learning eyelash extensions. 

There are beliefs that when they use the correct sky glue lashes, they can still serve professional eyelash artists and complex eyelash extension sets and provide up to 7 weeks of lash retention. So, where is the truth?

The truth is sky glue has many types. The most popular on the market are Sky S+, S, TS, D+, and D. They are classified according to the length of time to keep eyelashes, other characteristics such as black or clear, suitable temperature and humidity. Compound and fumes level of eyelash extension glue. That's the secret behind the various opinions about this brand.

In today's article, we will share Sky Glue S+, the lowest fumes eyelash extension glue (from Sky Glue) and one of Sky Glue's safest eyelash extension glue. Aside from that, we will share tips to increase the retention of your eyelash extensions clients!

Let's move on to the details!

Sky Glue - The Best Korean Eyelash Extension Adhesive

Sky Lash Glue Features

Sky Glue - Drying Time: 3-4 Seconds

With a drying speed of 3 to 4 seconds, sky glue lashes are perfectly suitable for individuals who are learning eyelash extensions or have completed eyelash extensions training courses and lash extensions, beginner or new lash artists. 

With drying speed, you can feel more relaxed when applying eyelash extensions without having to sweat when using a higher drying-speed eyelash extension glue. 

As you gain experience, you may upgrade to Speedy Adhesive, which offers 1 to 2 drying speeds. This is the suggested option for veteran lash artists with a medium degree of experience.

Sky Glue - Low Fumes 

One of the most important factors that make sky glue D so appealing to eyelash extension artists is their safety.

Unlike Sky glue S+, other Sky glue family types in the same sky glue family have a faster drying speed, from 1-2 seconds. However, the fumes level is quite large, up to 70%. In contrast, Sky glue S+ only produces 50% fumes.

With a low-fume level eyelash extension glue, the safety of eyelash extension artists is also more assured. However, please also refer to our method to raise the protective barrier with glue fumes listed in detail below.

Until now, no lash glue can be fume-free because we are still using cyanoacrylates as the ingredients that make eyelash extensions. Therefore, applying protective methods and using high-grade eyelash extension adhesive are two popular and effective suggestions for eyelash extension artists.

Sky Lash Glue - Colour Black

Sky Blue D is a black eyelash extension glue. We often call sky glue eyelash s+ a name "a dark knight" because the black colour of the glue can easily blend into the black colour of the natural eyelashes, making the joints hidden best. Your customers will have shimmering, natural and lifelike eyelash extensions.

Sky Lash Glue- Ideal Relative Humidity: 50-70%

In fact, 50% to 70% humidity is a common humidity that works best for most eyelash extension adhesives. 

In addition to using Hygrometer Thermometer to accurately know the humidity and temperature in your eyelash extension room before choosing an eyelash extension glue, LBLS would also like to reveal that you can refer to the average humidity of the area and the country you are in through statistics from the government. 

For example, in Australia, which has a relatively high average humidity, which is almost always between 57% and 69%, Australia is a paradise for eyelash extension glues because they can work at optimum levels here.

Even so, based on working experience and feedback from eyelash artists who have worked with LBLS, we suggest you use Sky Glue D for summer, and Lady Black Glue for winter when humidity is low if you're not in an ideal region like Australia. Otherwise, don't hesitate to contact us, email, message, comment, or just jump back to our shopping site in the glue section to find your best buddy.

Sky Glue - Latex-Free

Dermatitis and asthma may be brought on by the proteins found in natural rubber latex. Anaphylaxis is a significant allergic response that is conceivable, despite its rarity. That is why lash artists should avoid lash glue, which includes latex in its ingredients.

Eyelash extension glue is a leading cause of allergies for your clients, so checking the ingredients of eyelash extensions will be how you know which substance you are dealing with. You will minimize the unfortunate experience for your customers and yourself.

Not only sky glue S+ but all LBLS eyelash extension glue products are latex free. We place this factor as a top priority when manufacturing and importing eyelash extension adhesives.

The region will get red and irritated if your clients have a latex allergy. Your clients can get weals, which are raised welts (appearance appears like hives). The immune cells are responding, as evidenced by skin rashes and blisters. 

If your clients report similar symptoms, review the eyelash extension glue you are using and immediately switch to latex-free eyelash extensions like Sky glue.

Sky Glue - Formaldehyde-Free

Though at low concentrations for brief durations, formaldehyde can irritate the throat, nose, and eyes. Choking or coughing may result from prolonged exposure or greater dosages. Worse yet, throat swelling or lung burns can cause death.

The IARC public paper says that formaldehyde exposure results in nasopharyngeal cancer too. These are common symptoms and warnings that you can easily find from authorities or global health organizations about the harmful effects of formaldehyde on the human body and eyelash extension artists. Working in the beauty industry is exposed to a lot of different chemicals.

Therefore, when choosing and using eyelash extension glue, you need to choose eyelash extensions that clearly state the product ingredients used. And you need to understand how you are being exposed to substances.

The eyelash extension glue market is very large. Only sky glue has many types, as LBLS mentioned. At LBLS, we offer you sky glue D, free of formaldehyde.

Sky Glue - Cruelty-Free

Animal testing is not done on Sky glue products or their components.

As a business towards sustainable environmental protection and animal protection, LBLS always strives to control the products' quality in our sales list. We prioritize vegan and cruelty-free products first.

Sky Glue - ISO 9001 – International Standard

Whether in Australia or elsewhere, you can rest assured of using sky glue D distributed by LBLS. This is a certified product that is eligible for sale globally.

When a manufacturer obtains ISO 9001 certification, the business has an effective quality management system and meets common international standards. This is a certification that LBLS believes will help you confidently use our sky glue D without hesitation. You are taking the opportunity to use an internationally certified product. Many other eyelash extension artists have been using sky glue D.

Sky Glue - ISO 14001 - Environment Friendly

Sky glue D is manufactured based on the process of optimizing efficiency and protecting the environment at each stage of the product.

You will never want to use a product that contributes to the deterioration of the environment every day. Therefore, ISO 14001 serves as a firm affirmation of the contribution of eyelash extension artists to the consumption of a product that complies with regulations on improving efficiency in the management of environmental resources in order to minimize waste and unnecessary costs incurred for the business.

How To Use Sky Glue S+

Stop Dab Or Drag Lash Extension

A firm and long-lasting connection can only be achieved by applying glue to the eyelash extension correctly. 

We advise carefully immersing the eyelash extension around 1-2mm into the sky glue D. Avoid dabbing or dragging the extension against the jade stone, dispenser or adhesive ring's side. 

A "dry area" or an unequal distribution of lash glue might result from dabbing or dragging the lash extension. A bonding may become uneven as a result. Don't dab, wipe, or drag any extra adhesive off.

Have Steady Hands

When applying sky glue to the eyelash extension, identify the angle you expect first (decisive and clear) and then attach it as such. 

You need to use your energy to apply and press the lash extension at the natural lash base. The strongest bonding will be formed in this situation (at the base). Then, you keep it staying for a little moment, then let go. 

The eyelash extension must not fall off if it is applied properly. Please do not coat or paint over the joints or natural lashes. It is an ancient method designed for glues that dry more slowly and are thicker.

It's also not advised to remove the eyelash extension after the grafting process since doing so would leave an unwanted coating of lash adhesive on the client's natural eyelash. Sky Glue was created with an optimum viscosity and setting time. This calls for clarity and decisiveness. 

Leave the lash joints alone. Don't move, coat, paint, or tweak it! You may weaken the connection and affect retention once you change the extension after releasing it.

So the solution here is to define what you want to do clearly; when doing it, you must be sure. During the application period, please refrain from adjusting the eyelash extensions, especially after you let go, do not touch them anymore. Suppose there is a joint that you are not satisfied with. In that case, you must remove the eyelash glue and return the natural eyelashes to a clean surface before starting over and applying the eyelash extension again. 

To prevent eyelash extension remover from running down your client's eyes, you may want to use Eyelash Extension Remover. The cream will make you easier to control. 

More importantly, premium cream removers. When applied properly, it stays still on the eyelashes without dripping. That is its difference from other liquid glue removers.

How To Store Sky Glue S+

Unopened Sky Glue

Unopened Sky glue has a shelf life of up to six months.

Opened Sky Glue

All varieties of Sky Glue must be stored in a dry, cool area after being opened and before each usage. We advise keeping sky glue in a sealed jar (don't forget to add a silica gel pack) to thwart moisture. Keep all types of lash extension products out of children's reach. You need to keep the bottles upright and securely closed with lash glue.

The adhesive has a shelf life of 5 to 7 weeks once it has been opened.

How Can You Defend Against Glue Fumes?

Wear Your Mask

Some thin face masks (like paper masks) aren't sufficient to shield lash artists from the adhesive's vapour and fumes on their own. If you want to stay safe, you will need a face mask with a carbon filter. To guarantee lifetime, frequently replace the mask's filter and store it somewhere cool.

Check The Airflow

Maintain consistent airflow in your lash room.

If you have a room window, open the windows in the lash room to let in the extra fresh air. If you don't own a window, buying a carbon filter's air purifier is another excellent option for purifying the air & removing dangerous pollutants from your surroundings. Purchasing additional fume extraction devices would be a valuable investment. 

Take Care Of Yourself

Ideal clothes should preferably possess long sleeves in order to avoid skin contact. In addition, it should be made of breathable material for comfort. 

When you perform lash extensions, always wear a face mask and pay attention to the vendor's usage and expiration directions.

Avoid being exposed to lash fumes to the greatest extent you can, and whenever you can, take regular intervals between customers to relax and breathe in some clean, fresh air.


Sky Glue is one of the leading generation glues in the eyelash extension industry. Up to the present time, this eyelash extension glue company has up to 20 years of production experience.

That's why LBLS has included it in our collection of eyelash extensions glue. We want to give our customers the widest variety of options when they are eyelash extension artists. 



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