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Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf
Lash Pillow and Shelf

LBLS Perfect Lash Pillow and Shelf

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Product Description
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Good lash pillow can protect the lash client and lash artist's posture. Here are tips for choosing the best lash extension pillow. Read now!


Pillow dimension: 50cm(wide) x 12.5cm(tall) x 20cm(across)

Shelf dimension: 40cm(wide) x 13.5cm(tall) x 20cm(across)

A good lash pillow supports the lash client and the lash artist regarding effectiveness and comfortableness. 

Lash clients who must lie still for extended periods frequently turn/shift their heads. The more time a customer moves about to adopt, the longer lash artists' total lash grafting time will be. 

Over time, it will lead to the less productive and efficient they will be. It might result in mistakes in some circumstances, sometimes. Therefore, lash artists need to provide a comfortable eyelash pillow for them. 

The ideal lash pillow will also contain a spot to lay the lash artist’s arms. Keep in mind that comfort is just as crucial. The body posture will be much improved, increasing your productivity and efficiency. That is the significance of a pillow for lash extensions

It is time to look at all the best tips from lash artist veterans to choose the proper lash extension pillow

Let's get started!

Tips To Choose The Best Lash Pillow For Lash Artist And Clients - Expert Sharing

Lash pillow

What Is A Lash pillow?

A lash pillow is one of the lash extension accessories that give support and comfort to lash artists as well as lash customers. The ideal balance of neck elevation and support is provided, allowing lash clients to rest for many hours comfortably.

Why Do Lash Artists Need A Lash Pillow?

  • It makes a lash client more comfortable.
  • Increases customer satisfaction, increases repeat business.
  • It offers lash artists ergonomic assistance.
  • It enhances one's posture.
  • It improves lashing effectiveness.
  • It increases productivity.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

When you pick up the best lash pillow, you will hear much about CTS. So, here it is. 

CTS is carpal tunnel syndrome, a symptom that affects lash artists' health if they choose the wrong eyelash pillow. It is caused by irritation to a nerve in the wrist. 

Besides, the CTS is the top reason for numbness, tingling, and discomfort in your fingers and hand. You can frequently cure it by yourself. However, recovery might take months.

Lash Pillow Type And Reviews

Lash Pillow Type And Reviews


Neck and wrist support

Left and right handed options

Lashing Platform

Includes removable organizer

Breathable foam

Color choices









Many options








Many options








Many options








Many options

Conventional Lash Pillow

If you perform a lash extension application for your lash client for brief periods—or even longer if they can move about and change positions—a conventional lash pillow is pleasant. 

However, using this pillow style requires to adequately support your client's neck and head. If not, it is significantly affecting your working comfort, speed and total lash extension application time.

Furthermore, lash artists sometimes rest their arms on two lash pillow sides to avoid becoming fatigued too fast. However, regular pillows are often fairly soft. They may not provide the necessary support. Your productivity and efficiency may decrease as a result.

You will need to take a break, stretch, and relax when your hands and arms grow fatigued before you can resume lashing. Your job will suffer substantially as a result of the stress on your arms and hands. Besides, a lashing platform on which you can set your required tools will not be there in regular lash pillows. 

Having a flat and firm surface where you can lay out your tools and quickly reach all your lash fans, strips or glue you require may significantly improve your productivity and make a huge impact during the lashing time.

Because of the characteristics mentioned earlier, you can see that a conventional lash pillow is not made for lash extension jobs.

Headpiece Lash Pillow

The headpiece pillow is attached to the massage table, so you may have it when you buy this kind of lash bed. This type of lash pillow is usually tough. Therefore, if your lash client has to lie down for a long time, the neck section will feel discomfort.

Lash artists need help getting essential support on headpiece lash pillows. You also don't feel particularly comfortable with this. Additionally, you run the risk of getting CTS.

Neck Lash Pillow

This is the lash pillow that we often bring when we are travelling. Although these pillows are soft and lightweight, there are better fits for a lash artist's job. While providing some assistance to the lash clients, the neck lash pillow provides absolutely nothing to help the lash technicians.

U-Shaped Lash Pillow

The lash pillows are specially made to fit any lash bed. They are designed with a U-letter shape at the centre that pleasantly cradles the neck and head of the lash client. 

The smart design elevates on both sides, making it a flat platform to display all necessary products for the lash extension application. It immediately makes everything within arm's reach for lash technicians and improves productivity enormously.

While lashing, the U letter-shaped lash pillow allows plenty of space to rest your wrists and arms. Last but not least, the lash pillow is specially made for lash artists. 

Client's Comfort + Lash Artist's Comfort

LBLS lash pillow can serve both lash client, and lash technician needs as it is the pillow for lash extensions. The name speaks volumes. 


All four eyelash pillows have advantages and disadvantages and can fit customers with different tastes. You may need more than one to improvise for customers who sometimes want more comfort.

Pregnant customers, for instance, may want an additional pillow under the backs or between the knees. If the space in your room is big enough, it is not harmful to have an extra. 

Comfort is the keyword that works both for you and your client. You'll not be exhausted and will be able to take on more clients if you're at ease. Even better, it is how the lash tool can support you to preserve your energy to serve more clients and make more money.

What To Look For In Buying Lash Pillow

Lash pillow

Material For The Lash Pillow

Common materials for lash pillows include memory foam, cotton, and so on. However, memory foam pink lash pillow or memory foam white lash pillow is the preferred product for many lash artists for the reason that they are strong and pleasant for both the lash technician and lash client. 

This memory foam lash pillow type is firm and naturally shapes the lash client's head's form, offering maximum support and comfort.

Pillows with down and cotton fillings are comfortable and soft. They may appear pleasant to the client at first, yet they lack the toughness required for long lashing sessions. 

Additionally, since they are susceptible to mildew and dust mites, pillows stuffed with cotton or down must be regularly cleaned or replaced.

You should consider your and your client's comfort while choosing a lash extension pillow. Hours will pass while your customer remains on their back as you apply for lash extensions. You must ensure your consumers are at ease and comfortable if you want them to come back.

Your convenience is equally crucial, as was already indicated. Full lash set or lash fill usually takes up to 1-2 hours to finish. Without the proper support, your body may eventually get worn out and painful, which can occasionally lead to CTS. Your productivity will increase tenfold if you find a lash pillow that offers you the required comfort!

It's crucial to look out for your well-being when lashing! This will not only benefit you - the lash artists who make the masterpiece in life in the near run, but it will also ensure that your lash career as a lash artist is long and productive.

Lash Pillow Firmness 

You should consider the firmness of the lash pillow in addition to its style and design. 

Your customer will sink/squish into the lash pillow if it is overly soft. Although it could seem pleasant at first, your lash client will eventually have to stretch the neck, or you have to use another pillow or something that can elevate their face as there isn't enough height. 

An extremely soft lash pillow can not give the right arm support for lash technicians, leaving you fatigued. On the other hand, if you buy an excessively firm lash pillow, your lash clients will find it unpleasant.

Ensure that you select the appropriate firmness. For precisely this reason, a memory foam lash pillow shelf is popular among lash artists.

Lash Pillow Structure

As we introduce to you above, when it comes to lash extension, you should choose the sturdy structure lash pillow shelf, which provides ample comfort for clients to lie in, and the strong side platform for the lash artist to rest the arm.

Lash Pillow Covers

Normally, a lash artist will buy disposable covers to use with a lash pillow in order to protect the client's privacy and ensure hygiene. 

Another option you may be heard of is the water-proof lash pillow. With this type of eyelash pillow, lash artists can wipe it in between lash clients without changing the new pillowcase. It is much more convenient. 

Still, the use is short. It will be smelly sometimes too. Therefore, the best lash pillow until now is the lash pillow with a washable cover.

Lash Pillow Colour

The colour and style of the lash pillow are other things you might take into account. Make it serene and aesthetically beautiful; it will improve the ambience of your area overall.

Once again, you should pay attention to the colour, even if it is just a pillow for lash extension. You should choose the brand-tone lash pillow or the one with a dark tone for brand consistency and cleanness. 

The white lash pillow can be beautiful. You can observe better if anything lies on it, but it is hard to keep it white. The pink lash pillow is similar, but pink can be the best fit with a lot of lash room, so you can add it to your shortlist. 

Still, when it comes to a lighter colour, don't forget that any stain on it is super clear, so you must change it immediately in order to keep a clean impression with your lash client, whether the stain is big or small.

In most cases, a dark-tone lash pillow is a safe choice.

Lash Pillow With Shelf

Lash Pillow With Shelf

Pillow for lash extensions will be best if it includes an organizer or shelf. It offers shelves for lash artists to put their tools.

If you choose the one that does not have a removable shelf, your hands and arms must be quickly tired because of the too much energy you use and move around to get your equipment. 

Lash Pillow Left And Right-Handed Options

Left-handed lash artists must be tired when finding the right one for you. So, do pay attention to the versatility of lash pillows. In the market right now, only a U-shaped lash pillow with shelf is one that fits your needs. 

LBLS Lash Pillow Features

If you are looking for a lash pillow shelf, LBLS is the name we'd love you to visit. 

We have a tailor-made lash pillow Australia that has an ergonomic design and is dedicated to the lash artist and lash client. With 10 years working in the lash extension industry, we are confident we own the best lash accessories that satisfy you. Let the stand-out feature below persuade you!

U-Shape Provides Client + Lash Artist Comfort

The ergonomically U-shaped form preserves the client's natural spine and neck curves. 

Because of its narrower width, the U-shaped pillow will fit precisely on most lash beds. The lash pillow's flat sides prevent lash supplies from slipping. The pillow's U-shaped form also prevents the head of your client from moving to cause you to focus on your work.

With these comforts, you can put your client to sleep easily. As a result, your lash speed can be pushed up.

Breathable Fabric

First off, the feature of LBLS lash pillow Australia covers allows moisture to be distributed and keeps your lash client from becoming too hot while getting their lashes extended. Second, it permits air to flow through the material to maintain comfort.

Increases Work Space

Eight organisational compartments are also included to fit lash extension tools of various sizes and keep your necessities within easy reach. 

Honestly, the super convenience of the removal organisers is the key point that makes the lash carts worry. Lash artists with smaller lash rooms will love this lash pillow Australia as it saves space yet still ensures the tidy and meets the basic needs of storage lash tools.

Sturdy Lash pillow Organiser

The LBLS lash pillow shelf is a very sturdy organiser with acrylic materials.

This shelf is designed to be securely attached to pillows designed specifically for eyelash extensions. The installation is also extremely easy if you want to add more lights.

We provide customers with 2 shelf colours. They are black and marble. These colours are all extremely easy to match with other eyelash extension pillow colours. 

Acrylic is one of the beauty industry's most useful, durable and safe materials. It is not affected by changes in weather. Even better, it can withstand light impacts without scratching or breaking easily.

You can choose to buy the pillow or shelf separately. Or buy combos for a more attractive price.

Simple To Clean

The luxurious knit cover of the lash pillow is zippered and detachable. It is simple to maintain and clean up. You can even clean it by using a washing machine.

Earn a return on your lash pillow and shelf investment and so much more! You may quickly improve your customers' pleasure by using the ergonomic lash pillow and shelf:

  • Gain contented customers 
  • Obtain better ratings 
  • Obtain higher-paying customers

Memory Foam

Memory foam softens and moulds to the client's shape using body heat. As a result, it will maintain clients in the proper position during lash extension application sessions. This offers outstanding support and comfort.

There are storage compartments on the lash pillow shelf

Affordable Price

We offer you the most economical eyelash extension pillow Australia where you can get a dedicated pillow for lash extensions

An eyelash pillow is a long-term lash accessory. Therefore, you should choose a trusted brand with premium quality. LBLS provides you with the most 

Why Should You Choose LBLS Eyelash Extension Pillow Australia?

Lash Pillow With Shelf

This lash pillow Australia fulfils all of your requirements. It strikes the ideal balance between the comfort of the customers and the comfort of the lash technicians because of the memory foam. 

The lashing platform is flat and sturdy, offering a suitable ergonomic work surface to set the lash tile at the proper height for the lash artist's neck. 

It can protect lash artists' wrists when doing a precise task like lash extension application. Without this support, lash artists' arms must dangle in the space for hours, increasing the possibility of developing CTS - carpal tunnel syndrome.


Do Lash Artists Need A Lash Pillow?

Yes. A lash pillow and shelf plays a crucial role in the eyelash extension procedure. It may greatly improve lash extension artists' experience and their clients.

Lash technicians and lash clients will be more productive and benefit if you're both more at ease. It even includes 4 compartments on every side and 4 on the surface to store lash artists' lash extension tools. Even better, both right and left-handed lash artists can use it! 

Why Should Lash Artists Not Use Regular Pillows For Lash Extension?

Because only lash clients can find comfort in a normal eyelash pillow, lash technicians who use an ordinary pillow for lash grafting applications will not obtain the optimal support they require. 

Since it is advised to have a readily available lashing platform where lash artists can approach the lash tools, such as lash tile, mascara wands, tweezers, etc., in arm's reach, they should have a place to lay their hands. Their neck and back must bow down too much if they use the regular lash pillow. In the long term, their work performance will be affected. Bad client experience can lead to a drop in lash revenue too.

In short, regular eyelash pillow is not optimal because it does not satisfy the basic requirements.

What Are Tips To Use Lash Pillows?

Lash pillow with shelf is not throw-away items. You'll have to employ them again. 

It will be more sanitary and practical to cover the pillowcase with a disposable or washable pillow cover. In order to keep your pillow and pillowcase from becoming wet, numerous pillow covers feature a waterproof base. This is crucial if your lash client has damp hair or just got out of the gym.

Disposable covers are quite practical since they eliminate the need to change the pillowcase between customers and reduce the number of extra pillowcases lash artists require. Additionally, since you won't have to do as much washing, you'll save money and time.

Otherwise, washable lash pillow covers will save you money on buying disposable lash pillow covers. Still, you need more than one cover, time and electricity to serve clients and clean it daily.


The bed or lashing extension room lash artists utilise and the lash pillow lashes artists select are all crucial. Don't forget this choice's importance since it will make your client more comfortable and may even provide the ideal environment for essential lash sleep.

Put an end to your back and neck aches! With the smart design of LBLS's distinctive lash extension pillow, the lash artist can improve their posture and lessen neck and back strain. This lash pillow improves lash artists' posture by having elevated side panels that stop your back and neck from overarching. Thus, you may concentrate on beauty services and reduce the strain on the neck.

We are eager to assist you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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