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LBLS Premium Lash Mirror

LBLS Premium Lash Mirror

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Product Description
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Every ins and outs of the lash mirror is here. We even have a secret sharing of how to choose the best one. What are you waiting for? Dig into it now!



Colour: Pink, Gold, Rose Gold and Black

Material: Stainless steel

Shape: Oval, Haft Moon, Heart

Size: 21 cm

For every eyelash extension artist, a lash mirror is a friend. Of course, it's not just for you to look at yourself daily. The eyelash mirror will also be the first character to see your artwork after completing the eyelash extension. 

Even when you're doing eyelash extensions, a holistic perspective will help keep you on track with your original plan. Those are just some of the effects of a lash mirror. However, they also have other great uses that you may not have thought of.

In this article, we will share every detail about lash mirrors. At the same time, you will also be revealed important tips for choosing a companion to accompany you throughout your career. Let's get started!

Lash Mirror - The Complete Guide

But before going into further details, let's check out some basic information about eyelash mirrors.

LASH mirror

What Is The Purpose Of A Eyelash Mirror?

A lash mirror is a lash extension tool. When putting eyelash extensions, this mirror will make it easier for the technicians to observe difficult angles and guarantee a smooth transition in lash length for professional usage.

1. Locating Cross Criss Eyelashes

First and foremost, a lash mirror is to find the cross eyelashes. The purpose is quite crucial. Getting all of the client's eyelash extensions pointing in the same direction makes the difference between a sloppy set and a nice and orderly one.

If any lashes cross over or are angled, these "stubborn" lashes will make the lash extension set appear disorganised and sloppy.

2. Identifying Debris

Debris occasionally has a cunning streak and sticks in obscure locations. By utilising the lash mirror, you can examine all the lashes from all sides and locate anything that could be concealed. It also provides an excellent opportunity to take a picture from that perspective to demonstrate and inform your customer.

3. Comfortness

As we have mentioned earlier, it might be challenging to acquire specific angles when a lash artist performs lashing. Using a lash mirror is better than lifting the eyelid of your client to observe. They'll feel more at ease, and their sensitivity to the glue fumes will be reduced.

4. Identifying Lash Layers

In case you haven't realised, everyone's natural lashes are composed of several layers. They are layers at the top, centre, and bottom. Understanding the distinctions between the layers can help lash artists choose which curl or length to use. 

Furthermore, the eyelash set will look unkempt if you apply to lash extension without direction or planning (randomly, as such) without considering lash layers.

Employing the same lash extension length to the top and bottom layers is improper. It will be simpler to view if you use the lash mirror instead of lifting the client's lid.

What Should Lash Artists Look For When Buying A Eyelash Mirror?

The material, form, and size of a lash mirror are all important factors to take into account. However, the job to look for it is worthwhile. Keep reading to see which is the fairest by far.

lash mirror rose gold

Lash Mirror Frame Styles And Materials 

Lash mirrors often have a frame. The final piece establishes the décor style that it adheres to. The frame design and material you select will influence other factors, including weight and price. The most popular eyelash mirror frame materials comprise metal, glass, and wood, each of which is available in a variety of hues and surface treatments (matte, glossy, etc.).

It is up to your style to choose your best suits. Here are some references in terms of design suggestions for lash mirror frames.

Eyelash mirrors with wood frames go nicely with many different types of decor. The ideal settings for solid oak, particularly with a dark stain, are more conventional.

Lash mirrors with glass frames look more modern, especially if they are constructed of tinted glass with tones like chocolate or smoke.

Due to their striking appearance, lash mirrors with metal frames are an excellent choice. Copper, black, stainless steel and brass are available options.

Of these three options, when it comes to durability and weight in hand, for eyelash extensions artists, it can be said that metal eyelash extensions mirror frames are preferred.

Take a look at the comparison table below to get the best overview:

Lash Mirror Frames Pros and Cons

Lash Mirror Frame Types




Lash Mirror With Wood Frames


Limited In Colour Choices


Lash Mirror With Glass Frames


Limited In Colour Choices


Lash Mirror With Stainless Steel Frames


Variety Colour


As you have seen, the stainless steel eyelash extension mirror is a popular choice with eyelash extension artists because of its convenience and durability over time. Lash mirrors with wooden or glass frames are beautiful but heavy or difficult to store and clean. You will even have to invest in a professional cleaning kit if you don't want to damage the wood grain or scratch the back of the glass. That's why stainless steel lash mirror is the #1 choice.

Choose A Lash Mirror Shape That Is Suitable For You

As you may be aware, lash mirror shape is crucial in your style definition. Besides, it shows how the lash mirror communicates with other pieces of furniture and accessories in your lash room. It may set the tone, highlight your lash set, boost sales of lash extensions, or promote your brand on social media. More importantly, different eyelash mirrors also suggest different advantages in observing lashes. Let's go into detail now!

Before we dig in, every lash mirror shape can help you look at your lash extensions better. What differentiates them lays down different shapes that suit the best with different lash styles and photos' final look.

A long horizontal lash mirror shape can draw attention to breadth by guiding it down a long line. As such, it goes best with the work of showing up the mega or volume eyelash extension set when the client closes the eyes. 

Besides, it facilitates lash artists to have a big picture of the above angle. They can see whether the lash set is even or not. Is any area too dense or thin? This type of shape and its similarities will give lash artists the big advantage of an overview look as long as they choose the right size.

A towering vertical design will draw your client's eye, emphasising height. At this lash mirror shape, it goes along with an eyes-open view when lash artists can look at the lash extension better from the bottom angle. At this point, you can easily observe if there are any baby lashes or any lashes that did not line up with the lash line, etc. Taking pictures will give you the best shot when clients open their eyes.

A tidy, controlled appearance may be achieved using an angular form like a rectangle or square. This lash mirror shape was born with a classic set when you have a basic view for a basic lash set. If your clients have a long faces, the mirror will balance the length and make their eyes pop.

In addition, you can choose a curved or rounded frame to get a softer or perhaps even whimsical appeal. For example, an oval eyelash mirror shape rounded face. It creates the effect of making the eyes shine. Concurrently, the face is more balanced and becoming a bit oval. 

There are other creative lash mirror shapes, too, such as the gold half-moon, pink heart, oval, etc. But the principle keeps it in use. In short, if you want a lash mirror shape that is good at observing and photographing, gold half moon likewise will be the best. It gives you the best view and fits with popular shape faces and lash styles the most. 

The pink heart will be an inevitable choice when taking photos, and special lash artists who love art and uniqueness since the pink heart lash mirror is one of a kind eyelash mirror. Meanwhile, gold half or long horizontal lash mirror shapes are quite popular. An oval lash mirror shape will be the best to give an eye-corner look, becoming more luxurious as you need to take a cat eye set, for example. 

Last but not least, if you want to resell a lash mirror, a distinctive lash mirror shaped like a half-moon, oval or heart shape will be the best choice in the market.

Lash Mirror Size

Adult eye size is less than 2.4 cm in length or height, so you can choose eyelash extension mirrors larger than eye size.

Some eyelash extension artists asked LBLS if they should buy an eyelash extension mirror about 6cm wide.

Our answer depends on your eyesight. When your vision is good, a smaller distance should not be difficult. However, if your eye vision is not good, a larger lash mirror will bring more comfort to the user.

Besides, you also need to refer to the overall weight of the mirror. The mirror is larger, and the weight of the mirror is also larger. Is it comfortable to hold a heavier mirror?

Some Points To Take Note of When Buying A Lash Mirror

lash mirror gold

Please pay attention to buying a mirror that can change the angle of the mirror handle.

Buying a mirror that can change the direction of the mirror handle will be convenient whether you are left or right-handed. If you buy a mirror only for your left or right hand, it will be difficult for you to easily see the other eye without turning your hand. That's why the mirror for eyelash extensions is usually divided into two parts, the head part and the handle part.

Mirror Cleanliness

A clean eyelash extension mirror shows a seller's devotion to their product. A small layer of dust may not bother you. However, if there are large stains, no one will be satisfied.

The Fit Of The Mirror Frame And Mirror

You certainly don't want to receive a lash mirror with a loose head or an unstable mirror frame. It can lead to injuring your customers. Therefore, when looking at product videos, the fact that the product shows the firmness between the mirror head and the handle and the tightness of the mirror frame will be a sign of a good mirror.

Does The Mirror Look Good In The Picture?

Lash extension artists prefer mirror styles like heart, half moon, and oval over regular squares and rectangles because they look great.

When eyelash extensions artists shoot their works with such lash mirror shapes, they stand out from the crowd. As a result, their brand is more popular.

Is The Mirror Sold With A Storage Box? 

Although the storage box is not so important if you are a home-based eyelash extensions artist. However, if you are an on-the-go eyelash extension artist, having the dedicated storage case included with the lash mirror will greatly help preserve and protect your mirror!

How Should Lash Artists Clean The Lash Mirror?

lash mirror black

An unclean mirror might ruin your lash room's elegance, losing both its basic use and your social media pictures. To maintain it appear brand-new, take these actions:

  • Prepare a wet cloth. Glass cleaner is an excellent idea if you have a lash mirror with a glass frame in your hand. However, it shouldn't be used on other types of mirrors.
  • Only use one side of the material after folding it into quarters. Applying the zigzag motions to clean and do it until you are sure that you take care of every inch of your lash mirror.
  • To be able to check whether you miss any places, you can take it away from you a bit, lean your head at 45 degrees, or just move the lash mirror 45 degrees to double-check the stains and streaks. Then, you can continue to wipe with the towel's dry part.

Lash mirrors should always be maintained dry since air moisture might harm them. So, be sure to put it in a dry, cool place.

Keep In Mind The Form Or Colour Of The Lash Mirror Matches The Colour Of Your Room, Your Lash Bed, And Other Furnishings.

Little did you know when you choose the right lash mirror colour, you can show your aesthetic to your clients. Indeed, it is not a big deal for some people. Still, to a luxury salon, the proper colour takes a high stake in gaining client recognition. Don't you see some big brands who attach to colour and always show it in their artwork? Which colour do you think of when it comes to Coca-cola? Red, right? Likewise, when you think about LBLS, pink and blue are the colours that make us.

Don't underestimate the lash mirror colour, especially if you expect to resell it.

How To Apply Lash Mirror

For the best view from any angle, place the lash mirror behind, above or at the angle of the eyelashes.

Wrap It Up

It's all about the lash mirror. LBLS hopes that this article will teach you more tips for choosing the right mirror for you. It will be a worthy investment, even if it's just a small item. As we mentioned above, you can also earn extra income thanks to this product.

Pricing information and detailed pixel-by-pixel images of the LBLS lash mirror are updated here. We are waiting for you!

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